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  1. The story of the funnels and their surroundings continue, and I have to admit it's been a bit of a nightmare. I decided to not include all funnel rings on the FWD stack as they would be hidden by the superstructure anyway, and I didn't want to deal with more fiddly PE waiting to pop off. While massaging the FWD funnel into place I sadly managed to badly mangle one of lower rings and eventually just scrapped it, it will be mostly hidden by the platform around the funnels anyway. I laid down a coat of primer before tackling the rear funnel and the platform around the pannels, just to get some paint into all the little nooks and crannies that will be hard to reach once everything is assembled. The platform turned out to be a rather time consuming endeavor. Doing the rear funnel next wasn't an option because with funnel rings the platform just didn't want plop down into place, and adding it after completing and attaching both funnels would have certainly ended in some mangled PE and salty tears. Using Flyhawk's PE platform involved cutting off the support pillars from the plastic one and some of the structures on top of it and combining them with the PE. I started by removing the pillars and attaching them to the deck instead of the platform since they all had locator pins at the bottom, and I definetly want them in the right place. The Flyhawk PE in itself is very nice, the detail is certainly top notch and everything went together quite smoothly, the same can not be about the damn plastic . The support beams on the underside weren't too bad and even Flyhawk's instructions were adequate. It's not the prettiest PE work I'm sure, but the platform itself was bent and my wobbly hands and inexperience with PE resulted in some excessive CA use . I will add the rest that goes around the support pillars when the platform is in place to get everything to fit and line up nicely. Lastly I did some dry fitting and everything so far seems to fit pretty well. I will still have to check with the FWD superstrucure since there are some connecting walkways between it and the platform. Thanks for viewing, more to follow!
  2. Recently I've been fiddling some more with the Flyhawk PE, finding the instructions lacking at best and some of the parts very fiddly indeed (no idea how you guys do this in 1/700 ). The funnel has been very tricky indeed, I had to cut off what I assume are ammunition boxes to make space for the support structure under the fwd funnel. This is again a point in the build where Flyhawk's instructions aren't being very helpful, now I'm just hoping enough ammunition boxes are included. The small rails (whatever they really are) on and on top of the funnel were all pretty tricky, and unfortunately some of them ended up mangled by me but overall I'm pretty happy. I'm sure a coat of paint will tidy it all up nicely! I have been dry fitting parts, including the fwd superstructure and there are some issues probably requiring some surgery to rectify. As you can see the gap on the fwd deck is pretty bad. I'm toying with the idea of filling the gap by gluing in some styrene strips as an extension on the superstructure to make it flush with the deck.
  3. I'm finally back with some work on the Maya! I completely lost my building mojo during the fall and just haven't gotten around to it. Progress has been strictly limited to weather the hull and working on the catapult deck. As soon as I have the deck finished I'll startworking on the turrets and superstructure.
  4. I had the same problem looking for a display case for my 1/350 Warspite, and found cases in that scale to be very expensive indeed. Then I found these guys. The price is very competetive as the cases ship disassembled. I guess the looks don't please everyone, but I like mine.
  5. Oh, fantastic job on the old lady! I wasn't even aware that Trumpeter made a 1/350 Warspite kit, wonder why you ended up going with it instead of Academy. Obviously there is some PE involved here, railings and smokestack, anything else? And to be honest I didn't even notice the clunky plastic cranes, as you've done such an amazing job here, especially the painting looks terrific!
  6. Progress and mistakes have been made! Let us start with the mistake... And an easy mistake to avoid too, if I had just read the instructions. Seems like the Maya had some gaps filled in during her refit. Not a bigggie, but annoying since I already painted the hull... The torpedo deck is pretty much done, not sure in what position the launchers will end up in, but I still got some time to think as I'll drybrush the rails and maybe add some weathering on the deck. Lastly I got started on the catapult deck. Still getting used to fiddling around with PE. Not all the rails join up perfectly, but I think it will look pretty good with paint. Trying to gather some courage to start doing the stairs on monday.
  7. Looking good so far. Such a cool and unique ship too, will be following with great interest! Don't keep us waiting
  8. Ah yes, the vents and bollards on the fwd were indeed separate. I just started gluing them in without thinking of painting, realized it in time not to be repeated on the aft deck.
  9. First time in a week I feel like I've actually made some progress. Hull red is actually Vallejo's cavalry brown, and shaded very lightly with a slightly darker shade. The lineoleum deck posed some problems as I use Vallejo. A guy at a local hobby store looked up Tamiya's lineoleum deck color and picked out the supposedly matchin Vallejo color from a chart. As you can see, that didn't turn out too well... I ended up going with Vallejo mahogny brown, which I think works pretty well (continue scrolling for pictures). Masking the deck felt a bit like a nightmare, but once I got going, I found it weirdly satisfying in a masochistic way. Despite a few spots needing a touch up, the time spent on masking really paid off!
  10. The gaps amidships are now gone, and the most of the putty work doesn't look too shabby. I sprayed a couple coats of primer to look for any imperfections, and I think it checks out. Painting the linoleum deck and hull red is next, then I'll mask the deck & waterline and lay down the IJN gray. I've seen people gluing on the brass strips, but I think the kit's detail isn't too bad so I'll attempt to paint the raised detail that's already there. AK's true metal, a small brush and some masking should do the trick.
  11. It would seem adding the PE requires some figuring out anyway, as Flyhawk's instructions are pretty terrible.. But like I said, I'm not hellbent on using ALL the PE, just most of it. I never realized Myoko and Takao share a hull, is it identical for the two classes?
  12. The hull is soon ready for primer. Degaussing cable and anchors are on, and all the pesky gaps have been filled. Some PE hatches and such are still going onto the deck before paint. I actually messed up a bit by gluing some of the fwd deck vents etc. It will probably be a pain to mask... My current philosophy is not to go crazy with PE, but to use the kit's parts wherever the etch doesn't add to the looks. However so far I've found Flyhawk's PE to be excellent and surprisingly easy to work with. Here's how she looks at the moment:
  13. I think the only upgrade was adding the PE, and I think I've solved the mystery of the sprues. It seems Aoshima just didn't bother/think it was necessary to make custom sprues for the Maya, instead they used mostly Takao sprues and just threw in whatever they needed from other IJN kits. Since the Maya was the only upgraded Takao class cruiser, there are some exclusive sprues to the Maya, but mostly it's sort of a kitbash. Progress is being made and more pics soon!
  14. Some work on the hull has started, I joined the halves, drilled the portholes and glued on the torpedo bulges. Propshafts revealed some weird stuff going on with the kit, there seems to be quite a bit of stuff in the box that doesn't belong there! Insteuctions state to use D19/D20 & I3/I4 for shafts: However there seems to be a lot more shafts! 2 sprues titled Myoko with a total of 8 more shafts! There are in total 4 Myoko sprues and 3 "Kongo weapons" sprues in the kit! The sprues with the right shafts are titled Takao, but I suspect that's just Aoshima using the Takao tooling. Mysterious Myoko propshafts:
  15. It's time to start work on my second ship build! My first venture into maritime modeling was Academy's rather lovely Warspite which I built with Pontos' wooden deck and minimal PE (railings and what Pontos included with the deck). Boldened by what I consider a success I might have gone a bit mad, ordering Aoshima's IJN Maya and topping it off with Flyhawk's PE set. I have to admit the amount of brass is very intimidating... So dear shipnerds, any advice on that front, can I make do with CA or should I look into soldering? Box and contents. The scary box! Packaging looks impressive, I'm liking it! Painting instructions seem clear enough, will probably need to get some more references for the rigging. The kit came with some PE too, Aoshima's catapult deck (top) compared to Flyhawk's (bottom). Flyhawk will be used. Even more etch.. Some clear parts for what looks to be the bridge. Not sure if these are usable with the Flyhawk set, or would even look good... Weird rubber degaussing cable, looks like a pain to be honest. I might have to look for PE to replace these I think... And that's it for now ladies and gentlemen! Expect pace on the build as I need to learn on the job.
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