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  1. All 1:700 scale K├Ânig class battleships from ICM ( goes also for the Revell release ) are lacking the portholes on the rear hull. Otherwise fine kits
  2. Hi Greg, you are right maybe i should post it as progress 2,5. I am masking the canopy currently and hope to spray paint on it and the cockpit quite soon. Have a great start into the weekend mate it is Right at the doorstep. btw: i have a new airbrush Cheers Bernd
  3. Superb build and paint job. Especially in this rather small scale.
  4. Japans best looking fighter ( for me ) in a very colorful marking scheme and this in museum quality !
  5. The paint job looks great from here. Excellent masking Job !
  6. Got some more done on the Ju. parts of the Cockpit have paint on, the propellers are together as well parts of the undercarriage. Photos soon.
  7. Even better than the real thing Impressive build and presentation.
  8. Looking good. The D-Day stripes are a nice touch.
  9. The props are looking fine and light years better then twisted and cracked decals. Also the idea to do the camo scheme is great.
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