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  1. BerndM

    Airfix 1/24 Spitfire Vb

    Cracking Spitfire mate ! ( and as usual while looking at your posts i want to build something in a RAF livery )
  2. BerndM

    JV44 - Red one

    Superb paint Job on a well build 190 !
  3. BerndM

    Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire Mk 1

    Lovely Spitfire and i think you have nailed with your finish including the subtle weathering the look of these aircraft by much. The Tamiya kits are easy and trouble free builds but i guess you will love the newer Airfix Spit as well but it is much more complex. Cheers Bernd
  4. BerndM

    German Battlecruiser SMS Seydlitz

    It is a great kit and for me a dream became true to build one of my favorite WWI warships. My copy is currently under construction. Some notes to the kit: - The main of the kit shows Seydlitz after coming back to service after the Skagerrak/Jutland engagement because of the lack of the torpedo nets around the hull. - The kit lacks the underwater torpedo tubes on the hull sides and the aft tube. - the kit lacks some hull details especially the "strips" on the bow are missing. - the kit has as noted the casemates of the 8,8 cm guns in the superstucture under the bridge and on the end of the upper works just behind the aft turret group but lacks the casemate in the bow. For a post Jutland fit every of these mentioned casemates has to be removed. The guns were considered as too light to engage successfully destroyers. The damage done to RN destroyers at Jutland was mostly done with the 15cm secondary guns. - the kit lacks the very visible life rafts found on the turret sides and on top of some. They were added around 1917. May the North Star Kriegsmarine life rafts are a help. - the kit lacks the metal rings around the turrets, seen on Seydlitz and other heavy units of the HSF. I have a reference photo showing the ship from aerial view ( 1917-1918) and i can t spot them on this photo. May they were removed during her repairs. - The kit lacks a raised line for lining up the demarcation between the bottom color and the gray color. On photos of the docked ship it is hard to see if Seydlitz had a boot line, probably in a darker gray shade.. The build goes well so far, the fit of the PE parts is not easy the Hand and foot rails around the forward funnel have a very tight fit so i have removed some of the plastics thickness. Reference: Breyer battleships and battlecruisers from 1905-1970, Gary Staff German Battlecruisers in World War One. Also our research in the German Dreadnoughts 1909-1919 Group on Facebook.
  5. BerndM

    Saab 29A Tunnan 1:72

    Beautiful result and nicely presented. Is this a good kit ?
  6. A The Eduard Fw 190 A-6 kit in 1:48 came with multible pieces for the checkers on the cowling the new kit in 1:72 came with a single piece decal wich was much more difficult to use. The cowling declas from Eagle Strike for a P-51D went bad and into the bin after making the ICM kit to my most "doomed" kit in my box. There is also a problem with the windscreen but this is another story. Cheers Hi Mario thanks for commenting. Why confusing ?
  7. Lovely build. Are these AML masks made from vinyl or the yellow tape ?
  8. Flawless result including your propeller spiral.
  9. Excellent build, love the paint work.
  10. M first builds don t exist anymore but thats not a real loss. One of my favorite builds is the Italeri Ju 88 A-17 torpedo bomber. My first attempt to make changes like re working the propellers, shortening the under carriage, even the tyres lost some pressure. The canopy got also some re shaping. The whirl pattern was sprayed free hand.
  11. Incredible work and a proof that old kit not only having "charme" but they can turned out into well detailed results with some care ( and photo etch ).
  12. Thank you. New tool 1:72 scale kits like this are really amazing.
  13. BerndM


    Gerda is a real beauty
  14. Awesome modelling. Great details and the paint work including the subtle weathering looks convincing.