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  1. A fine Siemens Schuckert and well photographed.
  2. Nice one, i love the neat camo scheme. Guess thats a fine kit like the others from this brand.
  3. Great looking Harrier. The subtle weathering is a nice touch to the gray camo scheme.
  4. After all you have a fine result for your display. The Arma kit is probably the kit to get.
  5. Great looking King Cobra. I will have a look after this kit.
  6. Neat little builds. The fine antennas are a well made addition.
  7. Smashing Hurricane in a great scheme. Looks that there is no shortage of new tool Hurricane kits in 1:72.
  8. Lovely little Cobra. I am watching some offerings of this kit and consider to get me one. The open cockpit panels are really a nice touch for such a small kit.
  9. Excellent result on this iconic aircraft.
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