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  1. Still a nice kit and a good build. I have build Belfast and many other Airfix kits back in the 1990 and have a nice memory of it. With some aftermarket stuff it can be turned out into a little gem. Beside that the 1:600 scale is IMHO much nicer than the more used 1:700 scale.
  2. Excellent work. Maybe some thoughts about the build ? I have just started the Flyhawk/Snowman SMS Derfflinger.
  3. Smashing work. The sandbags and jerry cans plus the effective weathering brings it really into life.
  4. Excellent job on a real classic kit. The wire mesh on the turret is photo etch or the Tamiya parts ?
  5. Very nice work. The paint job looks fantastic.
  6. Very nice work and a very convincing weathering. AFVs suspension in this kit looks like a challenge to build.
  7. Suberb build of this interesting aircraft.
  8. Indeed a little gem. Well done ! I have this one currently under construction and i agree about the kit. May i should look for aftermarket decals.
  9. A very nice _ntruder ! The paint job with the subtle weathering looks very convincing.
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