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  1. Interesting release. Eduard has a detail set for it with some helpful additions. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/8/8/6/1385886-44-instructions.pdf
  2. Beautiful Gustav. I like the neat paint job with the subtle weathering. I am not sure if i have the nerves to peel away the decal carrier film.
  3. Excellent result and for the Avenger really something different.
  4. Great looking Kraftei. Guess this is the release with the Dragon molds inside from a lot of years back.
  5. Impressive work with a great paint job. Looks that these kits have no more this crack running along the sliding hood.
  6. Your B-52 looks great. The bomb load is a real eye catcher. This post brings this kit on my shopping list.
  7. Lovely Meteor! I really like the paint job. Very neat.
  8. A very nice Hellcat. The white portion on the spine makes it really stand out.
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