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  1. Just a bit of an update. I added another peg to the base of the neck, which is helping to 'lock' the parts together. Without glue at the moment and it is sitting together pretty well.
  2. Overcoming quite a few hurdles like an Olympic.. hurdler... Outstanding!
  3. @ConorC Nah, just made it up! Just loving the color on it.
  4. Hey, that did clean it up pretty good! You may only end up needing just a few touch ups in spots.
  5. Good rule of modelling is, if something goes wrong, try and use it as a learning experience as you try to correct it. I've seen a good number of models that look like they should be binned after a mess-up that have come out looking superb with perseverance. That, or you're left with a paint mule!
  6. I'd say sand very lightly, with a high grade sanding sponge, just to get things smooth. And I'd also, use this too. There is now a very interesting pattern on the surface, if you do very light coats on the repaint this could serve as a modulation for under the new paint layer. Treat it light a preshade. Question, is this just on the camo/colored surfaces and not that black sides and underside? If it is just the camo areas, then at least it's not the whole model and you can save a lot of the decals.
  7. I love it! And Mando would too, It's just great the way all the parts are just 'falling' together. Keep it going.
  8. For solving the problem, I don't know. For how, it's best to do a wash over the smooth surface of a gloss coat. Matt is 'grainy' enough to soak up the wash like a sponge. Other than lightly sanding the whole surface and repainting, I don't know of another solution. Certainly don't let this set-back stop you, though. I don't think that's enough to chuck it over. Good luck.
  9. Well my choices would be between the Mosquito and the Dornier, and since everyone does Mosquitos my vote is for the Do G-1/V-2. Esp intrigued by a civilian build of it.
  10. Looks like it is ready to challenge the Grand Stream itself! Great job!
  11. A wee update. Since I removed the torpedo housing from the neck, I cut and moved the launchers to the bow of the saucer. Then, once again because I took off the torpedo housing, I had to make some new airlocks for the neck. I stated by matching a small drill with the kit molded airlock and drilling a hole straight through, Then I found some spru thin enough, from the 1/1000 Yamato kit, smoothed the end and pressed it in keeping it just slightly recessed. And voila! New airlocks! After that, I moved onto changing the profile of the neck. I decided to make it longer so I cut two pieces of styrne to rough shape, glued them together and sanded to shape. You'll also notice the two bits of styrene glued to the mating area of the neck. When I added spru spacers into the saucer this mucked up the alignment between the saucer and the neck. Test fits showed a wonky nacelle as a result with a butt-high attitude. But those little spacers have solved the problem. When I glue the neck to the saucer I'll plate that area over as cover up. The alignment looks good to my eye now! More to follow! Thom
  12. I'd say this almost calls for a WWI theme with logenze decals.
  13. Albright, I started this project a few weeks ago, seeing as I have so many incompletes anyway, so why not add to the list? While looking through the WonderFest galleries I came across a pic of a 1/350 single nacelle destroyer, and it suddenly looked cool enough to do, and seeing as I have a couple of excess 1/1000 Enterprise-A kits, I thought, 'why not?' So I took it out and started butchering! First was marking out where I wanted to cut the saucer. There are a few blurry pics.... Then I hacked into those. I'm adding a resin lower hull sensor and deflectors, so that needed to be marked out. Either that, or I am praying to my Incan deity. Though, clearly, I should have done a better job of fitting the part... Clean up for later. then the halves were joined. I also put some sprue spacers in to keep the structure rigid while it was being worked on. I forgot to pull the RCS quads from the cut out sections, so I had to go back in and add those. And then skinning time! The opening in the center will be closed as well, but I still need to make the shuttle bay doors that will go there. And jumping around, I moved to the mounting rod. It will be going up through the nacelle, the neck and anchored into the saucer. The white tube will make the anchor point, the large brass will be the sleeve going the hull and the smaller will be the actual mounting rod. I have since cut off the torpedo bay, as the original cut on the bottom was uneven, and leaving it just left the whole thing looking too 'tall.' And current state of play with a little test fit of parts to see how it all looks together. The nacelle being used is not from the Enterprise kit, but from the Reliant kit. Its parts are already set to be mounted from under the saucer, and the Enterprise nacelles will be best used with the Reliant kitbash I have planned. Next I'll be cutting and adding the torpedo bay to the bow and making new airlock doors in the neck, as well as changing the trailing profile of the neck with some added plastic. More to come! Thom
  14. That is an outstanding scratch build. I always liked the more aggressive lines of the D4. Nice job!
  15. Ooh, a Vanship! Love those craft and the anime as well. Great show. I really wish they had come out with Claus and Lavie's vanship as well. I have a few of these, but the last two I worked on I screwed up the red paint. Came out with the orange-peel effect. I did drill out the port holes just as you did with plans to fill them in with micro kristal clear after paint. I do need to get back to them at some point, to at least do one up to do Tatiana proud!
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