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  1. Big improvement in the 'pit. I hope you can see it clearly too.
  2. Lovely! Don't see many SDFs going together. Looking good!
  3. Just sitting at the modelling table, loddy-dah-dee-dah, and look at that! Your hands fitted in a light and wiring all without you knowing. Amazing! Clearly that is the devil's work. But good work for all that!
  4. Looks like you'll be resurrecting the dead with those patients. Not that there's anything really wrong with zombies... And cool work on doing the tail planes. However, are they set yet? I think you'll need to kink them a little more. Thom
  5. Don't tell me those colors are too light! Looks good from right here.
  6. Have to remember to have the fun! Otherwise we're just throwing money at frustration!
  7. Everything is in motion, so a meandering pattern is far more believable than a straight line.
  8. It's all tying together really nicely! I like how you can follow that meandering march of shell holes all the way to the engine.
  9. Great seeing a build of the RC started up! It is odd about some of their omissions, but that just presents some work for an actual modeller to bite into! Liking the adjustments you've made. Looking good!
  10. Yes, but you had to put them on straight. Those levels and squares are hard to use in such a confined space.
  11. Unsure. The part for the A-variant in the kit does look like it has the canvas look, but the D-variant coaming has some detail on it. And after seeing some pics where it looks like there is no canvas on the front, I'm siding that way. Or I could say it is new canvas that has not fade yet. And oddly enough, that's what I think when looking at your builds! Believe me, I'm not so experienced. Well, as long as the goal post has been pushed back. Thanks! Had a couple of good, small sessions at the table. Thom
  12. I like those T-70s! Very sleek decedent of the 65. I'll be peeking in.
  13. Fantastic progress, and quickly done too! Already looks like an entirely new bird.
  14. Surprising how fast that happens when you actually work on it. Have the bottom of the beaver tail in place, though it too needed some extra tabs just to help with alignment and gluing area. And before paint I need to address the main gear bays and see what I can add for detail and piping. ModelingThomFoolery! Thom
  15. So, the nose is on. Oh, and the upper fuselage! Neatened some seems here and there. I tossed the nose on this morning. It will need a little bit of PPP at the seems, but not too much. ModellingThomFoolery!
  16. Looks great. I am sure to peak in through the door a time or two.
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