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Kris B

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  1. Hi lads, Never posted in this section before. But from time to time I am building a plane/helicopter so this time I chose this model. First photos from build
  2. Kris B

    MiG-29 SMT - Zvezda 1/72

    You right, their look to fresh. I thinking how to tone them down? When I do the vehicles oil paints and dust usually do the job.
  3. Kris B

    MiG-29 SMT - Zvezda 1/72

    Took me three days to do those declas.
  4. Kris B

    1/350 Trumpeter HMS Hood

    Mig-29 is in the Aircraft section, and T-28 but this is slow moving project.
  5. Kris B

    M3 Stuart (Late), Tamiya 1/35

    Looks nice.
  6. Excellent work Lloyd, I will have an example when one day I'll decided to start my.
  7. Kris B

    An Ugly Frog Prince

    That is very handy if you can mould the parts yourself. Good job.
  8. Kris B

    German Battleship Tirpitz

    Usually the Bismarck is the most popular German battleship, and his less famous sister is rare on forums. I am glad to see this ship here with so excellent PE works as well.
  9. Kris B

    1/350 Trumpeter HMS Hood

    Nice work Nick.
  10. Are you planning to weather the trailer or brand new?
  11. Hi Simon, I know exactly what you talking about. From Boxing Day I've got a high temperature and some kind of bug as my tonsils are orange size. Doctors said is virus, so paracetamol and hope that soon get better. So we like Brothers in ill. Hope you get well soon.
  12. Kris B

    Takom M60A1 with reactive Armour

    Another quick build. Waiting for paint.
  13. Kris B

    Br52 armoured rail locomotive

    Amazing. Excellent job.
  14. Kris B

    M4A1 Sherman

    Good job.
  15. Kris B

    Panther D. Tamiya 1/35

    Another nice model. All looks nice, and dame as with Sherman - figures faces.
  16. Kris B


    Nice winter camo. Looks good.
  17. Kris B

    1/35 Chevrolet C15TA

    Good job Jim.
  18. Kris B

    1/35 Tamiya M4 Sherman.

    Good job. Sherman looks really good. Figures (my are not top range) are OK, but next time try more shadows and highlights on their faces.
  19. Kris B

    Austin Tilly.

    Thanks John, to be honest I've fought you just spell it wrong... human learn all entire life.
  20. Kris B

    Austin Tilly.

    Nice work John. All those foil replacement looks super. What is this foil?
  21. Kris B

    Israeli Improvised Armoured Car.

    Nice one, for headlight I am using Vallejo Still Water. But sometimes it creare sort of a pothole in the middle. Have to apply with thin layers.