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Kris B

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  1. Kris B

    E-100 128mm Waffenträger

    Thank you. I have to try one day.
  2. Every time go post photos model looks better and better.
  3. Kris B

    Battleaxe Crusader Mk.l.

    Only one word - SUPER.
  4. Excellent work. Can you remember the paint mixture?
  5. Kris B

    E-100 128mm Waffenträger

    I like it. The mud on the sides of the hull you achieved using the brush and air blast with airbrush?
  6. Kris B


    Looking good. Weathering going in right direction.
  7. Kris B

    Meng Merkava MK III D (Late) LIC

    Are you fan of IDF or just at this moment this is in your interest? Looks like another quick build.
  8. Kris B

    Leopard 2 A7 - 1:35 v. Meng Models

    One of the few modern tanks I like. Nice one.
  9. Kris B

    IDF Collection so far

    Nice collection.
  10. Kris B

    KV-2, Trumpeter 1:35

    Looking good. If I can suggest something, next time try to use the white wash. That should blend the green and white colour. Personally I think it is to much contrast between those to colours now.
  11. Kris B

    1/72 Dragon Churchill Mk.III AVRE

    Nice job.
  12. Kris B

    Takom IDF Tiran 4

    Good job Lloyd, as usually. But why only few photos?
  13. Kris B

    Takom IDF Tiran 4

    Good job Lloyd. Can you make next Timo one photo with camera lower so the wheels are more visible please? I quite like this type of suspension on Russian tanks.
  14. Kris B

    French WW1 Pair - FT & CA

    Interesting build. I like the resin stowage - didn't see it before on the models.
  15. Looks good as mentioned before. If I can suggest something it will be adding some dust on the rubber parts of the wheels. Waiting for figure painting.
  16. Kris B

    IDF M1 Super Sherman (HVSS).

    Just thinking that you could save that MG and make something similar shape from plastic - it is all covered anyway. But if you do not need that one is fine. I am keep looking.
  17. Kris B


    Hope you soon find more time for modeling as this project is very interesting.
  18. I am glad that you enjoy it. That make me hope that you gonna soon start another one as this heading to RFI. Good chipping.
  19. Kris B

    Takom IDF Tiran 4

    Few days I wasn't here and the model almost done. Looks good.