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Kris B

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  1. I am back. This time it be German tank. Some resin additions from Panzer Art And maybe some figures - depend how I paint them. Ok, some building progress. Lots of wheels: I've Corrected the name of manufacturer - right one:
  2. Kris B

    RMASG Sherman V "Fox".

    Looks very good, but the scale on the turret is masterpiece. What was this for anyway?
  3. Coming nicely. You building them to quick, I am not so often on the forum to follow yours builds, he, he. One visit - you showing the box, my next visit and model almost done.
  4. Can't wait for start. Who was selling the Friuls in Telford for £20, Panzershop?
  5. Really good. As lads said before, the plow looks like real.
  6. Cheers. Tools need some more darker brown Oli paint, but that when the existing one dry out. Also there gonna be a metalizer drybrush over the black paint.
  7. Wash done and started painting tools. Zoom show that on the turret wash wasn't removed properly - done properly.
  8. Kris B

    SWS UHU 1/35 + SMDs

    Fantastic build. Heavy weathering looks realistic and lights makes it even more interesting.
  9. Kris B

    A30 Challenger.

    Up to now looks good. But I do not expect anything else after anyway.
  10. Looks nice.
  11. Nicely done. Weathering is very good.
  12. This scene is amazing. Lots of models and dynamics. Good job.
  13. Kris B

    T-80BVM 1/72 scale conversion

    Excellent work.
  14. Super details and work with PE.
  15. Nice tiger. Looks very good and those figures as well.
  16. Kris B


    My shaking hand.
  17. Kris B

    A30 Challenger.

    It is really annoying when manufacturer not plan the ejector pins correctly. Good that it is behind you.
  18. Kris B

    Tamiya easy 8

    Coming nice. Can't see on the photos, but the fuel cap guards have to have a drain holes - here is the example photo from Primeportal.
  19. All coming nice together - clean job. Can't wait for some paint.
  20. Kris B

    BTR-70 APC

    Beautiful. And the weathering is master piece.