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  1. Good save on the forecastle ! she's looking lovely !
  2. Welcome Lukas ! loving your work Looking forward to next stage !
  3. Lovely model I too am fascinated by these models and their connection to my childhood , isnt it wonderful we can now obtain and build the range of kit subjects both new and re issued moulds , i feel so lucky to have lived through that time of wonder and now as i say being able to model these amazing craft Thanks for posting
  4. Fantastic job so far ! looking very nice.
  5. Ooooh Thanks heaps Martian that explains a lot and due consideration will be given to this ! and here was me thinking you were using your extraterrestrial powers Deluded Downunder
  6. Blimey ! i really must learn how to shrink myself down to a size that makes it possible to replicate these small parts ! can you please explain how you do that ! or is it something earthlings cannot do under any circumstance ? Seriously nice work Cheers Astounded of Australia
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