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  1. I dont want to sound unsympathetic but.....Dentist schmentist !!! did you do any spraying of paint on the beastie ? Us Britten noodellers need to know these details
  2. Brexit is quicker than you Mike.....!!! Spray man Spray.......... Were playing for time....and its RUNNING OUT !!!!
  3. This could get ugly very quickly Mike for god sake get the paint on NOW ! Regards Nervous Norm
  4. OMG no i havent !! should i run ?
  5. Pete thats a good idea i'll look for some, and USS...... Probably 3-4 feet square...maybe perhaps ....
  6. Hello Blokes As if I aint got enough stuff at various stages on my benches both inside the house and out in the shed, in cupboards , drawers etc I thought I needed a big project to work away on in between other fits of stupidity that would use a lot of 1/24 stuff and stuff that would be made to fit in to a big sci - fi diorama so I present the beginnings of Le Sci-Fi Diorama Magnifica ! In 1/24 scale !!! Planning inclusions and basic layout today in the shed Thanks to Ian the ''Urban Spaceman'' and Richard the ''Elmore Alien'' for the brainstorming session a week ago …..……...could not have got the idea progressed without you maniacs….and before anyone asks we were ALL sober, maybe that’s what caused it ! Basically its a desert Highway gas station with a huge Pod racer type pulled up at the pumps and the pilot saying fill her up, a spit fuselage will be the control cockpit mounted to the side, complete with bang seat and external thrusters , inside the cafe/bar will be the ‘edge of universe’ figures, at side of building will be a Bladerunner Car with a policeman leaning on it and In parking bay a vehicle like Rey uses in Star Wars out back a field with crop circles, De Lorean parked with a ’special space girl exiting it, some ufo’s hovering above and I will be using LED’s and a host of other stuff throughout and envisage mounting it on one of the impossibly long pieces of plasticard sheet John gave me ( made me take more like but he knew I needed it !!!) Anyone with any spare bits ya think may fit in or idea’s are welcome to give input, as the reason I am broadcasting this is that I know what a great range of creative geniuses we have in the group yes I’m being polite ! Anyway all input or sympathy welcome Cheers Norm
  7. ''Edification of the human beings'' What made you think i'm human ?!! Besides i thought these threads were for us non-humans !!! Please explain
  8. Cold beer on Uranus .........i never knew that !!! ya learn and ya learn and ya keep on learning in this thread.........simply mindboggling it is !!!!
  9. I'm positive you will sort it mate !!!
  10. What am i going to do with a second ?? Build it of course and put some Tin Tin markings on it What else ?
  11. Good job so far sootie ! I really am scratching my head but, i get the pistons i can see the appeal, you put lovely seatbelts in , really like those, the cockpit etc is painted well but seems let down by a non etched instrument panel, is it too late to put one in mate, seems a waste is all Cheers
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