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  1. Thats looking fantastic ! thanks for sorting the hinge out forward of the canopy i thought i'd mucked mine up ! How lucky are we to be getting these Beautiful Aircraft in 1/48 at last , all hail Dora wings ! Cheers
  2. This is one classy thread, it has style, grace, good taste and outstanding subject selection OUTSTANDING ! And it has Martians as well ! whats not to like ?????? Keep up the great work
  3. Very nicely done all things considered ! congratulations
  4. Looking Great Michelle can't wait to see paint n decals on it
  5. Lovely job Bruce really top notch ! Have a fantastic Christmas and new year see ya soon in the 'shed' best wishes
  6. OMG Martian the painting you have in your Hanebau could be a fake !!! https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-bristol-46397261?SThisFB&fbclid=IwAR0ewmT11rO8u7h6eO9IFdY16Ukptz-kv0nlWtOiVfj2gATk0ysWt2bsVJg Blimey !
  7. Not helpful ! the suspense is amazing i can hear it from here
  8. No worries PhoenixII just send me your address but i warn you after taking them you will no longer treat these or similar threads on the net seriously ! Cheers
  9. I dreamt the other night of the following being delivered in big boxes to my front door and unloaded by forklifts driven by well proportioned blonde 'ladies' in white coveralls with huge AIRFIX logo's on them 1/48 Avro Vulcan, 1/48 Supermarine Swift 1/48 Supermarine Scimitar 1/48 Blackburn Blackburn 1/48 Blackburn Baffin/Ripon 1/48 new tool multi kit Blackburn Buccaneer S.1 and S.2 Space 1999 Swift in 1/48 as well please Then i woke up bugger it gee whiz it was a really good dream Cheers All !!!! I want a Baffin and i want one NOW!
  10. Thanks everybody , she still looks great in the cabinet and i still like her very ,very much, i am surprised though we dont have one in 1/48 kitted by a major model manufacturer yet !
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