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  1. Oooh that riveting and scribing makes a huge difference you've made her come alive i reckon, i have one in my kit sanctuary and will definitely do this to mine ! thanks for the inspiration , such a lovely Aircraft and great model too , good old Matchbox , please keep posting !
  2. Great job ! can i ask what paints you used please
  3. Wow im liking this build ! pity the supplier has ceased taking orders ! keep posting !
  4. I have one of these to build , and am enjoying this , keep posting
  5. Now thats a great job , really well done , especially considering what the kit is and how old and basic it is, congratulations !
  6. ahhh i see what ya mean perhaps someone will find a you tube clip on the way they work they work one at a time i.e left then right !
  7. The davits swivel around turning themselves and the boat outboard so it can be lowered !
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