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  1. Norman

    1/48 Hampden 99% finished

    Thanks everybody , she still looks great in the cabinet and i still like her very ,very much, i am surprised though we dont have one in 1/48 kitted by a major model manufacturer yet !
  2. Bet it sells out FAST The modelling world is nuts i reckon
  3. Blimey ! i wonder what the price will be ? And their website shows 'three' new announcements to be made at Tokyo or am i reading it wrong ....?
  4. Norman

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Hi Martian ditto what the others said about looking after yourself n the missus , the world has gone completely nuts, politicians dont work and volunteers do too much ! i ask ya whats going on ?????? ! its downright bloody ridiculous when a man cant sit down and model when he wants to, bring on the revolution of plasticarders i say then its will be off with their heads !!!! I started to fill out the form and at the 3/4 way end of donating, got thirsty and went and made a cuppa, came back, forgot my digestive so went and got two, and by the time i sat down it said ive timed out or somet and wanted me to start again , so i closed it and will do it when i'm full bottle, havent these people heard of paypal Wandering and wondering downunder Cheers all
  5. Norman

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Hello Martian ! Any progress of late ? Hope all is OK on your planet Cheers
  6. Norman

    1-72 Heinkel He-280 V2

    Good to hear your O.K Nigel and sorry to hear about he hand which i hope is mending also, don't worry about the models they aren't going anywhere mate and will be there when you are good and ready to re engage, Heres hoping you have renewed enthusiasm that will stun us all with models and recipe's to return us all to the manner we were accustomed to ! All the best
  7. Norman

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Now.....Corsaircorp...my dear chap, you ask, ''Is this politically correct'' I guess in some of the more 'cultured parts of the planet or universe it may well be considered inappropriate However in this thread we are all real beings still living in an age where a man is responsible for his actions, none of that whining from the morons on the end of your mobile phone explaining that it was not 'their' fault they were digging n the wrong place and severed 'Your' phone lines, power and water, oh and gas Not my fault....not my fault is all I hear these days and I bet that engineer in the brig could say the same thing But here we judge people by their ability to take their punishment...like men So damn the torpedoes and bleeding hearts he shall be Keelhauled ......pre Brexit and then we will see if Martian will imbibe and show mercy So sit back , pour yourself a cold one and enjoy !!!!!
  8. Norman

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    I am qualified as a scuba diver so no problem !
  9. Norman

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Ooooh Keelhauling! i'd pay good money to see that !
  10. Norman

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Blimey Martian that looks excellent!
  11. Norman

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Martian absolutely to both statements! Time to splice the mainbrace perhaps? Having morning coffee here downunder so its a bit early for me to imbibe!
  12. Norman

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Hi Martian Blimey mate ! i hope all your efforts at sea are appreciated, will wait with much anticipation for your next post Take care
  13. Norman

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Coming along beautifully Martian loving every bit of it My two bob's worth on the subject of ''Do you think this advert would be allowed today'' well consider this, when the world in its current state of bare-faced lying politicians, a new world order of political correctness, people swearing on the radio, the gutter press inventing news, manners non existent, no that advert wouldn't be allowed, Redraw it with nude figures or pornographic tones then yes it would be allowed, you see it just needs to fit current day standards ................were dinosaurs! ( i guess I speak for myself here !) Cheers from the Cynical Antipodean