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  1. Nice one Mike, I have the SH 1/32 scale version to build, if it turns out half as nice as yours I'll be a happy puppy. Cheers Den
  2. Terrible news for him, but hopefully he can make the most of what he has for as long as he can. All the best to him Dennis
  3. That is just the type of build and finish that I would like to be able to do, beaufiful. Cheers Dennis
  4. Been waiting for this film for ages, I will leave my anorak at home for this one, sit back, relax and enjoy it. Cheers Dennis
  5. Another build, great idea, especially as you enjoyed the first build. Cheers Dennis
  6. Something about the codes had been bothering me eventually I realised that I had used the wrong masks, JE*J has curly J's and the masks I used were for a US operated Spitfire so had angles, so I had to change them. So I changed the code letter masks to the correct ones and masked off the rear fuselage Sky band, the latter made me move the code letters forward a bit to fit the band in. They were probably in the wrong place to begin with but hopefully now they are correct. Then out with the airbrush and the yellow paint, and the roundel position and the wing leading edges were painted, so I can now position the fuselage roundel mask. I also remembered to drill out the holes in the wing roots for the fuel cooler and the gun camera Cheers Dennis
  7. I recently built a fabric wing Hurricane and there is a lot of information in the build thread here, most of it from Troy who should be along soon: Here's a link to a walk round of the Science museums fabric winged Hurricane. http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/mark_hayward/hurricane_mk1_l1592/ And some photos and diagrams. Cheers Dennis
  8. What a wonderful job you have made of that Golden Oldie, it was one of the first 1/32 kits that I ever worked on and what a marvel it was then and from the looks of that one it still is. Cheers Dennis
  9. Great build and the crew figures really enhance it, nice photography as well Cheers Dennis
  10. That 109 is looking great, I am not very up on Luftwaffe stuff but it looks just right to me, the P-38 reminds me that I have never built one of those, have to keep that one in mind. Cheers Dennis
  11. I have one on the go until I get to the paint stage of the build then I will start another to fill the time between the various stages in the painting process. Cheeers Dennis
  12. Like others have already said, I love it when I remove all the masking and it turns out as I had planned, stripes, national markings, codes, camouflage, it's great when it works. Cheers Dennis
  13. The one thing that always gets me is decals, silvering is the bane of my modelling life, so I paint markings whenever possible and use HGW wet transfers when needed. Cheers Dennis
  14. I got warned that it's a dangerous site
  15. Nice one, looks great, it is a very attractive looking subject, well to me it is. Cheers Dennis
  16. Looking like the real thing now, will be nice to see the markings go on. Cheers Dennis
  17. Could not resist this one. the reviews all say it is a superior kit. And as I am also partial to Japanese subjects and Hasegawa kits this one had to purchased as well. Cheers Dennis
  18. Nice job especially considering the first use of an airbrush, looks great Cheers Dennis
  19. That camouflage finish is really spectacular, it must have made you go cross eyed a few times, a true modelling masterpiece. Cheers Dennis
  20. Thanks Chris, good old Xtracolor paint does it every time. The codes though have been bothering me, the curvy bottom of the J in the photo of the real thing is smooth whereas the masks I have used have angles, after checking it seems that I have used J's meant for a US operated Spitfire, so they will have to be changed. Cheers Dennis
  21. Hi John, welcome to the party, it is going a lot better tahn I though possible. Cheers Dennis
  22. This brings back a lot of memories, a colleague at work starting building one of these kits and wanted me to finish it off for him, it was my first taste of a 1/32 kit and I thoroughly enjoyed building it. It started me on the path to being a 1/32 scale only builder these days. And for such an old kit you are certainly making a nice job of it. Cheers Dennis
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