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  1. Great job, the G55 is one of my favourites, we just need more photos now that you have got the hang of it. Cheers Dennis
  2. Thank you Charlie, I used dry transfers on a build years ago and they came out well so I will be interested to see how I get on with these, though I have seen some good results on other builds, Thanks for the kind words Chris, I've seen these wet transfers used on a couple of builds now and the seemed to come out well so fingers crossed. Cheers Dennis
  3. It's been a while, the Hurricane has been testing me quite a bit so this one has been somewhat neglected, but there has been some progress, I cheated and used decals for the fin flashes and I was not happy with the under wing roundels so they were sanded off, the wing repainted and decals applied which is a rarity for me as I don't normally used decals other than for stencils. So this is where it is now. Just the serial to paint now then have a stab at the HGW Wet Transfer stencils. Cheers Dennis
  4. Great stuff, I do look forward to my dose of CR42 in the morning when I fire up the old PC. Cheers Dennis
  5. Yes it's a bit agricultural but I did not lose much in the way of detail. Cheers Dennis
  6. Looking very good, I like a lot of people have two of those in the stash so will hitch a ride on this one. Cheers Dennis
  7. Thanks guys, I think that I have turned the corner and can really crack on now, as long as there are no more surprises. Cheers Dennis
  8. Well we are progressing, after reading other builds I was aware of a problem with posing the canopy open in that the "doghouse" was too big, so when I joined the fuselage halves I sanded it down a bit. A quick test fit gave me this. And this Not too bad, though it still does not sit right, the problem is that the "doghouse" is too fat, so out with the sanders again. You can probably tell that I was putting off the moment of truth, that is fitting the fuselage and wings together, so I took the plunge and glued the wings to the fuselage fore and aft which was not a bad
  9. Looks great now that it is "dressed" Cheers Dennis
  10. Another one of a great generation gone, it's sad but he had a really full life and contributed to the country and the wider world in no small measure. Dennis
  11. That is very welcome news, must finish the two on my bench as fast as possible. Cheers Dennis
  12. Can't agree more, that is starting to look like a very aggressive aircraft, just like the real thing Cheers Dennis
  13. Compared to my builds this is going at Warp 9, great progress and it's looking good. Cheers Dennis
  14. Beautiful job, I like that a lot Cheers Dennis
  15. Nice work going on here, I built two Hobbyboss Spitfire V's a while back and thoroughly enjoyed the experience so no apologies necessary, they may not be Tamiya but they are nice to build. Cheers Dennis
  16. Pull up a pew John, it could be a while though as I am not that fast, I too have a metal wing version as well so I am toying with the idea of building that next so as not to waste the information that I have gleaned from this build. Cheers Dennis
  17. Thanks you Stew, yes it is a bit challenging but there's only PCM and FLY making Hurricanes in 1/32 so I will persevere with it. I built the Revell kit many years ago and while I am happy with how it turned out a more modern moulding is far better. As to the seat belts I have been spoiled by the RB Productions ones, the HGW ones were bought ages ago and now I do look for the Laser cut ones now as they are so much better. Cheers Dennis
  18. Thanks guys, the PCM its are a bit challenging but they do turn out fine in the end (I hope !) Cheers Dennis
  19. It is not in the bin and I am still plugging away at it. I decided to complete as much as possible before joining the wings to the fuselage. So first up fitting the top and bottom halves of the wings, first up I lined up and taped the front of the top and bottom of the wing and glued the trailing edge, once done I applied the clamps. This was allowed to set, not long as I only use CA on my builds, then I glued the front seam. Next up I fitted the "spreaders" to make the top wing halve rounder fit to mate up to the wing root better. Once done I sat back and
  20. This is going really great, that's very neat work on the cockpit and instrument panels, and the figure painting is spot on, looking forward to more of the same Cheers Dennis
  21. Nice project, it reminds me that I have a good few of the Classic Airframes kits in the depths of the stash, maybe one day I'll get round to them. Cheers Dennis
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