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1/32 Meteor F.8 RAAF. HK Models/Fisher Model and pattern.

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Here is another British subject from my back catologue.
1/32 Gloster Meteor F.8 as flown by Pilot Officer Geoff Collins, 77Sqn RAAF, Kimpo Korea, 1952 during the Korean War.
For some history and info about Geoff, have a look at this link.
The model: HK Meteor F.4, extensively converted to an F.8 using the Fisher Model and Pattern resin kit.
Scratchbuilt :
Pilot cockpit access step
Rocket rails and stubs
Exhaust pipes assemblies
Opened the Ground/Flight switch access panel and added the flap
whip antenna
Landing light
Lowered main and nose gear legs by approx. 3mm
block treaded tires
heating element on each side of the windshield
Scratchbuilt new cartridge ejection chutes
Other stuff that I may have forgotten about.

What is the missing link between these two?
Two Korean war beauties.
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Hi Egalliers

That is truly a lovely build and finish. I have the same model and conversion to do next. Do you have any tips or advice to follow? I know there are a few of us on here planing the F8 conversion and any tips from someone that can do that good a job would be very welcome by the rest of us, especially me!

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OK, it's great.

But what truly sets this apart from all the other cold war jets I've seen on the usual web sites is the superb and subtle painting of areas such as the weathering aft of the landing gear, the heads of the rocket projectiles, the painted on look of the roundels (were they painted??) and the presentation on the superb base. This was obviously a labour of love, and it shows.

Now you're going to disappoint me and tell me it was knocked together in a weekend!

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Terrific work with a beautiful finish Egalliers - love everything about it including the base. Sometimes I get a bit depressed looking at models like this as I know that never in a million years will I be able to do work this good!

Coincidently, I'm off to Korea on Monday for a DMZ tour and a visit to the UN Cemetery and will be flying into Kimpo/Gimpo Airport.

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cool work, lovely finish and detail!

planning to do an Aussie Korea bird too but in 1/48, have the Classic Airframes kit but will wait for the Airfix kit


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Beautiful Eric. Funnily enough I was reading through this only yesterday over on LSP because I'm starting one of these shortly though I don't think I'll be going to the lengths you went to with your engine internals, re-set undercarriage etc.! I am using your build as a reference thread though for mine, which will be OOB unless I use Paul Fisher's T7 conversion when available.


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Superb building and painting skills on display here.

Is that the True Details PSP resin base you've used? Looks great.

Thanks for sharing with us.


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