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  1. No worries at all, I was only joking and I did see your question which, as it was about tanks, I would not have had a clue
  2. I’m currently doing an Eduard A-8 as a ‘return to the hobby’ project and I’d love to do another Fw190 so yes, OK, count me in!
  3. It’s 2am here in France. I finished work not too long ago but the lure of Britmodeller was too much and I found myself trawling through the various posts and then this… Once upon a time I started a Catalina. It’s here somewhere, in the depths of the works in progress, but yours is a thing of such amazing beauty! There is something so right about this design, your rendition captures all of that and more! Now, how do I stop my amphibious one becoming a tail-sitter with all that resin at the rear?!
  4. Hey Mike! sorry, I’ve been relatively quiet recently, but I’m still here, observing from the sidelines! This is just the inspiration I needed to get back into it, to get back at the bench. It was the ready for inspection pictures that led me here and you deserve all the praise and recognition for the fantastic result you’ve got from this incredible kit. Eduard’s bank balance should be a little bit healthier today as I’ve just bought the midway dual combo release. Cheers mate and where did those last 12 years go??!!
  5. A warm welcome also, but yes, that question… I’m intrigued
  6. Ahoj? What’s the Czech connection?
  7. Welcome back! from the original ‘Busdriver’
  8. Hi Steve and welcome to the forms! It’s a familiar tale, isn’t it, how many of us returned to the hobby after discovering alternative interests! I’m dead jealous of you getting a close-up view of the Red Arrows’ Gnat! Although the hawk does its job, the Gnat had far more personality!
  9. Good afternoon Rod, from an expat Brit living in France who wishes he was Scottish! Long story, but all my best times were had north of the border and my daughter still lives in Glasgow having studied at uni there. I thought I was an aircraft modeller, but this site has inspired me to go all over the place modelling wise. The standard shown here by some of the absolute masters of this craft will certainly inspire you!
  10. That is lovely! I do need to get one of these. The canopy framework is particularly good! Did you use pre-cut masks?
  11. Hi all, Am I alone in thinking that the Kits-World decals for RAF WWII aircraft are far too red / blue? Comparing them to the colours of, for example, Xtradecal, they look far too vivid.
  12. Hi Tom! Expanding families do take their toll on our hobby! But with mine all grown up and with two year's of inactivity due to C-19, I should have at least made a better effort in getting a few kits into the display cases! I'm still waiting for this to be finished though, so do hurry up!
  13. Superb Rémi, absolutely lovely looking Wildcat. I've just picked up the 'Midway' limited edition dual kit box at Tonyshop in Paris this afternoon, I can't wait to get started on them!
  14. Hi Anthony! What can I say? Your work is flawless, your attention to detail is inspiring and having spent all morning so far reading through this thread I’m wondering how I forgot this was here! A 1/32 British Phantom would be an absolute dream for many of us. Who would’ve thought, a few years back, that we will have not just one, but two 1/32 scale Lancasters! So come on manufacturers, a FG.1 / FGR.2 would be a winner! A Buccaneer would be just amazing too, but let’s not be greedy right now. Congratulations on all the positive comments you’ve received, all very well deserved. I’m following this with complete envy of your skills Anthony and really look forward to seeing this progress.
  15. Thanks to everyone for your replies, I’ve ordered the Master barrels with oval holes
  16. I thought that I’d actually posted the question yesterday, I wondered where it went, so I just repeated the question in the correct forum! Thanks for sorting it out @Mike
  17. Hi to you all, I’m sure I’ve read somewhere about replacing the 1/32 Border Models’ Lancaster’s machine gun barrels with turned brass ones, but which of the brands are best and any specific rules regarding round or slotted holes in the cooling jackets? Cheers!
  18. I've seen her in real life quite a few times and she was so damned impressive, as is your model of her.
  19. Oh WOW!! That is superb! My second favourite Spitfire / Seafire mark, after the Mk.IX of course! Beautiful work and a model to be truly proud of.
  20. This is easily my favourite Tamiya 1/24 car kit. I have no idea why! But the contours of tge original, the detail of the kit and the subject itself all just really gel. You’re doing a great job so far and if I may, here’s mine: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234994879-second-one-finished-this-year-tamiya-124-alpine-a110/ Does anyone do a 1/24 of the new Alpine?
  21. Well now, this caught my eye! Absolutley F******i fantastic!! I’m not sure what F******i means, but an expletive beginning with F, ending in I, is there one?? Anyway, do you know that you have just created the most incredible reproduction of a classic Ferrari in 1/24 scale ever?! I love the fact that you compare it to the classic Ferraris of the Magnum PI era. The 512BB was always my favourite, but those 328s? Gorgeous!
  22. I love your enthusiasm!! That post just simply made me smile
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