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  1. I love your enthusiasm!! That post just simply made me smile
  2. Spitfire question for you all that I have not found the answer to anywhere, despite searching extensively! What colour is the interior of the underwing radiators? Not the radiator faces themselves but the interior walls of the housing.
  3. I hope I haven’t broken the Rumourmonger rules by posting this as it’s not really a ‘wish list’ as such, but a genuine request to see if there are rumours of Griffon-engined Spitfires coming from Eduard that I had not heard of.
  4. After having purchased quite a few of the Edward 1/48 Spitfire models I’m absolutely hooked! From the early mk.I, through mk.IIa and IIb, Va, Vb, Vc, VIII, IXc, XVI, I think I’ve got enough work to get on with! But I was just wondering if they are planning on any of the Rolls-Royce Griffin variants? Any rumours out there?
  5. Some great ideas here and thank you all! Plenty of Kabuki tape in the drawer, so I’m going with home-made
  6. Thank you to you all! I've now ordered the Airscale belts for the 1/32 and some 1/48 HGW ones as well. But Dave! That is a great find and thank you!! I'll certainly be trying that out too.
  7. Hi all, I'm sorry about the continuous questions coming from me at the moment but you're all such wonderfully knowledgeable people! Thank you to everyone who has replied to my questions regarding the Spitfire mk.Va and the best replacement Sutton harness for the WWII era Spitfires. Hopefully my final question is regarding the use of camouflage masks. I'll be building a few Spitfires over the next few months and have seen the masks for sale at the big 'H' but there seems to be a huge difference in prices. AML masks are around £2.75 but the Topnotch masks are nearly three times the price at £7.50 with Eduard's set retailing at £9.16. So I was obviously wondering why the huge difference and if any of these masks are reusable? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi to you all! quick question regarding the RAF harness used in WWII aircraft. Which company produces the best representation of the Sutton harness in 1/48 and 1/32? I also understand that the harness changed in later aircraft? Cheers!
  9. I wondered how long it would take you to reply! But thanks Troy! Without trying a dry fit, do you know if the Eduard Mk.I and Mk.V kits would likely have interchangeable wings? Thanks Bob! I’ll look into that as I do have two of the Mk.IIa kits
  10. Hi all, I’m just about to add to my collection of Eduard 1/48 Spitfires with the purchase of their recent Mk.Vc kit. But will this kit allow the earlier Mk.Ia wings to be fitted to replicate a Mk.Va? Is it that simple a conversion? If this is a stupid question, then I’m just asking for a friend…
  11. Hi Ali, I've already sent a PM via your website, but to confirm here that I will definitely be interested in buying a set from you if released. Cheers!
  12. A huge Thank You to Border Models for having the faith to release this kit! Mine arrived safely yesterday
  13. I’d go as far to say as that is quite possibly the best Phantom that I have seen on here! Phantastic work!
  14. That's incredible Tom!! The Sunderland is absolutely superb, but you've greyed a bit since we last met!
  15. Thanks guys! Maybe a Gnat and a Chippie to accompany her in the cabinet?
  16. Yes, that’s right it’s me posting something and ready for inspection! I haven’t done this in such a long time I didn’t even know where this part of BM was hiding!! Anyway, as part of my return to modelling I have completely blitzed my modelling space and so I really should start and finish something and Airfix came to the rescue with a beautiful kit of the Hawker Hunter F.6 I have loads of aftermarket deckles for hunters as I was going to use them on the academy kits but now that the Airfix kit has come out then those have been superseded. So I used Xtradecal decals to portray a Hunter stationed at RAF Valley in the attractive trainer scheme of the early 1970s. she’s not perfect, but then it is my first model in probably two years!
  17. Hi Selwyn, thanks for the information. I’ve just completed a morning of research on the RAF Valley F6 Hunters, which will be the subject of my own F6 build and have found many photos showing the fairings in place with no outer pylon fitted. all the best, MarK
  18. Thank you so much everyone! I will definitely be ordering the pylons from Aerocraft, which is a new company for me and I’m glad to have found them now thanks to you! I do have the Javelin and so will rob the 230 gallon tanks from that kit, I also have a couple of Academy FGA.9s with Aeroclub bits and pieces so I think I can easily make a FGA.9 from the second Airfix F.6 that I have. All of this is simply because I’ve got loads of aftermarket decals, which I had bought when I started looking at the Academy kits and what was needed to be done to accurise them. I don’t know if Airfix are looking on, but if you are, thank you for this excellent Hunter F.6 kit!! I’m sure other versions are in development, including the FGA.9
  19. Hi all, So I’ve tidied the modelling space and I’m back at the bench after an 18 month break. The Airfix 1/48 new tool Hunter F.6 caught my eye and that’s the kit I’ll use to get the modelling juices flowing again. On opening the kit I found and not unexpectedly as I’d read the reviews, two tailcones and a pair of rocket launchers used on the FGA.9. My question, therefore, is what else is needed to be done apart from the tailcone, new fuel tanks and somehow creating the cut-out in the flaps to make the FGA.9? Of course, I could wait until Airfix inevitably release it
  20. As a former B757 pilot, can I just say........
  21. Hi to you all! I am currently planning a 1/32 Vought Corasair IV build based on Tamiya's 1/32 F4U-1D kit but using the scheme that appeared on AeroMaster's 48-046 sheet, US Aircraft in FAA Service. Can anyone provide me with the details of anybody who could upscale the sheet to 1/32 please? Well, maybe not the whole sheet, just the decals that I need to make the particular subject. Here is the sheet in question courtesy of Scalemates: And I have found a completed model, albeit in 1/72, in the scheme that I wish to reproduce: Thanks in advance!
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