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  1. Honestly I am glad that the SF260s will be released soon ...... I hv waited 5 decades for someone to do so.
  2. Super Trio of Indian Air Force frontline warplanes,love every each one of them especially the Mig-29UPG.Btw among the modifications done did it include minimizing the famous heavy smokey trail ?
  3. Superb Model....now I realized with the trumpeter kit every versions of the T-37 Tweet can be build by using the modifications shown.Thanks for sharing Lorebor.
  4. Russ offerings are never disappointing.A very nice Kingcobra,wonderfully done. In my opinion The Kingcobra looks meaner than the earlier variants and a lot bigger too. The French really made full use of it fighting the Viet Minh and I guess it was even used in Algeria.Btw are the Dora Wing's and the AMG examples the same?
  5. The first Shorts Sealand I have seen anywhere other than the picture in an old Air International magazine. Great build there and so is the diorama.
  6. That's a great Iranian F-5B,often heard but seldom seen until today.
  7. The Indonesians are very creative and imaginative when it comes to choosing camo schemes for their military aircraft.Remember the early camo for the F16As or their collection of Mig17s, Mustangs and Skyhawks? They're so different and some modellers would prefer Jansen's F-16 colour scheme rather than the usual dull gray examples and so would I. Jansen.... your TNI-AU F-16C is simply great!
  8. That's a great EC-24 and you should be very proud of it.Not many (maybe only you!) of us have this in the show cabinet ....a superb build.
  9. I am keeping in pace with your build as I hv just recently bought 4 boxes of the SH Falcao as I know nothing much about it. Btw in a correspondence with SH,there's a big possibility that the production team will come out with a Mavag Heja II conversion and a Reggiane 2001 in the future.
  10. Very impressive and creative build and a beautiful Viggen in silver too.(Brave too as I never can imagine myself closing the wheels in any of my models)
  11. Yes,an excellent F111, I remember this one quite well when it was first released by ESCI. The pictures however reminded me of the 'ridge' infront of the canopy
  12. Yes,I have to second that though the tiger motif looked quite complicated to put onto the Puma.( I think I do have the same Puma kit somewhere which I bought about 33 years ago!)
  13. That's a great Skyraider.I guess it's everyone's favourite and none of us will get tired looking at it. It would be great if you can paired it with a Cambodian Spad!
  14. An unusual but such a beautiful machine. Never heard of the Short Crusader before this but I am glad I do now.Thanks for sharing
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