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  1. Another great Spitfire from an expert.Will try to finish up the rest of my Spitfires just like yours!It's so soothing to the eyes.
  2. Let the Ponies loose from your modelling barn as I am having a great time admiring those beautiful looking Mustangs.Great work!
  3. It's just perfect..... ( part no.E20 is not there however) but it's still a great RF5E.
  4. The conversion looks great and so is the finishing ( so that's the elusive Barrack grey!). Would be great if SBS Models can produce the Buchon conversion for the Tamiya kit too...!
  5. I really like the look of your Spitfire Mr.Jim. Looking very harmless without the guns but with the cameras,I guess the devestations it brought unto the enemies are the same too.Would like to emulate your build but alas there's no more Airfix PR.XIXs being sold in my part of the world.
  6. Great Panhard Aml-90 in Lebanese color.As Bkirwan had mentioned just where did you get the marking?As for the Panhard,hopefully this year someone will produce a conversion for the South African Eland.
  7. Absolutely superb....honestly I thought it was 1:48 at first glance!
  8. I bet you went all out with the Kate and what you produce is a stunning work of art.
  9. Very nicely done C-123,a plane of which I grew to like when it first appeared in one of the National Geographic issues in the late 1960s.(The picture showing the C-123 whicch later crashed killing all the ARVN troopers and crew).Used to have the same Roden kit but sold it off when I realized the Jet-pack modification was not included.So,at the moment I am saving for the the AC-123K instead.
  10. Agree with Solomon,it's high time someone produce the Kawanishi E7K Alf versions in 1/48. I though Tamiya and Hasegawa would continue the Seaplane series with the Alfs after the Swordfish/Pete but alas no!
  11. Two perfectly build Mossies and it's nice to see the clear face of the pilot glaring out from the cockpit.(Reminded me of the picture of the pilot that flew the CA-15 Kangaroo prototype).
  12. That's a very well done cockpit,love the Spit (who doesn't!) and it's high time to get one for myself but the LHS seems to run out of it in a blink of an eye.
  13. The weatheing on the Hellcat is just fantastic as it's often difficult to weathered down (if that's the word for it) an all blue navy plane.By the way,your AU-1 Corsair is terrific too.(Don't know how I could have missed that one out).Hopefully Hase will put back the AU-1 into the market again.Nice builds Russ.
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