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  1. Yes,I have to second that though the tiger motif looked quite complicated to put onto the Puma.( I think I do have the same Puma kit somewhere which I bought about 33 years ago!)
  2. That's a great Skyraider.I guess it's everyone's favourite and none of us will get tired looking at it. It would be great if you can paired it with a Cambodian Spad!
  3. An unusual but such a beautiful machine. Never heard of the Short Crusader before this but I am glad I do now.Thanks for sharing
  4. Lovely Israeli Mirage.I see you have changed the business end of the Mirage IIICJ Shahak. Was the Atar 9C engine nozzel included in the Eduard's box too?
  5. Utterly Superb Spitfire,Thanks for sharing the Borneo and India based Aussie Spitfires with us...Marvellous builds.
  6. This in one Mig-21 that we don't see everyday, wow... a Laotian Fishbed! I have to give Vladimir a lot of credit for sharing his beautifully done Mig-21 with us,Thanks a million!
  7. Superb collection of 'Operation Firedog' planes,love every bit of it.Even the local RMAF museum (doesn't exist anymore as the airbase where it was located was bought over by the scandalous 1MDB affair) doesn't have such a collection.
  8. Excellent Reppu,It's very fortunate that the end of the Pacific war was near,otherwise it would have been a formidable foe to the Allied forces surrounding Japan in 1945.From your last picture (the collection) we can clearly see the design trend at that time,planes were getting bigger,a development that still continues until the appearance of the F-35.
  9. Such a beautiful aircraft.....sleek lines and fast.Your Crusader is just puurfect!
  10. Honestly some of my better students can write a poem using Russ's pictures of the O-2.It's so rich with emotions,just imagine being infront of the plane at dusk and thinking deeply about whether you will be coming back for breakfast the next day or not!Great build and great pictures!
  11. With the PD Decals in hand,I guess you will be building a RAAF P-2H Neptune.I myself have long been planning to build a P2V-5F Neptune of No.11 Squadron using the Hase/Falcon combination but I just can't get the decal sheet for it nor an accurate drawings for the Neptune as I prefer to engrave it.I hope your build will entice me to start doing mine soon.
  12. A great looking Meteor you have there. The decals are nice too. Haven't tried the Marmaduke Press Decals yet but those 12 Group overall green Meteors look veeery appetizing to me!
  13. Sometimes it makes one wonder how these two comparatively small Soviet stablemates managed to face the German onslaught during the first few weeks of Operation Barbarossa? I really admire those Soviet pilots and the Chaika is my favourite bi-plane of WW2. You have done an extremely fine job on both of them and it gives me the incentive to complete my two 1/48 I-153,probably in Finnish/Soviet service.
  14. An excellent first try on the NMF.After nearly 45 years of modelling I still haven't got it right! Btw the Sabre is super nice.
  15. A very Nice Korean Hawk,a Hawk seldom seen and sold off by the Koreans after a few short years of usage.As usual most Hobbyboss kits are pleasant to build but are seriously let down by poor research.The mk.67 kit's nose is too long.By right the front undercarriage location should be just under the front windshield's edge. Sometimes I wonder what's inside the nose cone and why it doesn't look like the rest of the crowd (60/100 series Hawks )?.
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