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  1. That's a fine looking Bison and probably we won't be seeing much of it in the future as I do believe it's going to be replaced by HAL Tejas. I do wish someone in India or anywhere else would do a 3D conversion of the last variant of the Mig-21.
  2. Nice one Tom. I really like the look of the plane in Indian Navy's service although it surprises me that it could fly at all with just one puny looking set of propellers.
  3. You have put a lot of hard work into the Fitter and the finished model is absolutely superb. Somehow Fitters look better in the mid-east camo scheme.
  4. I am thinking of converting the Academy kit into a G variant by using GWH's B-52G's tail,engine pods and pylons but it's easier said than done as the GWH tail is slightly bigger, the pods as earlier mentioned lack details and so too are the engine pylons.Hopefully there's someone out there who can produce a conversion set for the G.
  5. Beautiful pair of mossies. Great decal choices and I really admire the silver finish too.
  6. A terrific quartet of Beaus I must say. I have to admit I have never build any Beaufighters although it's my favourite twin-engine and of course the Mk.21 is my favourite. Hopefully to build one next month upon retiring on the 13th. Again a marvellous job done on the 4 Beaufighters.
  7. Such a lovely replica of the most beautiful flying machine ever created.
  8. Something different out of Africa and it's really nice. It seems the Ugandan's Frescos camo is very similar to the Israeli supplied Magisters trainers.
  9. That's a well build Buff you have there and I totally agree with your comments in regards to the Academy kit. It's miles ahead of the GWH B52s in terms of accuracy and hopefully there will other variants, particularly the G. GWH's B-52G is a big disappointment especially the engine pods which are devoid of details.
  10. I have both kits and when I made some comparison,it seems GWH B-52's radar altimeters are missing,so too are the VOR aerials on the tail fin,the bomb bay is too long and details beyond the rear main undercarriage are also a bit vague. The bomb/wheel bay box section longeron is also depicted wrongly, it should look like a long plank not a half tube. The comparisons are made by using drawings from Osprey's B-52 books and superimposing outlines of the kits with actual pictures.
  11. Had this kit during the early 70s and knew how crude it was compares to today's kits.However MicTroy had turned it into a gem. That's really a great makeover. A beautiful Australian Beau.
  12. That's a superbly made Bucc you have there. No doubts about that.
  13. Hopefully those who are living in Europe have got their Starfighters by this month from (Lucky models?) My two Airfix Hawker Hunters are still in their storage facility after ordering the both of them in April.The irony is that HK is only 2402 km away from Malaysia. I was thinking of getting more Kinetic kits before that but the non- delivery really put the plans off.
  14. That's a superb build,love every inch of it and the camo is spot on!
  15. Beautifully done. Too bad Kinetic didn't include the Turkish decal in their latest Starfighter release,the F-104S.
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