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  1. That's a superbly made Bucc you have there. No doubts about that.
  2. Hopefully those who are living in Europe have got their Starfighters by this month from (Lucky models?) My two Airfix Hawker Hunters are still in their storage facility after ordering the both of them in April.The irony is that HK is only 2402 km away from Malaysia. I was thinking of getting more Kinetic kits before that but the non- delivery really put the plans off.
  3. That's a superb build,love every inch of it and the camo is spot on!
  4. Beautifully done. Too bad Kinetic didn't include the Turkish decal in their latest Starfighter release,the F-104S.
  5. Now I can put out my Occidental G91R4 out to pasture,the second Gina which I bought in 2000.The first was the ESCI Gina bought in 1978. That's a really long wait for a brand new G91.
  6. Beautifully done,a great paint job (white can be difficult) and yes,an interesting beast from the east. Seldom seen in the news anymore as more Sukhois are entering the PLAAF service.
  7. Is there any intention by Kinetic to broaden up their Mirage III/5 range by introducing the Mirage 5BA/BD/BR/Elkan variants? I know Wingman Models did the Mirage 5BA but is already out of production and with a price tag that commoners like me could not afford.
  8. The B-52H with the latest updates. No ALT-28 ECM Antenna on the nose is one. Nice.
  9. That's a beautiful livery on the Vietjet A320 and it's very fortunate for us to see such colorful airliners flying over Vietnam and some parts of the world. My favourite livery would be the All blue Vietnam Airlines. However I had the misfortune of travelling on the A321 flight VN920 which blew its starboard engine while lifting off from HCM city.
  10. A Silver masterpiece. I have long being intrigued by the appearance of the Skyshark since the day I saw it in Janes Aircraft dated back to the 1950s. I am glad Clearprops finally did it. Should be nice sitting next to the Skyraider.
  11. Bummer! No Royal Thai Air Force markings. It doesn't hv any Rep.Singaporean AF markings too.
  12. Honestly I am glad that the SF260s will be released soon ...... I hv waited 5 decades for someone to do so.
  13. Super Trio of Indian Air Force frontline warplanes,love every each one of them especially the Mig-29UPG.Btw among the modifications done did it include minimizing the famous heavy smokey trail ?
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