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  1. Kampartiger

    ICM 1/48 MiG-25PDS 'Foxbat-E'

    Outstanding effort on the Foxbat and I hv been very fascinated with the immensely huge brute since day one.Due to its size,I can only admire yours as my show cabinet is way too small for it.
  2. Kampartiger

    SAAF C-47TP Turbo Dakota

    Terrific build....will surely try to get the conversion sets before the stock runs dry. Superb Turbodak.
  3. Kampartiger

    Big ideas about a big wing

    That got to be the most difficult build i have ever seen....something that i thought was not possible but there it is, the RB57 that everybody wants! You're definately the Canberra Guru.
  4. That's a handsome looking RAAF Sycamore,the overall silver colour clearly shows the beautiful yet simple outline of the machine.It served very well in Malaya during the counter insurgency war during the 1950s.Even the Yellow Rescue Sycamores were used.
  5. The presentation is such that I am spending quite a long time deciphering the set of pictures. The Barracuda is brilliantly done...just perfect as always. Love the pleasing background but i do believe swaying coconut tress would be better as Katukurunda is just next to the sea.(Just my two cents)
  6. I honestly believe the Trumpeter Tu-16's dorsal fin in front of the vertical stabilizer is under sized.By the way i like the way you overcome the canopy,hopefully it will come out just great.
  7. The airfix Thunderstreak was the last model I assembled together with my daughter (2000) before she was taken away by my ex-wife .Painted it in the Greek livery.yes I still remember that afternoon very well.
  8. Splendid build.The weathering is simply great.As the airfield of Noemfoor was just by the sea,it wasn't made out of crushed coral but rather earth and sand,so I will accept the fact that the P40 propeller did not share the same erosive effect as the marines'corsairs.
  9. Simply superb.Beautifully done Aussie Catalinas especially A24-28.Never seen one in that guise.Merry Christmas everyone.
  10. Welcome to britmodeller Gota.There's nothing wrong with yr.photographs,it's great and so too is the Thunderbolt.
  11. I have seen a picture of the P.1081 in one of the Australian aviation magazines and to me it was an attractive looking machine,and your superb kit clearly shows the fine lines of the Cyclone.Congrats.
  12. Kampartiger

    MiG-21MF 1/72 Eduard

    The Mig is just perfect, absolutely stunning!I dunt think I will be able to achieve such completeness in my life.
  13. I love the presence of the big rudder as shown in scheme B (but not on the finished example).It is possible (with some modifications) to build a FR.18 too.
  14. Kampartiger

    Mitsubishi F-1

    It would be nicer if there's a Jaguar T.2 next to the Mitsubishi product.Both are really beautiful and graceful designs.Kudos to you for putting together such a fine kit.
  15. Kampartiger

    Airfix 1/72nd Phantom FG.1

    Love the Yellow tractor!