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  1. Smashing job on the Fulcrum.Hopefully to see the humpback version from you soon!
  2. Kampartiger

    Cessna A-37B DragonFly - Trumpeter 1/48

    Great paint job on the Dragonfly.Superb build.Imo I dunt think the Vietnamese had the refuelling probe installed on their toads but I could be wrong.nevertheless,a very nice build.
  3. It's a Canadair Sabre Mk.6.Since my early modelling days,I Always have a fondness for Tulip nosed Lutfwaffe Sabres.
  4. Kampartiger

    BAC Lightning F.6

    Had the same Trump kit bulit years ago and dressed her up with Saudi Arabian markings.I really enjoyed putting it together except for one...the wings small wheel cover!Trump did a big mess there but luckily with reference pictures,I managed to correct it.The small wheel cover should not be facing front!
  5. Kampartiger

    F-104G Starfighter

    Smashing Italian recce Starfighter and honestly the Lockheed product looks more appealing than what's flying today.
  6. Kampartiger

    Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X 1/48 TAMIYA

    That's a great looking Beaufighter,the idea of having the drop tank puts it apart from the rest of the crowd and you have replaced Tamiya's awful rockets too.Good job.
  7. Kampartiger

    FJ-4B Fury, HobbyBoss 1/48

    My goodness,that's a great looking Fury.Btw is that the normal Fury's stance while on the flight deck?
  8. Russ's Skywarrior is simply awesome.I hope you have a big hanger for it.
  9. Kampartiger

    F-29 Hasegawa 1/72

    Very creative!I wonder just where the ground erks are going to hang the weapons on the F29?
  10. Surprisingly the Frog's Fokker looks beefier than the SH kit but whichever outline is correct,I love them both and btw had the Frog example in 1973.
  11. Kampartiger

    Brewster Buffalo B-339 RNZAF - Tamiya 1/48

    Noel Sharp's tally of three enemy planes shot down clearly shows that the Brewster Buffalo was no pushover,the Finns and the US Marines have showed that too.Mr.Juanca,i like what you had done with the Buffalo,really masterly done.
  12. Kampartiger

    Polikarpov Po-2 ICM 1/48.

    Normally Biplanes won't get my rotors turning (except for the Spad) but this Po-2 really caught my attention...wow....it is a smashing build!
  13. Kampartiger

    MiG-25 PD Kittyhawk 1/48

    Simply love this Russian hardware,just astonishingly beautiful piece of metal.
  14. Kampartiger

    MiG-25PDS 1/48 Kitty Hawk

    A very menacing looking brute..The Foxbat (i wonder just who in NATO decided upon the reporting name as it really fits the bill.He/She should be given the Hero of the Russian Federation Medal for making the Mikoyan Guverich's product a household name ).Anyway,coming back to Mr.Gasenkampf's Foxbat,he did tremendously well in putting the kit together despite the numerous negative drawbacks that came with it.At the end of the day,you put all the work in and eventually it paid off!
  15. Kampartiger

    Airfix Meatbox F.8

    A very successful venture into the fine arts of scale modelling I may say so and I am trully impressed with your Syrian Meteor.Excellent.