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  1. Hoping for a lot of things from Zvezda's Herky,especially the fuselage extension for the C-130H-30 and the correct fuselage shape.
  2. A Turkish delight....sweet!
  3. Top notch Italian Starfighter......can't say more,it's simply stunning!
  4. That's a lot of lead in the front office!As always a very impressive build!
  5. Impressive list of overhauls done on the Shackleton.Yours lasted longer than the actual XF701 i think and it's great to hold onto something that your father had bought for you so many years ago.Not too many of us are that fortunate.
  6. Always wanting an Italeri YF-12 but searches in the internet always ended up with the Revell kit of yesteryears.How good was it,anyone knows?Btw that's smashing Blackbird you have and anyone that builds with the wheels up deserves a thumbs up.
  7. A remarkable build and very well constructed too.love the paintjob and weathering.As for the front office glasswork,yes it's simply PITA with cracks all over,but luckily got a replacement from Revell.My utmost admiration for your Greif,wonderful job!
  8. Yeah,I do agree with 72modeler.You should be given some sort of a modellers Medal of Valor for the fantastic Hustler and completing it on the second try. the closest thing I had to the B58 was the Aurora kit.
  9. Love to see the Ginas coming and if the news of the Italians Starfighters are true,I will welcome that too full heartedly .(it's just too bad no one is coming out with a Bristol Beaufort....1/48!)
  10. I think it's high time for some aviation historian to write about the Spitfires serving the Indian Air Force,I am quite vague about the squadrons,the camo/markings involved.Anyway,it's nice to see Spitfires using the Indian cockades everynow and then in Britmodeller.By the way,did you replaced the poorly molded canopy?
  11. Smashing Spitfire.I do believe every Spitfans need this particular marque in their collection.It's so different from the rest of the crowd,different colours,big colourful squadron's creast on the nose and based in that part of the world that is still tainted with wars.
  12. That's an excellent make over using the Freightdog coversion parts.Never have the intention of having an early model Beau,but after seeing yours,i need one too.
  13. Nice to know the existence of the Yak 4.Such obscurities makes scale modelling a highly interesting hobby.Thanks for the introduction.
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