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  1. Never in my lifetime can I ever possibly assemble together Hawks as lovely as those,....such splendid build.
  2. You have definately scored a bullseye on the skyhawk target tug.Why don't you make some resin copies of the RM30,I will buy one!
  3. Splendid job on the NF-5A and yes I can see a few of the add ons that I guess existed only on the Dutch version .
  4. Like what you have done to the windows in the front office.Very neatly painted and the frames are realistically done.
  5. Everyone loves to see the sight of a Luftwaffe Thunderstreak with big orange painted fuel tanks and a yellow nose.It added colours to an otherwise bleaky era. (By the way i think the front gear is too far forward!)
  6. A stunning looking Tiger,great weathering and so is your air brushing!Though it has been in the IRIAF service for decades,it's still contributing a sterling service to Iran.
  7. You have done well with the Academy + Tasman kit conversion.If fact you've done great!I was half way building it years ago when I threw it into the bin.My skill was just not there yet!
  8. Supebly done Rhodesian Lynx.I often wonder whether the Lynx needed any roof modifications (strengthening) when the Brownings were installed,The sound of the guns firing must have been quite loud!
  9. Magnificient Skyhawk,nicely done and very colourful.Nice to know it's a great kit but Trumpeter did a mistake in asking modelers to put two landing lights whereas there should only be one,on the starboard side of the plane.
  10. Have been captivated with the Flying Tigers since childhood and your model is simply awesome.
  11. Superbly done Sea King,the weathering is convincing and the orange colour breaks the monotonous overall blue colour.Reminds me of the local Kingfisher species that loves to sit on the fences.
  12. Always hoping for a brand new 1/48 molded Falco but alas,no sight of it yet.You hv done a remarkable work with the ancient Smer kit.By the way shouldn't the wheels be facing outward s?
  13. The longevity of this French design never ceases to amaze me and your excellent Cheetah clearly shows the beautiful lines of the design.
  14. Stupendous work on the F-4J.The anti glare is just perfect on all sides.(If it's not a decal!)
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