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  1. Kampartiger

    Mitsubishi F-1

    It would be nicer if there's a Jaguar T.2 next to the Mitsubishi product.Both are really beautiful and graceful designs.Kudos to you for putting together such a fine kit.
  2. Kampartiger

    Airfix 1/72nd Phantom FG.1

    Love the Yellow tractor!
  3. Russ,that's a fine looking Phantom.The whole set up gives the feeling as if we're really there in Indo-China.
  4. That's a beautiful transformation.Simply superb!
  5. Kampartiger

    Airfix Hudson

    I think that picture on the lower right shows the cabin of an Avro Anson.
  6. Kampartiger

    1/48 Italeri CR42 Falco

    A bit poorer this morning as I immediately ordered an italeri falco the moment I saw your fantastic model.marvellous job!
  7. If you're using the Tamiya kit,don't use the kit's Sperry auto pilot housing as the actual one doesn't look like it.
  8. Good morning.Hopefully you have plans of producing the Provost decals for interested modellers.I would like to have one for my two provosts.Thanks.

  9. Marvellous job on the Spad.seems very perfect to me.
  10. I am wishing for an HS.748 Andover CC.2 (Not too big,not too small)
  11. That is really a pleasant news.Soon I can have an Iraqi example in my display cabinet.
  12. Kampartiger

    H.A.L. Ajeet 1/72 Special Hobby

    That's a smashing looking Ajeet.Love the blue tail which reminds me of tropical birds.Thinking of buying one even though i seldom buy 1/72 kits.
  13. Kampartiger

    holland and belgium

    Yes,the De Ruyter became one of the many victims of the pirating salvaging companies that originates from China in search for pre-nuclear era metals.Even the Prince of Wales and Repulse were not spared but the two wreck nevertheless remain intact except for the propellers.I am very sad to hear the fate of the Dutch warships and i fear the chinese are going all out to get the metals (Maybe the IJN Kongo is no more too as it lies just off the chinese coast).Btw love the Dutch Avanger!
  14. Kampartiger

    De Havilland 112 Mk.1 Venom

    That's a great Swiss Venom.Everything seems to be just right.It's just too bad that no manufacturers are interested in reviving CA's Venoms as I am sure there'r a lot of interested modellers keen on it.
  15. Kampartiger

    Meteor FR.9

    Thank you for the information in regards to the meteor's nose.I will be extra careful when reaching that stage.Btw is there anyone planning a conversion kit for a PR.10?