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  1. HiLuca what a great model of the Hunter! You really nailed this one. May I ask what colors you have used? Cheers, Michael
  2. Lovely - I like the plane, its livery and the way you modeled it - top work. Cheers, Michael
  3. a beautiful build of an iconic airplane - great job! Cheers, Michael
  4. thanks Cedric - interesting link. I am sure you know www.old.hermannkeist.ch - some good references on this page. Happy modelling. Cheers, Michael
  5. Salut Cedric, Lovely dio and a great subject! Glad to see Swiss aviation models! Is this Dübendorf airbase? Greetings from Wallisellen - just next to Dübendorf Cheers, Michael
  6. lovely build - the NMF looks just spot on! Cheers, Michael
  7. this is a real winner - you nailed the Malta Defender! Cheers, Michael
  8. hey mate - I did even finish the Vampire but it's not up to your standards. And yes, I did build it as J-1125 - a little,tribute to my uncle. Indeed a 'right' Venom would be nice. Cheers, Michael
  9. Thanks Mark - indeed those early jets were dangerous to fly and the men who flew them were brave. Itnwaw a mid air collission with J-1108 in a training flight that costed him his life back in 1955....Your Vampire is a nice representation of the type. I like the Swiss markings on the highspeed silver too. Hope we soon get a Venom from Special Hobby - they have it on the roadmap at least. Cheers, Michael
  10. what a beauty - love it! My uncle flew J-1125 in the Swiss Airforce and had a fatal acccident with it. Glad to see a Vampire in Swiss markings - you did it justice. Cheers, Michael
  11. what a lovely build in an attractive livery. Loke it! cheers, Michael
  12. wow - a real winner that you have there. Lovely build of Marseilles ride. Cheers, Michael
  13. This is one of the most convincing Me-109 builds I have ever seen and easily the best photographed Me-109 I have ever seen. Congrats to a real winner. Cheers, Michael
  14. you nailed this one - top build of an iconic plane. especially the frontal pic shows the beauty of this aircraft.
  15. lovely build of an iconic aircraft. like the way you display it. Cheers, Michael
  16. what a winner you have there..lovely weathering and great paint job. You made a rather "boring" paint scheme look interesting. Cheers, Michael
  17. easily one of the best models of the last weeks. love the scheme - you nailed it!
  18. thanls Barbouille - you nailed the colors. I am from Wallisellen, close to Zurich and very close to Dübendorf with its nice Flieger- and Flap-Museum where some original Mk58 Hunters can be seen. Cheers, Michael
  19. very nice build - one of my favorite jets in my favorite markings. Can you tell me what colors you used? Cheers, Michael
  20. nice one. is there a reason for 2 rockets facing backwards?
  21. what a nice build - love it. cheers, Michael
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