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  1. Nice build - always liked the Hunter and your build does it justice. Especially like the paint scheme. As mentioned by Steven - the canopy isn't framed at the back. Something often seen modeled wrongly on the Hunter. But I definitely would have done it too if wouldn't have been made aware by guys here from BM. Cheers, Michael
  2. Nice job - although I liked to old version too. Always had a sweet spot for this plane. Cheers, Michael
  3. WildeSau75

    Blenheim Mk.1F - Crete 1941 - Airfix 1/48

    I am more than impressed - you made the best looking Blenheim model I have ever seen. Just perfect. Congrats mate for a real winner. Cheers, Michael
  4. Nice one - good to see something different. Cheers, Michael
  5. WildeSau75

    Need some help with FS34098 and FS36173

    Hi guys, Can someone help me with finding appropriate Mr. Color/Tamiya/Vallejo/Revell (these are the brands I have access to) paint no's or - at least the closest - for the following FS color no's: FS34098 FS36173 I would appreciate concrete information and not a link to a paint conversion page - I wasn't successful with those... Thanks guys. Cheers, Michael
  6. WildeSau75

    Need some help with FS34098 and FS36173

    Hola, didn't expect a reply to my post of 2015 It's for a Swiss Air force Venom. But afaik Mr. Color 13 isn't FS36173 but probably close to it... Cheers, Michael
  7. Lovely, very clean build - especially like the special color of this bird. Good job with the decals. Cheers, Michael
  8. Great build - like this bird and you paid it justice. Cheers, Michael
  9. Hi guys, Does anyone know the best suitable color (Mr. COLOR or Vajello ModelAir) for the correct red of the red/silver Tiger Moth G-ACDC (as per Airfix boxing of 2014)? TIA. Cheers, Michael
  10. WildeSau75

    Supermarine SWIFT FR5 Aifix 1/72

    Love it - top notch build. Like the painting and the subtle weathering. Cheers, Michael
  11. WildeSau75

    P-47D Iranian Air Force Tamiya 1/48

    what a convincing T-Bolt - the NMF looks top notch. And nice to see one in a different livery. Cheers, Michael
  12. Just wow - the exhaust stains look so real - as does the whole build. One of the best models I have seen here since some time. Cheers, Michael
  13. The jet as such probably wouldn't win a beauty contest - your model on the other side looks great.
  14. Hi guys, Sorry, this question might sound a bit stupid for some of you, but can someone tell me the visual differences of the Spitfire Mk. I vs the Mk. II. Information about all non visual differences would be of interest of well. TIA. Cheers, Michael
  15. Great build - love it. Cheers, Michael
  16. Hi guys, I am building the 1/72 Academy Harvard IIb and used some Mr. Surfacer to close some seams which I then sanded. Unfortunately I sanded some panel lines away and now look for the best way to rebuild them. Any tips? Regards, Michael
  17. WildeSau75

    How to "rescue" sanded off panel lines?

    Ha - a lesbian curve - there where other things coming to my mind ;-). This looks indeed useful. Thanks mate.
  18. WildeSau75

    How to "rescue" sanded off panel lines?

    Thanks mate - will check it out. Cheers, Michael
  19. WildeSau75

    How to "rescue" sanded off panel lines?

    I am again and again positively surprised how quick one gets very useful replies from friendly and helpful modelers all over the world. Indeed a great place for modelers BM is! Thanks again to all of you - hope to be able to post some picks of my build with perfect panel lines in the near future. Cheers, Michael
  20. WildeSau75

    How to "rescue" sanded off panel lines?

    Ah - now I get it. Flexible ruler is good idea. Will order one of these tools and give it a try with a flexible ruler. If it's not working, I try to get hold of the Dymo tape
  21. WildeSau75

    How to "rescue" sanded off panel lines?

    True! Thanks mate - appreciated. Although the colleagues did a good job in explaining it. Cheers, Michael
  22. WildeSau75

    How to "rescue" sanded off panel lines?

    Thanks mate - good hint. Have to see where I can get the tape from. Cheers, Michael
  23. WildeSau75

    How to "rescue" sanded off panel lines?

    thanks mate - will order one from there. Cheers, Michael
  24. WildeSau75

    How to "rescue" sanded off panel lines?

    Thanks mate - the are engraved. When sanding off the Mr. Surfacer part of them came off. dnl42's reply should do it I guess. Again, thanks. Cheers, Michael
  25. WildeSau75

    How to "rescue" sanded off panel lines?

    Thanks a lot - yes, I mean engraved panel lines. I tried with a knife but always slipped off on uneven areas. Which tool would you recommend for rather thin lines? Not sure I understand what a pin in a pin vise is.... Cheers, Michael