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  1. Such a good result Chris, she really does look like a real Anson, proper job!
  2. Absolute corker Chris, Old Annie really does look beautiful in yellow. I’m delighted to have played a very minor role in your immaculate build.
  3. I’ve got a Fisher Sea Fury to build at some point, why not here? Put me down please.
  4. Yep, a “window” or “chaff” dispenser. First used in July 43 causing immense confusion to the Luftwaffe’s radar and night fighter control system, then used in various guises throughout the remainder of the war. I would have thought the dispenser was a standard factory fit but have no evidence to support that, merely logic.
  5. Thank you gentlemen for your thoughts, they are very much appreciated. I’ve also been in contact with Dave Newnham who is an authority on the RATG having written articles and completed a great deal of research on its aircraft; he’s not able to positively identify the Hart as being a part of the Group and suggests it’s more than likely to be a visiting SAAF aircraft. Sadly Dad is no longer around to be able to ask.
  6. This photograph is in my father's album from the time he spent in S Rhodesia 1943 - 45. There is no clue in the album precisely where and when he took the picture but he attended 28 EFTS Mt Hampden, 20 SFTS Cranborne, 33 FIS Norton and 24 BG&NS Moffat, so possibly any of those airfields. The only serial numbers that I can see appear to be "332" on the rear fuselage and "53" (?) just aft of the cockpit. Any thoughts or information would be appreciated.
  7. Looking at your last shot of the Anson Chris, don’t forget there is a bracing wire on each side ‘twixt vertical and horizontal tail planes.
  8. Glad to see the undercart went well Chris, always a rather fraught experience given the vagueness of the kit “instructions”! There’s a “Shelf of Doom” GB starting shortly over on Large Scale Planes so I’m digging out my 1/32 vac Anson. I’ll be scratch-building the entire undercarriage, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought about the best method and materials, none of which appear easy! Looking forward to seeing the engines and cowls on, then another masterpiece can be added to your collection.
  9. All the better reason for voting NMCZ then……you know you want to, and it SO makes sense!
  10. Where’s our Leader…..the troops need rallying……once more into the breach dear friends, more more…..
  11. The group has slipped from 55 to 53 votes and now in serious danger of not making the cut, which would be a great shame!
  12. galgos


    Perhaps that's because it's probably an experimental and not an operational set up as SD and I have suggested. I have another book that I haven't checked by Alfred Price about Hitler's secret weapons that were going to win the war, but I wouldn't hold out too much hope. As a post script, in the book “Die Deutsche Nachtjagd” by Werner Held and Holger Nauroth there’s a clear photograph of the nose of this aircraft with a description of the equipment, the comment: “Also interesting is the Rustsatz with 2 MG 151 under the fuselage, which was very rarely used in night hunting machines.”
  13. galgos


    Could well be Pete, wouldn't surprise me. In his autobiography "Duel under the Stars" Johnen states that after being forced to land in Switzerland, two persons were despatched from Germany, the first to blow up the Bf110, the second to kill Johnen. Fortunately when it was realised that Johnen hadn't "switched sides", the assassin was called off! But Johnen's parents had been arrested and given the third degree in very unpleasant circumstances. Tough times.
  14. Any more vacuform fans willing to transfer their vote to “not my comfort zone”? It’s doing well but extra votes are always welcome!
  15. galgos


    I thought I'd be able to help you since I have many references for the Bf110 night fighters, but that appears to be a pretty rare combination of radar plus armament; the FuG220/SN2 and FuG212 aerials and (probably) under belly Rustsatz 30mm gun pack. "Wings of the Black Cross Special" by Mark Proulx has it as D5+DK W.Nr 730037 of NJG3. The cannons are Mk108 used to increase forward fire power. Accept that for what it's worth, I know Mark to be a meticulous researcher. Take away the gun pack and you have C9+EN flown by Wilhelm Johnen of NJG5, of which he was very proud until he inadvertently flew it over Swiss air space and was forced to land. His shiny new Bf110G4 was subsequently "mysteriously" blown up to prevent it falling into Allied hands.
  16. That movement card is clearly in error, and probably the source of Harry Holmes’ contradictory entries in his book. The critical error is the “missing” date, shown as 29/7/44 when it should have been 29/8/44, the date it was lost on its return from Konigsberg. The re-location shown to 103 Squadron must also be wrong because LM583 was operating with 467 Squadron when lost. According to Theo Boiten’s latest edition of the “Nachtjagd War Diaries”, the Konigsberg op started very well in that because of total radio silence and a low level approach the bombers were actually over the target before accurate assessments of the intended target were received within the Nachtjagd set up. However a layer of cloud over Konigsberg hindered attempts to bomb accurately so the Master Bomber, W/C Woodroffe had his force circling for 20 minutes before a break in the cloud appeared. However this delay gave the assembling Nachtjager time to engage the bombers, 9 being claimed as shot down in fierce battles over the city. There were several unidentified Lancaster losses that night, especially those shot down over the sea on their return routes. For what it’s worth LM583 is a possible claim for Lt Oberle from NJG102, but there are 4 other Lancs that his claim could have been. 467 Squadron lost three aircraft and 463 Squadron two on this operation. Sadly David Sandell, posted to 467 Squadron on 16 August from 51 Base, lasted only two weeks operationally having enlisted and trained since June 1942.
  17. I’ll be doing that too as soon as I can work out how to “uncast” my Dark Arts vote! Max
  18. That’s a very good idea, I’d be ok with that. Can we unilaterally move our whole block of 26 votes to “Not my comfort zone” or is that down to the individual? I don’t know how it all works either Loren. Max
  19. It really is very disappointing that we as a GB have so few votes, the ones who are really are pretty boring in my opinion….other’s views may vary.
  20. Now you see Chris, if you used an airbrush I’d happily have cut you some masks for those serials……. Max
  21. Hmmm, if I don’t do my Gauntlet (Silver Wings 1/32) then it could be a Hawker Fury II (AlleyCat 1/32), or maybe a Nimrod (Lukgraph), Hart or Demon (Silver Wings), Hurricane (PCM or Revell), Typhoon (MDC), Tempest (Revell), Sea Fury (Fisher) or Hunter (Echelon)……..all still 1/32 scale. Max
  22. Surely a Gauntlet II is eligible…….”An improved model, the Gauntlet II, featuring structural improvements sourced from Gloster's new parent company, Hawker was developed during 1934; deliveries of this new model commenced in the following year”. I could be interested in the GB if so. Max
  23. I see what you mean about those wing roundels Chris, very “in your face”. Are you planning to weather the model at all, that might tone things down a bit. Max
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