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  1. Excellent work, I really like this! Is the base a photo frame? I seems to sit very nicely in it. Great weathering on the panzer too.
  2. That reminds me of the old joke. A man goes to order his Trabant in East Berlin. He's told it will be delivered in 9 years time. The man asks 'Oh, will it be delivered in the morning or the afternoon?' The official questions 'What does it matter, it's 9 years from now?' To which the man replies 'It's just that I have the plumber coming in the morning!' I'd love to own one but I don't think I have enough spare time or cash to keep it running! Thanks again everyone for your kind comments.
  3. Yes indeed it did ! Unfortunately not! I got there in the end though. Thank you everyone for your comments, I'm glad you all like it.
  4. The Revell 1/48 GR4 is a very nice model. It can be a bit of a test during construction, it takes a bit of time and thought, and a bit of filler. It's worth the effort though. I wouldn't even touch any of the older kits. If your wanting 1/72 try the Revell GR1, it's also a decent little kit. Here is a photo of My 1/48 GR4. I used an after market pitot and PE cockpit. I was that happy with It that I went out and bought another, and the F3 for good measure.
  5. That is something special, very nice work!
  6. Thanks for all the great comments! I’m glad you all like the colour. I don’t do colour matching with my models, I just judge it by eye, I’m glad it looks like I’ve come close with this one!
  7. I have this kit sat tempting me in the stash, I'll be watching for inspiration.
  8. Here is something different from me, my first car! I have always had a soft spot for the East German Trabant, so this one has always been on my to-build list. The kit is the Revell 1/24 Scale Trabant. Overall is was a fun build and went together pretty quickly. I hope you like it as much as I do, and please leave any comments you may have. Thanks for looking.
  9. That is superb. You've achieved a fantastic finish with this. Happy New Year and well done for making the best of a bad situation.
  10. And another beauty! Will you let the rest of us catch up please.
  11. Really superb! I like your photography too, you capture it well.
  12. Hohoho this is right up my street, I'll be joining you on this one.
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