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  1. That's a smashing looking Meteor. Btw the 'light Earth' that you used seems perfect for it,not too stark in contrast with the green. Which colour did you used for that?
  2. That's a smashing looking Meteor. Btw the 'light Earth' that you have used seems perfect for it,not too stark in contrast with the green. Which colour did you used for that?
  3. Well done. That's a super nice Russian Mig-19PM. Too bad I have sold my kit as the SBS nose job is difficult to acquire in East Asia.
  4. A stupendous collection of Crusties. Beautifully and meticulously made. Great work.
  5. Very impressive duo. I hope my Mirage build will be as good but surely not better as yours. Hopefully to see more Mirages from you.
  6. That's a masterpiece you have there.Btw what other changes that you have made other than the more pointy nose to convert it into a Charlie?
  7. Double Wow! Your Hornet is really mind blowing.I can't really comprehend as to how you detailed it to such a high degree. Astounding build.
  8. That's an expertly build SEAC Spitfire and I dare say you have a winner there. Btw 28 sqdn did served in Malaya around April 1946 and the picture shows the familiar sight of the low rolling hill slopes of Sungai Besi airfield, otherwise known as Simpang. The airfield is no more as the old TUDM airbase was sold to a Chinese developer in March 2016 by the recently jailed ex-prime minister.
  9. Outstanding build. The weathering done on the Corsair is just perfect and thank you for showing the differences with the RN Corsairs.
  10. If you hadn't put the Herky next to it, I wouldn't have known that the C-119 was that big. That's a really colourful Indian Boxcar you have there and honestly, I would like to have one in my collection too. Btw just how many Boxcars were in the IAF?
  11. Started the hobby with the plastic bagged Yak kit in 1970.It was in light blue and the green/brown camo was what made me attracted to it but of course it wasn't painted like yours. The paint pots didn't reach the interior towns of Malaya until the mid 1970s. Honestly it's good to see a very old friend again. Marvellous build.
  12. The South Arabian markings look good,something different for once.
  13. Superb build,never seen a cbi beau being modelled especially with the thimble nose.
  14. Terrific Indian C-119. It's just perfect. Hopefully to see an Indian DHC Caribou from you in the future.
  15. I know Magna of Spain produce a similar kit of the same scale back in the 90s but not so sure whether it was this one. Btw you did wonders on the Firebrand.Somehow despite its unpopularity with the Admiralty it's one of my favourite plane.
  16. Simply beautiful.That's a great model and a Greek one too.Just perfect!
  17. Super job on that Mustang. The vents look simple,but sometimes it's the little small things that caused me to have a lot of headache. I am glad you have no such problems with it. Again,a very nice build.
  18. Splendid model,wonderfully done.Saw numerous pictures of it in numerous publications for the last 50+ years and I am glad you have done it in 1:48 scale.The conversion is really good.
  19. An Old but gold kit and to top it off,you build it into a masterpiece.
  20. That's really a superb build. I have one in the display cabinet minus one of the horizontal stabilizers but it's nothing compares to yours.
  21. It's a beautiful,superbly done miniature of the real plane. Looks perfect to me.
  22. That's a fine looking Bison and probably we won't be seeing much of it in the future as I do believe it's going to be replaced by HAL Tejas. I do wish someone in India or anywhere else would do a 3D conversion of the last variant of the Mig-21.
  23. Nice one Tom. I really like the look of the plane in the Indian Navy's service although it surprises me that it could fly at all with just one puny looking set of propellers.
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