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  1. Bump 30/11/21. See everyone on Sunday (there's also a Model Soldier show at the same venue this Saturday 4/12/21, if that is of interest to you).
  2. See everyone on Sunday! Should be a great, friendly, small show. Bump 30/11/21.
  3. I don't want to rain of anyone's parade here, but there is an on-going legal battle between Border Models and Wingnut Wings. The release of the Border Lanc is by no means guaranteed (hopefully, things will get sorted out over time). I've read a story that all the major model-distributors have been sent legal-notices from Wingnut's lawyers, suggesting that they should refuse to stock the kit or suffer the consequences. It has to be said that the cost of fighting numerous international legal-cases could well be much greater than the profits the kits might generate. Cheers. Chris.
  4. I've seen some folks' posts get deleted is when they have more than one post in a single section. I seem to remember one of the Mods "spring cleaning" on occasion, once For Sale posts get very old (and I would guess a lack of responses would play a role in this). Of course, the site management reserve the right to delete anything they deem offensive (I'm not suggesting that it happened to your Wanted post, by the way). Cheers. Chris.
  5. Methinks Mike would like this thread to get back on track.... Chris.
  6. Bump. Less than two weeks to go, folks! 21/11/21.
  7. That is excellent news! After Telford, the Avon show is the one I look forward to the most. I wish your committee the best of luck in organising the show, particularly in keeping the costs at a manageable level. Cheers. Chris.
  8. Hi, Kitcat. Could I ask where you got this information from? It seems very obvious that no-one is going to pay 40 quid just to enter a model-show (a lot of people object to paying £4 or 5, so £40 is a real non-starter). Hiring the halls for Telford costs something like £60,000 for the weekend, but this is very much the most financially-intensive model show in Europe. Cheers. Chris.
  9. Faster-than-light travel was possible before the Guild Navigators existed, but it was very risky and resulted in a high death-rate. Electronic computers have been banned, after a long-ago war between man and AI (thus signicantly increasing the need for the Guild). If I understand it correctly, the Navigators are able to see into the future, due to their massive Spice-exposure, and so avoid accidentally guiding their ships into large stars or planets. All based on a true story, it goes without saying.... Chris. PS: I am convinced that I could guide an FTL ship, but usually only after imbibing 17 bottles of "Scruttock's Old Derigible". Could this be the new Melange?
  10. Rikki Wolfe of Lost British Projects has produced a 1/48th Vulcan. I have no idea if he's still trading, as I haven't seen him in over two years. Chris.
  11. I recently left Virgin Media after FAR too many years with their slow, intermittent, generally messed-up service. My new Broadband provider is ten times better than VM and a lot cheaper too. When I talked to one of VM's Indian call-centres, it felt like I was banging my head against a brick-wall. Also, there are some very well-rehearsed scammers who phone you up, claiming to be from the Virgin technical-help department. Please don't let them fool you. I would thoroughly recommend moving to another provider. Chris.
  12. It's not Up-T'North, but I read a message on here the other day that said the Avon show folks are having to seriously consider whether to have the 2022 show or not, due to this year's show having made a substantial loss. If they decide not to go ahead, that will be a MAJOR loss to the hobby and it will be missed by many. Cheers. Chris.
  13. I have been told that one trader at Telford pays £12,000 for his pitch. If it is indeed true, that is about 20% of the cost of hiring the venue. Holey Guacamole! Chris.
  14. spruecutter96


    This is pretty late to the party, but E-Bay are spreading a lot of clever dis-information about using Paypal for payment. This is not helped by the initial announcement about the new "payment system" not mentioning Paypal ONCE, IIRC. The very careful wording of the announcement was interesting. This is a simple ruse, to make casual E-Bay users believe that Paypal are no longer a part of the system. The fact is that Paypal take E-Bay payments globally hundreds of thousands of times a day, but what happens after that point is now very different. Once the initial payment has been made, E-Bay quickly grab the funds from Paypal's hands and send it to your personal bank-account. E-Bay claim that this process can takes a number of days....Why? Surely in this information age, transferring of funds is as simple as firing data along some fibre-optic cables? The process should be measured in minutes, not days, but I'm guessing it's to E-Bay's advantage to pretend otherwise. Paypal are now the first payment-stage of several stages, rather than the company who do most of the work. As I undestand it, E-Bay used to own Paypal, but a few years ago they split and became entirely separate business entities. Once this happened, I'm sure E-Bay's management were keen to cut as many ties to PP as possible. Chris.
  15. Unfortunately, the price of everything in our hobby is very likely to increase dramatically in the next few years. I am not scare-mongering here - just stating a well-established fact. Global, bulk shipping costs have increased by up to 600% in recent years, previously common materials have rocketed in price during the pandemic (rumour has it there is now a global shortage of cardboard, of all things!), production costs and raw material costs are ballooning. Have a guess who will have to cover the price increases.....? We will, the humble customer! If you are hankering after a particular kit, I would strongly suggest you get it now and don't wait. Chris.
  16. It would be the best offer I've had all year.... Beggars can't be choosers. Chris.
  17. I'm not sure if this still applies, but parking in the ASDA car-park (up the hill, maybe 5-10 minutes walk away) used to be £1.00 for all day on a Sunday (SCRATCH THAT: Just looked up the ASDA car-park... Maximum stay is three hours, sadly). Still possibly, a decent alternative to the TIC's car-park. There's also the council multi-story car-park, just across the road from the TIC, which I believe is about half the price of the TIC car-park. Cheers. Chris.
  18. Shussssssssh! I was really hoping that Hannants wouldn't pick up on that! More seriously, I'm expecting Hannants to inflate the price and soon. I don't see any way that price can stay that low with all the "bolt-on" goodies- it has to go up. Chris.
  19. spruecutter96


    I think the chances of the winning bidder actually paying up are extremely remote. This happened to a friend of mine a few years ago. He was selling a painting, hoping it would get maybe £400 for it. Someone bid £1 Million and then sent him a message along the lines of "I woz never gonna pay for it anyway!" (the actual message was a lot less polite than that!). There really are some nasty idiots out there... Chris.
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