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  1. If you can find it on E-Bay or the like, I would recommend using Servisol Hard-Surface Foam Cleaner . It not cheap (around £8.00 a can), but if you're only using it to clean models, it should last for a very long time. It is a foaming cleaner with a mild detergent in it and it's ideal for removing sanding-dust and other minor, surface blemishes. I find it cleans much better than just using water and a bit of kitchen-towel. For me, it's one of those "how did I do without it?" products. You can find a similar product, but cheaper, from some market-traders - it's called "Car Valet" upholstery-cleaner (about £2.00 for a smaller can). Hope this helps. Chris. PS: Not too sure where you're from (ATX?). I made the assumption you're in the UK...
  2. Only one or two? I usually get to that stage trying to get the lid off a bottle of Tamiya acrylic paint.... Only kiddin', of course. Cheers. Chris.
  3. I would suspect that - for the most part - judges are looking for defects, to eliminate models that will not be considered in the final stages. This is not being critical of the whole process - on a practical level, only the absolute best in class can really be discussed and mulled over. I think I would have this approach. I have seen model-makers get very annoyed at their creations not having won any recognition in a competition, but this whole business is very much a matter-of-opinion. What one judge considers awful, another might well praise to the heavens. Cheers. Chris.
  4. I find this idea of the rival model being "officially-licensed" an interesting one. I've seen the official licensing-logos on Italeri aircraft boxes in recent years, but didn't realize this concept had been extended to other areas of our hobby. I wish Tiger Hobbies the best of luck in selling these new kits. Chris. PS: The obstacles put in the way of model-importers seem to be manifold. I remember Mel Bromley (RIP) telling me a few years ago that he had imported some 1/114th Hercules kits in to the UK. They were seized by HM Customs, on the grounds that they were "dangerous" products (very obviously, a load of nonsense). What really rubbed salt into the wound... they charged him a £500 a day "storage fee" and then released them, without further explanation. He was a lot more philosophical about the situation than I would have been...
  5. Errmmm.... that is kinda ignoring the fact that - up until the mid-1960's or so - colour film was very expensive and not very readily available. So, anything photographed before that period was most likely to be monochrome. I remember reading a while ago, that about 75% of the photojournalism in the Vietnam conflict was B&W, as it was largely destined to be used in American newspapers of the time. Cheers. Chris.
  6. I think the concept of appearing "weaker" than your enemy is a major factor here. The Cold War was a huge exercise in political "chest-beating". If your enemy has 1,000 nukes and you have 700, politically you are seen as being in a very weak position. I have never seen the logic in being able to kill most of the planet's population twenty times over - let's face it, the whole situation is utterly divorced from logic. Atomic weapons might have prevented major conflicts between the Russian and American governments, but both sides were happy to fight numerous much smaller, "proxy wars" around the world. Einstein was quoted as saying: "I don't know how World War Three will be fought, but the Fourth World War will be carried out using clubs and rocks". He was a very perceptive fella. Cheers. Chris.
  7. I wish you the best of luck, Victor Crux. They haven't got Covid as an excuse, anymore. Cheers. Chris.
  8. Your Eagle looks excellent! She's a very practical design and I guess that's an intentional thing. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  9. I seem to remember reading that they're doing a second Eternals movie! Marvel must have some serious money that needs laundering (only kiddin', of course...). Chris.
  10. This looks excellent! Love the weathering and the small trickle of lava works really well. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  11. You've made a great job of an obviously "detail-limited" kit. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  12. Not wanting to shoot-down the idea of getting you old camera repaired, but it's worth remembering that (most) repair-centres will only give you an official, one or two month guarantee on the work they do. I have read one or two stories of repair places flatly refusing to consider failed cameras from just outside this warranty-period, but these places are obviously not at all concerned about having repeat-custom. IMHO, they deserve to fail with that attitude. I'll leave that with you. Whatever to decide to do, I wish you all the best. Cheers. Chris.
  13. Unfortunately, Marvel's "Phase 4" seems to have really lost its way. I'm not a huge fan of Marvel's output at the best of times (Iron Man 3 - utter, un-adulterated, patronizing, poorly-written, illogical cobblers!), but I am now very much outside their target-audience's age demographic. Kevin Fiege is not the all-seeing guru he was once proclaimed to be.... Chris.
  14. And where in Goodness's Name did Russell Crowe's accent come from? He reminded me of Harry Enfield's "Stravros" character from about 25 years ago (Lordy, I feel OLD typing that sentence!). Cheers. Chris.
  15. Can't blame the fella for that... Rita Ora is what Da Modern Youth would call a "Smoke Show". I did think the photos of him, Tessa Thompson and Rita Ora all kissing each other on that balcony were a bit tacky though - particularly as it's obvious they were fully aware there were photographers lurking nearby. Clearly, it was done to maximize the publicity generated... Cheers. Chris.
  16. A strange "public presence" for any company to have. Do they want to sell their products, or not? The last thing any firm should do, is to make it difficult for their customers to contact them. Cheers. Chris.
  17. Hi, All. Has any aftermarket company produced a decal-set of the above, extraordinary special-scheme? I've had a look around the Internet, with zero results. Ideally, 1/32nd but 1/48th would also do the job. Cheers. Chris.
  18. Watched the above on Disney Plus yesterday. Oh dear.... where do you start with this one? I'm a big fan of Taika Waititi's previous work, but this is a complete dud of a movie. Numerous "jokes" which simply didn't work, boring, seen-it-all-before fight sequences, MASSIVE, jolting changes in tone. At least Christian Bale was a good villain, but I'm wondering why he bothered. Very difficult to believe that this was the same director / writer as "Thor: Ragnarok" and "Search for the Wilderpeople". He REALLY dropped the ball on this movie. I would say watch it if there's nothing else available (seems very unlikely, in this streaming age, though). Cheers. Chris.
  19. Did Mr. Leeson's nose possess "a very particular sets of skills" in this movie? The British public need to be made fully aware of these things... Chris.
  20. An excellent selection of images, Wally! Thanks for sharing with us. Am I jealous? Only very much. Chris.
  21. I think everyone interested in aviation and modern military history should watch this film. Be warned, however, it is VERY dark in tone and doesn't shy away from the more regrettable aspects of the story. I would say I was educated, but didn't "enjoy" the film on any of the usual levels (it's not intended to be enjoyable - the history behind it dictates otherwise). Please give it a go. Chris.
  22. "It's got great, big, pointy teeth..." "It'll do you for a start!" "That rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide!" Love the painting on this piece. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  23. Staring at a blank wall for two hours would be preferable to watching the AVP movies. They were a pile of dog's eggs, pure and simple. Two great opportunities, utterly wasted. Chris.
  24. From what I've read, the 1/32nd B-25 is not perfect in all dimensions (what kit is? There are some issues with Tamiya's 1/32 models, too). I have two of the big Mitchells sitting in my stash and the inaccuracies bother me not one iota. The fact is, they will look like their intended subject once made up. It's high time that we had a modern-moulding 1/48th Mitchell. I think this will sell well for Hong Kong Models. Cheers. Chris.
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