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  1. I would suggest either age or (possibly) storage-conditions. I have read of Canadian modellers having issues with Klear. The poster had a suspicion that the Klear had frozen solid when it had been transported through the Canadian Winter. He said the finish was radically different with the new bottle. All I could suggest here is to try straining a very small amount through a very fine gauze and see if that helps remove the "cloudiness". Hope this helps.
  2. A very cool set of photos, Shaun. The P-47 and Mustang look very close together (a bit of forced perspective, I'm guessing). Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  3. spruecutter96

    Paint Brushes

    All I would advise is to get the best you can afford. Red-sable brushes are usually great quality, but that is very definitely reflected in their price (there are some decent, cheaper sets available on-line). Artificial-hair brushes are OK as a rule, but will probably not last nearly as long. Whatever you buy, clean them and store them properly (bristles always pointing up, just to state the really obvious). Also, some very important aspects of brush-painting: A. NEVER use paint straight out of the bottle / tin. B. Transfer the paint to a bit of scrap plastic-card, make it the right consistency with your brush and thinners and, then, apply to your model. Don't rush it - more time in application usually produces better results. If you're using a large amount of paint in one sitting, pour some in to a clean container, again add thinners in the new container, mix together well and check that the paint is not thickening up, at regular intervals. If using acrylics, you can use "Flow Retarder" to stop it from drying too quickly. C. Always use the thinners made by the same manufacturer (other might be OK for your paint, but using the maker's thinners is less risky overall). D. Red, white and yellow are traditionally colours which are difficult to apply well. Think lots of thin coats, rather than one, very thick coat. Give enough time between each for the previous coat to dry (different times for different types of paint). Hope this helps. Chris.
  4. Don't bother with ordering from WHSmIth's. I tried a while ago and - maybe a month later - was informed that they were "waiting for another print-run" (no date given for said run). I took this to mean that there was no chance of them supplying it.
  5. I think a part of the issue with Covid is that it will be a very abstract concept for some people. You can't see it, smell it or taste it and there are some folks out there who almost never pay any attention to the news. Then there's the Covid-deniers - I could think of a many, many good, descriptive words for those great-intellects-of-our-time, but NONE of them are useable in a forum such as this. I have known one person who died from it and three people who contracted it and fortunately survived. It's real, folks, and it won't be going away for a very long time, yet. Chris.
  6. Now, that's a very good point. I was talking to someone who had friends who attended the first really big match at Wembley a while ago, which the government allowed as a "test event". He told me that both of them caught the virus whilst at the match. I can't believe that so many folks are walking around and acting like it's all over... Chris.
  7. That is interesting information, John. I probably shouldn't have based my comments on a few assumptions. Chris.
  8. I think we might have a couple of crossed-wires here. All I was saying is that, traditionally, VISITING model Clubs have not been charged to attend regional model-shows. Even Telford does not charge the various Clubs and SIG's (to the best of my knowledge). I would guess that clubs would consider their time and petrol-costs as more than expenditure enough (and I wouln't disagree with this). Cheers. Chris.
  9. Do you have any suggestions as to what the alternative funding-source could be, Duncan? Clubs will not support paying for their presence, after decades of attending for free. This is not a criticsm of this well-established set-up, by the way. It's simply a statement of fact. I helped organise the Elstree Model show in 2019. If we had not had the use of the venue's kitchen, our profit-margin would have been virtually non-existent. Cheers. Chris.
  10. I've just applied for a "Covid Passport Letter" (or whatever they're calling it this week) and it took about 90 seconds. I used the link kindly supplied by Heather Kay, above. Chris.
  11. I really don't want to stir up a hornets-nest, but perhaps folks should start reading between the lines here... Chris.
  12. As much as I can see where your coming from, any venue which is identified as a source of new Covid infections will be adversely affected for many years afterwards. On an official level, the venue will be very keen to be seen to be doing everything it can to combat the virus spreading. The measures they're proposing might seem over-the-top right now, but in a few months might appear entirely reasonable. Also, there is no way of predicting we won't be in another Lockdown in January next year. This situation is VERY far from being over. Chris.
  13. A great shame, but in the coming months this might seem like fundamental common sense. Chris.
  14. I reckon they have just broadcast "YMCA" over the deck-announcement system... Chris.
  15. I would have described it as the "postponed" show, but that seems a bit academic now. All being well, the London Plastic Model Show will happen on Sunday 5th December 2021. I traded there in 2019 and thoroughly enjoyed it (picked up some bargains, too). Chris.
  16. Hello, all. A quick notice about the Midlands Museum Aviation Enthusiasts Fair, to be held on Sunday 17th October (Covid restrictions might have changed by this date, so please contact the museum to confirm that it's going ahead, before making a long journey). I believe that normal museum admission-charges will apply for entry, but even if there were no show, it's well worth a visit just to look around the exhibits. If Covid rules permit it, they might have the Vulcan open for visitors to clamber around inside (no guarantees, though - it will depend on having volunteers to staff it). The museum is situated on the perimeter of Coventry airport. The museum's cafe serves bacon rolls and sandwiches, plus hot & cold drinks at reasonable prices. As the name implies, it is squarely aimed at aviation-enthusiasts, but will still have a good selection of models and modelling-related stuff on sale. In addition, there will be books, patches, aircraft-parts and a large number of other aviation-related goods to peruse. Second-hand kit traders should include Klassic Kits (Steve Foster), Chris Mitchell Models and Falcon Aviation (there might be others, but I'm not party to that information). There are bound to be some traders who are selling models as a small "side-line". See everyone there! Chris.
  17. No problem. "My Bad", as da yoof might say. Chris.
  18. Hi, folks. Might be worth pointing out that this has been started in the "Vehicke" section. You could get a Moderator to move it to the aircraft section. Cheers. Chris.
  19. Welcome to Britmodeller, my friend. Enjoy your time here - it's a friendly and informative place to hang out. Cheers. Chris.
  20. The Midlands Air Museum (Coventry) and the Newark Aviation museum don't charge for climbing into either of their Vulcans. I was at the Hendon RAF Museum for an open-cockpit evening a few years ago and they were charging £25.00 to go inside their Vulcan. Suffice it to say, I didn't partake. Chris.
  21. IIRC, the next version of the Cobra to be released will include this figure set. If you want both the crew and the chopper, then buying the next one should save you some money. This is based on the assumption that ICM won't raise the price of the new kit over the first two versions. Chris.
  22. No problem at all, Mark. Good luck with your modelling endeavours. Chris.
  23. Legend has it that the Wild Hare conversion set has sold for nearly £1,000, on the rare occasions it has appeared on E-Bay. My mind is genuinely boggled by that... Chris.
  24. If the wingwalker had to release her harness and climb down into the front cockpit-section, whilst the aircraft was experiencing the engine issues, then she is one extremely lucky person. If she had been strapped in on the wing at the time of the incident, then her survival chances would have been extremely low. I'm very glad both pilot and wingwalker got out OK. Personally, you couldn't pay me enough money to do a wingwalker's job. I admire these ladies enormously. Chris.
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