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  1. Hello, All. Just watched a couple of episodes of the new series on Netflix. It's looking good... A major departure from the original series (a VERY good thing, that one!). Well-written, big budget, great special-effects and none of the kids are thumpable brats. Relies a bit too much on enormous coincedences, but I'm not going to cease watching just for that. Anyone else given it a go yet? Chris.
  2. spruecutter96


    Saw it today and was a bit underwhelmed..... A decent film, for sure, but not one I will be seeing again for a long time. Chris.
  3. spruecutter96

    Milton Keynes goes XXL for 2019

    And the staff at the new venue might know where the heating controls are located (hopefully).... Chris.
  4. spruecutter96

    Milton Keynes goes XXL for 2019

    It's definitely a big upgrade on the Stantonbury campus.... I will be very interested to see how this will work. I wish the organisers every success with the new show. Chris.
  5. spruecutter96

    Rookie Airbrusher

    Three bits of advice on keeping your airbrush working well.... A. Keep it clean. B. Make sure all remnants of the paint you've just used are removed (see previous). C. There is no such thing as an airbrush that is "too clean". This might seem like overkill, but 99% of airbrushing problems are created by ineffective cleaning. Be a little bit paranoid about it and you will enjoy many years of great airbrushing.... Good luck, my friend. Chris.
  6. spruecutter96

    F-14D, Hoppie dabbles in aviation art

    "Digital painting" is virtually black magic to me, but it's very obvious that you have mastered it. Cheers. Chris.
  7. spruecutter96

    F-14D, Hoppie dabbles in aviation art

    I am just knocked out by this! i had no idea that something that looks so close to a traditional, oil painting could be produced digitally. Excellent work and thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  8. spruecutter96

    Thefts from Shows

    I was trading at the Hinckley show yesterday and was told by another trader that some scrote was stealing items at about 10:00am. I really hope that nothing unpleasant befalls this particular example of mankind's failings. He was described to me as "skinny, grey hair, average height and carrying a large shopping-bag" (no prizes for guessing what the bag was for...) Chris.
  9. spruecutter96

    laptop cleaning

    IPA's available on Flea-Bay for not huge sums of money. Think I paid about 9 quid for a litre last year, if I remember correctly. Cheers. Chris.
  10. spruecutter96

    All about the Carpet Monster...

    I suspect that the beastie may be inter-dimensional in nature. This would explain why no human has ever laid eyes on its hideous visage..... A Two Quid Hobbycraft voucher to anyone who can capture the thing on camera (only kidding!) Chris.
  11. spruecutter96

    What kind of modeller are you?

    I read all the nasty remarks about how in-accurate a kit is and want to build it anyway. Life's too blimmin' short to worry about all the tiny details, IMHO.... Chris.
  12. spruecutter96

    Hannants Lowestoft

    Hi, Ray. You are a very wise man.... I remember my first/only visit to the Big H.... left feeling that I could have easily spent 4 or 5 grand in there (and not got everything I wanted!) Hope you enjoy your visit. I reckon you need a good 2-3 hours to take a proper look around the warehouse. Cheers. Chris.
  13. Superb depiction of a very unusual subject! Really, really good build and paint skills on display. Thank you for sharing with us. Chris.
  14. spruecutter96

    The tip of the spear: Tomcats in action !

    Hi, Giorgio. The 'Cat is coming along very nicely. I hope the rest of the build is much easier for you. Whenever I encounter a "tricky" kit, I find that my interest in it tends to fall off very sharply. I wonder why? Cheers. Chris.
  15. spruecutter96

    Scottish Nationals 2018

    I can fully understand the traders' frustration here. I help a friend sell second-hand kits at model shows and airshows and we've had a few kits go "walkabout" before now. We have policy of telling people that they are welcome to open boxes, but have to do it in a manner so we can see what's going on. We've not had any complaints, so far. Chris.
  16. spruecutter96

    Hello, I’m Nikolay!

    Hi, Nikolay. A warm welcome to Britmodeller, my friend. It is a very good place to be, as I'm sure you know. Cheers. Chris.
  17. spruecutter96

    Cutting mats.

    Thanks for the tip! At that price, I might have to get a few.... Cheers. Chris.
  18. spruecutter96

    Infinity War (no spoilers)

    Should be seeing it tomorrow.... looking forward to it. Chris.
  19. spruecutter96

    Dunkirk movie

    I've just been to see the new Dunkirk movie and - although it was very well-made and produced on an epic scale - there were a few aspects that need some comment. A. Tom Hardy's Spitfire - who had any idea that a Spit could glide for (what seemed like) 10 minutes? Also, just how much ammo did that Spit carry? I thought that early model Spits carried a maximum of 12 seconds ammunition, but I would estimate that our Tom was carrying between 40 and 50 seconds worth..... (Yep, I'm only too aware that only a military nerd like myself would be aware of this anomaly). B. Soldiers on the beach. I would say that there is never more than 1,000 people on the beach at any one time. Is this because Chris Nolan has an aversion for using computer-generated imagery to enhance his movies? Surely the beaches would have been much busier than this if they had 300,000 troops to move? Don't get me wrong, it was a good film of a very important subject and you should give it a go. Cheers. Chris.
  20. I'm looking forward to the pilots & ground-crew set, too. It was only announced about 2 years ago! Italeri are obviously not in any great hurry on this one, but I'll buy several sets once they're on the shelves. Cheers. Chris.
  21. spruecutter96

    Vador and the Dark Falcon + FF2018

    I am guessing that this is a very ironic comment (?)..... Chris.
  22. spruecutter96

    Milton Keynes Show

    I hear what you're saying Sean, but I heard directly from a few people at the show that the Centre's staff seemed to have no real interest or motivation to sort the issue out. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh on the staff, but when you have folks leaving earlier than they had intended due to the heat, that is not a good sign. Chris.
  23. spruecutter96

    Messerschmitt Me-262 - Airfix 1/72nd

    That's a great looking "Stormbird", my friend. You made a very good recovery from the mishap. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  24. spruecutter96

    Milton Keynes Show

    I appreciate that this will come across as a big negative, but that is not my intention.... It struck me that the Show had more traders than it could really handle (the non-use of the "back building" probably greatly contributed to this - a large number of people packed into a much smaller area than in previous years). I can fully appreciate that the traders are there to make money, but I thought the number of traders was almost un-manageable. Could trader numbers not be managed by the MK Club? At the Cosford show two years ago, the local IMPS club put a cap on the number of traders (although this may have been made necessary on the dreaded grounds of "Wealth & Safety"). Chris.
  25. spruecutter96

    Modifying Mig One Shot

    Hello. I haven't tried mixing any of these paints myself, so would simply say "give it a go" (as you've implied you will be doing). Have you tried e-mailing the relevant manufacturers, yet? Chris.