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  1. When Airfix ran Kitstarter probably the most requested kit ( after the Boy Scout and FN-FAL rifle……) in the many many pages of forum posts it generated was for them to re-release the 1/48 Buccaneer. The feedback from Airfix was that the old tooling was no longer viable. Or words to the same effect. IIRC it was the only tooling related question they commented on. As then unsurprisingly people wanted to know what other tools were not useable… I don’t have a kit of the original 1/48 buccaneer but FWIH the fuselage halves can suffer from lots of warpage. HTH
  2. Looks good... The old AK set comes with a Mauve colour not sure what that was used for??? Ive also heard the AK real colour is nice to spray and paint with. TBH I think as soon as you get a Lacquer paint that’s pretty much true of most lacquers. Standard Tamiya / Gunze acrylic thinned with self levelling thinners or the new tamiya retarder thinner sprays really nicely drys fast and is hard wearing. So personally the ‘paintability’ aspect of the AK colours isn’t a big draw card for me..
  3. Looking good crisp masking... When are you adding the blue stripes I’ve used MS’s mixes before on a couple of builds and I also have the ‘old’ AK Caunter colour set this IIRC was very similar to the MS Tamiya mixes... Not sure what going on with the ‘Real Colours’ they seem to be a bit hit n miss..
  4. If you want to build to a quick time frame then scale, subject choice and kit choice will help in speeding up your build time as will building OOB and not spending too much time doing research and worrying about things such as : colour accuracy, scheme correctness and if the kit has shape or other issues. Also the level of finish you aspire to or are happy to accept has a bearing and then there is also the undeniable effect of how adept you are at modeling skills. Having a few things on the go I personally find generally means that you can maximise productivity when you get some modeling time. However it only gets you so far before you have too much in the go and productivity tapers off. If you want to build more then the real answer is put more time in. Whatever you do have fun..
  5. Moltow do paint markers in a range of colours.. you can get replacement tips and refills so you could cut the tip to give the thickness you’d like.. https://www.molotow.com/en/product-series/marker-refills/artist/ Have fun with the paint job whichever way you go..
  6. Hi Jim, looking good.. if it’s for the Patton GB currently running you might want to post down in the GB Thread for the Patton GB. Cheers Plasto..
  7. There is a series of life colour photos of the Tiger which give an indication of the colour. All of the normal model forum caveats apply to these wartime colour photos. Colour cast, exposure etc etc... I guess however if you use them with caution and in conjunction with the Tank Museum info you get possibly a good general direction on how to paint a Tunisian Tiger. HTH
  8. This may prove useful to folks around Colour schemes etc... I cannot vouch how accurate it is but it’s a starting point...
  9. Yep great choice and a nice kit also..
  10. Looks like a good kit. The MERDC schemeconcthecearlier model looks fine as well...
  11. What you’re talking about is some users view on forum etiquette or established norms which some folk are aware of and others for whatever reason are not. In time it will balance out....
  12. RFI is for the display of completed builds I don’t think there is any time limit on when the model was completed if it is recent work or several years old. Neither is there a limit to how frequently you can post in the forum. So so if someone has a lot of models creates the posts and associated images to support the post then that’s basically all ok AFAIK
  13. That’s a fine build and nice photos...
  14. Fair enough.... I suspect it will play out. cheers Plasto
  15. Ah ESCI great box art and the bird characters in the flight helmets.. nice job on the build...
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