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  1. Lovely finish Steve, you get me to look at old kits in a different way. I would never have thought about getting one of these, but this is a great bit of inspiration to think differently
  2. Looks like they're putting up a fight! Great to see you fighting back though, much better
  3. Looking great seeing them come together Steve, this is the bit where it all gets exciting! Looking forwards to seeing them finished later this evening
  4. This looks like a challenging build. Lots of work with little visible progress. I find it hard to keep my mojo with such builds, but that nacelle is beginning to look the part now.
  5. Ah cool. I was in the process of buying that until I seen the Spitfire, I wondered who bought it. They are very nice. I've got two spaces for future purchases!
  6. Just had an email that mine is due tomorrow. At Telford, I managed to pick up a canvas print of the artwork from Adam Tooby next to the Airfix stand and absolutely made up with it. I'll be adding a few more to the man cave / office in due course.
  7. Great catching up with everyone, I didn't realise that was Adrian as never got the chance to speak to him. Always great to see fellow modellers again and put names and faces to forum names! The Firefly is looking the part now
  8. Boxes of plastic have proved to be an effective contraception in our house
  9. Thanks mate, not sure what's next although I've dug an Azur FW58B out of the cupboard of doom to finish off but tempted to start the new Airfix Annie, it looks gorgeous. Thanks George, I agree about the yellow, it is very transparent. The way I got round this problem was to lay a base of white down first then mix a bit of white into the yellow. This was in part to dull it down, but in part to improve the opacity. Looking forwards to seeing yours and Toms 1/48 ones finished at Telford so you should be busy this week See you there mate Thanks Dave, I'd love to see a colour photograph emerge!
  10. It's come out a treat, lovely paint job Dunny
  11. Just caught up with this, I'd never heard of this company before but it looks like a rather nice kit although I guess a bit of filler is expected for such types of kit. Looking forwards to seeing some paint on.
  12. sorry to hear, I can imagine the colourful language! Hope you manage to get it sorted.
  13. Does this thing have 2 engines up front? If so, what a beast! Nice start, looks like a lovely kit.
  14. Thanks Arthur, definitely, it's been fun. I don't even browse this far down normally either other than 'rumourmonger' which is a sin seeing some of the great builds. Pleasure mate, looking forwards to seeing some of the others coming along, some great cars in the GB too. The old kit's still got potential in my opinion when the Falcon canopy set is used. I pulled a Falcon set off a build I did in my early 20's and re-used it several years ago! Here's an artistic shot of it using the filters in Photoshop, I need to get some normal ones uploaded to FlickR as I moved from PB when the originals were taken!
  15. Thanks for the kind comments guys, I'd love to see a new kit with more accurate shapes, let's keep our fingers crossed
  16. As a slight diversion away from Bomber Command, I'm wanting to build a few civvy and prototype variants of the aircraft that served the force during WWII and the group build was a perfect opportunity. The Revell kit goes together well but suffers some shape and detail issues that get in the way of the overall look if you know the aircraft well. I've attempted to correct most of them, particularly the engine nacelles and fortunately @Stew Dapple saved me with some metal Aeroclub props. Aldo a big thanks to @WhitleyZ6743 Dan for donating a set of early tail planes that don't come with the B.III kit. I'm not completely happy with my efforts on the exhaust collector rings, but they look better than the standard kit offering. Painted in MRP lacquers apart from the green which is Tamiya XF-81 and Resin Lanc wheels and gun barrels. I noticed an oversight after taking the pics, it looks as if the rear of the mid upper was painted rather than clear so I might sort that out. The aircraft went through several configurations in its time so it's a case of choosing one based on a photograph, but it's hard to get it wrong! The build is here: The aircraft as modelled with original tailplanes but BP Type A mid upper and Tollerton nose Later tails fitted. Shorter Carb intake ducts fitted here too for some reason And the plastic pics: Thanks for looking Neil
  17. Quite a well photographed Halifax, R9534 changed shape several times throughout it's career with different tail planes, mid upper turrets, nose, engine installations etc so here it is in one of it's guises using the Revell B.III kit with some corrections The build: Thanks for looking Neil
  18. It's finally finished. I didn't manage to do a great deal of modelling this week but got the rigging complete this morning accompanied by a few swear words! Despite the shape errors by Revell, I enjoyed the build and taking part in the GB, should do more really as they are great communities within a community! Cheers Neil
  19. I think Tom decided to have kids as it would be easier! The things people do to procrastinate
  20. That's looking great. What paints did you use?
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