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  1. I use Flickr and think it's great. costs each year, but as long as it's reasonable, don't mind as I don't expect something for nothing.
  2. This is about as good as modelling design gets. I'd love one, but no room and a fear of too many parts means I'll be stocking up on popcorn and watching other builds with delight.
  3. Beautiful work. It's not easy to make an all black model look interesting, but you've nailed it!
  4. I'm always amazed by the detail you cram into these little blighters, another superb build Bill
  5. Wow! you can really feel the activity in those photo's despite a lack of ground crew. Beautiful modelling and that first photo is amazing
  6. WOW, Tom, think this is close with the Halifax as my favourites of your big birds. What a beauty. Telford will be worth going this year just to see it, hope you get to take it there?
  7. I would of thought the only risk with the Manchester would be any difference in the chord on the wing join. Apart from chord length, any profile difference could be manipulated with internal spars possibly? The Manchester is a fairly straight forwards build. Only the first 22 aircraft had the narrower tail planes so in most cases, it's only a case of fitting the smaller tails to the existing tailplanes.
  8. Seams are the nemesis of us builders, especially when they lie in wait for you to get the paint down! Lovely progress, I've got one to do, but I'll let you finish first!
  9. Thanks Kev, Now, a Hastings would be great, fingers crossed! Thanks John, I used MRP Super silver dulled down a bit with some matt varnish. It's over their black primer too. I'm still getting to grips with silver although I think I'll be a life long learner on that front! Tar Chris, it's a nice kit. Quite fancy doing a Viking having done this one.
  10. That's superb. I've got one in the stash that I reviewed several years ago, just just the inspiration to have a go at it!
  11. Thanks, I got sorted in the end on the cooler. Look forwards to seeing your trailer dio with the fuslelage, sounds interesting Thanks Mike, certainly recommend it
  12. Can't believe I'm posting the second build of 2022, still in the first month as my first! Not a bad start for me! It only took 2 weeks to do. Valom have been releasing some great choices of aircraft, and this is no exception. Typical short run kit comprising great surface detail, a bit of etch and on the whole going together very well although with some tricky bits. There's no location pins so I added tabs to the fuselage halves to aid assembly and location of some of the smaller parts is somewhat vague, but enjoyed doing it. The only real challenges were the undercarriage so I pinned them, and losing an oil cooler. To get round this, I made another...then lost that one too so I made another! I took a break whilst the third was drying and hoovered around the modelling bench and found the original even though I'd looked there several times! Adding the white pinstripe was quite difficult, I used some very thin masking tape to mask whilst doing the blue, but quite happy with how it turned out. There should be two upper windows on the rear starboard side of the fuselage, but only one was supplied in the kit and I didn't notice until the painting stage. Painted in MRP Super Silver, white and the blue was a mixture of MRP marking blue and black primer although this seemed to fade and become much lighter over the years. Thanks for looking Neil
  13. Great little diorama, how I always remembered the Harrier from videos growing up as a kid, parked in amongst trees.
  14. Thanks, great to see it getting resurrected! Ha ha, I can relate to that! This scared the hell out of me, but my testosterone has grown as a result
  15. Beautiful 757, the scheme and the additional stencil decals have really added to what looks to be an excellent kit, lovely finish
  16. you make these look easy John, but having done several, I know that isn't the case. Superb finish though I expected nothing less going off your other stuff! Eastern Express are doing some great kits, but the prices are ridiculous for what are tiny kits which is a shame.
  17. Superb diorama, really brings it to life as does the weathering which is restrained and realistic. Putting the excellent diorama aside, I love the mud marks on the wings from footwear working on the gun bays
  18. I'm just finishing off a Valetta, lovely kit, yes, similar to Special Hobby. The main parts fit well though some of the smaller parts fitment is a bit vague. There's no location pins, so I tend to add plastic tabs to aid the fuselage halves going together. Although slightly more challenging than perhaps an Airfix kit, the parts count is generally lower which suits me. @Aeronut, agree on the canopy, in hindsight, a 1mm shim in the upper fuselage behind the canopy would of improved the fitment on mine. Loving the releases from them and be getting more of their kits.
  19. Overall, the new Airfix kit is the best, although I prefer the more subtle panel lines in the Hasegawa kit. This is the airfix kit done in 2020 making the most of being furloughed! https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235070720-airfix-lancaster-r5570-207-sqn/
  20. An absolute stunner Fuad, great choice of scheme too. The photo's give it great atmosphere
  21. Superb Otter, love the subtle weathering
  22. Yes, researching Marauder colours was a bit of a minefield, I'd read that they or at least some never had primer. I'd come across a 1/48 build of the aircraft that had shadows of the stripes on the upper surfaces and was tempted to do them, but chose not to in the end, although don't know if I got it correct. They moved the olive drab demarcation line up on the rear of the aircraft mid service, so there may of been more involved then just washing the stripes off. They make for great modelling subjects for weathering practice!
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