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  1. I just used the etch set. Once the cowl is on, you won't see much.
  2. The turret interiors on early production aircraft appeared to be silver, only later did they become black, but not sure when.
  3. A quick n easy method is cutting small discs of silver solar trim out (sticky backed plastic film) and painting each with one of the Tamiya clear colours.
  4. Thanks Mark. Glenn is quite active on Facebook too, I appreciate not everyone is on there. Thanks Mike, I did some experimenting with the paint technique on EM-R to create an illusion of surface rippling (can't remember the correct word lol!). Yes, the Blackbird one is definitely worth holding out for. There's a few things to watch out for, however. I had to modify the upper section of the main gear to fit within the nacelles. I took a 'slice' out of the middle between the legs and bent them in. As it's all inside the gear bay and black, it's fine and isn't as drastic as it sounds. I think I took a pic in the WIP build too. Maybe he'll do a 1/48 set to fit to the HK Lanc, that would be heavenly! Cheers Neil
  5. That's stunning, hard to gauge the size due to the amount of detail and workmanship in it, but we know it's tiny
  6. No, I left it as is. No other reason other than not wanting to faff around cutting bits out! Thanks mate, I have done this week, there's a few sitting in boxes that would fit in well with their display
  7. Superb modelling and superb photo's Rod. The paintwork really brings out the cockpit detail.
  8. Stunning Russ, great to see some lesser known markings adorning a Mossie too
  9. Wow, thanks for all the kind comments. The bench has been a bit quiet lately with real life and work killing the mojo a bit. Thanks Neil
  10. Thanks guys Bertie, the HKM one looks damn nice if you do.
  11. Wondering if they could be scratch built using some shrouds from a Lancaster kit with grooves cut into them and the leading / trailing edges rounded off?
  12. It looks like a lovely kit so hope to get one made soonish. Thanks for the kind comments guys, it's now over the line after sitting for 2 months awaiting the aerial lines fitting! The RFI is HERE Cheers
  13. At last, this is finished! When I started, there was no other alternative kit to do 'Admiral Prune'! I took one for the team again I added some extra detail to the interior and rescribed / riveted the exterior as well as the Belcher engines and overall, an enjoyable build. Time to get something else on the bench, probably Eduard's new spit Vb/Vc double build. I'm semi-happy with it, the demarcation line is too low, most noticeable at the front but I aligned it with the bottom of the fuselage windows which must be too low on the kit. Thanks to @SafetyDad for sending me a set of decals although I damaged some of them in getting the positioning sorted and had to resort to making my own nose art decal. The WIP can be found HERE Thanks for looking, cheers Neil
  14. I came across this on Facebook but didn't realise it was yours mate, it's a stunner. Brilliant detailing again and who can't fall in love with a blue spit? !! Cheers Neil
  15. Blackbird Models is still around, not sure on how often Glenn stocks up on sets though. It's the best option on the market. That said, the Planet wings are rather nice, I used a revel fuselage to avoid tackling the Planet one using some aluminium dowels for the spars. The HBM kit is rather rough and takes a lot of work to get right. Also one wing on my set was quite a bit thicker than the other, so serious resin sanding is required. This is the HBM Manchester (not great pics and my modelling has progressed since then!): Next ,the Planet kit with Revel fuselage. On this one, I filled the inside of the bomb bay doors and sanded them flat along the bottom profile to look like the earlier type ones. And the Blackbird set, the only thing I did was crash mould a new rear turret as the resin one is a bit thin on profile:
  16. Wow, that is a fantastic display, even more so, the collection of displays that you've built up, I'd love to see them in the flash one day. The detail and damage is impressive
  17. Such a tragic story but a lovely tribute and really interesting read. As ever, another gorgeous build from the shop of OToole elves
  18. That's lovely mate. The Beaufighter looks big next to a Blenheim and this looks big next to a Beaufighter! Really like the black / grey scheme.
  19. Lovely build and something new to me. There's a lot of wheels for such a small aircraft.
  20. I gave my Facebook account a huge clean a while ago so it's mostly cars & planes that occupy my feed now, much happier that way. The world is bonkers and I prefer not to engage in the sillyness!
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