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  1. Yes, researching Marauder colours was a bit of a minefield, I'd read that they or at least some never had primer. I'd come across a 1/48 build of the aircraft that had shadows of the stripes on the upper surfaces and was tempted to do them, but chose not to in the end, although don't know if I got it correct. They moved the olive drab demarcation line up on the rear of the aircraft mid service, so there may of been more involved then just washing the stripes off. They make for great modelling subjects for weathering practice!
  2. That's the way I expect my cabinet full of builds will end up once she's found a way to knock me off without leaving any evidence
  3. Thanks Neil, I did the Lincoln too, both great conversions that are sadly missed.
  4. That's a beautiful finish, love the weathering...and the photographs too
  5. Glenn at Blackbird models might be persuaded at some point, I'll have to work on him! Fortunately, @spitfire sold me his set a few years ago for much less (still appreciate your help with this Dennis ), it resides on top of my display cabinet currently
  6. Lovely finish, I'm looking forwards to the end result with them over the base
  7. Thanks for all the kind comments guys, quite fancy doing another one in all silver next time. Mick, I didn't use all the PE lol! That stuff sends my Tourette's into overdrive
  8. Lovely builds and great that you built them as a family, makes the end result all the more special
  9. Cheers mate, thought I'd better get my finger out, but I keep getting distracted seeing all of yours coming off the production line Believe it or not, the d day stripes are just a wash of oil, I just wanted a faint presence of them. All a bit of experimentation.
  10. Thanks, that was the approach I used. I used one large bolt (m8) and it only just sits on its nose, so more is definitely better, yours has more finesse than my 'stick one big bolt in the middle with bluetac & superglue' approach! According to the instructions, it was over in France by the time the OD demarcation line was moved further up. The kit provides two options for this aircraft, one in the UK with invasion stripes and the one I finished it in later on. I could only find one poor photo of the aircraft so applied some 'artistic licence'! It took me a while to settle on which scheme to do, one of the first world problems when there's so many option in the box
  11. Wow, that's a beast, stunning
  12. That looks great mate, tempted to get one of these. Lovely finish
  13. It's been a long time since I finished something so it's nice to be doing this, although had to re-remember how to set the camera up and tidy the pics up! I've always liked the Marauder since being a nipper, inspired by the fantastic Matchbox kit artwork by Roy Huxley. That was the last B-26 I built, so snapped up the Eduard 'Wine, Women & Song' kit when it became available. It started as a Christmas build with the goal of experimenting with the hair spray method of getting a badly worn look that the Marauders were famous for. Had the usual fight getting things how I wanted it, 2 steps forwards, 1 step back but wrestled it to something how I wanted it in the end. The base layer was MRP Super Silver with Tamiya olive drab over the top, chipped away using a toothbrush. The weathering is predominantly oils with some soft pastel over the top. Quite a fun build, especially the weathering. Thanks for looking, hopefully 2022 can be more productive than 2021! Neil
  14. you've hidden any issues well, it's come out a treat. Weathering and paintwork is spot on
  15. Looking forwards to seeing another 20 of these roll off the line next week mate Gorgeous as usual, it looks like a great kit.
  16. I didn't realise this started so long ago colin. Hope you get some progress on it soon, look forwards to seeing you perform your magic on it
  17. That's beautiful Bill, the additional blood, sweat and detail is worth it, it's hard to believe this is the old Matchbox kit! I've got a kit here and might join in the Matchbox GB with it, but won't be going into as much detail as yours and it will be the silver bird without turrets. Happy new year
  18. Nice progress Elger, happy new year too I'm building a Marauder at the moment and been using your build as a good reference.
  19. I just used the etch set. Once the cowl is on, you won't see much.
  20. The turret interiors on early production aircraft appeared to be silver, only later did they become black, but not sure when.
  21. A quick n easy method is cutting small discs of silver solar trim out (sticky backed plastic film) and painting each with one of the Tamiya clear colours.
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