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  1. Hi Mark, OPR was done on just the tyre walls. I was going to weather the hemtt more but I decided on a minimal weathering (just using pigments) as I didn't want to screw it up, I also used pigments for the load bed. Flory washes may be better suited to aircraft as it's more for panel lines than anything else, if we're talking about the same thing. As the Flory wash is clay based you should be able to wash it off. For Mike Rinaldi, try his youtube channel, the vids show exactly how to do it https://www.youtube.com/c/RinaldiStudioPress/videos Hi Bertie, OPR is Oil Paint Rendering, using oil paints as a weathering medium. It's different to oil paint washes, have a look at Mike Rinaldi's videos, it's a facinating technique
  2. Sometimes you just have to "build out of the box" to get the mojo back Academy 1/72 HEMTT. Fantastic value kit, or it was when I bought it 18 months ago for £12. Full of details (although some of them are not that accurate) but it's a tad tricky to assemble. The tyre tread is total fiction though, they couldn't mould the real tread pattern because of IM limitations. The only extra I added is the load, I made it removeable so I can change it in the future. The dust around the tyre sidewalls was done with Mike Rinaldi's OPR technique. This was my first go at OPR and it turned out not bad, though it did take a lot of time.
  3. A situation that all cat owners will have faced at some point ...
  4. You can get recirculating air carbon filters. It was discussed on BM many years ago. Sounds like it could be a possible solution, if it still exists
  5. I have a couple of MWDs and I've been waiting for someone to trail blaze and build an MWC or D. These kits seem complex, so I'm watching with great interest
  6. I came across this yesterday, seems interesting The stuff's available in the uk, or versions of it EDIT. Yeah Stef, an unfortunate name, especially in the UK
  7. I have the same model 'in stock' for the same project, which I'll build ... someday.... I think I'll
  8. Thanks guys. Much as I thought, if it's just simple media file access then a surplus PC is as good as a fresh purchased NAS. I've seen so many articles in PC mags recently plugging NASs that i thought I'd missed something. Obviously the mags are plugging them so they can generate ad revenue to sell NASs but even so, I thought I'd missed a trick.
  9. I've been building PCs for over 25 years, so I know a bit about them but my networking knowledge is limited. I have a home network (gigabit wired cat5e) with 5 PCs on it, all PCs have full read/write permissions. That'll shock some people but for what I do with PCs, it's necessary. I have a media PC that doubles up as a server and i've been wondering for some time about a NAS. Apart from size and lower power usage, I've never really understood the benefit of a NAS over a PC. I don't need ext access (via web) to the server, I don't do torrents or large file downloads and I don't use RAID. My backups are done via USB3 ext drives. No-one else uses the network other than me. I run windows, sometimes I'll use linux but for only very specific reasons. So, am I missing something about the benefits of a NAS over a PC? For instance, PCs can hold 6 int drives whereas a 6 bay NAS can get expensive. TIA Neil
  10. Quote on a cat calendar: Cats are the lap dancers of the animal world. Soon as you stop shelling out, they move on, find another lap (Andrew Vachss)
  11. FWIW I used twin PC fans for a number of years, they did the job ... eventually ... but I upgraded a couple of year back to this: https://www.extractorfanworld.co.uk/manrose-mf100t-4-inch-inline-duct-fan-with-timer-247-p.asp Seemed to be the best bang for the buck (no pun intended). And it's pretty quiet as well. You need to know basic electrics though (like how to wire a plug) as no mains lead is supplied. I've used cellulose, enamel and acrylic thinners through it and it hasn't blown up on me yet (the PC fans didn't go bang either). Mind you, I've been a very occasional modeller for the last 3 years and nowt for the last year so I haven't tested it to the full. My setup is contiboard spray booth 34"x22"x18" (W/D/H). Then inside the booth: small box which holds a filter (standard cooker hood filter) attached to a short piece of hose which allows me to move the filter box to the best location in the booth. then connected to: extractor fan to: another hose to: vent through open window One thing I will mention is the vent pipe (tumble dryer hose) needs to be as straight as possible, as any bends/corners hinders the flow rate EDIT, thought it'd be best to show you the booth filter box in situ, easier to see than explain
  12. Spot on Gorby! Many thanks. I remember the backing card it came on now that I've seen it thanx Neil
  13. Ok fellow BMers To cut a long story short, I acquired this sander many years ago via a free model sanding pack. I'm in the middle of DIY and I'm finding it brilliant for wood and I'd like to get some more of it, but I don't know what it's called. It's got a metal sheet backing, it's fairly rigid and it has a kind of sanding disc abrasive surface. I've searched the web but (as I don't know what it's called) I'm finding it hard to track down. Any ideas? TIA Neil
  14. That's a shame, I was hoping I was wrong. What we need now is a set of replacement wheels but that would add a chunk of extra dosh on top of the kit price. Ah well, it's back to eyeing my BW white metal kit. Every now and then I get it out, fondle it, come out in a cold sweat and then put it back in the drawer ...
  15. I must admit I find the move of Airfix dabbling in 35th again a bit odd. Unless .... There's some sort of marketing deal in the pipeline with World of Tanks or similar. Not sure how successful Italeri's tie-in with WoT has been, maybe Airfix has been tempted to join in as it connects with a younger market I don't play WoT but the kit list probably covers tanks in WoT, although the tractor is a bit of an aberation. I doubt that would figure in WoT, but you never know nowadays
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