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  1. I`ve got the MK 5 which will be Camouflaged in 603 Sqd markings , would prefer 612 , but that`s up to Kits World . That should tone down the rivet detail a little . The moulding of the parts is a bit like the old Matchbox Venom , very similar . it will make up into a decent model though . Bring on the Beaufighter .!
  2. Fine for the gimmick , but when do we get the kit ? ..
  3. I built the Bronco one , even to painting it , but after being beaten by the tracks it was eventually scrapped . You can put me down for this one though . Those Tamiya figures are the best ! . Don .
  4. Yes Noel , the first few rounds from the No 4 were quite a shock ! .
  5. My first flight was from Finningley , 1948 in a WellingtonT10 . I thought it became Robin Hood Airport , is it the same place ? .
  6. Bugatti or ERA , Plus the sleek Vanwall for me , please .
  7. The clear parts on my two HK Lancs are flawless , the WNWs/ Border one being a more hi-tech kit should surely have been , at least , equal . Does it mean the Border bods rushed the job , or weren`t up to WNWs standards ? . I cancelled my back order when these reports started to appear . For that price I was expecting WNWs well known quality .
  8. One point on the Bren Troy , I have a Mark I and the gas housing and forward barrel forward of the bi-pod is dull bare metal . I fired two or three when I was in the RAF and they were the same , As for Lee Enfields I`ve a Mark III dated 1929 and that appears blued also a Longbranch one dated 1942 and that appears to be painted . The Bren also is painted but the mag. is blued , as they all seemed to be , I`ve also a Sten and again that is painted with a blued mag . The only aircraft guns I saw were the 20m/m Hispano`s , I think they were parkerized but did have a smooth finish , no doubt from being wiped over with an oily rag ! .I also have US Garand and that is blued . I hope this helps . Don .
  9. A lovely build Olly , `looks like some poor `erk has been busy with a tub of wax polish ! . Don .
  10. All this talk on Martinets brings back memories of a month I spent at RAF Stradishall in the summer of `53 . Strad . was a Meteor 8 OTU and the target tugs were Mosquitos and Martinets , both " timber kites " . Thanks for the memory , as Bob Hope would sing ! . Don .
  11. Sorry Dennis , I only took one pic,, it`s on a stand because I don`t think the type has a " pretty " undercart , and I`m short on flat surfaces to display it on . The HK / Tamiya Mosquito B XVI conversion currently being built will be the same . Don .
  12. Lovely John , just lovely ! . ( How do the drivers keep the tyres so clean ? ) . Don .
  13. Don149


    Late seventies ? , welcome from an eighty- seven year old , still modelling , still asking questions . Don .
  14. Received the kit today , had a close look at the wing and apart from the inboard leading edge problem , the outboard leading edge looks too bulbous . so I`ve ordered the Tamiya one from Hannants as a donor airframe , `can use the pilot and nav . figures in the cockpit too . Sod the expense , I`ll get the mark I want . Don .
  15. Thanks guys , and Elger your build of fitting the HK forward fuselage to the Tamiya airframe , although expensive , looks good ! . You`ve set me thinking ! . The only mosquitos I saw back in the early `50 s when I was in the RAF were TT 35s , I think the clear nose was just a little bit deeper , a little bit further back than is depicted in the kit , making it longer . but that`s something to look at when I receive the kit in a day or two . Don .
  16. Many thanks Jerry , that hits the nail right on the head ! .The only problem appears to be the curvature of the wing leading edge above the rad intakes , hopefully this can be " fettled " in the build . Thanks again Colin . Don .
  17. Thanks Colin , it is the difference in the kit parts I`m interested in as the pic of the BIX / XVI is not very clear , presumably shown from the box top . Don .
  18. What`s the difference between the two HK Mosquito kits apart the markings ? , can anyone tell me please . Don .
  19. Don149

    Hi y'all

    Welcome Paul , your figure painting is just incredible . Thanks for showing ! . Don .
  20. You could be right , but I don`t recall seeing a Military Landrover until I got back to Blighty . By then they were in widespread use . The first Champ I saw , complete with schnorkall ( ? ) , was from the RNAS Hal Far , but that was in Navy blue . Our CO. was issued with a brand new Vanguard pick-up it too was in desert scheme but somewhat darker than our sun bleached QL and MW . `Didn`t have it long though , wrote it off in a smash ! . Don .
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