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  1. Just looked up the DH5 and expect that a type history explains why. It’s sadly an interesting subject but not a commercial subject I expect. Not sure I’ve seen a mainstream manufacturer doing one in any scale?
  2. I take your point but can’t agree most harmoniously in two respects The first is that there isn’t a kit of a BoB spitfire in 1/32 that’s worth anything. So it follows it’s quite certainly not duplication and just another Spitfire. Not sure I’d say that if they’d done a mark IX. Imagine if there several Fokker Tripes not worth a damn and WNW had produced the definitive kit. No one would be saying “Oh not another Triplane” Secondly Kotare need to make an entrance statement to the market. If doing a WW1 subject it needs to be something that grabs Joe Public and not just WW1 modellers only. In other words it has to be addressed to the biggest target audience. There is a commercial reason why WNW didn’t survive despite making the most beautiful kits I expect to see in my lifetime. To risk an analogy art films can be beautiful art but don’t make money at the box office or win Oscars And for what it’s worth I’d love a Bristol Scout in 1/32 but I get why we haven’t seen three or four companies Scouts on the local model shop shelves. Or even 1 in my fifty years of modelling for that matter. Having said that I do sympathise with your point of view and in an ideal world where money doesn’t talk then ……
  3. and a second sheet with “Rasp” Berry’s aircraft too tbh I was thinking more along the lines of Pat Gifford http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/south_of_scotland/8306768.stm And XT-A “stickleback” L1070 first Spitfire to be credited with an air to air kill, a Ju 88, or so I understand.
  4. Trevor, you have wondering now- exactly what are Tamiya concentrating on in 1/32? Not exactly having a prolific output there. Still when they do it’s a goodie but there feels like huge spaces in between Can one argue the 1/32 big boy is (shudder) Trumpeter? Yes yes at the back we know about their minor accuracy failings cough, ahem Anyway on topic - good luck guys and 603 decals would be good in the box. Top squadron and not sure if there are still loads of those decals available still? Get em while you can
  5. You can do all the aircraft from the Battle of Britain period now - well almost now they are doing the Mk1 Spitfire that nobody else does - except No Defiant No Dornier 17 No Blenheim stopping up that gap would be nice While I doubt it’s for Kotare I have also thought it can only be a matter of time before a manufacturer does a Martin Marauder in 1/32. It’s the remaining major USAF type not kitted (kitsetted ???) in that scale. Maryland and Baltimore excepted also both Martin products. Conspiracy theorists to the front please Last no one does a 1/48 Stirling or Halifax. No one dare mention the FM product as this is a family friendly site and we don’t want to scare the children In a way I hope Kotare don’t just do pre WW2 types. I’d like to see a sustainable WNW Part 2 as their models are quite magnificent but I have a nagging doubt as to whether there is a mass market out there beyond us enthusiasts large enough to keep a manufacturer commercially viable. Having said that the world was certainly a better place for having WNW in it and I really wish every success to the guys at Kotare whatever kits and era they produce from Now Kotare about that 1/32 Fairey Battle with VC winner decals………..
  6. I do “get” the it’s not another Spitfire/ 109/ Mustang groan response but in this particular case I would argue that doesn’t apply and the guys at Kotare have been very clever. I suspect they have worked out that for their first model to the market they needed a product that was popular and would command decent sales so they wouldn’t fall at the first commercial hurdle. So what do they see? Look at the obvious candidates and there are 109 E and G s all over and more Mustang D’s than you build in a lifetime. Moreover there are very good examples already on the shelves. Ok so the Spitfire then. Tamiya have centre stage with their kits in 1/32 but wait a minute where is the Battle of Britain iconic 1/32 kit that’s bound to be in every manufacturer catalogue? Nowhere. Yes you have the ancient Revell offering and their later and much criticised Mk11 but apart from that? Nowt, nothing. So a hole in the market with a subject with universal appeal. From a new manufacturer perspective what could be better to generate interest and sales. Hell, I will want two and if they do an early version for the Battle of the Forth then another one after that. But my purchases won’t make them a fortune but there is a bigger market out there than specialist hobby modellers and a bigger scale BoB Spitfire should appeal to that wider audience. So I suspect some marketing lessons have been taken on board. Would I like a 1/32 Fairey Battle? Oh yes but I’d make a 1/32 BoB Spit to sell to market any day if I was a businessman
  7. From what I’ve read that’s a masterful understatement If these ex WNW guys apply WNW quality this will fill a gap on the shelves as any early Spit in 1/32 isn’t really up to it which is bonkers for such an important aircraft
  8. I can help you with that. Stop building Fonderie Miniatures kits and it will all go away
  9. Wise words from Giogio and John here. On reading their posts I find myself in agreement and am reminded of the quote often attributed to Joseph Stalin for obvious reasons but no source material has been found to validate the attribution as far as I am aware. However it sounds like the sort of thing he may well have said - "Quantity has a quality all its own" and quantity is something we wont have when the next crisis occurs. I'll leave that thought as it gets one to the top of the road that leads to politics and the topic is really about whether the article is right in making the comparisons. I don't think it is for the reasons posters have set out above but if read as meaning that attrition rates will bring any conflict to a quick end then I suspect that's right. Sadly that wont necessarily translate to fewer deaths and the temptation to go nuclear or chemical will be irresistible as the weapon of last resort.
  10. I’ve not seen or heard of yellow stripes in Sea Harriers then As Selwyn says they have been on Argentinian aircraft
  11. Interesting first article there but on reading I did think "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" Attrition problems remain for all combatants today, the main difference from about the early 1960's, being how quickly replacements can be made available to continue the conflict. the days of manufacture and training being a period counted in months are gone and one could see that in a prolonged conflict the participants revert to simpler systems requiring less training and quicker manufacturing than those in use at the beginning. The worry is the conventional phase in any major conflict now will be over quickly as conventional weapon systems are used up and without replacements it would be a great temptation to use any available weapons of mass destruction in a limited way at first but that is a slip at the top of a very slippery and steep incline. The other worry is that if one actor with hostile intent can see the weaker opponent cant fight on for long and that they would win an attrition war in two-three weeks they could be tempted to start a conflict calculating that they would win as the defender runs out of ability to continue due to attrition. I guess the Romans had it right - si vis pacem, para bellum.
  12. Dave no signs on A68 other than no parking in Lauder the greater irony is that I am now on an errand into Edinburgh and the blighters are there now. I’ve been told I can’t go through Holyrood Park as that road is closed for them. The obvious alternate routes are open until half way down and then closed off at the end so everyone and his dog are having to turn round just adding massively to congestion. Another extra 45 mins on a journey all for the want of advance warning and signage. Again had I known I’d have chosen to come in from the south coast A1 and not added my presence to the disaster. Though Edinburgh born and bred I must say it’s looking disgracefully dirty and shabby Glad I live in the sunny Borders now and rarely need to come into the city
  13. Stuck in traffic on the A68 at Lauder everyone stopped to allow the “famous” Tour de Britain cyclists through. counted around 14 police motorcycles escorting No warning signs No diversions On the only major Scotland England route in the part of the Borders Had anyone mentioned it I could have used another road for my journey but going back would involve adding 30 mins and 20 miles so sit tight? Still nice to see everyone for miles inconvenienced for this essential event I must organise my next local footie match or whatever and get the road closed so we can play it edit another batch of police escorts and road support vehicles now. What’s this costing the taxpayers. Hope it’s like football when clubs have to make some pay out
  14. If you have a manual gear box just wait for a suitable sized gap and deliberately stall the engine
  15. And you can still see the keyboard to type !!!! Laurie is right - the CI are a great place to family holiday and can thoroughly recommend it. Its also a financial centre and I just love all those chaps with Ferrari's, Astons and so on all doing the maximum 40MPH allowed on all the Islands roads. Wonder if they ever get to use third gear?
  16. Happy days, sadly and greatly missed. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the next batch
  17. Not legend. I’ve watched them go there. You can’t beat the law of supply and demand.
  18. That’s what I had heard too. I’m thinking that possibly the HK model is more of a possibly maybe rather than a certainty. If that’s the top and bottom of it I am wondering if there isn’t a market for an admittedly expensive but limited run quality conversion. I don’t mean to detract or depart from the core of this topic but given the expertise seen here by Anthony and indeed others coupled with the perceived demand from larger scale hobby modellers you would have thought it marketable to enough of us desperate for a UK phantom Meantime I drop in here and drool at Anthony’s work and wish I’d half his skill set.
  19. I’m not a nautical modeller but on seeing the title of this proposed GB my mind went straight to some recalled snippets that might be suitable. Didn’t Royal Navy ships and those of other nations (French maybe?) engage in neutrality patrols to prevent arms running during the Spanish Civil War. And I just found this article https://heritagemachines.com/shipping/the-royal-navy-and-the-spanish-civil-war/ I think that some destroyers had special markings painted on them to identify whose they were and the tasks engaged in. Might encourage some shipmate modellers on here to participate?
  20. There are some possible explanations. The recipient has died, gone to prison, won the lottery or come into money and moved on or just been caught by his wife and received the ultimatum “kits or me”Other scenarios are available
  21. No, not as I understand it. What they are saying is email them and say what you want. Sort of pre-order. Then they are going to do a production run of the numbers wanted and then do no more. Just drop them an email with your requirements
  22. It came out in an email presumably to folks who had bought from them before. It’s limited run so I’d send them an email more info on this thread here
  23. Good point there in the review Mike. If you could only buy one book to help a build of the ZM 1/32 kit would I be right in thinking the Airframe Constructor book from Valiant Publishing might be the better choice? Wonder if the publisher might do a purchase both at discount for two offer
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