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  1. Very rare and not that well received though I don’t know the merits either way. If one come up it easily sells north of several hundred pounds
  2. Mike if going down the F-4J ex USN from storage used by 74 Sqn as a stop gap till Tornado F3 arrives then Yellowhammer Decals did all the aircraft markings and series for such a beastie. Tricky to find them these days I think Sadly no Spey engined UK birds other than cutting and slashing a US bird. Not an easy conversion at all but some brilliant ones done on here
  3. Oh I've wondered if anyone ever did a model of one of these. My father dropped into Salerno and again into France on one but his unit history that has photographs of them have confusing captions and perhaps you experts can resolve please? One photo shows an LCI(L) at Salerno number 299 and it appears again in a photo of Juno beach on D Day after being repaired, apparently. Another photo of the same day shows what is described as an LCI(S) on D Day unloading the RM 41 commandos with one poor chap falling into the water right on cue. So two questions really - is the LCS(L) really a typo and should be described as an LCI(I) and what is the difference between the two types - an LCI(I) or (L) and LCI(S)? The photos are not really good enough to see. The D Day ones have a partial bow shot in one and a head on shot in the other while the Salerno photo is another bow on shot. I do fancy getting one of these and to build it for Dad even if he is long gone now. TIA as always John
  4. Interesting. If true then someone who is supposed to be in charge hasn't nipped it in the bud when it should have been. One never quite knows with journalism however. I did see the seven ship team perform at RIAT this year. The display seemed somewhat lacking tbh and I had attributed that to the limitations imposed by the seven ship formation. The sub par display IMHO (and I've had the privilege of watching them for some 50 years now) wasn't exactly helped by being followed later in the day by a truly stunning display from the South Korean Black Eagles. Unless socks are pulled up, if and where they need to be, I can see the bean counters rubbing hands and saying well "not value for money anymore so lets save a few ££££'s" and that is certainly not welcome. One saving grace is the Daily Mail have it that down way so its probably wrong then
  5. Don't know the answer but I can say there is a 1/24 Hellcat for sale on Amazon if that's of interest to you
  6. 1/32 Fly Wessex plus of course all the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight aircraft at a push !
  7. What might have been In 2014 Heritage were thinking of a Folland Gnat and a few years back Paul Fisher was being tempted by thoughts of a 1/32 Gloster Javelin. I’d have been up for that Cant think of anything else current off the shelf
  8. In 1/32 the Revell Hawker Hunters come mind. Also the Hawks. There are allegedly 1/32 Lightnings if you can thole their shapes. Plus the old but accurate Echelon vac model if you are feeling rich Infinitis new Vampires and the HK Meteor. Revell/Matchbox Sea Venom and Venom nightfighter Tigger Models do a Chipmunk vac and a Jet Provost PS. How could I forget the Harrier and the GR1 re-release
  9. Well said @Mr T I think all social media gives us all the ability to be journalists. That is power without responsibility. The right to write without concern as to the impact of content on the reader. Oh and I suspect teaching manners to the next generation is a dying discipline though my 16 year old has had a traditional guide in this respect.
  10. You mean on top of the Ju88 in a Mistel combination?
  11. Just spent ages reading up the Dunning Kruger effect and their research misses out a phenomenon I have encountered in the past. Basically it’s described thus:- The Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people wrongly overestimate their knowledge or ability in a specific area. This tends to occur because a lack of self-awareness prevents them from accurately assessing their own skills. Now I reckon I don’t suffer from that and I know my limitations but after several beers ………………
  12. Rivets wrong, fuselage shape wrong, panel lines not pre shaded, canopy needs some Klear, and a thumb mark in the glue. Probably unbuildable anyway Julien
  13. Nice finish there on an oldie. I remember getting one of these sometime in the 60’s and thinking if you hadn’t seen the decals etc you would still know it was a French design. I recall a very basic kit and you have turned it into a wee gem there
  14. I'd have a go on this one. I have a few options I could do. It does strike me that there would be a time scale issue if the usual period was allocated for a GB maybe? Imagine trying to fit in life around a 1/32 HK B-17 or Lancaster or anything with more than two engines - or even two engines for that matter. For example I've a 1/32 Ju-87 that was started two years ago and still not past the cockpit stage . Maybe I could enter that and get it finished if combined with the next KUTA GB
  15. Indeed. They were supplied by a firm with the delightful name of “Mutts Butts”
  16. I dont think so. The F4-J was never used by the RN FAA The FAA used the FGR1 which, while still a phantom, is a whole different bird altogether. Rear end shape different to accommodate the Spey engines, Much bigger air intakes again for the engines and then some detail differences. You should look at some of the amazing work done on here to convert the Tamiya 1/32 F4-J into a UK FGR1/2 A big conversion methinks PS - you can use an F4-J to do an RAF one as when we were running short of Phantoms we acquired several J versions ex USN and 74 Sqn flew them as a stop gap
  17. At last a resting place for the lost ones which hopefully might bring some solace to families even after a long time
  18. Not quite a modelling error but close enough to qualify for here. I bought a 1/48 Gannet AEW from Joseph @WV908 last week. Nice guy and top seller. A heavy parcel arrived next day and I thought that’s heavy but it’s a resin kit, hey ho. Sent him a PM thanking him and joked maybe someone had sent a brick. I was so busy work wise it took a couple of days to open it. Unwrapped and found 1000 dog pick up plastic bags What a disappointment Gannet arrived ok now
  19. What I can safely add is I read on BBC website a river in Italy had dried up and exposed an unexploded bomb from WW2. Looked allied in the photo and now safely detonated its amazing the old renaissance gardens lost to history that the dry weather is exposing as well
  20. My father in law brought round his fathers WW1 Flying Log Book "Army Book 425" and I scanned it but they were hoping for a little more information than I could provide so while I did my best I thought to throw it open to the BM collective and see if anyone could help with more info. It seems that A/Sgt J Hogg was born in 1900 and found his way to the now RAF at Shawbury for initial tuition and had his first flight with Lieutenant Lillico in an "Avro" (504?) No 4553 under instruction on 10 October 1918. He went on to further flights with his instructor and always in an "Avro" Nos 4553 again; 8977; 4516; 8977 again several times; all October doing "general instruction", "turns", "slideslips" and eventually going solo on 6 November 1918 in D8977 after an earlier "Test for first solo" with a Captain Williams immediately beforehand.. The handwriting is in script format so not always that easy to decipher certain words but the word "crashed" (possibly) appears against flights in D4553 on 7 November and E3054 on 8 November. I am not sure that the word is "crashed" but it looks like it. Poignantly he has two flights in D3340 with Lieutenant Lillico again at 11.00-11.55 and 2.15 -2.30 on 11 November 1918. I wonder if they knew the armistice came into effect at 11 that morning. He continued flying until 20 November when the log book ends. I presume he was no longer required. His total time int he air to the end of the book was 16 hours and 35 minutes all on Avros The Avros has numbers allocated in the log book as D4553 8977 -no letter prefix 4516 D8977 D4576 E3054 D3340 and E3340 - so I assume a clerical error there Other names in the book are Lieut. J Paterson OC "D" Flight Capt. CT (or F?) Horsley OC No2 Flight Group, 9 FDS Sahwbury It would be great if anyone could add anything to the story or even a photo of an Avro at Shawbury at the wars end TIA John
  21. Mrs T and friend looking over my shoulder and asked “Are you looking at photos of aeroplanes again?” I had to prove it was a model. Their response was a genuine jaw drop. So that’s an 11 out of 10 then
  22. Hi


    can I bid for the  IFA Resin 1/48 Gannet AEW.3 £40 please if still available?





  23. Brilliant find. Brilliant story. Brilliant result. Made me smile on a damp Sunday morning. I well remember that 60’s kit with the big red flash on the spine. Well done Selwyn.
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