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  1. Beautiful work. I'm in love with those exhausts!
  2. Terribly sorry to hear about your Dad, Bill. Sending you my condolences and best wishes.
  3. Thanks mate, really kind of you to say so! Honestly, I'm no expert on airbrushing. I just made the paint quite thin and, went over it a few times when I made mistakes!
  4. Thank you, everyone! Thank you I used the new Vallejo Model Air colours on all three camo colours, and they went down great. I've not been convinced by some Model Air colours in the past but I thought these three looked good, and I'm glad you agree Thanks! Builds up nicely, only places I found to watch is the modular nose (I didn't have too much of a problem, just the usual dry fitting and sanding you expect with Airfix) and the cones on the front of the landing gear pods; I could have (and probably should have) spent a bit more time on them.
  5. Thanks Anil, yes it’s a fun little kit which I enjoyed making. And yes, I’ve got to say the Alclad HSS went down really well. First time I’d used Alclad beyond their clears and I was worried after hearing stories, but this colour at least seemed to work great. Love yours as well mate, looks great on the pole! Thanks! The Alclad HSS worked great. I used it over Alclad white primer, and didn’t even bother polishing the plastic. I probably should have done as the airfix stuff is textured, but I can recommend the paint!
  6. Thanks Adam, it’s a great fun scheme, and the specific reason I bought this kit. Cheers Greg. Yes, you’re probably right in hindsight. Photography is far from my strong point! Thanks mate! Yeah, I think with Model Air it dries a bit quick and spits a lot when that happens. Guess I’m just a bit more confident with Tamiya!
  7. Oh cool, thanks for that mate, glad it isn’t too over the top! I got trapped in the spitfire mindset where they seem to spew oil and smoke out of everywhere!
  8. Hi mate, thanks for your kind words, and also your information. I don’t mind at all, I’m always happy to learn. To be honest, the instructions were a little ambiguous about the missiles! I know for next time :)
  9. Airfix Scale: 1/48 Type: Messerschmitt BF 109E-4/N Trop Extras used: None Paints and colours used: Tamiya paints (please see build thread), Flory Dark Dirt, Flory Sand Pigment, Alcald II Aqua Gloss, Tamiya Matt Ok this is the last one for today! Again, another I finished a little while ago but have only just got around to photographing. This was actually for last years Mediterranean theatre group build, which was great fun, and I did actually finish her just in time but failed to get her photographed... The lovely Airfix BF 109E-4/N Trop. In terms of detail it isn't a patch on the Eduard 109s, but still nicely detailed with reasonably restrained panel lines, reasonably well detailed cockpit, lovely decals and a simple, well fitting construction. The Eduard 109s are better, but at a reasonable price, this is a quick and fun, generally hassle free build. I chose to use Tamiya paints throughout even though they probably aren't quite as accurate colour wise as the Vallejos I have, as I am more confident to get the fine control needed for some areas of the camo patterns. A great fun build, and a recommended little kit. Many thanks, Val
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