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  1. Nothing beats a British Phantom! Lovely looking model. Great finish
  2. Fantastic job! You really have made a fantastic job out of a very old and ropey old kit. Great work
  3. This figure is produced by Mitche's Military Models, cast in resin to 200mm. A superbly sculpted figure with the option of a SUIT sight or a Starlight scope, and a barrel with or without a bayonet. I used Humbrol enamels to paint him. The base was scratch built. Thanks for looking Angelo
  4. That is very nice! And it does look good beside Concorde
  5. That is gorgeous! A really top notch finish, great work
  6. That's different! Lovely model, very well done
  7. Very VERY nice! An extremely neat finish to the scheme.
  8. Very nice, and different too! Great modelling
  9. I pre-shaded the model using Tamiya acrylic gloss black. Then built up the extra dark sea grey until I was happy with the coverage. Next I lightened the base colour and started from the panel centre working outwards, progressively lightening the colour to achieve the desired look. I used raw umber oil paint to pick out the panel lines and engraved details, as well as creating streaks on the airframe. For the chipping & scrapes I first applied the primer coat, using small pieces of torn packing sponge, refining the effect with a fine brush, then I did the same for the aluminium.
  10. I believe Sharky Ward flew with 801Sqdn and this is an 899Sqdn machine. Again, thank you all very much for your comments, greatly appreciated
  11. Lovely looking model! I like the camouflage scheme especially. I remember building the Heller 1/72nd one it came in a twin pack with the Natter.
  12. The thing about writing for a magazine is that you are limited to the volume you can write. The editor has to fit the whole magazine together so as a contributor you are limited to the space you have and sometimes, especially if it is a model of a subject you like, or are knowledgeable about you can find yourself ploughing on but ultimately you are restricted to what your content can be. Its a fine balance of what the subject is, how it build, how accurate it is and how much space the editor can give you. Not an easy juggling act sometimes!
  13. That is a superb looking Sea Harrier! Great work
  14. The "rivets" are still there, but not on the new nose, Airfix didn't plaster them over that I tried a couple of coats of Mr Surfacer to try and hide them, but it didn't totally cover them totally so they are still there though not as prominent,. Thank you all very much for all your comments and compliments, they are greatly appreciated
  15. With today being the anniversary of the recapture of the Falkland Islands, I thought I would post up my Sea Harrier. The Airfix 24th scale Harrier has been around since the early seventies. It was re-issued with new parts to allow it to be built as the FRS-1. For it's Size it is a basic kit, with basic detail in the cockpit, and other detail sacrificed for working features. I decided to have a go at updating my model. I got hold of Flightline's extensive etched set plus some resin parts from Heritage aviation. Heritage aviation's stuff was a big disappointment! Poor casting finish, rough surfaces, air bubbles and the mould were obviously past their best. The Intakes and wheels were all I used. The rest of the details were scratch built. I completely scratch built the ejector seat and I used the 2D etched part on the airwaves set for the nose undercarriage plumbing to make a 3D version from plastic card, rod and lead wire. The model was painted with Xtracolor enamels and the decals are the kits, representing a machine from 899 squadron which had been involved in three shoot downs during the conflict. Thanks for looking! Angelo
  16. Saw this at Modelkraft. He had the basic fuselage there. Looking good, still small in 32nd scale !
  17. Lovely looking little model, very nicely finished and great work for a first kit after such a long time!
  18. WOW! Just so impressive! Some excellent work
  19. Fantastic looking B-17! A really great build & finish, nicely weathered. The "virtual cuttaway" is a great idea, and nicely executed
  20. Very impressive! Great distressed look to the finish
  21. Very nice. That is a nicely distressed looking machine. Great modelling!
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