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  1. Just amazing! Wonderful work, the Viggen just suits the scheme, and modifications. Very impressive
  2. This is the Adventures In Plastic, formerly Imai's Thunderbird 2 hanger in 1/350th scale. The walls are injection plastic and the floor is card. I replaced the moulded on walkway rails with etched ship ones. With TB2 I made the legs out of brass tubes, engraved the panel lines, and cut opened the lower windows. You only get 3 pods in the kit, but I had a spare one left over from an old kit. Thanks for looking Angelo
  3. Cheers guys, glad you like her! Miko, the tune was going through my head the whole time while I built the model!
  4. Imai's 1/350th Thunderbird 2 Absolutely love the shape of TB2! Would love a bigger model of her, but space & wallet get in the way Touching down on runway 2-9! Collection growing, slowly. Thanks for looking Angelo.
  5. Lovely looking Jaguar! Great work, very impressive
  6. Superb! Really impressive looking Tadpole!
  7. Looking for some help/advice please I would like to convert the Airfix Fokker Friendship / Fairchild F-27 to the longer F-227. I know that they stretched the fuselage by 1.83m, but having trouble finding out precisely where they inserted the extra bit. Anyone have any information regarding this please? Many thanks, Angelo
  8. Revell's JU88 converted to a night fighter using the set from AIMS. Radar aerials are left overs from a He 219. Painted with Xtracolor enamels. A fairly straightforward conversion, new nose, and modified cockpit are the main bits. AIMS set comprises of resin, etch & decals. They include instructions on how to make the aerials, but I scavenged them from the Heinkel kit. Thanks for looking Angelo.
  9. The oleos do seem "uncompressed". I assume they looked at a museum based original and as they are in an unfuelled state they don't compress the undercarriage. It's a common error made by model companies, as most museum based aeroplanes do not have the weight to compress the oleos.
  10. Many thanks again for all your comments A bit of both to be honest. I pre-shaded the panel lines and used the stencils to apply a splatter of black before I started with the O/D. I then used the stencils to add various shades of O/D on top. It was my first time using the stencils so there was a lot of experimenting with them.
  11. Thank you all very much for all your comments & compliments, they are greatly appreciated. I actually used the Uschi van der Rosten splatter stencils to create the weathing effects. I used their Olive Drab, 361 as a base then faded it with light grey to get a worn and weathered look to it. Thanks again, Angelo.
  12. This is HK Models' B-17F It's not a bad kit, the fit in places isn't what I would expect of such a new kit. Details wise, well interior, is very nice, at an adequate level for what you can see through the windows & openings. External is engraved panel lines & rivet details. Very fine & precise. Having built both Monogram's G and Revell's F I can say that there are some surface details done better on the older kit, such as the nose compartment waste dump, missing on HK's kit, along with missing formation & bomb release lights, but it is a lovely model w
  13. All markings are the kit's decals. Thanks everyone, appreciate the comments
  14. Special Hobby's Fairey Barracuda. I added crew figures & a torpedo pilfered from a Tamiya Swordfish. The radar aerials were rebuilt with wire, and I cut open the radiator shutter and made one from plastic card. Painted with Humbrol enamels. Thanks for looking. Angelo
  15. https://railsofsheffield.com/groups/3400/thunderbirds-model-kits?fbclid=IwAR1ipQzLs5ABXmKxgOMaM3KzgJpsQ8MbDqt5Hx3DkEnE1rPlfchrL_OOHt8 Re-release of Aoshima & Imai kits, various scales
  16. Tour de force! Great work on a very old kit, most impressive!
  17. Superb natural metal finish! Lovely looking model
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