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  1. Very nice! Great looking model, nice finish
  2. Thanks everyone! Greatly appreciate all the comments and compliments
  3. I know what you mean! I was a Paramedic for 30 years. Always a good idea to have a clean out before the next job! Thanks for all the comments & compliments, greatly appreciated.
  4. Take one 48th scale Lancaster kit, courtesy of Tamiya. Add some photo etch from Eduard, brass gun barrels from Master plus some scratch built details & modifications. Mix in some Xtracolor enamels and, hopefully, you will have an Avro Lancaster from 617 Squadron as used on operation Upkeep Chastise Thanks for looking Angelo
  5. WOW! An absolutely fantastic bit of modelling!
  6. Thank you everyone! I'm really glad you like the Huey These old kits have still got some life in them and only need some TLC, but hopefully someone like ICM might give us a new Huey to go with their Cobra and Tahre? Happy modelling, Angelo.
  7. I managed to get hold of Revell's golden oldie, the Huey UH-1D As it was the "attack variant" it did not have the crew seating and I wanted to build it as a troop transport so I scratch built the seats with plastic rod & masking tape, I also scratch built the pilot's armoured seats from more rod & plastic card. Some more internal detail was added using plastic card, and i opened up the engine grills and placed etched mesh in the openings. After market was used for the seat belts, from Eduard, and for the instrument dials, from Airscale. Various bits were salvaged out of the spare's box, such as the M-60 machine guns and the decals. I used Tamiya acrylics, and Humbrol enamels to paint the Slick. Thanks for looking Angelo
  8. I think I'll wait until the kit is released in it's final form before passing judgment
  9. It's a test shot. They don't necessarily use the plastic it will be released in when they do test shots.
  10. Incredible weathering job! You can almost feel the Pacific heat!
  11. This is the Asuka Sherman V. M4A4 in British service. Asuka make some wonderful, if overly complex, models (don't start me on the suspension!!) of Shermans, especially the ones used by the British. I used a wide source of items for crew & stowage and based my model on the colour plate, found in the Osprey Vanguard book of "The Sherman Tank in British Service 1942-45" written by John Sandars with colour plates by Michael Roffe & Mike Chappell. ISBN 0-85045-361-5. The model was painted with Tamiya acrylics, custom mixed to get as close to the shade of green used on British Shermans. Thanks for looking Angelo.
  12. On the 22nd January 1879 an overwhelming Zulu force destroyed the British force camped at Isandlwana, which included the First Battalion of the 24th Regiment of Foot. It took nearly six months before the dead of the 24th Foot were buried. A force under the command of Major Black of the 24th regiment, returned and arranged for the burial of their comrades. The three standing figures are white metal from Beneito Miniatures. The skeleton is a resin figure from Verlinden, modified to resemble a soldier of the 24th. The battlefield debris is mainly scratch built. The figures were painted using Humbrol enamels. Thanks for looking Angelo.
  13. Thanks very much Glad you like it.
  14. Some details on Fireball XL5:
  15. A very nicely painted figure. Great work on the skin tones and the texture of the clothing, vey lifelike
  16. Hello & welcome! Loads of Thunderbirds & Gerry Anderson fans here! Like your work very much
  17. Thank you for all your comments and compliments,they are greatly appreciated
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