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  1. Hi 825 , back in 53/54 in Malta , we used to see " Guppy " Skyraiders on a daily basis . They were stationed just down the coast at the RNAS airfield at Hal Far . They were gloss Sea Blue . Any help ? . Don .
  2. I`ve just tried to post on Village Photos and find I`m blocked by an issue of security , or lack of . Does this affect anyone else or is it just my computer ? . Confused , Don .
  3. Welcome Leo from another old boy ! . My main interest is 1/32 WW II aircraft but I`ve built a few ships also . Three Revel in 1/72nd and five plank on frame in 1/64th . My problem is my hands are not too steady these days and tying on those ratlines with a pair of tweezers in each hand is beyond me now ( sob ) , otherwise I`d like to build another one or two PoF . Don .
  4. Hi Phil , the first kit of the Scammell trailer depicted the one with high angled deck , much higher at the front end . The " goose neck " had a similar mounting on the tractor but the load deck was lower at the front end . The illustrations don`t show it very clearly ! . Don .
  5. Yes Giorgio , I remember using the sheet many moons ago , but for the life of me I can`t remember which kit it went onto ! . The reason the C/O flew J -Jig is his name was Sqd/Ldr Johnson . One day he landed and his kite had no brake pressure , he went down the runway fish-tailing but the rudders on a Vamp were useless below about 50 mph . When he went off the runway onto the grass the land inclined a little and he came to a stop about 50 yards short of the road ! Pity the poor sod who was responsible for maintaining his brakes , `cos he was a bit " starchy " . Happy days . Don .
  6. P.S , `also remember a visiting RAF Sabre that " lobbed in " from Germany , that was a very oil streaked PRU Blue underneath with grey/green on top .
  7. I can give a definite lower half colour for Vampire 5s in `55 and that was silver , ( if that`s any use ) . I was stationed at Dyce at that time , home of 612 County of Aberdeen Squadron , they had Mk 5s and two Meteor 7s which were all over silver . Don .
  8. I second Humbrol 96 , ` wore it for 3 years . I still have my " Best Blue " tunic and that has faded very little in 66 years . The paint colour on your figures will fade a little also , over time Don .
  9. Hello Christopher , I was stationed in your country in late 53/54 , with 203 Signals atop the Dingli cliffs . Lovely posting . Don .
  10. Apologies to the Canadians , they too wore RAF blue , I remember seeing them during the war . They had the CANADA shoulder titles and the same style RAF cap badge but with RCAF in the centre , ( none commissioned ranks ) .
  11. Master Class ! . Uniform colours , Humbrol 96 if he`s RAF or a matt navy blue if he`s Australian or New Zealander , Both serving in RAF squadrons . Good luck and good health ! . Don .
  12. Thanks Dave and Guys . This one will be built " flying " on a stand , like the second Lanc , although I don`t have a full crew for this one , ( run out of bods ) . `Will be using the Kits World markings for a Fortress II . It has to be on a stand `cos all the flat surfaces in my house are full of models , except my bed and the dining table ( even that has a Bronco Horsa on one end ) . So I think it will be no bomb sight , it will have a nav . and gunner in the nose though . Cheers , Don .
  13. I`m building another HK B17 as an RAF " Kipper Kite " ( Coastal Command ) and I wouldn`t think they were fitted with the Norden bomb sight , not for the low altitudes that CC operated at . Is there some " Gen Kiddie " out there who can tell me what pattern sight would have been fitted , or were the bombs/DCs aimed by the pilot in a shallow dive , like a fighter/bomber ? . With that large clear nose dome it will be very visible , I`d like to get it right , `cos I`ve no idea ! . Much Ta ! . Don .
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