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  1. Welcome Jeremy , from the next field north ! . I `ve been retired 20 years and this lovely hobby is what has stopped me climbing the walls . Both world wars in 1/32nd and 1/35th , me . Don .
  2. Welcome Scopie , from an old RT / DF op . !
  3. PS . The kite was French Navy .
  4. I have a pic of a LeO 45 taken during the summer exercise in Malta in`54 , different kite , and it has the same badge . My guess is that it is the LeO logo .
  5. Hi Bob , if it`s any help , I had two trips target-towing in the back seat of a Meteor 7 in `55 and the drogues were a rather grubby white colour with a large black spot in the centre , the aiming point . Another thing which may be of interest , there were 4 X 7 pound weights fitted along one side of the banner , to keep it vertical in the air . I don`t know about the towing gear , ( I never thought to look ) , but when the pilot flew the kite in low over the airfield , at the end of the sortie and released it , it was like being shot out of a catapult ! .
  6. You think you`re showing your age One48 , my first plastic models were Frog Penguins , price 8/6d to 10/6d . I had to save up for weeks for each one , `still have the instruction sheet for the Spit. XII . The only cockpit detail was a tiny bucket seat ! , you could buy a small transfer sheet with five " paint " printed instrument panels to cut out and glue in place . The models all had very shaky retractable undercarts but the Lightning and Mosquito didn`t have any undercarriage doors . All in 1/72nd , but they were glued together with quick setting balsawood cement ! .
  7. I was undecided about this one , but this latest post says " YES " . ( Calming down now ! ) .
  8. The book does , but only up to 30m/m . It gives the diameter of the rims , but not the thickness , if that is what you wanted . Current and obsolete rounds are included .
  9. Hello Mike , that was short and to the point ! . Don .
  10. If you can get hold of The Cartridge Guide by Ian V. Hogg , I think that may answer your questions . It`s a great book on the subject , published by Arms And Armour Press . Don .
  11. PS . take a look at the roundel at the head of this page ? .
  12. I`ve got this kit too , also have the SH . one made up . You may find the reds lighten a bit when you spray on the final matt or satin coat . You`re right about the squadron codes , fortunately I`ve have some left over from the PCM kit which were correct . Don .
  13. A lovely model well built and finished ! . Done mine in 1940s desert scheme with ICMs figures , and used Aims rigging set . Have you found that the weight of the model is bending the stub axles , causing the wheels to bend inward slightly ? , mine did , so I carefully bent them out again , gave the stubs a coat of cyano and left it to set overnight , sorted . The ICM plastic does seem a bit soft , do you find ? . Don .
  14. I spoke too soon it`s in at Hannants . Just triggered my backorder .
  15. When is Revell going to extract the digit and release it , I`ve got the Barracuda nose and prop. just waiting for a new Daddy .
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