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  1. Don149

    Hello, a returnee modeller

    Welcome Kaity , `glad to see more ladies coming along to give we rough lot some competition .
  2. Don149

    HK Lancaster ?.

    Sorry , Stealthman I don`t know how to post pics . I belong to a bygone era , we didn`t even have ball point pens in my school days , I just have a ding-bat of a Black Labrador for company and he`s no help ! . As I`ve completed the model without them , I`m thinking maybe they are for a later version , the box states " Lancaster Series " . But thanks for your interest . Don .
  3. Don149

    HK Lancaster ?.

    Job done , first one "Phantom of the Ruhr " finished ! . One of the B 17s will have to go on its wall mount to make room . ` Never decorated the walls of a room with aircraft before , the ceilings , yes , when I was a kid a couple of hundred years ago ( seems like ) , but not the walls . Anyone else building the beauty can tell me what clear parts 8 and 9 are for ? , tiny square things ! . Don .
  4. Don149

    HK Lancaster ?.

    Has anyone ,apart from myself , used the Top Notch camouflage set for the Lanc. and been less than satisfied with the coverage of the masks , especially on the fuselage top ? . Also behind the port outer engine . Don .
  5. Don149

    HK Lancaster ?.

    Eduard canopy and turret masks just received , on the home straight now , " Yabadabadoo " .
  6. Don149

    Hello from Perthshire

    Welcome Astel , do you know Fowlis Wester ? . I was billeted there for a while with a gamekeeper and his wife in late `54 . Manned a VHF/DF Fixer station atop the hill above the village . Happy modelling , Don .
  7. Don149

    HK Lancaster ?.

    Hi Mancunian airman , everything built and painted except for the fuselage , still awaiting the canopy / turret masks . Way back I would have cut my own , but my 83 year old paws are not steady enough now so I`ll wait another week or so for Eduard coming across with theirs . As for the one I flew in , it was white on top and black below ( no thank you ) , and was in the RF serial range . Mine will be finished as " Phantom of the Ruhr " with the second one " flying " on a stand with crew as " I`m Easy " . As for pics , I don`t how ! .BigBadBadge (Chris ) sent me instructions awhile back but the damn thing wouldn`t accept my password ( I tried several ) but no joy ! , so I`m stuffed on that score . Just finished the wings by putting in the the main undercart units , thankfully it can be done after assembly and painting . Don .
  8. Don149

    Italeri Sunderland MK I

    Nice job , Neil . Oh for one in 1/32nd ! .We had two that came out to Malta on the summer exercise in `54 , impressive kites .
  9. Don149

    HK Lancaster ?.

    I`ve assembled the paddle bladed props , they can only be fitted one way round and guess what , they`re back to front ! . The flat face is forward with the slightly curved face to the rear , so by cutting off the stub for the spinner and gluing it on the back this , in effect , turns the prop around . The spinner covers up the alteration , looks better , I think . I don`t know if the needle blades are the same , perhaps someone who has used these can comment ! . Don .
  10. If that is only your sixth build you`ve nothing to worry about , very good . I`ve got one of those kits in my loft , somewhere , with three sets of civvi markings , must have bought it many years ago , before going onto 1/32nd only . Again , nice job ! .
  11. Don149

    Airfix's BIG Tiffie

    nice , NICE ! . A really professional job .
  12. Don149

    Post War R.A.F. Roundels, possibly a stupid question ?

    Not only that , but went back and rode the tail turret for approx. 10 minutes until I got a very uneasy feeling it was about to fall off the end with me in it ! . Going forward , the pilot beckoned me to him and gave me a right royal shouted rollicking for upsetting the trim ! , oops . If you have the Squadron / Signal Wellington in Action book , number 76 , there is a pic . of one exactly the same on page 48 . Don .
  13. Don149

    HK Lancaster ?.

    Too late for me , P P . I`ve got the tailplanes and fins assembled and didn`t spot the differences ! . New glasses ? . One handy thing re. the tail units , they can be painted " off " the fuselage , like the wings and fitted later . I`m just making up the nacelles and cowlings , had a hell of a job fitting the port-inner nacelle to the wing , `had to sand down the " roof " of the undercarriage bay to get it to fit flush in the wing . I could see through it against a strong light , put it down to HK`s joining the wing halves together , I remember when we used to do this ourselves ! . Don .
  14. Don149

    Post War R.A.F. Roundels, possibly a stupid question ?

    Hi Dennis , I had my first ever flight in a Wellington T 10 in `48 and it had type D roundels in all six positions , if this helps .
  15. Don149

    HK Lancaster ?.

    Is anyone else trying to puzzle out the engine bearer assembly ? . thankfully I`m only displaying the port-inner opened up . I wonder why there are parts included to build the cowlings closed , minus engines , but no mention of them in the instructions . `Shouldn`t be too difficult , even for we old boys to work out , ( hopefully ) .