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  1. I`ve got this one to start on also , lovely little kit . In answer to your query , for the larger/heavier parts , use more than one cut with your razor saw , don`t try to remove them in one go . Don .
  2. Ordered mine yesterday , hoped to get it for my 85th birthday later this month , but being number 121 in the queue I guess it won`t happen ,( sob ) .
  3. What , are the Russians still tweaking the Lion`s tail ? . I was an RT/DF Op on Caladonian Sector in `55 , back then it was a regular thing to scramble Meteors ,a little later Hunters from Leuchars to escort them out of our airspace ! . In bad weather it would be NF 11s but I can`t remember where they were stationed . ( We didn`t say " based "back then ) . But no one ever said what those very fast "thingies " were that crossed the northern edges of our airspace after dark , travelling from east to west , by the time our kites had reached their altitude , they were gone , somewhere over the north Atlantic and off the Radar . I was told by the plotter on the end of my line , at sector ops ( now one of Scotlands " secret bunkers ") that they were given an X number on the main plotting table because they didn`t know what they were . Hmmm . The answers out there somewhere ! . Don .
  4. Got the kit , Chris , it looks very good , but all the Amati titles have been replaced with Victory Models ones ! . Also gone is the Wells Fargo logo, cut from the decal sheet . I thought my kit had been " got at " until I realized it was missing from the kit box top and all the illustrations therein . I guess there must have been a copyright dispute sometime after you bought yours ! . What a disappointment . Don .
  5. Many thanks Chris , most helpful . That is one lovely model and I like your spokes ,most realistic . Order going in. Don .
  6. Has anyone built the 1/10th Amati Wells Fargo stagecoach ? . What is your opinion of the kit , does it have metal wheel rims and are the doors hinged ? . As the 1/32nd , WW II kits are in the Doldrums at the moment and I`ve only two in the stash I`m thinking of casting the net a little wider . Working in wood is no worry , having built five plank on frame fully rigged ships and I like the look of this model . Don .
  7. Hi John , the pic in the Pilots Notes/hand book for the Mk 6 shows the right side one hinged up . The left one is down but looks as though it would hinge up . No mention is made of them in the Notes though Don .
  8. Lovely job ! . I saw this bird when it flew over our camp at Compton Basset in early 53 , what a sight ! .
  9. Ordered ! , along with a "cookie" and trailer to go with it .
  10. A couple of spots of liquid mask .
  11. Yes ,Red Dog , I`m in the same boat . I have the Mini Art Avro Rota on the board , painted , marked even the satin varnish sprayed on , just lost all interest and it would only take about two hours to finish . The next on the shop floor is my fourth HK Meteor ( two are Fisher conversions ), which will be in post war camo scheme . Hope that doesn`t grind to a halt , that was the most numerous jet ( and my favourite ) when I was in the mob in the early 50s . Don .
  12. Yes , John T , I remember 603 were at Turnhouse , spent a few weeks there , ( I worked for Barnton Quarry , very hush-hush back then ) . I`m hoping for 612 markings ! .
  13. I`m looking forward to this one . But in the pics the wingtips look rounded , as on the Mk 1 , the Mk 5s we had at Dyce were squared ! . Hopefully something to be corrected .
  14. HiTimbo , I`ve ridden in quite a few QLs , the cab interiors looked , to me like faded cockpit green . The ones in the Middle East ,though , were allover desert scheme , including the cab interiors . Don .
  15. Thanks North Bay Kid ! , I`ll be having one , sod the expense . I had three flights in them around the `50s time . Always wanted one in this scale . Don .
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