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  1. That's the Laser Range Finder and Marked Target Seeker for laser-guided munitions.
  2. Congratulations to you all, Edward! Madeleine's a lovely name.
  3. Welcome, Hans! Excellent work on your website.
  4. Crikey, there are some superb airbrushing skills on display here!
  5. My wife went to see the Eternals movie - she's a big fan of the MCU - and said it left her feeling "meh". That's damning criticism coming from her.
  6. I am having problems with Casey's mixes, simply because I am finding it difficult to come up with repeatable portion sizes and the results are therefore skewed. I will break down eventually and get a pipettor.
  7. This is excellent, thank you. Good to hear about the Humbrol acrylics - hopefully they'll be keeping the colours that appear to be leaving the enamel range. With regard to Sky, Roy Sutherland's Tamiya mix is two parts XF-21 to three parts XF-2 - a touch lighter and less saturated than most.
  8. In common with a lot of designs from the last 10-20 years, the artists clearly hadn't got the memo about the vehicle needing to be only just big enough to do the job. Which is why this design looks like a bodybuilder on steroids carrying teensy-tiny little weapons, and the Enterprise from the Kelvin timeline has an engine room the size of the Royal Albert Hall.
  9. That's how my tin looks. It's closer to an RAAF Foliage Green than the RAF Dark Green, but too light and saturated.
  10. Cocktail sticks Craft knife Tweezers Seam scraper Files Sander/polisher
  11. Not if the one I bought a couple of years ago when I returned to enamels is anything to go by, no. Supplies of British-made enamels here in the States is patchy at best these days, though, so it could have been old stock.
  12. Crikey. They're discontinuing a slew of RAF/FAA colours, yet keeping 30 for Dark Green? What a shame.
  13. This thread had become one of the few constants in my life, and now look - paint! If there's paint, it will end, and then what? We'll be cast adrift in a sea of uncertainty, with no expectation of what The Fritag will bestow on us next. Anyway, nice pre-variegating. Looking forward to seeing the full effect under the DG/DSG.
  14. A fascinating result as always, beautifully executed. I really enjoy these builds!
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