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  1. All peaceful here, Bob. Hope life's treating you well.
  2. Including the two versions of the Mercedes Benz 190E - the standard and the Volvo-built version.
  3. We used to have a Maine Coon - nowhere near that big, but like all Maine Coons, had the loveliest nature. They just look imposing .
  4. In addition to Dennis's good advice, I recommend watching this video on tip drying and its causes and cures.
  5. This year will cost me quite a bit, as there are new tool subjects, some reissues and some Vintage Classics that I want. I'll pre-order them from Sprue Brothers or Scalehobbyist and get better prices that way. Other years have seen me distinctly underwhelmed (the Hellcat, for example - nice enough, but not at that price for me), so I waited and am now happy. Who knows what next year will bring, eh? Maybe a 1/48th FG.1/FGR.2 Phantom with the correct vents and ramps .
  6. I am proud of the fact that I discussed this piece of news with my wife as soon as I heard it. She's aware of my love for all things Spitfire and Airfix. I even told her the cost. She seems resigned to its inevitability. Of course, I can't buy anything else until 2025.
  7. Both of ours - but particularly Percy - will suddenly break into a wild shouting, running about routine at least once a day. It's hilarious. Also, if Percy is being naughty (like trying to get onto the kitchen counters) and you tell him no, he'll run into another room and have a temper tantrum. Splendid little folk.
  8. Really, really nice work, there! The GR.9's great as well.
  9. Excellent models, all! I loved the Starfury in particular, and the E-type is lovely!
  10. Oliver, quite content with the comfy bed on the bathroom counter, thank you very much.
  11. Crikey, that CR.42! What a way to end the year. All great, Stew!
  12. These are lovely, Dave - always enjoy seeing your models. And your wife is wise.
  13. A few? Crikey . And all gorgeous - lovely work, Jonners!
  14. Agreed with @fishplanebeer Colin that the early Sutton is the correct one for a Mk.I Hurricane. It also happens to be the steel version, which means it's thinner and easier to bend to shape. Also remember that repeated bending of the belts can cause the ink/paint to flake off, so make sure of what you're doing first, and take it slowly.
  15. Oh, Tony, I'm so sorry - every digit here is crossed that it's properly treatable, quickly. You're in our thoughts.
  16. All excellent results... but that Hellcat shines. Wonderful stuff!
  17. Great models and painting as always - I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  18. First, all good thoughts and wishes for a quick recovery from your illness. Second, what an incredible output for the year, coupled with subjects and finishes. I always find your models inspire me. Thank you.
  19. Gorgeous! And your ability to brush paint yellow is uncanny - beautiful models, Chris.
  20. Even with the disruptions, that is an excellent score for the year - and there's some fine modelling and painting in that lot as well. Brilliant stuff, Dennis!
  21. Enjoy it - and the Phase 90! That'll be a great combination.
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