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  1. Model Kasten make white metal and injection moulded plastic tracks... HTH Plasto
  2. Well my Model Kasten tracks arrived and I have been building the first run.... Model Kasten give you a nice jig which is ok for around 5 links but using a piece of wood with some double sided tape is much faster. You can assemble the links then add the pins and then glue all in one go... cheers Plasto
  3. Ok here’s is some advice. It’s is constructive feedback aimed at improvement. I like the model it looks good. I’d concentrate on the tracks both the live tracks and the spare links. It’s tempting to paint tracks rusty as you have done but in reality tracks on in service vehicles rarely got covered in rust. Museum exhibits yes but the service life operational tempo and servicing by crews means in reality while the wore got dirty and grubby they probably didn’t rust. I tend with tracks to start with a base paint coat made from a mix of Tamiya NATO black and Hull Red. Mix it towards the grey end of the spectrum with a reddish tinge.( this then makes excellent chipping paint for scratches and chips..) Base coat the tracks in this and then weather from there. A good way to get a in service track look IMHO is to go buy some artists pastels in earth tone from the art shop. Get pastels not oil pastels. Scrape these down into a pastel dust and mix with enamel thinners and apply liberally to the painted tracks... once dry take a stiffish brush and knock off the now dry pastel mix to taste. A rub over the wear points with a silver water colour pencil or some careful dry brushing with a silver paint helps to make the tracks look worn. On Most tracked vehicles the track tension is important. As tracks wear they become loose and the looser they are the greater the risk of a track being thrown. So part of the day to day life of a tracked AFV crew is to ensure the tracks are correctly tensioned. On a Panzer IV this is done by I believe by adjusting the rear Idler which is on an eccentric. Cranking this out takes up the slack in the track to a point. At which point you either remove a link or get new tracks. The model to me has far to much slack track hard to correct now but possibly useful in future.. Also the track tension mechanism would show wear it’s the big bolt on the inside of the rear idler wheel. Some chipping here would be useful. If you get a 15cm length of electrical wire and strip off the outer plastic insulation you will end up with the copper conductor strands. Depending on the gauge you have if you then tightly wind the wire using an electric drill or by hand you end up with a very very realistic representation of a tow cable. Far better than the plastic kit version. It’s possible to salvage the towing eyes off of the plastic cable or to make your own in the wire cable you just made. This costs almost nothing to do and is a really great upgrade to most older kits.. So hope this helps a bit. cheers Plasto
  4. More work on the Panzer. I added the detail parts such as tools and have been scratch building some of the Desert enhancements seen on DAK Panzer IV's its just brass wire and sheet. I have a few spare road wheels left over and joined a couple of lengths of spare track to make the characteristic prow on the hull front. Jerry cans are from the old original Tamiya set i'll replace these with some better ones down the line.. TFL Plasto..
  5. An Open post to AMK. AMK you need to get some professional advice on how to run your social media and marketing in a western / global context. Whoever is giving you your current advice I is giving you bad advice or does not understand effective marketing and brand strategy. I make that comment in a professional context. The issue you have is not just about the current F-14 project. You need to think beyond this current project and in the wider context of what you want your brand to represent and the values it has and how it is perceived in future in the market. Right now the way you are communicating with the wider market is from a marketing perspective just damaging your brand. If I could give you some professional advice. 1. Communicate the latest update to the whole market. 2. Share updates to the whole market on a regular basis even if they are minor between now and the final release of the kit. 3. Comment on quality feedback from the market. Even if it’s just to say thanks for the feedback. You do not have to act on feedback given. But you should acknowledge it. Do the above via Facebook on an open page. You will have the ability to filter and edit out extremely adverse commentary. Regards... Plasto.
  6. Looking well worked on. Do you want some suggestions for improvements?
  7. So Progress... Just a couple of hours.. Nice Kit and well detailed and a simple build.... I began replacing the simplified handle detail with Brass wire. Cheers Plasto
  8. Hi, With the Jagdpanzer well advanced but stalled due to me waiting on some model kasten tracks. I found this at my LAS and grabbed it... Here is the ubiquitous unstarted boxing shot. And the small pile of ‘trimmings’ I had 2 hrs later.... The aim here is to build an Afrika Korps panzer. To help with this is have on the way these... And perhaps a scenic base and a few figures for which I have these guys... The issue is the Tank has no turret bin... But that’s not insurmountable... More later....
  9. Here you go I grabbed em out of imagur and stuck em in Flickr then copied the links into this post. That gets something up for people to look at for s start till you figure out how to post images in the thread.
  10. Plasto

    Tamiya M4 mid production 1/35

    Hi Time to resurrect this post. In working on the Panzer IV builds for the GB I dug out this Sherman and have been making some progress over the last couple of days. So moving on I have given it a further coat of thinned brownish olive drab. Painted in the sand bags and washed these and dry brushed. Cut some stencils and masked and painted the markings then 'painted out't he turret stars. Painted the tracks.. added mud to the lower hull and added the tracks and muddied these up. It's also had a localised dry brush with some olive oil paint.. Thoughts? Cheers Plasto
  11. So further weathering. Mud on the lower hull... cheers Plasto
  12. Plasto

    New Airfix 1/35 armour?

    I have the Academy early tiger ‘Operation Citadel’ boxing. It has a lot of upgraded parts to bring it up to a more contemporary standard. I suppose Airfix will get the same sprues. The Academy kit is not bad and while it’s not ‘as good’ as a RFM or Dragon it’s less expensive and probably more suited to Airfix’s distribution channel. Airfix will sell to a far wider customer base than dyed in the wool armour modellers.
  13. I think they rode on top in Vietnam as the it negated the risk in the event the vehicle ran over a mine or IED. The 113’s armour was really designed to protect the crew from small arms and indirect fire weapon fragments. It was never meant to be mine proof.
  14. Really from this point on discussion on the kits faults while interesting is to a point redundant. It’s simply not going to influence getting the design revised. What we’re getting indirectly from Airfix is that it’s too late to run any changes to the kit design / tooling. So the leading edge and other less than ideal aspects of the kit is what it is. I don’t know why Airfix have done what they have. It boils down to either it’s been missed during design. Which sort of negates the stated ‘power’ of LIDAR as a super tool for getting shapes correct. Or it was captured and noted and the design didn’t incorporate it to simplify the shape and hence the tooling. Which could be about cost or design for manufacture. What none of us know is what limiting factors are on the Airfix design team from the injection moulding side. So they might be for example capable of designing tooling to compete with Tamiya fit and surface detail. But the manufacturing process sets a limit on what fidelity can be achieved. All model companies make mistakes with aspects of kit design around detail or shape at some point or another. If they didn’t forums would be full of people building models not discussing shape issues.... Have Fun Plasto