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  1. Mr Colour Dayglo orange on a white base... HTH Thanks for all of the kind comments and likes on the build.
  2. Plasto

    Airfix Sea Fury or Trumpeter Sea Fury

    I’m building the Airfix Sea Fury ATM. It’s ok and things are progressing. I’m not looking forward to the cowl which seems to be a known issue. While a correction ‘set’ will sort that out and there are a few out there. Arguably given the issue with the cowl is poor execution of the tooling or poor design. It’s hard to laud one Manufacturer for accuracy with poor fit while disparaging another for accuracy with good fit. Neither is perfect. Some folk will want to build stuff that is as close as it possible with and injection plastic kit set to an accurate shape. Some want to build a kit that has good fit. Some will want to have a good build experience OOB some won’t mind adding to the experience and cost with correction sets and other AM. Accuracy ( which can mean different thing to different people) may not be the primary driver for some modellers but it is for others. As long as you enjoy the process it’s really all good. Personally I wish the Airfix cowl parts were better. As they spoil an otherwise nice kit.
  3. Plasto

    Bf-109 G6 Tamiya 1/48

    nice work on the model and nice work on the images... The composites are nicely done.. By way of feedback the black background image doesnt work for 'me' but the model is really nice. Look forward to seeing more. Cheers Plasto
  4. Hi, Here is the Recent Academy 're-box' of the nice 1/48 TA 183. The kit is a straightforward build and Academy ship it with a Decal Sheet that cover a number of WHIF / Luft46 schemes. Given the prototypical nature of the 'real' aircraft and the fact it looks cool this is not surprising. it does open up a number of possibilities for interesting schemes. Inspired by the excellent 'Man in the High Castle' TV series. I present my model of the TA 183. The model depicts an advanced trainer based at Luftwaffenstützpunkt 'Biggin Hill' October 1949. The model is painted in Mr Colour I chose late war German Colours and ran with the Day Glow Bands seen on Luftwaffe Jets in the 50's and 60's. Given the Post War Luftwaffe contained a number of ww2 veterans in my 'fantasy history' it seems reasonable that the germans would have come to a similar decision to use these. The kit is OOB for the most part I used some coloured acrylic for the nav lights and added some brake lines and a bit of brass tube for the extended 'boars tusk' cannon barrels ( indicative of the 1947 high muzzle velocity cannons) and scratch built a FOD guard out of plastic card and brass rod. I also experimented with a molotow chrome marker for the oleo's ... I highly recommend that... A fun build I hope you like it. Cheers Plasto...
  5. Hi, I have fancied building a ‘Dunkirk’ Spitfire since I saw ‘Dunkirk’ and enjoyed the exploits of the ‘fortis’ Spitfires on the big screen. So I have recently completed this Tamiya ‘Old tool’ spitfire mk1 as Adolphus ‘Sailor’ Malans’s aircraft. Decals are from the extensive ‘Aces of the Empire’ Sheets from Victory productions. The build is simple. It’s painted in Mr Colour. Weathering is kept minimal as I suppose an Op Dynamo Spit was still operating from a large airfield and the operational tempo was still reasonable to allow aircraft to reamain well looked after. Hope you like it.. Cheers Plasto
  6. Plasto

    Hannants using my Sage 2 model is this normal for them?

    Read this... https://wersm.com/no-your-instagram-photos-arent-yours-and-someone-else-can-sell-them-for-90000/ My take is there is no strongly defined legal view. Post stuff up. It’s probably fair game.. Not that any of this is of any help to the OP
  7. Plasto

    Hannants using my Sage 2 model is this normal for them?

    My interpretation was store credit used to obtain goods. But you are probably correct. It’s not my chart but the internet’s I’ve just found it with a 30 second google search and posted it here. I think it explains the subject well. My view FWIW is that this is possibly not a case of a struggle between the ‘little guy’ and a ‘giant corporate’ but a relatively small business (if we’re using corporates as the metric) that sells model aeroplane kits and associated items. Using an image of a model of a relatively obscure aircraft type to try and conduct that trade. What we don’t know where they got the picture, off of a general internet search, as Troy says from the kit manufacturer, from Pinterest could be any one of a number of places. Therefore we don’t know if they are at fault ( if any fault actually exists as my interpretation of the chart leads to a green box). The reality is all of this discourse while interesting is not going to solve the issue which is between the OP and Hannants. Nor is it likely to materially have any impact on Hannants business or in reality our general perception of them. Simply if you post stuff in the internet you cease to have control of it the second it’s posted. Cheers Plasto
  8. Plasto

    A6M2 Rivet lines

    This might help... https://aviationshoppe.com/a6m-zero-gen-p-315.html have fun...
  9. Plasto

    Hannants using my Sage 2 model is this normal for them?

    this explains it reasonably well..
  10. Plasto

    Hannants using my Sage 2 model is this normal for them?

    Isn’t a ‘credit line’ compensation? Ie you want reward for the use of your image. I don’t think you need to tell us what the outcome of any discussion is between yourself and Hannants. Have the conversation, obtain an outcome, move on..
  11. Plasto

    Hannants using my Sage 2 model is this normal for them?

    Wouldn’t you be better off discussing it directly with Hannant’s rather than posting here about it? As an aside is it me or is that box art for the kit on the hannants site utterly terrible??
  12. Plasto

    Plasto’s Tamiya 1/48 Panzer iv Ausf H

    Probably a wise decision Stix.. Much more detail and AM Stuff around for 1/35 although 48th stuff is on the increase..
  13. Plasto

    Plasto’s Tamiya 1/48 Panzer iv Ausf H

    Thanks Ozzy... The kit should be vice free given it’s provenance.
  14. Plasto

    Plasto’s Tamiya 1/48 Panzer iv Ausf H

    Goodness no.. I’m no Armour modeller so you may be disappointed.. Still it should be fun and we might try a few new things out... If things get dicey we can cover it in mud and claim ‘ost front’ winter 44...