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  1. Love your idea of using nuts and bolts as a form of negative clamp - that’s inspired Starseeker!
  2. Darwinism


    Hello from Australia Danzyc!
  3. Thanks for your help Evil_Toast_RSA, KevinK, fastterry and Magpie22. I should have mentioned that I’m doing the II (AC) Sqn aircraft so HSS, or rather DTD 63/260 it’ll be then. Thanks again for the advice. Andy
  4. Hello all, probably a dumb question but hoping for a bit of a steer from those of you in the know. I’m building the 1/48 Airfix Spitfire mk.XIV and want to finish it in the silver option. Would this have been NMF or, as I suspect, silver/aluminium paint as in high speed silver. thanks for your help. Andy
  5. Super build Stef. I always like to see a Spitfire with French roundels and the red undercarriage leg and wheel adds a nice splash of colour.
  6. Great work and my, could you imagine the wonderful noise they’d be making!
  7. Nice work Blade2009. A terrific finish - the high speed silver is spot on.
  8. Hello from Australia - welcome to the forum Tim!
  9. I used to regularly see these aircraft making practice approaches to the USAF airfield I was lucky enough to live on in Japan which was just down the road from Atsugi. Your model captures the real thing perfectly RiotRolo.
  10. Beautiful. Love the doped silver finish - you’ve nailed it.
  11. Great work Eivind! I’ve been a fan of the Walfisch ever since building the venerable Airfix kit as a kid.
  12. Fantastic model of a beautiful aircraft and your photography is first class too!
  13. Wow - outstanding work, both the Prius and the house.
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