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  1. Hello,Adam - A beautiful result and model of the Vulcan.The Valiant and Victor are also superb models.A trio to be very proud of.Great work indeed.
  2. Hello,gazza1 - A beautiful build of the Hercules and finished in my favourite RAF scheme.Superb!
  3. Hello,Friends - A quick message to thank you all so much for your very kind responses and feedback.They’re much appreciated.
  4. Hello,Pete - Thank you so much.Yes,the special tail markings add a welcome splash of colour against the grey.The tail decals needed a bit of cosmetic surgery to conform over the blister fairings but a sharp blade and Microsol took care of it.
  5. “Hello,Jan” - My fullest compliments to you on your magnificent Viggen build.The special scheme is beautiful and so is the way you’ve created it. I built the 1/48 scale Airfix Spitfire PR19 in Swedish markings and have the Draken and Lansen to add to the Swedish lineup. A pleasure to see your work.
  6. Hello,Pete - Thank you.Thank you so much.Yes,the emblem breaks up the scheme although it was a bit of a challenge to get the decals to conform properly on the fin because of the pronounced blister fairings.A sharp blade and Microsol did the trick though.
  7. Hello,IPMS19 - That’s a stunning model and what a terrible thing to happen to it. Knowing your skills and expertise I don’t think it’ll be long before she’s restored to former glory.
  8. A great job,Deano.She looks beautiful.
  9. Hello and thank you,Tony.I’ve worked many times in Warthill village just to the east of York and only about three miles from the University.I’ve seen a lot of military activity there.The Lakenheath aircraft are among the regular visitors and normally tracking to The Lakes or Scotland.No mistaking their sound! Always a delight to see any military types and particularly out in the wild. You had a special show to help mark Rob’s wonderful achievement!
  10. Hello,SAT69 - Thank you so much.I built this before the big 1/32 scale Tamiya ‘F-15E’. Quite a size difference but the Tamiya kit is a beautiful kit to build. Here’s a photo of mine which I featured in an earlier post.
  11. Full salute to The General as always.A stunning build of the new Vulcan kit and beautifully portrayed on the V-Bomber base with accessories. What’s not to love?
  12. Hello,Alex - She’s beautiful.Simply stunning.
  13. Hello,Tony - Welcome back to a great hobby and a great forum. You’ve made a phine job of these models and couldn’t have chosen a better subject! The Phantom is festooned with markings and stencilling and even if the ‘Stars and Bars’ are upside down it doesn’t detract from the excellent finishing work you’ve achieved.A remarkable effort after such a long absence.That oversight could easily be rectified by aftermarket decals should you wish to do so. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.
  14. “Hello,Alan” - What can you say about such a stunning build? It’s a magnificent result and a true testament to your skills.1/32 scale kits have a real ‘presence’ and this superb tribute to the Tornado and 11 Squadron has that in abundance. Wonderful to see and hoping all’s well with and for you.
  15. Hello,Tony - Another superb build, dear friend.The Dakota is a great subject and I love your chosen scheme.
  16. Hello,Stix - It’s great to be back in radar contact with you again and thank you for your much appreciated reply.Hoping you and Mrs.Stix are both well and okay.
  17. Hello and thank you so much,Mike.There were many ‘firsts’ for me with this build.First 1/32 scale kit; First use of ‘White-Tak’ masking method;First use of ‘Mr.Hobby’ Acrylic Lacquer Paints.The extremely rapid-drying of these paints was a godsend in assisting the handling of the model during that stage.
  18. Hello and thank you,Ad-4N.The Sea Camouflage is a pleasing change to the more ‘usual’ ones we see and makes for an interesting comparison.I hope you manage to find the model you desire.
  19. I’ve recently switched to Village Photos from Flickr.I find them straightforward to use and delighted with them.
  20. Hello and thank you,Gidge.I have that ‘ZM’ kit on order.A beautiful scheme indeed.The ‘digital’ scheme is certainly different and ‘DXM’ Decals do full sheets for this.Whether you use the decal or mask and paint method it’s definitely a labour of love without a doubt.Good luck with whichever you choose.
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