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  1. I have just made up some ends for the barrels thermal cover straps.
  2. Cheers Dan, I am really enjoying it. A decalling session that didn’t span 3 days was very refreshing!
  3. Thank you Ant! It was my first attempt at the cam net, I am quite pleased at how it turned out.
  4. I have made the cam net up and given the turret the same light weathering as the hull. All of the decals are on too, all 5 of them! The instructions call out for a few that aren't on the real tanks and a the placement of the rear union flag is wrong so check your references! Up next will will be tarp and stores for the other turret cage. And then a layer of light pigments for the running gear. Not far now!
  5. Top work! I think the sea looks great, it's a very convincing scene.
  6. DAG058

    M3A3 with Flakvierling

    I like this a lot, very well done!
  7. Only an hour?! I'd be delighted with that! This one is looking good though, great work.
  8. Thanks for all the comments! I have been weathering the Hull. The turret is still clean as a comparison. I have given it a light wash to try and make it look a little bit dirty, overall though these were kept pretty clean. Having said that I have seen some good photos of them looking very dirty the on a jaunt to the ranges at Soltau. I have again supplemented this build. I have bought a base that will need painting in due course. I was hoping this one would be finished by now but as per usual life gets in the way. I will be focusing on the tank, just in case I struggle to make the deadline. After that I will finish the base. I have also bought a cam net for the turret side bins. I plan on adding the scrim using mixed herbs. This will by my first attempt at this so if any of the armour veterans have any advice please share! I'd also like to do a tarp to cover the opposite cage, again any ideas welcome.
  9. This looks fun, watching with interest!
  10. I'll be watching this one!
  11. Spectacular work Rich, it looks flawless.
  12. That's an amazing scene! The ships looks fantastic and the water is excellent. Great work.
  13. It looks perfect, very well done!