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  1. Very happy with this! I’ll be taking a few of these. Along with a good handful of the other releases also. I think the pricing is very fair to be honest. People seem to want 2022 tooling & technology with 1970s pricing, it ain’t gonna happen!
  2. Nailed it. Hit me with that 1/48 Bucc please Airfix, I’ll take 3!
  3. Really great work! That’s some amount of aftermarket you threw at it, with an excellent end result. Oh how I miss the Harriers.
  4. I was hanging on to mine, keeping it sat in the stash for a while. It was one of them ones that I didn’t want to start incase I made a pigs ear of it. I’m glad I finally did though, it was very enjoyable.
  5. Takom 1/35 - FV432 - Soltau Ranges, British Forces Germany This is the first off the bench for me in 2021. The kit was great fun to build with its full interior and an excellent level of detail. It is all straight out the box with no extras (apart from the antennas). The scene is from Soltau Ranges in British Forces Germany. After a busy morning on the ranges the crew are queuing up at Wolfgangs for a hot fricky and a yellow handbag. If you know you know! Thanks for looking and please feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have.
  6. Fantastic work, I'm looking forward to watching this one.
  7. Very nice! Your weathering is really good on this dirty cat.
  8. Great work on the model and the base is excellent, that grass is very convincing.
  9. Absolutely stunning! You've done a superb job on this one. The weathering and paint work is really top rate, well done.
  10. I also managed to pick one of them up at the time, I’m sure the one I’ve got is the other boxing though. I never really thought I’d get around to building it to be honest, at £10 though it seemed too good to walk away from. I’ll definitely be rethinking that one though after seeing yous, just goes to show you don’t need to spend masses to produce a stunner.
  11. That is very striking! A lovely paint job on this one, great work with the brush. Is this one of the £10 Home Bargain kits?
  12. I was going to ask how you open them without damage! Great collection, fairly unique and it comes highly enjoyable by-product
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