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  1. You've certainly done a great job on the kit, but your choice of decals was inspired!!
  2. Wow!! Stunning F-14 and a real inspiration for me to get started on something again!
  3. Hi Diogo! from me, an easyJet pilot based in Lyon and regularly (well, I used to!) fly into Oporto
  4. Hi Giorgio, Thanks for your reply and apologies for my late response. I have access to most brands here in France but Gunze Sangyo and Tamiya are my preferred paints. I can order Xtracolor as well.
  5. As the titles suggests, I’m starting a thread concentrating on the aircraft of the Royal Navy 814 NAS. The reason being is that my son has served with them now for nearly three years and I would like to get back into modeling and this seemed a good idea to start with. The first question I have then is in reference to the Wessex HAS.1 and specifically the best paint matches for the blue / yellow scheme? Which paints best match this scheme? Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas to you all!
  6. Hola Miguel from me in France!
  7. My son's with 814 NAS and I'm now looking at doing a 1/48 history of the squadron. It's great to see that a RN cab can be build from the Airfix kit! I'll start on Tamiya's OOB Swordfish first and work my way forward! But seriously, that has to be one of the best scale model helicopters I have ever seen, absolutely stunning!
  8. Funnily enough I am just going through a deep-clean of my modelling area and started to arrange the stash that I have long neglected and came across this very model! It has always been a very attractive little aircraft to me and one that I always meant to build on a small diorama base. Now I have exactly the inspiration I need! That is simply a stunning piece of work!!
  9. Wow, Andy, just simply Wow!! That is one of the best finished WnW kits that I have seen on here and quite possibly one of the very best model aircraft I've ever seen. It could easily have been the original aircraft photographed in a studio setting and no-one would be any wiser. Anyway, there are few superlatives, certainly none that I can think of, that would do your work justice.
  10. I’m very late to the party on this one, that is absolutely stunning, you could almost chuck your flight suit on and jump in!
  11. Please, please, please!!! In these times of doom and gloom let there please be the bright shining light of a Meng (Wingnut Wings) DR.1 to tempt me to spend more money with Duncan!
  12. Here's a good site referring to the Austrian Airlines fleet of A321s https://airlinesfleet.com/austrian-airlines-fleet-airbus-a321-details-and-pictures/
  13. I'm wondering when Mike is going to change the name of the site?! A truly international bunch of modellers now, so from me and good to read about your interests! A 1/72 C-5, AN124, AN225 and a B747??? Where do you keep them?
  14. Ciao Beppe! I often visit Sicily as I work for easyJet, but I don't normally stay longer than 35 minutes! You'll love it here, some great modellers and a real 'family' feel minus the arguments.
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