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  1. from another Brit en France! I'm just to the east of Lyon
  2. Mark

    Hello from Paris

    Hi from 35km east of Lyon!
  3. Yes, 'That' look! The same one that I will have when the WnW Lancaster shows up... And the 0/400...
  4. Guys, guys... I am here, but just back from a week's skiing in The Alps, I have a few days back in the UK and then I'm back at home for a while. So, guess what?! I'll be following Chris's fantastic tutorials on how it should be done! In fact, I'm not too far behind in reality, but need to get the photos taken and a write up done for where I'm at right now. At least my beaching trolley is finished! Seriously superb work by Chris though, my hat is well and truly doffed...
  5. Wow!! I've just found this one and absolutely love it! Superb in every way!!
  6. Is the swear word filter still active? Because, despite how much my Mum told me not to, I really want to say how $%&!#@ing amazing that is!! I enjoyed watching her come together and to see the Dreamliner alongside my favourite jet in my favourite livery is modelling nirvana! Now, let's talk about commission work...
  7. As usual, Chris pulls something very special out of the depths of his man-cave! Stunning work mate and I'm almost there with my own updates.
  8. Hi guys! I’m still here, but no, she’s sat on the ever-expanding shelf of doom! But now I’ve seen the thread again, I’ll get back to it!!
  9. Welcome to Britmodeller Tony! I have been an 'on-line' modeller for a long time now and I can say, without any doubt, you've found the best place to hang out. There is so much experience and knowledge here, along with the willingness to impart some of it! I'm looking forward to seeing your boat building more than the plastic kits!
  10. This image is not mine and is the copyright of Gary Lakin, who has posted it on Air-Britain. It is reproduced here for the reasons of silly schoolboy humour and will be removed if it offends or if the copyright holder wishes it not to be posted.
  11. This is probably the finest A340-600 conversion I've seen! It's awesome!!!
  12. What?? It's the 16th January 2019 already?? Right, I'm here, looking enviously on at the superb work that Chris has completed and very keen to get back to the workbench and crack on with mine. There have been reasons for not getting as much done as I had hoped; reasons that are probably best not discussed on an open modelling forum, but let's just say that they are 'domestic' issues... Chris, the Aviattic decals presented me with no problems on the one time that I practiced with them on the SE.5a wing, I'll let you know when I eventually get around to using them again on this, or maybe something else. Not that I intend to start something else!! Colin, I'm back up and running so updates should be coming through soon
  13. Now that is rather stunning! Great job on the livery and I'd be very proud of that on my bookcase!
  14. Mark

    Bob's Buckles

    https://www.bobsbuckles.co.uk All seems OK over here
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