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  1. As a former B757 pilot, can I just say........
  2. Hi to you all! I am currently planning a 1/32 Vought Corasair IV build based on Tamiya's 1/32 F4U-1D kit but using the scheme that appeared on AeroMaster's 48-046 sheet, US Aircraft in FAA Service. Can anyone provide me with the details of anybody who could upscale the sheet to 1/32 please? Well, maybe not the whole sheet, just the decals that I need to make the particular subject. Here is the sheet in question courtesy of Scalemates: And I have found a completed model, albeit in 1/72, in the scheme that I wish to reproduce: Thanks in advance!
  3. Errrr.... What can I add? that has to be one of the best F-4 models I have ever seen! Incredible weathering techniques and bare metal work.
  4. Well that got my attention! Superb modelling and what a great scheme!
  5. Now that brings back memories of my first large Airfix kit!! Hand-painted in Humbrol paints and hung from my ceiling... But it was nowhere near as gorgeous as this! I really must look in the local model shop and see if they have one in stock, such inspiration!
  6. Late to the party but then I'm late back from work... This made me smile so much! Brilliant idea! Hang on, wooaaww! Slow down! that was originally posted in 2008!!!! I really am late to the party!
  7. Hi from a Brit Abroad! (France) I love that movie too!! In fact I only watched it again a few weeks ago. Beautiful work!!
  8. Despite the challenges, you've turned out a real beauty there!
  9. I know it’s a cliché, but the Spitfire is easily my favourite single, piston-engined aircraft ever. I particularly like modelling and seeing modelled, the lesser known marks. Yours is a real beauty! One of my favourite spitfires displayed either on this forum or others! Superb in every way! I hope you don’t mind but I have shared the pictures on my Instagram account, mark_the_modeller
  10. Thanks guys! A massive change in domestic circumstances and a house move have all affected progress, but I will get there! I promise!!
  11. Absolutely superb! I have always loved the Marauder and that is just simply beautiful!
  12. Wow!! It's about time I finished something too! But what a gorgeous little aircraft and yep, never heard of it either.
  13. You've certainly done a great job on the kit, but your choice of decals was inspired!!
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