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  1. 0/400? Really? If so then my speculative comments directly to Richard Alexander yesterday were correct. I’m off to buy a lottery ticket now!
  2. I'm still here.... What stunning work that young whippersnapper has produced! I'm not that far behind, well, probably about two pages on the instruction manual! But my plan is to kidnap him this weekend (Telford) tie him up and place him gently in the back of my hire car and drive to Aberdeen. I will then fly back to Manchester, hire another car and drive back to Telford as if nothing happened! I'll then return home to France and continue on mine, post pictures and after a week I'll let his wife know where he is. He'll then be playing catch up! But seriously, wow! Lovely job my friend.
  3. Hi Airfix!! My wish list: 1/72 Britten Norman BN2T Turbine Islander 1/72 Vickers Viscount 800 with British Air Ferries decals 1/48 Lightning T.4/5 1/48 Hunter T.7/8 12 squadron decals 1/48 Buccaneer 12 squadron decals 1/24 Sea Fury
  4. Wow! Such is the success of this site that, if you leave updating your thread for a few days, you have to go to page 6 of the WIPs to find it again! Anyway, a few days in the man-cave have resulted in some progress and it is all about woodwork at the moment! Both real and illusionary. Pictures to follow later!
  5. As an affirmed WnW fan, all I can say is...... Awesome!! The paintwork on the exhaust is astonishingly good and the propeller, aftermarket? If not, then can I commission you to do some for me? What material did you sue to lag the inlet manifold? Anyway Hans, that is stunning work!!
  6. +1 for the wraparound grey/green! I love it! Superb work on the exhausts, which look incredibly real. I'll forward this on to my mate, who's Dad flew them for 617Sqn in the 1980s.
  7. Mark

    Hi you all

    Wow!! They could be photos of a museum full-size one!! Superb work!
  8. Photobucket seems to be behaving itself now, so here are the photos of the beaching trolley that was completed today. The parts were assembled and then given a light spray in areas that would appear darker with matt black. I had already decided to go for a worn trolley and as the chassis top was mostly painted wood, I started to paint the parts with Tamiya Deck Tan, followed by oils to create a wood finish. The final 'wood' effect was then over sprayed with AK's heavy chipping fluid before being over sprayed with the final finish of a home-mixed Battleship Grey. Gunze Sangyo H317 with a few drops of H42 Blue Grey and darkened with a drop of H77 Tyre Black. This was allowed to dry and then the bit I love doing when using the chipping effects funds, the actual chipping! The metal parts were appropriately weathered and some MiG rust deposits added, along with various streaking effects. I could have done more, but at the end of the day this device is going to sit under the hull/fuselage and really won't be seen, especially the interior, so that was all left alone. Anyway, here it is, all finished and next it's on to start the aeroplane proper!
  9. Lovely work there mate! I'm sorry for being AWOL, but I've been busy in the man-cave too! When Photobucket stops giving me silly error messages when I try to log on, I'll prove it! As part of this build, I was hoping to use the lovely Pheon decals that I have, only to find out that they are for the early version and so are useless for this project. Pheon are not releasing a late Felixstowe set, so that leaves me with the kit's options. I think I'll go with option D, which looks like this: http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/productdetail?productid=3116&cat=3# It's the fourth option, the one with the red forward hull and rear black/white dazzle pattern.
  10. Mark

    Hi you all

    Hang on, hang on...... first of welcome!!!! But you come onto the site declaring that you've made the WnW Fe2b with no photos?! Come on @dov, we would all love to see some pictures as there are quite a few public (and private) fans of the Wingnut Wings brand!
  11. Mark

    May I introduce myself

    from me across the border in France. But with skills like that you will not need much advice from us here! The painting of your Gremlin is pure art!
  12. Mark

    1/350 Trumpeter HMS Hood

    Eeeuurrrggghhhh! I feel your pain! Yes, the solvent in the filler (Tamiya?) has eaten it's way though the polystyrene; ask me how I know!! Great to see you've not thrown her against the wall yet and I can see that, with care and patience, she's certainly recoverable.
  13. Mark

    Membership numbers

    No need, it's already doffed. Hope to see you!
  14. Mark

    Membership numbers

    I doff my cap in your direction Mike. It's a great place to hang out and chat, to learn and sometimes to show what I've been up to. I've made some good friends through the site too, and I include you amongst them. Telford this year? Cheers!