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  1. Mark

    Hello from Brisbane

    Wow! Britmodeller should possibly think about changing its name to Worldmodeller, it's got a ring to it! What do you think @Mike? from me, an expat Brit in France whose next visit to the UK will be to Plymouth to be present at my son's passing out parade at HMS Raleigh. I spent many happy days in Brisbane mostly eating at either Jimmy's on the Mall or at the Brekkie Creek Hotel! Ironically it was breakfast at Jimmy's but dinner at the Brekkie Creek! Damn you Australia for my addiction to quality red meat!
  2. More photos here: http://scalemodels.ru/news/12846-anons-Wingnut-Wings-1-32-Halberstadt-CL-II.html Duncan? Duncan! DUNCAN!!!!
  3. Mark

    Grumman A-6E Intruder - info please

    Thanks Giorgio! Just what I am looking for! I think, then, I will go with the photo of the one above, but with 4 x Mk.20 Rockeyes. Outer left pylon - 1 x Fuel Tank Inner left pylon - 1 x AGM-84E Inner right pylon - 4 x Mk.20 Rockeye (2 on lower and 2 on outer racks) Outer right pylon - 1 x GBU-10
  4. Mark

    Grumman A-6E Intruder - info please

    Wow! Great info and so quickly too! I did check Hannants for the decals and I really would prefer a late A-6E TRAM scheme, so these are limited. Image is copyright AOA Decals from their site and I apologise for 'nicking' it. But the scheme that I have in mind is AJ-500 (16175) as it breaks up the greys with a bit of colour. But I guess with everything 'dropped' on the model, there are plenty of red areas exposed that would look attractive Now I've seen the photos, thanks to Giorgio, I really like this load: And thanks also, Mr. Woo! WAFU? If that is what I think that is, my Son has just started with the RN as an AT!
  5. Morning all! I've recently purchased the Trumpeter 1/32 A-6E/TRAM Intruder. I have no idea why, but the Intruder along with a few other U.S. aircraft, sits firmly amongst my favourite aircraft types. Information regarding weapon loads is fairly difficult to find, along with good photographs, so I thought I would ask here what is a good and accurate load involving preferably some Mk.20 Rockeyes and maybe AGM-88 or AGM-84E missiles? I wanted to avoid using any "Green" bombs as I'm rather bored of Mk.82s! Any suggestions considered along with ideas on schemes, with decals if available. There does seem to be a shortage of decent schemes available in 1/32, the 1/48 kits have loads available! Thanks in advance, Mark
  6. Hi Jannie! You are right! Flt. Lt. Andrew Beauchamp-Proctor VC DSO MC DFC did indeed fly the Snipe and sadly lost his life during a practice detail prior to an air display due to be held at RAF Hendon in 1921. Thanks Darryl! She's almost at the top of the 'To Finish' list!! Cheers Kev! I'll have a try with that technique later today.
  7. Mark

    Hasegawa 1:48 mustang

    I'm sorry about the delay in getting back to you! But yes, I have one, so please PM your address and I'll send it off.
  8. Mark

    Hasegawa 1:48 mustang

    Yep, I am certain that I have one, hang on...
  9. Mark


    Just when I thought that I could start saving for my dream classic car, this happens.... bugger
  10. Just browsing through the site and found this. She's a beautiful model Phil!
  11. Mark

    Hello from Kent

    Hi Phil and from me too! As a Man of Kent myself (although haven't lived in the UK for donkey's) I feel I should say hi! No barriers to modelling discussions here, it is without doubt the best modelling forum on the net!
  12. I'm still here... It's not beaten me yet! So, having now received all the aftermarket that was ordered (in addition to the photos above I have the Master Caster TV Martels, Master pitot tube and turned air to air refuelling probe plus the Xtradecal History of 12 Sqn decals) and I've started to bash a few bits together. The scheme that I am going to do is XX895, a 12 Sqn aircraft armed with two TV Martels plus datalink pod and a single AR Martel, the latter coming from the Flightpath detail set. The missiles have been cleaned up and primed, the datalink pod will be shaped from an Airfix Sea Harrier fuel tank. This was first filled with Miliput and then the two halves stuck together, before giving it a good carving up to something that resembles the D-Link pod. The engine 'bullets' were added from the noses of two of the small bombs that were included in a Tamiya A-1J Skyraider kit. The nose wheel leg was given a complete re-work, it's fairly exposed on the finished model and so I wanted to dress it up a bit. I may or may not do the same for the main gear, I'll see how time goes. Enough chat, here's a few photos.
  13. Mark

    Hello from Istanbul

    Welcome to BM Can and hi from France!
  14. Happy Birthday Her Majesty's Royal Air Force; 100 years today! So the GB has started I guess and so I'll just post what I am going to be working on over the next few weeks. As you know from the above, this tribute will be in the form of the aircraft that most influenced me whilst growing up, the Blackburn Buccaneer. The kit is the slightly 'awkward' 1/48 Airfix kit that certainly needs some work, but I hope to manipulate the plastic enough to get a decent result out of the 24 year old kit, but there is some help by way of some after-market sets from NeoMega, Paragon, Heritage Aviation, Flightpath, Eduard and a few others as well. I really have decided to throw everything at this kit and will be using the Master Casters resin Martels as well as Xtradecals to represent a 12 Squadron aircraft. Building starts in the morning, but in the meantime, here are the 'ingredients.'
  15. In February 1978 I turned 13 years and 9 months. I remember that day, the 17th February, extremely well as it was at that exact age that I was allowed to join the Air Training Corps, or, perhaps more commonly known as, the ATC or the Air Cadets. My dream was always to join the Royal Air Force; I cannot ever remember wanting to do anything else other than to become a pilot and it was a natural first step for me to join the ATC. I started with 1039 (Gillingham) Squadron and became more and more convinced, if that was at all possible, that my future would be in an aircraft cockpit. One evening, in May 1978, we all sat down and were given a briefing by a Flight Lieutenant from the local RAF Careers Office. He had brought with him an RAF training film, which, we were told, was classified but he had been given permission to show it to us that evening. We were enthralled. Not only was he a 'real' RAF Officer, but he was going to share state secrets with us as well! The movie he showed us had an incredible influence on my 14 year old mind. The film was riveting, exciting and captured everything I felt at that time, for all I wanted to be was a Buccaneer pilot. Some of you of 'a certain age' may very well remember this movie. If you have not got the time to sit and watch all 30 minutes of it, then just go to 27:00 and watch the last three. I never did get to fly the Buccaneer, or anything else in the Royal Air Force for that matter, but that is another story.