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  1. Totally empathise - even a simple no can do would have been nice to have, and I feel he's shot himself in the foot with quite a few folk for failing to communicate. Especially as he can clearly update Facebook when his time might have been better spent responding to customers.
  2. He's still fairly active on Facebook but as of six weeks ago his wife was very ill. Don't know how she is now, but it had put him even further behind.
  3. That masking and paintwork is something to aspire to. From here it looks tack-sharp.
  4. A lovely piece of work, John - you can be proud of that result. I particularly like the underside weathering, as I feel you've captured the character of the staining and leaks nicely.
  5. So sorry for your loss - he looks like he was a splendid fellow.
  6. Hi Dennis, I've used this mix in the past for PRU Blue, and it looks good to me: XF-18:4 + XF-19:1 I don't know that it would have the purple tint for you, but maybe it would make a good starting point? Hopefully someone will come up with something closer for you. Cheers!
  7. Now that's a great idea, too. I think a combo of the fridge and a gasket of some sort should go a long way to solving it. Many thanks!
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