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  1. That is beautiful work - such a smooth finish over excellent modelling.
  2. I have the day off today, so went to a hobby shop I'd heard of - Hiawatha Hobbies in Pewaukee - to see if they were worth the drive for me. Although much larger, it reminded me of the much-missed Maintrack Models in Hastings. Floor to ceiling stock, and a fair proportion of plastic model kits, paints, glues, etc. I will be going back, and it's lovely to have a proper model shop within driving distance. Of course, I couldn't leave empty-handed, so arrived home with a number of Tamiya paints and varnishes and an Eduard Weekend Edition Spitfire F Mk. IX.
  3. Strap yourself in - it gets better and better. The Demon is looking gorgeous, but I expected nothing less from you. It's always a pleasure watching your builds.
  4. Well, great - now I have to have one. Dammit .
  5. Everything that Dennis said, plus - depending on how deep you get into the country - a generator capable of powering freezers and well pump if that's your only source of water (and you don't have a header tank as a reserve). Inventory control is the key to everything, just to make sure you don't run out of wood, oil or propane, plus petrol or diesel for the generator.
  6. I’ve moved my home “office” from one room to another as it allows me to better concentrate on work. It has earned me more frequent visits from my co-workers though, as it’s on the way to their favourite wildlife-watching window. This is Percy saying hi.
  7. They are lovely, Steve. Can't help but feel relaxed looking at them.
  8. So sorry for your loss, Jeff. She looked lovely. We had our first two for 17 years before they shuffled off, and it was a long time before we could think of more. Now we have two rescues, and I am exhausted... I'd forgotten how much energy kittens have.
  9. Hope the day at the beach was good - sounds like a nice outing, especially if the weather's nice.
  10. I know Crowborough - not very well, but I remember it being a nice place. Tunbridge Wells, too. Oh yeah, the arcades! The sound of summers on the seafront. Crikey, that takes me back .
  11. Good grief, this is good... it is inspiring, but we're getting to Beatle-esque levels of bar-raising. Bravo!
  12. Hastings, then St. Leonard's-on-Sea. Still miss it and the sea after 20 years. Where are you located?
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