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  1. Crikey (puts on running shoes just to keep up), you keep upping the game, Cookie - splendid stuff!
  2. And many thanks for this, as well! I may have the required Xtracrylics lurking in the garage - I'll check. I appreciate the pointer, though, and I'm pretty sure I can approximate using either Tamiya or Humbrol. That photo is interesting - if the colour was Sky Grey, there'd be no green, and it would be picking up a lot of blue from the sky. Sky is now in the running.
  3. Hi Nick, That is really useful information, thank you, and some excellent builds which I'm now going to use as a reference :). A quick question, if I may? In the group photo, there are a couple (147 and the one next to it) where the green is darker than the grey - are these representations of the ANA equivalent colours, and if they are, could I ask which paints you've used? Many thanks!
  4. A great result! Your next will be better still, and will continue... my only warning is that you'll never be satisfied, but that's the way it should be. BTW, great amp and guitar.
  5. An improvement for sure, although not as dramatic as the last - this one's 783.98 KB. Still a bit big, but headed in the right direction.
  6. Definitely better - image info says it's 502.12 KB, so that's a marked improvement. It could probably be reduced further, but that's something I'd rather have @Mike's advice on.
  7. Hmm. This can be a problem when uploading a new version of something - the site doesn't always recognise there's a new one there and so uses the original one. Could you take a new photo, resize it using the app, then upload it to Imgur and post the link here?
  8. Dennis, the image is still showing as 2,048px × 1,452px (scaled to 1,199px × 850px), and 1,143.55 KB in size. In fact, your new image seems to be located at the same Imgur URL, https://i.imgur.com/apN6Zst.jp. Could you try uploading the new one again, only with a different filename? That might fix it.
  9. Well, it's *almost* done. It lacks the aerials as yet (I kept knocking them off), and the weathering is a bit rough in places, but it's OK. I need to slap the photographer as well, but he was the only one available. I'll do better photos when I think I can hide the worst offences in the weathering/finish. Gestation period of this model is approximately nine years. It had been shelved because I was really unhappy with the finish and the then-fashionable shading techniques were applied. This was from the Grumman F6F-5N Hellcat, 1/48th scale, Eduard Profipack kit, Tamiya, Vallejo and Humbrol paints. AMMO by Mig varnish, together with weathering washes. I discovered oil paints and pastels were by far my favourite media for weathering, unfortunately long after I'd started with the enamel weathering washes. Hey ho - I live and (hopefully) learn. Not my best by a long shot, but I hope you all like it.
  10. Great information, thank you. Regarding them being parked flaps-up, I did not know that - I appreciate the pointer!
  11. There's an app for iOS called Resize Image that does that - it has an in-app purchase facility to remove ads at $1.99, but you can try it out first and see if it does what you need: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/resize-image/id409547517 The other alternative is to use a basic Flickr account, which will automatically optimise image size. Just some thoughts.
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