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John Laidlaw

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  1. Beautiful work and result, Ced. My hat's off to you.
  2. What a finish! Be proud of that, David - it's gorgeous.
  3. Happy birthday, young man. Nice haul of kits, and I hope the sinus infection clears up pronto! Now, drink!
  4. That is a beautiful result!
  5. John Laidlaw


    Zem. That way, globbering is kept to a minimum.
  6. John Laidlaw

    Sad News Regarding my Wife

    So sorry for your loss, Eric.
  7. John Laidlaw

    The Antarctic and Arctic GB

    Wow - what a great idea! I have no idea what I'd build, but this really fires up my imagination. Please count me in.
  8. John Laidlaw

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    Thank you all for the kind and caring words - we are grateful. Henry is taking it pretty well, but as he's not been well, and has pretty bad arthritis, I feel he's a little out of it at the moment. I've been engaging in displacement activity, which means I have at least completed several items on the house's "to fix" list. Newt was a tiny cat who's left a giant hole in our lives. As they all do .
  9. John Laidlaw

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    Today was a day we've been dreading. Our beloved Newt, aged sixteen and three-quarters, passed away at home. We knew it was coming, but as you all know, that never makes it easier. She had a rough start, born to a semi-feral mother, and afflicted with a nasty upper respiratory-tract infection, and we rescued her and her brother, Henry, at six weeks old. She and her brother grew to be the best cats, and we've been so lucky to have known them for so long. They made our house a home. She will be missed, so much.
  10. John Laidlaw

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

  11. Edward - so sorry to hear of Madeleine's passing. Our thoughts are with you.
  12. John Laidlaw

    What is the best filler type adhesive for HIPS?

    This is unfortunately a Catch 22 situation - anything that bonds to the styrene will be solvent-based, and will therefore shrink as it cures. Also, putties tend to be fairly rigid when cured. On the plus side, they can be sanded easily, and are not affected by water if you're wet-sanding. Car body filler can be very effective, especially when overcoated by something like Mr. Surfacer or Mr. Dissolved Putty. Multiple applications, yes, but they approach your other requirements better. Also, have a look at this thread for a more detailed look:
  13. John Laidlaw

    What is the best filler type adhesive for HIPS?

    Yup - the disposable nitrile examination gloves are the ones to use, particularly if you have a latex allergy
  14. John Laidlaw

    What is the best filler type adhesive for HIPS?

    Polyurethane adhesives do, and cyanoacrylate cures by reacting with moisture. Polystyrene cement, tube or liquid, are solvents, and cure by outgassing - the more volatile the solvent, the quicker the curing time. Solvent-based putties are the same, and will shrink when they cure
  15. John Laidlaw

    What is the best filler type adhesive for HIPS?

    Some folk find it can irritate or dry out the skin - I've not experienced that, but everyone's different. You can use a wet finger or a shaping tool to get it close to the right shape, and it's very effective. Far less sanding needed that way. As for working it into tighter spaces, the secret is to get it warm first. Rolling the mixed putty between the palms of your hands will do the job, making it much more pliable.