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  1. All peaceful here, Bob. Hope life's treating you well.
  2. Including the two versions of the Mercedes Benz 190E - the standard and the Volvo-built version.
  3. We used to have a Maine Coon - nowhere near that big, but like all Maine Coons, had the loveliest nature. They just look imposing .
  4. In addition to Dennis's good advice, I recommend watching this video on tip drying and its causes and cures.
  5. This year will cost me quite a bit, as there are new tool subjects, some reissues and some Vintage Classics that I want. I'll pre-order them from Sprue Brothers or Scalehobbyist and get better prices that way. Other years have seen me distinctly underwhelmed (the Hellcat, for example - nice enough, but not at that price for me), so I waited and am now happy. Who knows what next year will bring, eh? Maybe a 1/48th FG.1/FGR.2 Phantom with the correct vents and ramps .
  6. I am proud of the fact that I discussed this piece of news with my wife as soon as I heard it. She's aware of my love for all things Spitfire and Airfix. I even told her the cost. She seems resigned to its inevitability. Of course, I can't buy anything else until 2025.
  7. Both of ours - but particularly Percy - will suddenly break into a wild shouting, running about routine at least once a day. It's hilarious. Also, if Percy is being naughty (like trying to get onto the kitchen counters) and you tell him no, he'll run into another room and have a temper tantrum. Splendid little folk.
  8. Really, really nice work, there! The GR.9's great as well.
  9. Excellent models, all! I loved the Starfury in particular, and the E-type is lovely!
  10. Oliver, quite content with the comfy bed on the bathroom counter, thank you very much.
  11. Crikey, that CR.42! What a way to end the year. All great, Stew!
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