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  1. I am unfortunately going to have to bow out of this build. In addition to this kit fighting me all the way, life is not great at the moment and I need to hibernate for a while, find a job and calm down. Apologies to the hosts.
  2. An excellent build, and a touching memorial - beautifully done, Dennis.
  3. A little progress at last - the first colour (RLM 02) is on. I intend to mask and paint the RLM 71 tomorrow, then the RLM 65 on Saturday, but I'm learning to never expect things to go well with this kit, although I shall keep pecking away at it.
  4. I did see the trailer at the cinema when I went to see the last Star Wars film, and it looked absolutely wonderful. But, it was in a cinema which usually makes things much more fun, and trailers can be deceptive. I remember thinking Prometheus was going to be brilliant after watching the trailer. 20 quid is taking the mickey, I think, even if the trailer is representative.
  5. Hi Dennis, The last episode that went to air was "The Timeless Children" back at the beginning of March. The next will be "Revolution of the Daleks", but there appears to be no predicted air date. I have heard talk of it not coming back until 2021, but can't for the life of me remember where I heard that. And there's @davecov with a proper answer .
  6. Oh, absolutely - but without the collaboration, the speed of development remains the same as for any vaccine. Let's hope a vaccine isn't rushed out before being fully tested.
  7. They've had a few decades head-start on genetics, so it's understandable. That said, the progress so far on COVID-19 vaccines is nothing short of amazing... fear may be a great motivator, but collaboration has been the key so far.
  8. Steady on, Mike! They don't even let me hold scissors these days... Telomeres, yes. As I understand it, at least .
  9. Genetic assay - tested both before and after, then compared. Genes wear out (ask me how I know) at a specific rate, and as they're twins they should have remained in lockstep. They weren't, but only by a very small amount. A very clever experiment, I thought.
  10. That is a wonderful result!
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