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  1. That's come together beautifully, PC! You've captured the brutish look so well .
  2. Over my car instead of my house - a Basler BT-67 Turbo Dak. I was in Oshkosh for work, and it flew over the road I was on on its downwind leg before landing.
  3. @Procopius - I have the decals. You just need the walkways, correct? DM me with an address and I’ll get them in the mail.
  4. For once, we were unscathed by power outages. Sorry to hear you're suffering in the gloaming, and hope the power comes on soon. As it happens, I believe I have those decals. I'll have to check, but if I have them, they're yours. I'll keep you posted.
  5. Some v3 Glue Loopers, which are for thick glues. Unlike my normal on spec purchases, these actually work very well - I'm impressed with them.
  6. Very sad to hear of his passing, and it is the end of an era. A friend saw the Top two years ago, and said they were on form. He also said the were friendly hosts when he met them afterward. A sad loss. RIP, Dusty.
  7. What a splendid result, young man, and as always, inspiring. Bravo!
  8. Not only superb modelling, but appropriate and amazing photography!
  9. Crikey - definitely go the Pittsburgh route! That's a huge difference...
  10. I have never managed to see them in person, individually or as the whole band. Whenever I did get the chance, like you, money was not available. Hey ho .
  11. I'm a huge fan of Pink Floyd, so I tend to be critical of covers of their songs. This one passed passed the test for me (including the acknowledged chord flub), and the solo at the end is truly excellent:
  12. These are excellent, Dennis - I am planning a B-29 built as an RAF Washington, so the detail shots will be very useful!
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