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  1. Beautiful work there, Bill, and I like the idea of the theme - lovely "office" you've created, too!
  2. Good grief! Many thanks for that - I'll give that a go! I've found 116 to be very good for the green, and another user on here (sorry, can't remember their name) showed 75 next to the RAFM colour chip and it was very close.
  3. Crikey - had this "expert" actually seen your work? That's an awful thing to happen . If I may ask, which Humbrol colour did you use for the Dark Earth? It looks spot on to me. Beautiful work!
  4. Good to see "Letters from Illinois" again. We've all missed them.
  5. Thanks, Cookie! Thanks, MM! Thanks, Stix! A Happy New Year to you all.
  6. Brilliant! I especially love the Eagles and the SPECTRUM 104 - inspired.
  7. Beautiful stuff, Cookie! That Corsair catches my eye every time. Happy New Year!
  8. 14.5, eh? Yeah... ten doesn't seem so bad now . Cheers, Dennis!
  9. I've had a frankly astonishing three completions this year - usually it's just one, and only if I'm lucky. One is a Shelf of Doom completion, the other two were started and finished this year. Apologies for the less-than-adequate photography. This is something I'll be working on this coming year. The first is the SoD completion, from an Eduard kit started ten years ago. The Grumman F6F-5N Hellcat. Actually a lovely kit, very nearly ruined by my following painting fashions at the time, then realising I didn't like them. So when I picked it back up to complete it, I covered as much a
  10. That Corsair is beautiful... it was a pleasure watching it being built, and the end result was even better. The Spits are gorgeous, too!
  11. That looks great, Mike. Both parts are lovely, but I'm particularly enamoured of the base.
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