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  1. Well, that sucks - I have a started one in the Drawer of Doom* that I was going to pick up when I get my model building area into a functional state again. * The Drawer of Doom attracts fewer mildly sarcy comments as the contents cannot be seen .
  2. As @bentwaters81tfw mentioned them, here they are doing a truly excellent cover of a song with an iconic intro:
  3. And pointy! A much more elegant solution than stuffing the plastic cone with weight.
  4. Correct, they are fibreglass in every instance - they house the radar, so have to be transparent to microwave radiation. Also interesting is that over time, the radiation burns off the green coating in patches, which then need to be touched up with new, fresh green coating, leading to a patchy and weathered appearance.
  5. That's turned out beautifully, Dennis! I always forget how big a plane the P-38 is. Lovely NMF there.
  6. You sell yourself short - those are excellent models, and the paintwork is great, too.
  7. That is a beautiful model! Such attention to detail.
  8. This is a photo of the model. It is therefore subject to perspective and lens distortion (unfortunately the file does not include its EXIF information, or we could see focal length, focal distance, f-ratio, sensor size, etc., which would assist in determining the actual distortion introduced). Arthur Bentley's drawings, by the very nature of technical drawings, are orthographic. You cannot compare the two. Sorry if I'm coming across as grumpy and/or angry - I am not. I am just trying to explain why red-lining orthographic features across a perspective rendition of a 3-D object can never work. It's like comparing apples to chalk.
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