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  1. Well done on squeaking through that loophole! I am ambivalent about Jimmy John's, having been, on several occasions, amazed at the speed of their delivery, but underwhelmed by the food itself... hope yours was good.
  2. That's just adding insult to injury, and yes, they should have checked. People so rarely think ahead, don't they? Gits.
  3. Crikey. But talk about snatching victory from the jaws of defeat... you should be proud.
  4. Humbrol thinners or white spirit do the job nicely. As for varnishes, acrylic are just fine as long as the enamels are properly cured. @lasermonkey's suggestion is also a good one, and would work with enamel varnishes, too.
  5. So sorry for your loss, Peter - our thoughts are with you.
  6. You've helped confirm the choice of kit for me - thank you! I'll look into the MDC conversion, as I have plenty of time to try and find one, and I have my eye on some Xtradecals that seem to fit the bill nicely.
  7. I'm sorry I missed this the first time around, but it's brilliant!
  8. He's wonderful! Congratulations!
  9. Right, I've decided I'm in if that's OK, @Corsairfoxfouruncle? Not sure what scale (either 1/72nd or 1/48th), but I do know it'll be an FAA Corsair II with clipped wing-tips, and Extra Dark Sea Grey/Dark Slate Grey/Sky camouflage (or the ANA equivalents, depending on the markings I choose). I need to do some research on which kits would suit the project best. Fortunately, I enjoy that phase almost as much as painting.
  10. I met up with @Procopius, @Cookenbacher, and @Corsairfoxfouruncle yesterday - had a great time chatting with these great folk. The ever-generous @Procopius (thank you!) handed me a set of Aerocraft Phantom intake ramps and exhausts for the Airfix Phantom, and a Fly Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIb. Now I have to build it and actually finish it .
  11. It was a pleasure to meet you! I am still in awe of your completion rate, and I suspect I'll be joining in one of the builds you're hosting.
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