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  1. Heel shavings everywhere, seriously!
  2. Said the Liverpudlian militant
  3. Body trauma equals angryness
  4. I’m new to this having tried it some 10 years ago and thought it was crap. But it was me not the product. Moving on I purchased 500 + 1000 2 weeks ago to use on my Hunter build. I’ve painted 500 on top of my go to filler (Plasto). Experimenting with what I’ve got, actually it’s my wife’s Nail product with Acetone (that’s the key)to removing the excess. Now a more focused approach is that this stuff isn’t bad but is not a replacement for the filler of your choice, it’s to compliment it. But as mentioned above I’ve used it on wing/tailplane to fuselage joints and it’s worked really well.
  5. Same as Ali. John what style are the books, reference, tales etc.
  6. All model purchase receipts
  7. Yes just got the same. In the details it says the certificate expired one day ago.
  8. Faggots and Saveloy payback
  9. What could you possibly do, surely you everything covered. DaveJL, don’t let the Jabba in
  10. Old Russian battle cruisers
  11. Cheers DES, any chance you could take a photo and post it up or PM me?.
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