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MiG-25PDS 1/48 Kitty Hawk

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A fantastic finish, especially the cockpit and the rear fuselage section, the underside looks incredible.


I'm not surprised Western Intelligence services went into a panic upon learning of this beast, it looks dangerous as hell just sitting on the tarmac and you've captured that dark ominous aggressive stance beautifully. In 1/48 scale it must be a sizable model when finished, the real thing is quite hefty. 

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A very menacing looking brute..The Foxbat (i wonder just who in NATO decided upon the reporting name as it really fits the bill.He/She should be given the Hero of the Russian Federation Medal for making the Mikoyan Guverich's product a household name :D).Anyway,coming back to Mr.Gasenkampf's Foxbat,he did tremendously well in putting the kit together despite the numerous negative drawbacks that came with it.At the end of the day,you put all the work in  and eventually it paid off!:yes:

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I commented on this build not long after it was first posted and I've returned a few times to have another look at that steel/titanium finish on the underside of the jet, having picked up an F-15E and wanting to attempt something similar...bit this time I actually paid attention to other aspects as well...just noticed how intricate and detailed the missiles are, they're mini-masterpieces by themselves :o

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