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  1. That's a great looking model and a interesting back story too. Duncan B
  2. I think that's the nicest FAA Hellcat model I've ever seen. Just the right amount of wear and tear and weathering too. Duncan B
  3. First one I've seen built and it looks good. I really like that you have gone for the RAF markings. Duncan B
  4. I've regularly woken myself up while dreaming/worrying about how I'm ever going to make an impression on my stash or how to deal with a tricky build. Quite often I've come up with an ingenious plan that seems perfectly reasonable at 3am only to wake up again in the morning to find I can't remember the details, or worse, that it was all a load of tosh!! Duncan B
  5. Ah the Uni move, I remember that well. Thanks for your reply, it will be interesting to see how things progress going forward. Personally I not surprised numbers were a little down as that's what I was expecting. Hopefully things will bounce back next year once we have seen how the vaccination program has affected the winter illness season. I haven't chatted to any Traders who have attended shows this year to ask how things are going from their perspective, I know many who still aren't attending Shows though. Looking ahead, I am wondering what sensible precautions Traders should be taking while attending shows with regards to close contact and handling of goods, money etc. Duncan B
  6. I could have phrased that better, I wasn't suggesting anywhere in my post above that the Organisers of Shows make any sort of profit from putting on Shows, well done to them if they do. Those who have "had it good" are the exhibitors (and under table traders) that haven't had to pay a penny to attend in previous years at the many Shows that don't ask for any payment for Tables etc. As I said above, maybe it's time that they should be looking to contribute financially at the Shows they are not already asked to. I don't think I misunderstood you but apologies if I did. You asked for ideas and asking visiting Clubs to pay for their tables was one I put forward (as I know there are some shows that already do this). Indeed they do and perhaps forward thinking and changing the previously entrenched thoughts are contributing factors to why these particular Shows are still successful events. All I am suggesting in my previous posts is that previously entrenched thinking towards how Shows are funded needs to be looked at going forward as the current model (pardon the pun) is unsustainable and the Show circuit will be the worse for it going forward if things don't change. Something that none of us want to see. And I'm sure the MK Show hasn't suffered unduly for taking that step forward. If my previous posts are coming over as being anti-Model Show then that is not my intention. The Show circuit has provided me with inspiration, entertainment and laterally an income so the healthier the show circuit is the better for me and everyone else. By questioning the currently established system of funding of shows I am hoping to stimulate thoughts on how things can be improved for a sustainable future and also to point out to those that may not have considered that most Traders are not going to be able to sustain the spiralling costs of funding shows on their own. There will always be individuals that think all Traders are driving around in Bentleys and are making a huge profit every time they turn up at Shows, if they are then I haven't met them. Those folk will always consider posts like mine to be crying wolf but hopefully enough people in a position to consider changes in how shows are organised will have more considered thoughts on the subject. Duncan B
  7. I agree that the income from selling space to the Traders has been the main source of income for Club Shows in the UK for many years and while I'm not suggesting for a minute that Traders shouldn't be paying for their spaces I do think that there are other sources of income worth investigating to spread the costs around more rather than just lumping the Traders with the ever increasing costs of putting on a Club Show as that is not sustainable. For example, I received an email from a Club recently about their Show for next year and it basically said that the venue costs had increased, the table hire costs had increased, other costs had increased so the Traders were going to have to foot the bill. The email went straight into the 'bin' unanswered as it was quite clear that the expectations of that Club were that the Traders alone should pay for the Club's jolly day out. This is not a particularly well attended Show in the scheme of things so there is a real limit to what Traders will pay to attend it regardless of what that Club Committee might think. Each Show has its own 'footprint' so being realistic with the planning goes a long way to looking after costs, don't hire Wembley Stadium and expect 200 Traders to turn up for a Show that only attracts 200 punters through the door. Maybe it is time for Clubs to start paying for their tables? If they have to be hired in then someone has to pay for them and if the Clubs want to sell 'under the table' then charge them the going rate for a table to sell from instead. It is definitely time to stop Clubs bringing unlimited numbers of folk along for free as current restrictions limit how many can be behind the tables anyway. Issue x number of free tickets to Clubs and tell them the others have to pay at the door. There was a Show (sorry, I can't remember which now) that did away with under table sales but had extra tables set up that could be hired by individuals or Clubs on an hourly basis to sell from. That seemed to work well and the hourly cost was not too prohibitive to stop the sales but was a decent amount of extra revenue over the period of the Show. Less of an organisational drain than a kit swap too. I'm sure there are plenty of other ideas folk could come up with if they needed to get creative to fund their shows. Spreading the cost around might not be popular with those who have had it good for many years but the alternative might be not having so many Shows in the future which will not be palatable either. Duncan B
  8. Got one in the stash so tagging along too. (I really wanted the -1 but they are like hens teeth now). Duncan B
  9. The VAT situation isn't really the issue for EU Traders temporarily bringing their stock into the UK for the Show (I don't think but am happy to be corrected). It's the import/export paperwork required, as the UK is now outside the single market, that is expensive and time consuming (I know of several EU Traders who have said they would have to factor in another day travel each way to allow for Customs Clearance). My understanding is that each individual item type has to be documented on a separate manifest as opposed to one manifest to cover "all stock at X €". Do EU Retailers have to fill in full import/export paperwork for temporarily moving their stock around the EU single market to attend shows? I always assumed they were free to move goods around internally without it but could be wrong on that. Maybe someone in the know could update me on those points. As I understand the changes to VAT on purchases, the UK brought the scheme in 6 months earlier than the EU (to coincide with Brexit) but had Brexit not happened that change would have still taken place in the UK at the same time as the rest of the EU. Duncan B
  10. I believe they gave similar reasons last year. Duncan B
  11. Shame it's so far away from me as that sounds like an interesting day out. Duncan B
  12. If it's not too cheeky to ask how was the attendance figures compared to previous years? I fully understand if you don't want to answer that but it would be helpful to get a feel for how things are going on the show circuit. Many predicted there would be a big bounce back of attendees once shows opened up again while others have predicted the opposite but we just don't know in truth. Duncan B
  13. Yes, you would have got a great view from there. I was still based there for the 1984 Show, I was assigned to crash and smash that year and saw the show from the unique perspective of lying in the grass in the sunshine just off the main runway. I didn't get finished until 9pm and went straight to "The Commie" with my mates and got so blotto that I was too "ill" to attend the mandatory FOD plod of the airfield on the Sunday morning!! (maybe that wasn't the happiest of days right enough!). Duncan B
  14. Oh happy days. I have some very fond memories of B of B day at Leuchars right through from attending with my dad in childhood*, with the ATC, as a serving Raffie based there to visiting as a "when I.." for the last Shows. *Our first attempt to attend the show was (I think) 1969 when Concorde was due to make an appearance and that caused incredible amounts of traffic and we were stuck on the Tay Bridge in a tail back all the way from Leuchars to Dundee! We didn't see Concorde or make it past the Fife end of the Bridge on that occasion. Duncan B
  15. There is surely no victory in the decline of model shows no matter which side of the trade tables one occupies. Unfortunately though the bottom line for many Traders is that many model shows that were previously economically viable to trade at are no longer so. For example, my last full season on the circuit before covid (2019) was not a spectacular financial success overall with only a couple of shows actually making any profit for me, some broke even but many were loss making where in the previous years most had either broken even or made a profit. The figures stopped adding up for my continued attendance of many shows and the decision was made, before covid came along and took over, that the loss making shows would not feature on my calendar again in 2020. I know I am not alone in having had to make those decisions as there comes a point for each Trader when they have to decide if attending Show X or Y is actually worth it regardless of what show it is. The future of many shows are on the line if they are not financially viable but the Traders are not taking any pleasure from that or holding Victory Parades to the decline of a marketplace. Many Clubs might have to consider a different approach to funding their shows in the future rather than relying on the income from Traders to cover the bulk of the costs if they want to put shows on. Duncan B
  16. Even without CV-19 the Show was going to find it challenging to attract the same level of commitment from European exhibitors due to the UK's change of status. I know many UK Traders who regularly attended the larger shows on the continent who have dropped them due to the new Customs regulations making it impractical and too expensive. That the organisers are having to deal with the effects of a pandemic at the same time just makes matters more difficult for them and for the success of the show as in the vast majority of cases it's the income generated from selling trade space that provides the funds for Clubs to host Shows in the first place. Duncan B
  17. One thing for sure with the hosts being who they are you'd hope that there won't be the pilfering from trade stands that blights many a show. Duncan B
  18. Duncan B

    RLM 79 confusion

    Straight away when I see FS standard numbers quoted alongside WW2 Luftwaffe colours (or any other WW2 colours for that matter) by model instructions I tend to ignore them as an attempt to sell their own paint products (matched to FS) rather than to try to match to real Luftwaffe colours. I'm fairly sure that the RLM didn't match their colours to a US system that didn't even exist at the time so the best anyone is going to get is an approximation based on a model company's desire to sell paint or due to lazy research by the kit manufacturer. That approximation might well be good enough for most folk but the 'Experten' would be depositing kittens from their posterior at the very thought of it. My take on it all now, having previously bought almost every paint range in existence to try to find the "most accurate" RLM colours, is that once I found a set of colours that I was happy with the look of on the models I stuck with those colours whether they were the best matches to the paint chips (which don't all match anyway) or not. I do have to mix paint ranges because there isn't one complete range that I am personally happy with across the RLM spectrum. The colours that give me most trouble with when matching to the currently accepted paint chips are 65, 76, and 78. It's a heresy in some quarters but I lighten them to get a less in your face brightness as I just don't think they look right on a scale model. There, in a nutshell is the problem with modellers, researchers can go to great efforts to produce the most accurate colour chips which reputable paint manufacturers follow only for modellers (me included) to go "pah, I don't like it, I think it should look like this instead!" I know it drives our semi tame paint manufacturer, Jamie Duff, daft when folk just randomly add white to his beautifully crafted paints "for a bit of scale effect" or in my case "because I expect it to look different"! Duncan B
  19. It's tiny but packed with character, very nice. Duncan B
  20. Duncan B

    RLM 79 confusion

    That's the best answer to the recurring question "what model paint best matches RLM......" I have ever seen and should be pinned to the top of this section. I'm a keen Luftwaffe modeller and have amassed quite a few reference books on the subject over the years but in the end I'm also quite keen on keeping what's left of my sanity so tend to go with the paints I am happy to use and look good enough to me. A very unscientific approach and one that will raise a few hackles with the Experten no doubt. Duncan B
  21. Duncan B

    Eduard 190 Problems

    It does sound like Revell have made a hash of the instructions. They buy the bagged plastic parts from Eduard but print their own box, instructions and decals so the misleading instructions is down to Revell (generally Eduard instructions are superb and can be downloaded from their website for free in PDF form which is worth remembering if you ever buy another Eduard repop or one of their Overtree kits). Eduard's latest Fw190A-x and Bf109G-x kits are pretty much shake and bake so maybe one of those might have been a better introduction to their kits for you. If I were you I wouldn't get overly worried about the rear of the engine bay pipework as you'll not be able to see very much in there once the kit is finished anyway (as you can see from my earlier photo). It's all experience for you anyway. Duncan B
  22. Duncan B

    Eduard 190 Problems

    I believe you will be having fit problems as it's not a shake and bake kit as most have said previously. If you don't go carefully and test fit with no glue before each stage you will definitely run into the kind of problems you are discussing. This is usually where the first significant issues develop. If you don't get that spar lined up exactly then it throws everything else that follows out. Even though I was aware of this and I took my time I still had to remove a lot of material from the top of the spar to get it to fit without pushing the other parts out of place. You can see there is a slight trace of the wing to fuselage joint on mine ahead of the yellow band but nothing too drastic. The bit that I do remember really getting angry at was the fit of the main undercarriage legs. Eduard were going for "total accuracy" of the leg locating slots rather than giving us something sturdy but not to scale. I don't remember having any missing or incorrect parts and wonder if that particular problem is more to do with the Revell instructions not being clear enough? Duncan B
  23. Duncan B

    Eduard 190 Problems

    I've built the Eduard Dora 9 and while it is a kit that needs careful dry fitting and assembly to get the best out of it I don't recall having any problems with the instructions. I am guessing that Revell print their own instructions for this kit so would suggest downloading the Eduard instructions directly from the Eduard website (it's possibly too far down the build process to be of any worth to you now though?). Revell's instructions for their own kits can be a liability rather than a help as I've found out to my own cost over the years. Duncan B
  24. Watching with interest as I have this and the wheeled version high up the pile in the stash. Duncan B
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