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  1. True enough, it'll poison half of Suffolk if they set a match to it!! Duncan B
  2. Absolutely, seawater and electronics, aluminium and all the rest don’t play nicely together. It’s capoot and only fit for the fire dump. Duncan B
  3. Is this something new or are more of us just noticing that prices are increasing faster than our incomes at the moment? I can remember lusting after models (the plastic kind!) that I couldn't afford in my childhood, teens and into my twenties and now that I am effectively retired I am once again in that position. I think any hobby can be as expensive as you want to make it if you must have the top end items of that hobby. We live in an age where there are some spectacular kits being released but there is also such a choice of models available now that modelling on a limited budget isn't impossible and we aren't limited to buying only what's available in the local model shop in the way that we were back in the black and white days (please do keep buying in your local model shops if you have them though as they need your support). I guess I am lucky that I can still afford the luxury of choosing to have a hobby, even if it is tailored to fit my current cloth. I know there will always be folk worse off than me that are having to make much harder choices. Duncan B
  4. Excellent work and a really impressive result. Duncan B
  5. You have done a great job on this illusive beast and the colour scheme will stand out in your display case for sure. Duncan B
  6. I think they were all the same with the exception of the very earliest prototypes which had 4 horn style mass balances (2 per aileron). Duncan B
  7. The much anticipated new Zoukei Mura 1/32 scale Messerschmitt Bf109G-14/U4 "Hartmann" Limited Edition kit is now available to pre-order from BlackMike Models until noon on the 25th February at which time we will close the pre-order book. This kit has all the detail you have come to expect from Zoukei Mura and will certainly tickle the fancy of many a modeller. The UK RRP is £89.99 however we are able to offer it at £79.95 including free shipping (orders and shipping UK only) but remember to get your order in with us before noon on the 25th February to avoid missing out. For all the details and to make an order please visit https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/products/zoukei-mura-sws18-1-32-messerschmitt-bf109g-14-u4-hartmann Duncan B
  8. Just arrived this morning, Ray Rimell's Fokker F.1/Dr.1 book. Duncan B
  9. The carpet in my modelling room has a few, so far the carpet monster has not been willing to hand them back. Duncan B
  10. A new 1/72 Javelin from Airfix would be right at the top of my list. I ask them for it every chance I get, eventually they will get sick of me and just do it lol. Duncan B
  11. I haven't seen a High Planes kit so can't comment on that one but I do have the Cyber Hobby FAW1 and FAW2 kits and had the MPM/Xtrakit kit but got rid of it. Of those 2 manufacturers I'd say the Cyber Hobby kit is the better of the 2. It does have faults that would stand out to anyone, the most obvious being the reversed NACA ducts on the booms and the over simplified undercarriage scissor links, the nose is apparently the wrong shape but I would suggest that most folk wouldn't know. I haven't put them against any plans but someone did tell me that they thought the wingspan was a bit out, that would need confirming from someone with accurate plans. The MPM one looked (to me) to be too fat in the fuselage and I thought it looked generally more short run than the Cyber Hobby kit. What we need is Airfix to scale down their 1/48 kit and then that would be the end of the debate (for the FAW2 at least). Duncan B
  12. I caught the tail end of this hour long film on Talking Pictures TV on Freeview the other day. In the final 20 minutes there are lots of flying sequences from the Middle East and of Hawker Furies in the UK. Looks to be well worth a watch all the way through if you have access to the channel. Duncan B
  13. As always, another truly inspiring paint finish that us airbrushes struggle to achieve. Did you have any problems with the base kit? The one I built fought me all the way with one fuselage side being slightly shorter than the other and the notorious engine pods not only being too big but not wanting to line up properly to the wing mounts. Duncan B
  14. Very nicely done. I must get one of these to got with my Eduard D.VII. Duncan B
  15. Happy New Year folks, we are starting 2022 with a bang here at BlackMike Models with the announcement that we are now ready to take pre-orders on the soon to be released Das Werk DW16002 1/16 scale Panzer III Ausf.J 3in1 kit. This is the first time that a Panzer III has been released by a mainstream model company in 1/16 scale. As you would expect from a model this size this will be a highly detailed kit featuring workable tracks and suspension, the hatches can be built open or closed, with or without the add on armour, with either the long or the short main gun barrel. The standard European version or the modified Africa Korps version can be built from the kit. Multiple decal options will be included (details are still to be confirmed). Available to pre-order now from www.blackmikemodels.co.uk for expected delivery in late April or May (subject to the usual caveats about shipping delays etc). The U.K. RRP has been confirmed at £129.00 however our pre-order price is £116.95 which also includes free 48 hr UK Courier delivery. We have limited availability at this price so make sure to order early. Duncan B
  16. A thing of beauty, really nicely done. Duncan B
  17. So nice, the paint work looks great and the weathering is perfect. I am really struggling to get the 2012 Revell Ju-88 finished because the fit is awful. It doesn't look like you have had any trouble in that regard. Duncan B
  18. They are both great, impressive looking models of impressive aircraft. Duncan B
  19. We have overshot the 40 page rule slightly so I've set up a new thread. Please post all your latest additions in Pt VII. Mods please lock this one please. Duncan B
  20. A nice new thread at the start of 2022 to show off your latest acquisitions. Duncan B
  21. As Adam says the plastic parts in the (currently available) kits are the same, just different decals. Duncan B
  22. I have switched to LED work lamps now but had previously noticed that the tube on my magnifier lamp was quite hot. I also had a near miss with the sun shining through it and burning a hole in the carpet once, it got covered when not in use after that. Duncan B
  23. I have always liked the Bronco (well the 10A, not so keen on the D) and wondered if I should get myself one of these. Seeing the kit parts and the work you are doing I thing I know what my first personal purchase of 2022 will be. Duncan B
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