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  1. Superb, I doubt you really need any advice on finishing based on what I'm seeing there. Duncan B
  2. You've done a great job on it and having built one myself I know it is not an easy kit to build to such a high standard as you have done. Duncan B
  3. Amazon will deliver to your Hotel or accommodation. Duncan B
  4. Did the upgrade program (carried out in Belarus if I remember correctly) not include an upgrade to the weapons systems to allow more ground attack options or was that just the UB's that got the upgrades? Duncan B
  5. ...and don't be tempted to fit the SUU Gun either as these weren't an option in the FAA days. Duncan B
  6. Yes, that's correct. Glow2B have some production/commercial agreements with Trumpeter whereby they get kits produced for them or rebox existing Trumpeter kits which is not uncommon in the modelling world but they are in no way owned by them. Duncan B
  7. The boxes absolutely stink if I'm being honest. Mrs B immediately put our batch in the stock room and refused to handle them again. Thankfully, as others have said, they come from the manufacturer in individual boxes so all we have to do is slap the delivery address on and get them out the door. Duncan B
  8. 50% of the Airfix Vulcans I had in stock had that very same issue. Duncan B
  9. Sadly I'm otherwise engaged this weekend or else I would have dropped by. Duncan B
  10. I think they had Fletchers on for the ferry flights to the UK, could be wrong but I seem to remember seeing photos of the arrival ceremony (but that could have been the first FGR2s arrival, the memory ain't wha it used to be!). However I guess that a quick Google search will produce some photos of the first aircraft's arrival. Duncan B
  11. I was pretty sure I'd seen photos from the very early FG1 days with McDD tanks on. @sloegin57 glad to see that your comprehensive photo archive has confirmed my dodgy memory banks. Duncan B
  12. From what I've read elsewhere this one is in a worse state (corrosion) than the prototype that they have in the Carrier Experience so they are looking to get shot of it. Duncan B
  13. I think the point being made is that the F-4G didn't have the TISEO because they were originally hard wing F-4Es therefore did not get the optics when the wing was modified (while they were still E's). Duncan B
  14. You have done a lovely job of it, your enhancements really make a difference to the whole thing. Duncan B
  15. What an impressive looking model. I guess the question floating around everyone's mind is where/how would you display something that size? Duncan B
  16. The first thing that struck me was the squared off tailplane which ruled out the Me410 to me initially however the fin does look very similar with the balance horn in the correct position and everything else looks about right so I'd go with a Me410 and a damaged tip to the tailplane (plus I can't think of anything else German or Axis in general that fits). Duncan B
  17. Not the same Juliet with the semi-permanent nose wheel steering problem in the early/mid 1980's (that had a photo taken reins fitted from the front cockpit which royally upset the heid yins)? Duncan B
  18. That's the main issue. Duncan B
  19. They are actually selling quite well as is the Border Model 1/35 scale Bf109G. I was a bit sceptical until I saw the plastic then it was a no brainer to stock them. Next up from Border is a 1/35 Japanese WW2 aircraft I believe. Great review Mike Duncan B
  20. The whole cockpit area is a bit of a puzzle to me. I understand why the F-35 has that humped back look (due to there being a lift fan right behind the cockpit on the puddle jumper version) so why does the J-35 need the hump? Is it to shield the cockpit from radar from the rear hemisphere? If so I'd have thought the 2 jet pipes sticking out the back would negate any advantage of that idea and it will reduce the view the pilot has of Maverick on his tail. As someone else has said it's what's under the skin along with the operational doctrine that'll really make the difference. The J-35 is arguably easier on the eye than the "Pigeon" but it's not going to be battling it out in a beauty contest. It is interesting to see how it's transformed during development from looking like an F-22 to looking more like a twin engine F-35 (or F-22 rear end with an F-35 front end grafted on. Is there a single engined F-22 lookalike using up the left over front and rear fuselages hiding in a hangar somewhere in China?). I suppose the irony of it being the J-35 isn't lost on it's designers or future operators either. Duncan B
  21. I'm glad to see lots of love for a new 1/72 scale Javelin and Sea Vixen. I've been banging on about them since the sublime 1/48 kits appeared from Airfix. I just hope they appear before my eyesight goes and the RRP becomes more than the original 1/48 scale kits! Duncan B
  22. I'm very sorry to hear this. Unfortunately I am one of the Traders who had to make the very hard decision not to attend this year due to the ever mounting external costs (particularly fuel and accommodation). Steve and I always thoroughly enjoyed our visits to the "Driffield" Show and were always welcomed warmly by the Club members and organisers. (As I said on the phone) I really hope that the world has returned to some semblance of normality next year and we are all able to attend your show again. Duncan B
  23. You say it's not perfect but it's not too shabby either. Very nice work and I also like the hint of roundel showing through from the top of the top wing, very subtly done. Duncan B
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