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  1. This board of the GDR Air Force was in just such a camo. And here the correct color rendition.
  2. Looking good Dragan! But the model is not true - camo colors incorrect.
  3. Superb build! Looks great! Excellent result, Ed!!
  4. Thank you for the appreciation of my work!
  5. Great job! (Repair on the road)
  6. I'll be the first ...) Nice COBRA Koralik!
  7. Nice to hear! Thank so much Francis!
  8. Hello dear colleagues! My next model of a tank is M1 / 72. Short info: Crew - 4 people. Combat weight - 36.5 tons. Armor (fron) - 100 mm (turret) - 115-192 mm. Armament: in addition to the cannon, two 7.62mm SG-43 machine guns, (350 rounds in each) one 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun DShK. (200 patrons). Engine, diesel В-54 (520 hp) Road speed 50 km / h. Cruising range 350-400 km. The model is assembled out of the box, with the exception of some changes. - drilled holes in the barrels of the DShK anti-aircraft machine gun - all handrails of the turret are made with wire - added a handle on the inside of the hatch - added pipelines for external fuel system - added the barrel (from the needle) of the on-turret machine gun Painting - enamels AKAN, TAMIYA gloss varnish - FUTURE and matt TAMIYA MIG wash (dark), ZIPmaket truck wash, "pack" - MIG pigments, TAMIYA tinting of "powder". Decal ARMA. Presented a Soviet medium tank (w / n) from one unit of the Marine Corps of the USSR Navy Happy viewing!
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