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  1. This has already been posted elsewhere , it's also the wrong forum.
  2. I suspect that the weapons will be the same as the existing A-10A kit and you'll have to go aftermarket for an up to date load out.
  3. Some good info on FAA Corsairs here https://fundekals.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/FD32003_Inst.pdf
  4. Do you need one? It's Tamiya and it'll be perfect, what more do you need to know.
  5. I've got a shipping notification from Jadlam for a P-38J I pre-ordered from them.
  6. It could be like the same as the options on this decal sheet. http://www.iliad-design.com/decals/T-38C.html
  7. I'm looking forward to this. I also notice that it seems like the angle of the subject in the artwork is angled in a specific way to obscure the national insignia.
  8. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/air-force-unveils-first-f-35-aggressors-dedicated-to-chinese-threats
  9. That's superb. I'm looking forward to reading the article.
  10. I thought the same. The Block 20 and Block 15 MLU should be identical with the possible exception of the contents of the extended tail fairing.
  11. Do you need one or both?
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