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  1. I've just seen a post on ARC that Caracal Models are reprinting their two 1/48 SR-71 decal sheets CD48100 and 101 . They should be available about the same time as the kit. CD48100 http://www.caracalmodels.com/cd48100.html CD48101 http://www.caracalmodels.com/cd48101.html
  2. Great pics, thanks for sharing them. My memories of the Leuchars airshow are that it always depended on the weather . If it was sunny it was amazing otherwise it could be miserable but usually enjoyable.
  3. The current digital issue of MAM is the August issue , SAMI is August/September .
  4. Released according to ICM Facebook page today and on shelves soon.
  5. According to an ICM Facebook post today the B-26K has been released and should be in shops soon!
  6. Since I started this topic I'm going to point out that this was about the forthcoming 1/48 Mirage IVA/P from Modelsvit. If you'd like to to wish for a Yak-141 perhaps you could start another thread please.
  7. It was posted on Facebook this morning. I can't figure out how to embed the post here but I'm hoping @Homebee will be along to rectify that.
  8. My condolences on your loss. I second this, I offloaded a quantity of kits to Kingkit last year and it was a very smooth process, I sent a list of what i had, we agreed a price and I boxed them up (the hard part entailing purchasing large boxes from Staples) , a DPD courier arrived at my home and collected them. It was very straightforward.
  9. Absolutely superb, I thought it was the rea; thing photoshopped.
  10. I've heard that shipping container cost is now about 4-5 times what it was.
  11. Full details of the carrier deck release. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/61122/index.htm
  12. Thanks, the weight (Liquid gravity) is all crammed in and around the cockpit , every spare space. I also used the front of the engine cowlings. Thank you. no exact ratios I'm afraid I just kept adding white until it looked right. The top colours were actually painted twice ,
  13. I'm pretty sure it is a warbird. I remember pictures of it showing up on social media when filming was going on.
  14. Glaring plot holes aside I quite enjoyed it, the interior is a work of fiction because the real thing is highly classified sot hey make it up and need to allow the extra space to enable filming to take place (not to mention social distancing) . I've been on four museum submarines (3 x US 1 x Russian) and they're very confined. One thing I was surprised is the use of a Police Scotland detective for the investigation, I would have thought that the RN has something like an NCIS equivalent for criminal investigations. I'm still tuning in tonight.
  15. Frigate / Carrier / Submarine by John Wingate Written in 1980 This is a trilogy about the Royal Navy in a fictional conflict with the Soviet Union at sea. They're very well written and realistic, very reminiscent of Douglas Reeman. All downloadable on Kindle.
  16. They're for the ECM system , ALQ-126 is the designation I think.
  17. Another superstar build, if it weren't for the lack of chocks those photos would look like it was the real thing.
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