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  1. Very tidy looking Thunderbolt. nice clean paint and finish.
  2. Another winner.... beautiful work Fuad, hard to believe it is 1/72.
  3. Great stuff! Could stand to see a few more photos.....(?)
  4. Lovely! super clean finish on both, very well done.
  5. Lovely! the spinning prop really brings things to life-and good job on the mottling.
  6. A pair of gems. Airfix did a good thing with their Mustang, you've definitely done them justice.
  7. Great! ..really like the deckchair ..what a good use of an Airfix pilot. p.s. I found the paints in the starter sets, er..."not quite the quality" of other brands. I use Gunze all the time now- thinned they brush on really nicely...order online.
  8. Good work Paulo, that's a great looking Hellcat- top marks for the exhaust stains/weathering.
  9. Great work . Really like the subtle weathering, esp. on the ladder and cockpit area. Very nice.
  10. Lol. I totally understand...
  11. Very impressive (as always..) I could imagine this doing touch and go's at Marham- I remember seeing Victor K.2's doing same....
  12. Excellent work! that's a great looking Tomcat. The nine ship flightline would make a really impressive diorama.....(?)
  13. Wow- very impressive... Love that detail on the rotor-head... and were those non-slip areas molded into the kit or did you do those? Cheers, Dave
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