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Kev The Modeller

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  1. Your attention to detail is superb
  2. Kev The Modeller

    Some help and advice please

    I've been given a old EOS 300 SLR (film type not digital) it's comes with various lenses and attachments. I know next to nothing about photography or cameras, but I have been looking at buying one capable of taken decent holiday, show and model pictures for sometime rather than using my phone. Although the camera is in fully working order and very good if not as new condition, the fact it's film really makes a non stater for what I want to use it for. Are the lenses on older non digital cameras compatible with current digital SLR's if they're I could save myself a packet and it would be such a waste to bin them and the camera.
  3. Kev The Modeller

    Who are the UK distributors for Vallejo

  4. Kev The Modeller

    Who are the UK distributors for Vallejo

    Yes, I didn't read the link, they've now closed the shop As for who distributes Vallejo I think it may be these guys Creative Models perhaps give them a call.
  5. Kev The Modeller

    Who are the UK distributors for Vallejo

    Yes, I get the distance thing and it's one of the possible downsides to mail order. Just don't use them anymore try these snmstuff I've used them many times no issues including getting things changed/replaced in this instance they would send me another, they're also have a shop near Farnborough Could be some distance from you but, you could make a pilgrimage.
  6. Kev The Modeller

    Who are the UK distributors for Vallejo

    Sounds like very old stock or it's been in prolonged sunlight of something. Why wont they change it or is it because you've got to take it back to them and can't for some reason? They should just replace or refund, it should be easy to prove what you're saying?
  7. Kev The Modeller

    Who are the UK distributors for Vallejo

    It's got nothing legally to do with the distributor, you bought the paint from Wayalnd, they have the legal obligation to sell goods which are fit for purpose. They (Wayalnd) would then claim for the faulty product from the distributor. Whats, wrong with it and what's Wayalnd reason for not replacing it, it's only a few £?
  8. Kev The Modeller

    Berlin defeat

    Very nice mate
  9. Fantastic build Woody This aircraft for me has a personnel significance, I once knew a man who flew these and never past up an opportunity to tell his story I hope you don't mind. I posted the following in Selliecool's excellent Sterling D- D Double build of last Feb, this was my post My once good friend I didn't mention in the previous post that he once showed me his log book. In it amongst many unbelievable sorties, were two extremely interesting entries, both a few weeks apart stated he'd landed a Sterling in a Dutch field at night dropping off SOE/equipment! I sadly lost contact with Jim (due to work/moving away) for the last few years of his life, I can only hope all his memorabilia, was kept by his at the time I knew him estranged family.
  10. Kev The Modeller

    Airfix's BIG Tiffie

    Stunning build mate
  11. Kev The Modeller

    Academy 1/35 Jagdpanzer Hetzer

    Lovely build mate
  12. Kev The Modeller

    Paint Suggestions for Mustang IV Cockpit?

    Tamiya for their 1/32 P 51D state XF3 & XF 5 mixed 2 - 1 for cockpit colour. I've used Ammo Mig's USAAF WWII colour set and found them to be a good match or take a look at AK WW2 U.S. Aircraft Interior Colours and their real colour range, I've not used either but have used other colours from these ranges. Just make sure you use a lacquer thinner for the real colour. I'm sure there are more such as Vallejo who do an extensive WWII USAAF Aircraft -16x 17ml set and MRP also do a range of USAF colours, but I've not used any of these.
  13. Kev The Modeller

    Takom Late Panther A Buildlog

    Superb work Jack I'm following with great interest
  14. Kev The Modeller

    Dick Churchill, last survivor of the Great Escape.

    Sad new indeed, RIP
  15. Kev The Modeller

    Graf Spee

    Superb build mate
  16. Kev The Modeller

    1/32nd F-100 "Triple Zilch"

    Very nice
  17. Kev The Modeller

    Albaros D.V Wingnut Wings 1/32

    Lovely build mate
  18. Lovely build, I just love these 50's & 60's jets
  19. Have a look at the FZS600 "Fazer" 99 - 03 non injected, really clean are picked up for around £1500 but prices will start climbing as time goes on. These are way better the Hornet, 4 litres more fuel in the tank so a lot more range, nose firing way more comfortable and faster in the real world, cheap to run and totally bulletproof. I had one to commute on to save using my bigger bikes I had it while owning the Busa, I often found myself picking the Fazer over the larger bikes, it just did everything so well, fantastic in traffic, great 2 up and 230 mile tank range if your was good with the right wrist this was 280 plus. I really couldn't fault it.
  20. Kev The Modeller

    Tamiya 1/20 Porsche 935 "Martini"

    Very nice
  21. Kev The Modeller

    Sad News Regarding my Wife

    It's always good to talk about rather than bottle up serious matters and the sooner the better. Please accept my deepest condolences for the loss of your wife.
  22. I sold mine in May 03 W805 VLT it's not been taxed or mot's since Nov 03 no doubt it was wrecked