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  1. Great looking Spitfire there Roger, beautiful job
  2. Cheers Gary, I forgot to answer your other question: it`s going to be a grey one ( Deuce )
  3. Ah I see, I wondered what you were Tolkien about. I`ll get my coat.......................... Cheers Russ
  4. Thanks Pete for the kind words, but I`m afraid the `short man` thing went straight over my head?
  5. Excellent `Jack` there Nanond, great job with the chipping. Really nice work
  6. Great looking Sycamore there Tony. Really good work with the dayglo orange too.
  7. Hi Gary. If it`s any consolation, I struggle with an air brush. In a nutshell: thinning is a matter of trial and error, I aim for consistency of single cream but some colours work better a little thicker ie white, yellow, light greys and blues. If it`s a big colour step from plastic to paint or silver I use an undercoat of satin mid/light grey ( no particular shade ). So after painting the model in the base colours or camouflage I draw the panel lines in with a mechanical pencil ( the ones where the lead comes out when you push the button at the top ). Then gloss varnish, then decals, then a matt coat ,then draw the panel lines in over the decals . Next I dry brush over the panel lines with an olive drab or dark grey using a small stiff cut off brush to knock them back a bit. If it looks too stark I rub it about with my thumb to blend it in. I that doesn`t work I use a pencil eraser, rub it off and try again. I apply it heavier around control surfaces, access panels, wing roots trying to work lighter as I move away from the centre. Next I damp brush ( like dry brush but with more paint left in the brush ) leading edges, panel centres and areas prone to scuffing in a lighter shade of the base colour, rubbing it about with thumb if it`s too stark. When this is dried I add exhaust stains, then aluminium chips both using a stippling action with a cut off short stiffish brush. Then knock the chipping back with a bit of dry brushed olive drab. Then a matt coat ( or Gloss or Satin depending on final finish ) or two to bring it all together. Feathered edges I do by stippling with a short stiff brush and thumb using the darker of the two colours. With the Avenger I couldn`t do this as the Xtracolour paint was gloss and dried a lot quicker than matt enamels, so I stippled it and then went over it with a soft brush soaked in white spirit. Nerve wracking but I think it worked! Took a couple of attempts and I let the base paint dry for over a week before trying it. I usually use Humbrol Enamels except for the matt and gloss coats. For the matt I use Windsor and Newton Acrylic matt varnish and for gloss I normally use Future/Klear or Humbrol Acrylic gloss coat. Hope I haven`t bored you to death, but you did ask Hope this helps, Cheers Russ
  8. Thanks Martin, actually I`ve a Monogram Deuce just started and am impatiently waiting for ICM`s Bronco and Counter Invader. Also waiting for their Beaufort too I`ve also a Beechcraft something or other I intend to do as a QU-22 drone and a B-57. Always something to do but too many doors, door frames and skirting boards to do too.
  9. Cheers Gary, I`m flattered that you`re so enthusiastic about my models but there`s nothing amazing going on here. Most of it is just dry/damp brushing and trial and error. If it doesn`t work out I just swab it off with white spirit or rub it off with a pencil eraser and try again. Sorry but I`ve neither the time or inclination to do such a thing. If anyone needs help or wants to know about how I did a specific thing then I`ll gladly help them. Also, as I use Enamels most of the time is waiting for it to dry and I`m sure no one wants to watch a video of paint drying Thanks again, Cheers Russ
  10. Thanks Etienne I`m sorry to say that the auto setting on the camera is responsible for the photo`s. It`s a Samsung ES70, pretty much point and shoot. I took a lot of photo`s and deleted most of them, what you see are the best that came out. Glad you like them though. Cheers Russ
  11. Great looking Vulcans there Adam, I see your doing the `Thunderball` thing on the table
  12. Sorry to have corrupted you Mike , yeah I never did get the hang of the airbrush, too much time ( for me ) cleaning it and masking too. Maybe one day.......................... Cheers Russ
  13. Thanks Rog, having built both over the years I think the AM kit is a bit easier apart from the turret, esp as you haven`t got the wing folds to worry about. They`re about the same otherwise. Oh and I added a gunsight from the spares box I forgot to mention in my original post. Look forward to seeing yours when it`s done Cheers Russ
  14. Superb Starfighter there, Really nice work
  15. Howdy All, Thought you wouldn`t mind me showing some photo`s of my latest effort, hot off the kitchen table My second attempt at HobbyBoss`s 1/48 Avenger kit Completed to represent a New Zealand Air Force TBF-1C Built almost completely from the box contents, only additions being brake pipes, seat belts and radio antenna wire The previous HB kit I did with the wings folded and I expected a bit of hassle doing them open but in the end it was no trouble at all Decals came from Ventura Decals set V48101 and I was torn between this and the Donald Duck option....... ........but in the end opted for the indigenous artwork Paints were Xtracolour enamels and my first attempt at brushing a feathered edge with them just hoping it looks OK to your discerning eyes Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  16. Fantastic job on what I`ve heard is a very hard kit, really nice work
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