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  1. Really nice `Loach` there, great job on the figures too
  2. Awesome job, fantastic build and weathering
  3. Howdy Everyone, Thought I`d post some pic`s of a recent completion photographed in much sunnier times. Well...... last week actually My attempt at Italeri`s 1/48 UH-1D/H `Slick` kit I originally intended to do it as an RAAF Bushranger but after some research found that the decals provided in the kit bore no resemblance to the actual aircraft. So I waited and searched on Ebay now and again but nothing and eventually thought I might as well do a US Army one using the other kit decals. I couldn`t find any photo`s of the actual aircraft so what the he
  4. Really nice Spitfire and great collection too
  5. Superb, all those improvements really paid off.
  6. Great looking Tomcat Bryn, was expecting the desert scheme but that one suits it, really nice work
  7. Great looking Wirraway, really nice work
  8. Great looking Jaguar there Gazza, really nice work
  9. Great job on a bit of a tricky kit, really nice work
  10. I started with base coats of Humbrol 157 for the top and light grey 64 for the lower surfaces. then drew the panel lines lines in with a mechanical pencil, then gloss and decal followed by matt coat. then drew the panel lines over the decals with pencil. Then knocked the pencil lines back a bit by dry brushing with short stiff brush using dark and light olive drabs. next added faded areas by dry brushing with medium and light greys and rubbing it about with my thumb before fully dry to blend it all together a bit, then dry brushed and stippled aluminium to scuffed and chipped areas. Dry b
  11. Thanks, between Pearl Harbour and Coral Sea, the US Navy undertook a series of offensives against the Japanese at Wake, Marshall and Marcus Islands amongst others. This would be the operation referred to, I think. Hence the bombs as opposed to torpedo loaded. Cheers Russ
  12. Howdy Everyone, just thought I`d bother you with some photo`s of my latest effort My attempt at Great Wall Hobby`s 1/48 Devastator kit Built from their `Wake Island` boxing Finished in the markings of VT-6 aboard the USS Enterprise, of Wake Island, Feb 1942. Built as usual mostly from the box with a few photo etched item replaced with less troublesome ( for me ) materials Such as: ignition harness for the engine ,the triangular fillets around the wingfold and the pronged pitot tube. Was going to open the canopy up but the ind
  13. Hi Markus, great back ground info` and glad you like it Cheers Russ
  14. Thanks Patrick for the info` and for looking, glad you like it Cheers Russ
  15. Thanks DJ, I`ve been at this one on and off since last May when I bought it, I kept finding things I`d missed and have to go back to and rectify, plus it took several attempts to delete the gunners position and blend it all in so you couldn`t see it ( from 6ft away ish ) Cheers Russ
  16. Thanks Craig, Most of it is an Xtracolour Silver Enamel X105 I think, I used it all up and threw the tin away. Odd bits are Humbrol Chrome 191 strategically placed. As for storing it, well it`s loft insulation now along with the Skywarrior, Stallion and others. It`s more interesting to look at than Glass Fibre I find . Cheers Russ
  17. Thanks Pete, they were built post war in France I believe. They had a few subtle differences to the wartime ones, some I did and a few I probably missed. Cheers Russ
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