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  1. Thanks CM, yes done 3 Skyraiders ( Fat Face ones ) plus F-100 and 2 Bronco`s. Never had any problems using them and some great subjects Cheers Russ
  2. Really nice pair of Greek Scooters, love the dio` too, great stuff
  3. Excellent `152 there Jean, finished to perfection
  4. Beautifully done Spitfire, love the scheme too. Really nice work
  5. Howdy Everyone, just finished another Skyraider so I thought you wouldn`t mind too much if I shared a few photo`s This time a US Navy single seater as I realised I was missing one in the collection after I had a `cull` a while back Built from Tamiya`s 1/48 A-1H boxing Finished to represent an A-1J of VA-165, `The Boomers`, US Navy, circa 1965 As usual, mostly from the box but with a few tweaks. Decals from Caracal Models set CD48196, Zuni Rocket pods on inboard pylons from ICM`s Bronco kit Brake pipes, ignition harness and static wicks from bits of wire, dodgy paper seatbelts and a rear view mirror from thick foil Resisted the temptation to fill every weapon station and gave it a typical load for a Navy RESCAP mission at the time Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  6. Excellent Corsair there Patrick. really nice work
  7. Really nice little biplane there, looks superb
  8. Great looking Superfortress there, really nice work
  9. Great looking Mitchell there Bruce, love the scrubbed out invasion stripes. Really nice work
  10. Beautiful early `109 there, really nice work
  11. Beautifully finished Buccaneer there Martin, really nice work
  12. Great looking Sabre there, like the markings too. Really nice work
  13. Great looking Hellcat there, really nice work
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