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  1. Very tidy looking Thunderbolt. nice clean paint and finish.
  2. Another winner.... beautiful work Fuad, hard to believe it is 1/72.
  3. Great stuff! Could stand to see a few more photos.....(?)
  4. Lovely! super clean finish on both, very well done.
  5. Lovely! the spinning prop really brings things to life-and good job on the mottling.
  6. A pair of gems. Airfix did a good thing with their Mustang, you've definitely done them justice.
  7. Great! ..really like the deckchair ..what a good use of an Airfix pilot. p.s. I found the paints in the starter sets, er..."not quite the quality" of other brands. I use Gunze all the time now- thinned they brush on really nicely...order online.
  8. Good work Paulo, that's a great looking Hellcat- top marks for the exhaust stains/weathering.
  9. Great work . Really like the subtle weathering, esp. on the ladder and cockpit area. Very nice.
  10. Lol. I totally understand...
  11. Very impressive (as always..) I could imagine this doing touch and go's at Marham- I remember seeing Victor K.2's doing same....
  12. Excellent work! that's a great looking Tomcat. The nine ship flightline would make a really impressive diorama.....(?)
  13. Wow- very impressive... Love that detail on the rotor-head... and were those non-slip areas molded into the kit or did you do those? Cheers, Dave
  14. Patriots are go! thank Q for posting. Looks like a lot of work went into this.
  15. Great job Steve, like the subtle weathering and crisp paint finish. Nice!
  16. That's about as clear a warning as anyone could ask for!... good of you, as nobody would guess from the great result. Very nice!
  17. Great looking 262's, both equally impressive paintwork. Very well done.
  18. Great weathering and finish- amazing for 1/72 in fact.
  19. Great looking P-40, love that crisp finish.
  20. Very nice Typhoon.. The camo colours look good ...(clean paintwork too). Just finishing this kit, it's a cracker.
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