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  1. Very nicely done! The twin-seat Flanker looks sleak and menacing in that dark grey scheme.
  2. I'd give another vote for Selwyn's suggestion of Future and food colouring. I've had good results with this technique and, if you don't like it, you can strip back with window cleaner Chris
  3. Great concept, very nicely realised. That racing finish really suits the MiG-3
  4. Very nice work - really lovely job on the SEA finish
  5. That's a super Super Hornet (sorry, couldn't resist :-)) Very nice work - I particularly like the photos against a sky background Well done!
  6. That's really nicely done Lee. I particularly like the faded paintwork - well done!
  7. Very nice work @ForestFan! I don't think I have seen those markings before - looks great
  8. Not seen one of those before! You've done a really great job there - well done
  9. Very nice Hornet and the Finnish markings make a change from the usual - nice job! By the way, I could only dream of double figures for the year!!
  10. Wow, that is excellent work Dermot. It's a great scheme and you have done a superb job on it - well done!
  11. Excellent concept, superbly executed! The damage, weathering and 'splash' effect are all really well done
  12. Excellent work Patrice, I really like that! Nice simple but effective setting too - well done
  13. Lovely Mirage with a beautifully executed desert scheme - well done!
  14. That's excellent work on what sounds like a challenging kit, Pete. The finish and cockpit in particular look great - well done!
  15. Wow, that is very impressive work and a stunning digital scheme - well done!
  16. I'm no Jaguar expert but that looks like a nice selection of markings
  17. That's lovely work on your "Wild Weasel" Foxbat Shaun. The finish and weathering in particular are excellent - well done!
  18. Beautifully done @Pelican, you have really captured the look of a well-used Crouze. I like the pilot too! Great work
  19. Another stunner from the shed Pete! Outstanding work on the IL-38, with a superb finish. The Nimrod is great too! Very well done. Chris
  20. Excellent work Stephen! Camo scheme looks spot on - well done
  21. It's a kopro boxing of a Condor (or is it AGA?) MiG-21UM, which is pretty basic to say the least but seems accurate in its essential shape. Early days - I'll see how it goes! Chris
  22. Martin your Danish F-100 build was one of those that I studied in preparation for mine - a real inspiration! Thanks! Currently working on MiG-21UM, which is proving ... interesting! Thank you, you are most kind!
  23. Very impressive modelling skill - well done!
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