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  1. As others have said, that is a masterpiece! Superb finish and subtle weathering - well done
  2. Excellent work! The camo finish and cockpit both look fantastic - well done
  3. Fantastic Super Hornet! Love that dirty, weathered finish - well done
  4. Very nice work, well done! And thanks for the steer on the colours you used as well, they look great
  5. That's really excellent work Michal - detailing, finish and weathering are all superb. Plus, 3 hours?!? That's amazingly quick work for a result of that quality
  6. Excellent Tomcat! The finish and weathering are absolutely superb - well done
  7. I know what you mean. Could just be lighting and camera angle but it almost looks like the nose cone has been attached upside down in that last photo!
  8. That's a great MiG-21 with a really striking scheme - well done! If I had one comment it would be that the rocket pods don't do justice to the rest of the build - they look a bit clunky
  9. That's a really great Eagle, Ian. The camo scheme looks spot on in the photos and those 'from the box' exhausts are excellent - well done!
  10. Very nice result from the old Airfix kit - well done!
  11. Very nice work! The Mirage F1 is a great-looking aircraft and yours looks superb in its tiger coat
  12. Phantastic Phantom! Great choice of scheme, skilfully executed - well done
  13. Excellent result and well worth all the effort on the paint scheme - well done!
  14. Excellent work on your Mighty Hunter! What a great looking aircraft - well done
  15. Really nice work! The camo looks great and something I particularly like is that (to my eye at least) the level of sheen in the finish looks just right - well done
  16. Great Backfire which really benefits from all the mods and corrections you made. Nicely weathered too! Well done
  17. Excellent Phantoms all three! Really great work on the latest addition - well done
  18. Very good job! The intake blanks are a particularly nice touch, I think
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