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  1. Stunning Phantom and a great display of modelling. The radar in particular is excellent - well done!
  2. The Fujimi single seaters don't have the IAF-specific mods like the DEFA cannon and the exhaust 'barrel'. Like you say, that doesn't mean you can't make an unmodified aircraft or make/find those parts elsewhere. Looking forward to the IAF twin-seater reissue though! Very happy with that. From the parts list, it looks like the exhaust 'barrel' is included in the Hobby 2000 issue (which is a nice bonus)
  3. Nice Desert Storm Super Cobra! That Army cast interior really makes a difference and I like the weathered finish on the desert scheme - well done
  4. Excellent work, Dragan. I'm very impressed with the rescribing and the finish is superb - well done!
  5. Very nice! Excellent build and super smooth finish - well done
  6. Excellent work! I think the Tu-128 is a handsome (and large!) piece of Cold War machinery and I like the variation in metal tones on yours - well done
  7. That's a lovely M2000 and a great result from the old Heller kit - well done!
  8. Superb Buccaneer! Great build and finish - well done
  9. Cool build of a cool aircraft! Well done
  10. The cockpit does look good! And top tip about how to fit the rear pit
  11. What's not to like about a lovely big Intruder?! Yours is a great example and the camo scheme is very nicely weathered - well done!
  12. Excellent Phantom Patrick!! Improvements you have made really make a positive difference and the finished result looks striking in that unusual scheme. The Lone Star travel pod is a great addition too! Well done Chris
  13. Excellent Starfighter and in the 'right' scale too! Great work
  14. Please let this happen!!! I've been waiting and hoping for a new mould AMX Ghibli for ages
  15. Nice work on separating the control surfaces!
  16. Lovely job Martin! I've not seen a Voodoo in that camouflage scheme before and yours is very nicely done
  17. That's some great skills there @Ramtin! The weathered Iranian camouflage is very good, and the 3D printed ladder is most impressive too - well done
  18. Excellent recce Mustang! The metal finish is superb - well done
  19. Excellent job! The modifications you have made to your Wild Weasel Phantom really make a difference and the Euro 1 camouflage is superb. Well done
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