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  1. Very nice indeed! Great work and an eye-catching paint scheme - well done
  2. Very nice work! I particularly like the patchy and well-worn finish on the Tomcat
  3. Really lovely job on your Hun! The photos are great too - that last one in particular looks like the real thing. Well done!
  4. Very nice pair of Fishbeds! Both schemes are great but the 'Nile scheme' is particularly well done
  5. That's a great result despite all the difficulties you experienced. I really like the weathered finish - well done!
  6. You've done a great job of executing a really cool scheme - well done!
  7. Wow, that is exceptional work - well done!
  8. Looks great! The old Monogram F-4 still holds up well (IMHO) and you have achieved a great level of finish with yours
  9. Wow, that looks fantastic! Superb work, especially on the freehand camo - well done
  10. That's a very nice result from the Fujimi SHAR and all the adjustments/additions look well worthwhile. Well done Bill!
  11. Very nice Sabre Dog! Smart finish and markings too - well done
  12. Your F-35 looks very cool in its Arctic splinter camo. Love the final photo too - well done!
  13. That really is excellent work! The iAF camo scheme is beautifully executed and you've added lots of really nice details that take your model to the next level - well done!
  14. That looks absolutely fantastic - great finish and subtle but effective weathering. Well done!
  15. Excellent pair of Skyhawks and a great presentation too - well done!
  16. Excellent work! I really like the weathered finish of your museum bird and the witty presentation - well done
  17. Lovely work and an unusual scheme for a Hunter - well done!
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