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  1. Outstanding. I've got this one in the stash, but I'm a little intimidated. This may inspire me to tackle it!
  2. Lovely Europa, it looks like an S1B or a very early S2? My dad and I have a sizable Lotus collection, and I was almost born in the white Twin-Cam Special
  3. Hi Igor, Thanks for the feedback. I found a number of photos showing more than 2 red marks, but I think you're right in that they only apply 2 at a time:
  4. Hi gents, Here's my 1/48 MiG-25PD based on the (awful) Kitty Hawk kit. Lots has been said about this kit and the company, but I'll try to summarize politely. -Rough surface finish and shallow panel lines - I ended up re-scribing the entire kit. -Poor fit in a number of places, lack of positive attachment points, and awkward part breakdown (especially the wings). -Questionable research - painting instructions are fantasy, incorrect and missing details for P,PD,PDS variants, well-documented shape issues. -Low quality plastic on some sprues led to paint adhesion iss
  5. I would much rather see them take the $5000 or so it will cost to make tooling for the engine and spend it on a flight to a museum with one of these aircraft on display. I hope they don't "Mig-25" this one and use a Yefim Gordon book and a set of bootleg drawings as their only reference material.
  6. Gabor and H-or-M, Thanks for taking the time to make such a list. It's a great resource. I test-fit the Fru-Fru models P/PD/PDS/PU/RU Resin Exhausts (48-013) on the new kit taped together, and her's the result: The kit's exhaust trunking will require some sanding to fit, but the resin nozzles fit to the fuselage really well.
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