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  1. Woohoo......good to see another one built. It can be a painful process but well worth the effort aye. Did you spend lots of time straightening various pieces out with boiling water? And I agree about the windscreen area being a pain...I'm going through the same drama again with their Belfast right now. Great build of a great aircraft. Cheers Gaz
  2. That would be brilliant to see built, and a great achievement. Go on...you know you want to
  3. Same here, good times. And I remember thinking that the VC10 tailplane was bigger than the mainplane of a Jaguar when I first encountered one......a bit on the large side you could say.
  4. Awesome! I'm planning on something similar though I don't have the skill or patience to scratchbuild the missing pieces of the jigsaw like you've done....I take my hat off you you. The 80s was a great time to be in the mob I reckon. Cheers Gaz
  5. I always love seeing a Jag (ah, the memories), and yours is particularly well finished. Cheers Gaz
  6. Well worth the time and effort I reckon. One to be proud of. Cheers Gaz
  7. Brilliant. I'm starting to catch on to how much some figures and a base can add to the subject. Cheers Gaz
  8. Thanks Fellas. Honestly, it's actually dirtier in real life than it looks in the pictures. But yeah, I think you're right; I'll bring it home and give it a bit more of an in-use look, particularly around the derriere. Cheers Gaz
  9. Thanks Nick. Yeah this time I went a bit OTT, it turned into a bit of an obsession to be honest. It took the joy out of it, which kind of defeats the object of a hobby aye. It was a good reality check in the end and proved a good time to rethink my priorities. Thanks Troffa Yeah, that's going to be a bit fiddly. Good luck Thanks ivan-o. I could have put in a diorama.........but you wouldn't see any of the back end for the engine smoke
  10. That'll add some colour to the display cabinet aye Nice work. Cheers Gaz
  11. Evening All. As part of my catch up with RFIs, here's what took up far too much of my modelling time and energy between August and December 2020. Even then, it sat on my shelf looking all shiny and new for another couple of months before I got around to giving it a light dusting. Now I'm no expert on armour, but I can at least follow painting instructions ok(ish). The problem started when I read somewhere that Takom got the colour pattern wrong, and that sent me down the rabbit hole of trying to find photos of the correct scheme........and trying to figure out the differences between a Mk10 and a Mk5. It drove me nuts and was possibly the catalyst for my mojo sneaking quietly out the back door. Anyway, here it is. I keep it on a shelf at work. I'm building more armour these days but they still take second place behind aircraft so I try and choose a variety of schemes for visual interest. This one pretty much chose itself. I like it now. Photos taken using my phone and a desk lamp for illumination on a workbench at work. I tried to use filters to get the colouring accurate though. I write too much. I hope you like it. Cheers Gaz I restricted weathering to a light dusting around the lower surfaces, and some high traffic areas on the upper surfaces. And here's where it lives behind my desk at work. Years ago, one of the guys found the Union Jack tea towel behind in a rag bin.
  12. Oh dear.....sounds like there's a bit involved in putting one of these together. I plan to build one one day. It's come up real good though., Nice one! Cheers Gaz
  13. Wow, what a fabulous collection. They're all beautifully built. Thanks for showing. Cheers Gaz
  14. Looks just like I remember them. Old and rattly. Looks fab, well done, I love it. Gaz
  15. So much detail on something so small. Lovely!
  16. Thanks Hairystick. Indeed, they've proved far from being the 'clapped out' aircraft that someone once proclaimed. It would have been good to have had the F-16s though, and seen how they coped with our flying conditions. And well spotted that man.......I'll sort that antenna out next week. I missed that. Cheers Gaz
  17. Hi Maginot and Steve.....thanks Yeah, 21 years. Seems like yesterday........I work with guys who weren't even born when we operated them. I feel old. Cheers Gaz
  18. Thanks DrumBum. Yeah I think they did pretty well with what they had, and many (like Easty) went on to bigger and better things overseas. Thanks everyone for your feedback. Cheers Gaz
  19. Thanks Binbrook87. FYI, I've got post pis of my XS452 sometime soon. Thanks Luis. And thanks for the link, might make my next ones a little easier. Thanks Paulaero...........and I feel your pain
  20. If you can get hold of an A-4E/F kit then maybe Oldmodelsdecals can supply the decals.
  21. Thanks Bandsaw......them were the days. Thanks, I agree with you. They were changing to the overall (bland) green about the time I got here in '98. I'll do a Macchi in these colours as well one day. Chur
  22. Evening All I keep saying I need to start posting more RFIs again.......here's a start. Here's one built between Dec 20 and June 21; I had a few things on the go at the time which unfortunately ate into my modelling time. This represents NZ6202 based out of Nowra in the late 80s. I used Gekko Graphics' RNZAF Skyhawk sheet Part 1 for this build and chose this subject because of it's scheme and also the fact that it wears both 2 and 75 Sqn markings. I have another 2 subjects planned which will each wear either 2 or 75 Sqn markings, and each will be in a different scheme, so this one keeps the balance nice and even. The kit is the Hasegawa PT21 07221 A-4E/F, and the Kahu modifications were scratched from plasticard and tube referencing various internet resources including our own Hamfisted Modeller. Airscale's Modern Cockpit Instrument decals helped with MFDs for the now invisible cockpit. I Hope you like it. Cheers Gaz I took it out of the cabinet today, gave it a bit of a dust off and glued some bits back on before taking some more photos. It's now sitting in a display cabinet at work. This one's for Silver Fox. I always appreciated seeing your avatar. RIP mate. Gaz
  23. I've still got a very soft spot for a grey/green Hawk, and this one looks great to me. Cheers Gaz
  24. Brilliant! Well done indeed. The personal connection adds something special doesn't it. Cheers Gaz
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