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  1. Very nice!! Pity that you got the spelling of RAF Leuchars wrong.
  2. Hi there fellow modellers. Anyone got any tips about how to maintain the life of plastic fillers (in their tubes) once they have been opened. I have tried both oil-based and water-based fillers and they have both gone awry over time. Seems such a waste and definitely not environmentally friendly. I think a good idea would be mini-tubes of the stuff (like the mini tubes of contact adhesive). But I haven't seen any fillers for sale in anything other than regular size tubes. Has anyone got any ideas?
  3. Tremendous model. Looks fab. How was the kit?
  4. I wondered when one of these would appear in the RFI thread. Well done! Looks great
  5. Lovely job - you should be well pleased with that. Cracking model Avenger!
  6. Nice! The different shades of NMF make for an overall positive effect. Plus, a fantastic subject. We really should have done whatever it takes to get this aircraft back flying on the air-display circuit. I've no doubr that it would continue to inspire - like me as a kid. One of these things taking off leaves an unforgettable impression.
  7. Good lookin Tiffy.
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