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  1. Woooowwwwww!!!! I LOVE the Flying Fortress! Excellent work! I like very much the weathering on upper wings... Congratulations
  2. Fantastic work! Very very nice... Ciao from Italy
  3. Great work! Congratulations... I like the general weathering, very nice
  4. Fantastic Job! I like the weathering... very nice!!!
  5. Great Job!!!! I like the camouflage and the weathering is perfect... Congratulations... Very very nice!
  6. Great work Pierpaolo! Very nice... I like it. Ciao
  7. Great work. I like this camouflage and the general weathering. Very nice. If I can, i think that you forget the antenna wire.
  8. Great work! I like it. Very nice
  9. Well done! Great paintjob... I like the weathering. Congratulations
  10. Fantastic! The paintjob is perfect!!! Very nice... Congratulations
  11. Fantastic work Enrico!!! I like it very much! Congratulations
  12. Wooowwww!!! I like this plane and this camouflage! Great work as usual. If I can, in my opinion, the metallic zones (engine and gun) are too matt... maybe a little bit of more gloss could be better
  13. Congratulations!!! Great work. I like the general weathering... it's perfect!
  14. Ciao Filippo... Very nice work. I like it
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