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  1. I like that! One thing check your left wheel. Thanks for sharing. Rod
  2. That's just COOL! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  3. That's pretty cool! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  4. Very Cool! Having seen these machines up close you did a great job! Slava Ukraine! Rod
  5. I like that! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  6. That's a good looking build!! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  7. Bravo!!! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  8. good looking jet, thanks for sharing. Rod
  9. Well now Andy, you know what I think..... Keep them coming! Rod
  10. Hello, Thanks for your comment. as far as the windscreen not sure, it could be the angle of the pics making you see that. Rod
  11. Randy, I get that! Horten looks great. Best wishes. Rod
  12. OH Andy that's gorgeous! Outstanding finish and scale effect. Rod
  13. Thanks again for those that have replied, much appreciated. Rod
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