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  1. Very cool!!! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  2. Alan, Thanks for your comment but really appreciate the "different reflectivity values". That is something that I try to achieve on my builds to get scale effect. Rod
  3. What a cool looking jet, right? I started this kit a while ago but put back on the self. Thanks for sharing. Rod
  4. Thank you to those that have replied, it is much appreciated. Rod
  5. Hello all, Here is my effort with the Tamiya F-14D. All I can say is that it is a superior kit. I added the Quinta cockpit set and Def model wheel set. I used model master paints. I found that that kit fits so good that I was screwing the build sometimes for using to much glue. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Rod This was just a fun build, I did not want to get bogged down with a lot of AM stuff. Thanks for looking. Rod
  6. Hi All, F-14D added. I will add a tomcat topic soon. Rod
  7. That looks fantastic Andy! Makes want to start that kit. Rod
  8. Great looking build! Thanks for sharing. Rod
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