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  1. Nice Hercs! I used to watch them flying low near our house as a kid (latterly replaced with the A400M).
  2. Great job. I remember seeing a Skyhawk in similar markings at the NZAF museum in Christchurch, it looks good in NZ colours!
  3. Wow, brilliant weathering effects on the cars. Looks highly realistic!
  4. Unusual choice for a diorama, and very nicely done!
  5. Great weathering and finish, really nice!
  6. Hello again. I've made a little more progress as I wait for my airbrush to be fixed! Below are the detailed-up gear legs that I have finished for the Hornet, alongside the resin wheels. This was another situation where I made things harder for myself! I initially thought that it would be good to cast parts for the gear linkages in green stuff (using blue stuff moulds), but the finished parts were extremely bendy, had lots of flash and were way too thick. Going back to basics, I wrapped some 2mm lead wire and tape around some cut lengths of guitar strings, and added them to the outer side of the main gear. The details on the back side of the legs around the braking system (?) was plasticard and rod, and additional details from lead wire. I added tie down rings from copper wire, and I actually need to add one more to each leg near the wheel but will do after painting and weathering. The front gear is already finished, for comparison. I'm really happy with how they all look. The last pic below shows my work on some custom decals for this project. My previous efforts in MS paint could not be painted as the graphics need to be in vector format, so I sought the advice of my graphic designer cousin who advised using some free software called Inkscape to draw the designs. I am using a 1/48 decal set from Fightertown Decals for reference as there is no equivalent in 1/72. I am making decals for crew figures, deck tractor and Hornet radar interior as well as the hangar deck wall markings. I intend to fill the A5 sheet with an eye on future projects. I will use a Czech company that I found for professional printing. I will let you all know how it turns out!
  7. Haha I just saw it too. Luckily I have a legacy Hornet on the go, think I might line up the Tomcat next!
  8. Looks fantastic Al. I really like the 'wheels down' pose, very effective.
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