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  1. Hello. I think some of the European A/C have the ability to carry refuelling pods under the wings. I could very well be wrong….. but I think some European A/C possibly have the ability to refuel stuffed on the ground via the L/H main u/c sponson.
  2. Hello, hoping I’ve not crossed a line here. So, here to help. From my stash of books: Airframe Album # 16 Combat Aircraft 131 Me210/410 Zerstorer Units kagero Me410 in combat Mushroom Model Magazine Special No 6120 Another view of the A/C your looking to model. Just in case you fancied same babbettless style A/C but in RLM81/82. This side plate showing both A/C in RLM 74/75. Off note should be the either painting over or the application of sheet metal over the rear glazing. This top side plate seems to be the most radical depiction showing large swathes of solid RLM81/82, I modelled this depiction some 27 years ago when the Monogram Pro Modeller boxing came out. Thanks for looking.
  3. The Modelling News has just done a description and some photos of different styles of stuff in the box, I was drawn to it as it was calling the boxing with the Kh-41 Moskit a Su-27K , just saying, check out their in box review.
  4. Pritty sure the J-20 ejection seat is an all Chinese affair, and absolutely now’t in common with any M.B products.
  5. Hi, not sure about the question and what it’s asking. As a Luftwaffe specialist, sadly this is one thing I’ve not done. Everything but tropical.. I think you’re asking about the colours, I’d paint it solely RLM 78 blue. The restoration shows a demarcation 78/79…. I try my best to only use period photos, and have never seen a demarcation line……. Don’t mind being proven wrong….. As the filter would be a mesh I’d give it a wash of dark brown or black as a last resort. I think the desert tropical filters were fitted as when required hence my comment of solely RLM 78. Hope this helps.
  6. Have you tried using Fighter Control - current……… that’s where I get all of my information…… to answer the question, I may well be some days…….
  7. Hello, this is what I know, and it’s not a right lot to shout about. One, the nose leg was shorter on the very early batches, giving them a substantial nose down attitude. Two, the slat inner structure was painted light aircraft grey, this may very we’ll be just for RAF A/C. May very well be a bunch of buncum but………..
  8. Hi Adam, long time no see. XL385 was destroyed 6th April 1967, the No 1 engine exploded on the takeoff run, everything from the nose section aft was consumed by fire, on that day in time it appears to be wearing glossy feathered edge paint finish.
  9. Hello everyone. A lick of grey primer today. This week now see’s me o my shift pattern change, so I’ve now got seven days off work. With the need to crack on overwhelming me, I also need the reassurance that all was well. …… only to be expected a couple of flaws, nothing too serious, gonna take some time to sort out. I couldn’t resist giving a few areas a lick of the final colour…….. Thanks for looking.
  10. Love two seaters - a lot -nicely nicely done.
  11. Nice, nice, and thrice nice.
  12. Hello everyone. Final building steps. Having broken my index finger the other week this hasn’t slowed my modelling down, but as only to be expected the very hot temperatures has. I was expecting to have this model and it’s build process to have been done some time ago, but most of the additional work this time around is CMK’s doing. Extra time spent modelling has gone into cutting, shaping and trialing lots of actuating jacks, the bomb bay doors needed four jack assembly’s, the nose bay door needed one making too. CMK only give these details as very thin sticks of resin, whilst mine are better they won’t win any beauty competition’s, they will look nice once the model is finished. The last two items to be made, the prominent canopy jacks should have been at least depicted by CMK , here I’ve done my best to make them to be scale accurate. Secondly the upper FLIR s missing some form of sensor, the photo shows a red box, in another quirk CMK have failed to supply a replacement item, as they have just about replaced everything else. The Academy kit FLIR turret isn’t as good as at could have been and the red box is missing. …….. one of the other problems moving fwd is a lesser known fact, the upper FLIR wasn’t covered with per-sey glass as Academy would have it. But, it did have some form of very fine mesh, not readily visible in published photos, sadly though many modellers have pondered this problem and none have found a solution. So, the upper FLIR unit will be posed less the Academy’s tinted plastic cover. Now finally finished so far, a fresh lick of grey primer is going to be applied to proof check everything. Thanks for looking.
  13. Very nicely done , nice tight spray pattern. Sadly I only have eyes for 79Sqn 1 TWU hawks, that’s because my first posting out of training was RAF Brawdy in 1989. Keep up the good work, well done.
  14. You must be ‘N’ nuts for building such a big model (pair (Stirling)), but very ‘N’ nice to see.
  15. Hello everyone. Pressing on, a quick update. With a choice of three figures to chose from, the left hand one with the helmet in his hand was my choice, but to no avail. His arm is separate at the elbow with his elbow, but, as to be expected it doesn’t fit in any way shape or form. So, I gave up and went to option two , but I didn’t fancy his pose so I’ve adjusted his arm to my liking. The TwoBobs decals have the paint as FS36118 Gunship Grey, but out of the bottles seem to be extremely dark, verging on scale black. So I’ve done some blending, getting to the paint at the green arrows being closer to various photos of the real grey ghost and some recently published photos of American AV Harriers. Thanks for looking.
  16. Hello. Some of my recent Meteor photo capture’s. WH291 now resides at the Crowne Plaza in Liverpool, in a very sorry state. These are the rods you’ve spoken about and their position on both wings. A rod aerial should be here on the outboard side of the left hand engine bay door, only it’s base plate is left. The paint top coat and primer has now long gone, left now is the aging Mahogany wood. It’s a cheap way to make this feature. The L/H eng intake ring is now crumbling away. Thanks for looking.
  17. Hello everyone. Model going good, Amos not so good. Having picked myself up from catching Covid, I’ve now gone and broken a finger . You play around with live aircraft for a living and sometimes they bite, with the big boss of BAE Systems wanting a reduction in work related accidents, this and what it entails is not good news…………don’t want to say any more. Starting things off back when my index finger was in much better shape……. I’ve been busy modelling but just not finding that last bit of the week for doing a post, so, here’s my opportunity to get on top of that. The nose U/C door has had the push out pin marks filled and sanded back, the camera shows that some polishing of the plastic will be needed. The rod in the center of the door is supposed to be the actuating jack and not just a stump. So work to do later on. The two forward lugs should be four lugs, back when I started this model it seems I knocked/accidentally removed them. Gotta sort these out another day. Looking at reference photos shows that the door is lacking in details, the block needs some wiring adding. The bang seat appears to be a little too small for my liking, both sitting too low in the cockpit tub and having a 1mm gap either side, this means it rattles around too much for me. Firstly the base of the seat has had plastic stock card added, this has now raised the seat up to or above the cockpit side panels, and the excessively long seat rails now look better. I’ve also drilled and pinned the seat ( not shown ). When the seat gets finally fitted it goes in exactly where I want it to be. A new arrival last week is a set of pilots, a nice addition to the build. Having made the decision to glue things in place first, the bomb carriers swing arms have been added. The square is a good way to get everything lined up true and square. The swing arms don’t sit fully flat against the bomb bay roof, they sit on a set of rails, featuring in this build is Araldite, even using this, all four arms are still very flexible. Onto the swing arms CMK give a set of extension/retraction jacks, another day…… Totally blurry but with the bandaged up finger out of the way, this is the best I’ve managed to do. CMK give replacement Bomb carrier parts, these come in the form of I/B and O/B pieces,but, this isn’t very good. The swing arms have a U shaped pick up points on the real thing but not depicted here. The real carrier is like this but at 1/72 this set up is too small for the scale. Between the two sides of carrier is a crutching unit , here scale wins out. So for me I’ve filled the gap with pieces of stock plastic and used filler to make the carrier look solid. One consideration further down the line is how to attach the carrier for the Small Diameter Bombs. W.I.P The undercarriage legs are true CMK nonsense, once you’ve fitted the CMK wheel bays your tied into using the replacement legs. As always it seems the 1/48 CMK stuff has far superior details ( I have the CMK 48th detail set for the Tamiya kit for another day). The nose leg is first to be assembled! Yes assembled, the leg is ok but then comes the separate extension/retraction arm being separate and this is all to fragile for me. The extension arm was glued in place whilst all of the nose leg was in place, after this the joint was reinforced with some Araldite. For some time I was a little bit confused, this was cleared up when I realised that CMK don’t give replacement parts and so I’ve been forced to use the kit parts. Whilst CMK do give the nose wheel steering unit whilst between my tweezers it shot off ….. never to be seen again. Using my razor saw the scissors link was removed from the Academy leg. Also used from Academy was the steering unit and the light. The nose leg is now complete until it’s fit to the model. Work done and work to do. Thanks for looking. Until next time.
  18. I don’t mean to rub your rhubarb, but, referring to the front coaming: measure twice cut once! Though cut twice , cut thrice and file a lot…….I can’t give any more advice than what has been given so far, but I can show some support.
  19. Different colour scheme - excellent paint colours - nicely done weathering.
  20. Very nice model, superbly applied ‘tash’ to the pilot figure.
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