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  1. Would you actually consider building one? Here is a build thread: For short run kits it seems rather great! You can't expect Tamiya quality for such obscure and low volume kits...
  2. I only did the 3 barrelled version of the Cobra I fear the 6 barreled version is at least 6 times as fidley... patience.. and only little CA...
  3. Definitely not bad! But definitely not to modern standards either. The canopy is rather crude. Anyone has a price already? A Fresco A should be an early MiG-17, not sure about the "at war" boxing.....I assume those are MiG-17F, or Fresco Cs... ( what I expect to actually be in the box!)
  4. Unfortunately not... You can't build an Iraqi Hornet killer out of a MiG-31....
  5. that plane is still young.... I got orders from Portugal and Czech Repulic as far as I know. Covid surely did not speed up its development, neither did the issues with Boeing and Embraer.... I guess it might be a solid and successful design in the longer run! bur Egypt needs to make sure it still buys US hardware.... politically this is rather important for them! And there seems to be an issue with the Su-35 deliveries from Russia... some claim that CAATSA (Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanction Act) is the real reason...
  6. Beggars can't be choosers... Kurds in Syria anyone?? Afghan forces? Modern Iraqi forces?
  7. on a technical point of view, and only this should be discussed here in earnest, the Ukrainian airforce on its own is much inferior in numbers and power to the complete Russian airforce. If the conflict turns into a full blown war, Ukraine does not really realistically stand a chance in my opinion. But there are of course many possible scenarios that would involve only limited numbers... and than as usual the devil lies in the detail and outcome is hard to predict on an individual level... Maybe Ukraininan forces (Airforce?!) is strong enough to at least pose a serious threat, I'd assume at least the air defences forces have credible armament.... but if Russian decides to pre-emtively take out and last but not least, all will depend to the expected support from Ukraine's alleged allies... in the end this would determine if at all there will be a violent clash at all and under which premises....
  8. maybe this thread helps a bit: wow, which color does it not have here ?? https://russianplanes.net/id233306
  9. would not be the first time this happens... HB Saab Tunnan is underscale reportedly.. but 65 mm is rather a lot.... ~ 1/57? if I did the maths correctly... the generic weapons would look rather overscale!
  10. that does not mean anything. it only means the proportions/ shapes are ok. nothing about scale! of course I have no idea about where the error is. in the kit or in the numbers
  11. very nice! the Moroccan Mirage F1 seem to be by far the most advanced anywhere out there wonder for how long they will continue to operate them! Maybe Rafale will get a chance in the end replacing them....
  12. very nice! great to see a Saeta! I have several waiting to be done in 1/48.... I am especially fond of the Egyptian planes.... and the mystery surrounding its service...
  13. so much great stuff I like here!!
  14. Nice that mine will get company!! You made a good start, I only did some cleanup of the main sprues I am a bit scared of the build sequence... but for sure will be managable!
  15. They look great, thanks! 45 years, wow! Nice tail markings Decals please
  16. There is a lot out there in this respect... Quickly: Hb canopy is off, the nozzles are incorrect. The HB is much more, but not necessarily more corectly detailed. Both build into impressive models. E.g. here:
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