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  1. Hope its not your last one! Congrats!
  2. great progress! but looks like there is room for a new resin seat on the market!
  3. this will be an attempt to start to counter the large NATO overweight in this GB! Su-9 Fishpot PVO Soviet Air Defence Force Airbase/ Regiment : not decided yet. Crimea: 136 th IAP in Kirovskoye maybe? or 894th at Ozyornoye/ Ozerne nowadays ucraine? any suggestions from your side?! Trumpeter 1/48 Eduard Brassin Seat Master Pitot Wolfpak Exhaust ...? cheers, and o be started soon!
  4. some light weathering and oil staining done, guess more is not really necessary... a bit more on the lower side time to finish her I'd say!!
  5. but there was! at least close enough https://www.reddit.com/r/MilitaryPorn/comments/1n8g8m/a_f14_from_the_vx9_te_squadron_1920x1200/ so you could build one!
  6. Supèrb work on your biggy I do not know xtreme metals colorsm how are they to work with? Results certainly look good!
  7. exdraken

    HT's 1/72 Heller Mirage IV

    Looks great! I'd say it is desirable to have a gloss dark base color before a polished metal cote!
  8. This one turned out fantastic! Nit my scale, but this plane grew on me during the last month!!!!
  9. Nice and all important progress!!
  10. Afaik, pitots exist in 2 variants on the Su-9! The simple one could be the earlier one.
  11. exdraken

    Lightning F:3 (Sword 1:72)

    It does look really great! Great scheme and well executed!
  12. exdraken

    Airfix 1/72 Victor B2

    Your are really motivated in this GB! Mzst be a monster compared to the little fighters, no? Great progress!
  13. time to move on here! RU-2US missiles from 2 Eduard MiG-21 kits, WIP of course.... but at least something to show
  14. Very nice build! She is big, isn't she?!
  15. exdraken


    Nice paintwork! But what is the idea of this 3rd color?
  16. exdraken

    1/48 RAF F-4J(UK) Phantom

    Great work! Tigers rule!
  17. exdraken

    Revell`s new Rafale C 1:48

    Very nice full loaded out model! But no targeting pod? 1 or 2 Mica IRs would ideally complement it of course! Any specific timeframe of your Rafale? Finally there is an easily awailable and good C model out there! Again, fantastic weathering , Congrats!!
  18. See e.g. here https://theaviationist.com/2018/09/16/the-royal-saudi-air-force-has-prepared-a-series-of-special-color-ahead-of-the-kingdoms-88th-national-day-celebrations/ Maybe the best Typhoon special so far? Decals please!!
  19. Fantastic model! Hard to get and rarely seen unfortunately!
  20. exdraken

    Kopro 1/48 Sukhoi Su22M3

    Very nice model!! But why a Polish M3? Afaik there weren't any but two seaters... Su-22UM3Ks though... more M4 actually..
  21. exdraken

    RAF Jaguars

    RAF Jags did not carry r-550 Magic missiles .... never! Indian ones and French ones did.....
  22. exdraken

    Interior colours for Argentine Dagger - Pics

    a start? https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/703/updated-fs2004-dassault-mirage-m5-dagger-argentina-af/ http://rt0023gv.eresmas.net/yuri/fedaggen.htm
  23. Turned out fantastic! But the Phantom its brother????