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  1. Another interesting, longer time researched model I wanna make in 1/48. (1/72 would be a lot easier!!!!) Spanish Navy, Armada Española Attack component AH-G Cobra 1/48 relatively rare Fujimi kit (the only G model in 48th.... why ever..) Cobra Company Resin cockpit (for the J, but better than nothing ) Series Españolas Decals The Spanish Navy operated 8 Cobras, being replaced more or less by the Harrier quite a lot of info here already assembled, thanks guys!: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235031960-ah-1g-cobra-148-help-needed/&tab=comments#comment-2925359 The Spanish Navy operated 8 Cobras on the helicopter carrier Dedalo, being replaced more or less by the AV-8S Harrier (Matador ) during the 80ies, see also here Spanish Navy Harrier AV-8S Matador it will be armed with SUU-11 gun containers (quickboost) and rocket pods (still to be sourced or found lying around) a quick start tonight: it is a very small chopper and therefor model, only a few parts! hope that will speed up my average build time! the cockpit resin parts look nice! hope that something will be seen after closing the canopy!! cheers y adios for now! Werner
  2. exdraken

    Revell 1:48 Bell UH-1 «Huey Hog»

    Very nice and lively!
  3. exdraken

    Mikro Mir AW Argosy 1/144

    Looks nice for me! Looking forward to your progress!
  4. Now its black! Still ok kit.... and largely correct! I hope for a nuce resin seat one day.... and nozzles!! Aires????!
  5. exdraken

    Tornado GR1A catch-up

    Very nice!!! But please replace those Sideeinders with something decent if possible... even nothing is better! The front fins are totally wrong for an L/M Aim-9!!!
  6. Great read! Thanks!!! So metal legs will be my next buy....
  7. If looking like one, yes, definitely!!
  8. what a great model! but why the Polish Airforce did not even bother to remove the Tiger fin tip markings?? as you say, a -29 nearly everytime looks fantastic!
  9. exdraken

    Mitsubishi F-1

    very nice and nowadays rarely seen (as models ) very welcome!
  10. exdraken

    Chinese Navy Shenyang J-15D two seat EADS variant 1/72

    no 1/72 expert at all, but try to mate the Su-33 wings with the Su-30 SM (or any other canard equipped version (MKI, MKA, MKM they might bring out) )! then add the tailhook and undercarriage of the Su-33 as well regarding th efist of your points, obviously the Russion 33UB did ot turn out as a great success.... but I guess they wanted side by side seating with some kind of lookdown to flightdeck while landing capability..... wingtip pods are obviously chinese though.... sure @Flankerman while march in soon and correct me!
  11. any verdict on decal quality and correctness as of yet? who knows?
  12. exdraken

    Hasegawa F-104G in 1/48

    Cmk also released pylons I think. But the Daco set although expensive is definitely worth if planning more than one build!
  13. exdraken

    Bronze Tiger

    Decals anyone? 1/48 preferably!
  14. exdraken

    1/48 AMK Kfir C2

    very nice start! yeah, Mirage/ Kfirs, are always welcome! I think, the seam/ trench you filled with putty on the underside is actually correct! the original Mirage had exchangable rear bottom ends for included rocket or fuel pack! http://enacademic.com/pictures/enwiki/77/Mirage_III_MG_1487.jpg https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-ab&biw=1280&bih=644&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=ENcQXPHfG8TTkwWX3qiYCQ&q=kfir+underside&oq=kfir+underside&gs_l=img.3...9095.10096..10201...0.0..0.133.628.8j1......1....1..gws-wiz-img.......0i8i30.L6WsfIGy5Us#imgrc=_hW2BQxrlZPQ6M:
  15. exdraken

    ICM 1/48 MiG-25RB (Foxbat-B)

    nice progress! your exhaust area turned out especially nice!
  16. exdraken

    Eduard Su-27

    nice project! but I would not bother addressing the size issue! too much hazzle, and success not guaranteed! if you want one to better to scale nowadays, build a Hobbyboss one! (or Kittyhawk, GWH, Kinetic if the version can be changed) Looking forward to your build!
  17. exdraken

    Eurofighter typhoon

    we are getting there! https://www.gov.uk/government/news/typhoons-launch-with-new-missile 4 times Meteor! (and Squadron markings!)
  18. got mine this weekend! oh my god, this is nice! and big! as is the box... one questions for those who know, any news about an ejection seat in resin that represents the updated K36 and is better than the kit supplied one?? second, tinted or not tinted canopy? what is your verdict?
  19. exdraken

    MiG-25BM conversion set for ICM kit

    as I have my set and the base kit now at hands, I'd like to start soon! some more questions: the BM is based on the Recce planes, no I assume long feathered nozzles!... which AM one should I go for? any recommendations? Amigo Models, Metallic details, , what else is worth it? The kit ones are nice, but not excessively detailed.... and hard to assembly when all is nearly finished.... @ya-gabor Recce pitot from Master is a must, ... regarding color schemes, the consensus here is to paint them grey, not camo, no? (not being really operational!) anything else?