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  1. Wow! But did they all actually operate at once ?
  2. That is of course a pity! GWH missiles are top notch and one piece... maybe cost indeed is a factor
  3. Those are the real gems .... Algeria, India, Malaysia, Kazakhstan... lot of grey though, but at least they seem to fly....
  4. The Academy kit is rhe reboxed Revell one. The Hobbyboss a clone of the first Revell edition, that effectively were pre-series machines without the rear fuselage recesses. The HB kit also made shortcuts on some clear parts... Go for Revell or Academy!
  5. Very nice recce Foxbat!! Any specific reason for this green/ turquoise cockpit? Is this a RBK variant?
  6. Aussieht F-111Gs were former FBs... actually the were stricken off their strategic role and designated F-111Gs in late USAF life... due to commonality with the original Aussi F-111Cs (long span wings...) some 15 were taken over ... All on all the F-111s were not built im large numbers Mostly double digit only for the major production variants
  7. Some nice, complementary shots of grey cats some without tanks:
  8. Are Ukrainian topics allowed again?
  9. Why exactly? There is open talk of bringing US nukes back to Lakenheath.....
  10. Hmm I do not think ant F-14 tanks were ever delivered to Iran. Regarding missiles, never heard of knock-offs either but Iran integrated Hawk missiles with some success on the wing glove stations, as well as Russian R-27 missiles related with their MiG-29.... at least photos exist!
  11. The Iranians never got tanks, that is why... Early F-14 operations also flew without them ( for lack of them ....) Others for sure know much more though
  12. I'd assume dog tooth leading edge wing, not sure if the nose is the same. Some sensors, belly/ tail fairing ? In real life I guess intakes for the Atar 9-50 are bigger, wheels probably. I need to check with literature
  13. Good choice!! You will be much more happy this way!
  14. The Tejas Program is long and protracted... It's main purpose is to replace hundreds of MiG-21 variants and keep squadron strength and numbers up. In addition it was also thought to be a carrier based fighter. Think this aspect got cancelled. Engine was a main concern, originally the indigenous Kaveri was to fit the bill, then Snefma to support to finally choosing the F414 of the Superhornet. It is roughly comparable to the Chinese/ Pakistani JF-17 Thunder, or if you want the Korean FA-50 ( were Lockeed Martin had a lot to say though!) The F-16 is way more capable, especially in its current form. The IAF is not happy with its performance, maybe the Mk.II will fulfill some of its promises... With the current world climate I'd rather expect India to urgently search for a 5th gen fighter... or at least buy way more Rafales...
  15. On a lighter note: Maybe planners in London already knew back in the early 50s that way ahead in time, around 1984 ( turned out to be 1982 and 1991 ) they would still need to rely on those planes ....
  16. The almighty Herc!! Next thing they'll propose it to land on a carrier -oh wait, done that already
  17. Neomega resin had a conversion for the 9.13. Maybe it tells you what is needed! Spine and wingtip I think is all modelling wise!
  18. The UB is perfect, you can start right away. And there still areno better kits out there I'd at least recommend New resin exhausts do not use the Academy weapons if you care for shape single seaters: as above, it is not known if Ukraine currently uses any A / 9.12 models. They did not before the war but certainly had some in store. Also Slovakia might pass some on, or Poland, or...
  19. More in depth analysis: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/the-boom-equipped-kc-390-could-be-agile-tanker-the-air-force-needs
  20. lets see what they come up with! looking forward to any Hip in 48th! I was serioulsy considerung the resin option lately...
  21. interesting at least! why dead end?, reads a bit like the USMC KC-130 but with a boom! so flies a bit faster and may be suitable for Airforce style receptacle planes as well.(F-16s, F-35As, A-10s)...
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