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  1. canopy painted in turqoise and mounted---->> ready for pre shading and main paint work !!
  2. a mess? no not at all! such a successful GB should not be called like that!!!! look at the amount of entries and finished gallery entries!!! voting is secondary, terciary or ....thanks for trying and setting up a vote at all I always enjoy going through the gallery once more and trying to make up my mind.... hardly easy
  3. hopefully soon! but detail whise, the HPH kit is full of high qualitiy resin and PE for, cockpit, engines, bomb load etc..., so kinda includes the aftermarket already..... hard to compare I guess! see e.g. here http://modelweb.modelforum.cz/2013/05/21/148-iljusin-il-28-hph/
  4. hmmmm that is bad luck... but sometimes several categories are made, that looks similar then... you know, you SHOULD READ and understand before voting..... if not strange results can occur that knowbody really can digest, even after 3 years.... more serious, maybe subgroups / categories would have helped in this large GB gallery portfolio! like jets and props and tanks,. or scale, or East and West and finally Neutral.... I know, a bit late now, sorry! apart, thanks for the fantastic host work during this GB! I really really enjoyed it!
  5. Great! You built a very early Austrian Draken without dayglow numbers and pre MkII Update! Great work!!
  6. You are of course right in the hump... nur I do not think that was corrected in later boxings either... I did somthing similar in my "Egyptian" RB....
  7. Cold War Studio do one. But it is not wrong per se, just an early version not suitable for some late markings....
  8. Very nice model, with some interesting background/history!!!
  9. Very nice Mirage!!! Great conversion you did here!!! Still a (the) most strangely looking Mirage!
  10. thanks! will try to improve the look of the cockpit later! I like your technique! tonight I mounted the wings and cleaned the fuselage seams .... some filler/ cleanup still needed, but not too bad looking I think! resin dust is king for the time being
  11. yeah because it is 1/24!!!!! fantastic work again! looking forward to more
  12. Wow!! Nice and colorful! What a rarely seen schemem even less in big scale!! Congrats!!!
  13. Looking very nice! Thanks for showing!
  14. Wow @Antti_K What a great resource! Just ordered one...
  15. Great work and colors!! Would it really be used as a fighter?
  16. great result! good work on the nosebulge! what exactly did you do to the landing gear angle?
  17. thanks! yes, there are actually several similar oe out there, I have my one, pre-dig. and very low quality slide also somewhere..... https://www.airliners.net/photo/Sweden-Air-Force/Saab-JA37D-Viggen/739958/L https://www.airliners.net/photo/Sweden-Air-Force/Saab-JA37D-Viggen/376792/L https://www.airliners.net/photo/Sweden-Air-Force/Saab-JA37D-Viggen/374781/L
  18. looking great! @Silenoz unfortunately there are no decals for this scheme out there as far as I know!!
  19. Looks very nice, and well weathered! What colors did you paint the airframe?
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