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  1. At Tigermeets they often have a phiti flight with all participating aircraft... 2022 edition: https://www.blogbeforeflight.net/2022/05/nato-tiger-meet-2022-araxos.html?m=1 2011 http://www.sbap.be/events/2011/ntm2011/ntm bart 001.jpg 2007 https://www.technopat.net/sosyal/eklenti/images-7-jpeg.1311800/
  2. That looks rather nice! And the ominous beast mode included as well! and a gun pod Decals ( nice schemes!!) say GBU-31 in the weapons bay... shouldn't those be max 1000lb bombs in there on the B?
  3. I was in contact with Juan directly last month, they have resumed limited work as far as I understand: I ordered several kits over the last years, yes a garage company with long delivery and production times (Juan is also active Spanish military I believe, which hinders availability at times...). My stuff always arrived, and was great! (but be patient and do not expect recent Tamiya quality and ease of assemble! )
  4. I have never heard of TVC nozzles being installed on the MiG-35 yet... the one off single seat OVT was probably the only one...
  5. Nice colorful options I have to say! The weapons only party reflect a C- model loadout though
  6. the second generation MiG-29/35 is rather different in many aspects... not sure if still available anywhere: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/scratchaeronautics-mig-35--1118192 of you start scratchbuilding yourself: the MiG-35 (for the sake of simplicity... also the MiG-29M2....) has a new 2 large (two seat enclosing) canopy that sits way further aft compared to the 9.51 (MiG-29UB) one, roughly the single seat front canopy is a reasonable reference.... the leading egde is sharp compared to rounded, and doen not have the aux intakes, the wing is larger, the spine is closed to an SMT, and the elevators and beaver tail is different in shape. all all the overall shapes remained the same, the engines as well... maybe comparable to F-16 vs Japanese F2...
  7. Thanks! Not sure if the ECM pods of the last sprue pics are new, could be! no info regarding potential Pakistani decals unfortunately...
  8. Which company doesn't not? Do not get me Wrangler, I do not approve of this practice!! The F-104 deal in Europe was rather suspect, the AW-101 order was cancelled in India due to alleged irregularities, The Tornado sale in Saudi Arabia was questioned by some, etc.... And then there is also political pressure that is exercised..... and favors that are done/ expected/ returned through armament deals... - wonder why Qatar currently buys Rafales, Eurofighters and F-15s simultaneously??? Buying arms is not like buying pasta in the supermarket... and even there you might be subject to monopolies, price cartels, etc...
  9. Maybe it is just fine... is is looking at low res sprue shots... You can see "my kink" now on the second picure, right fuselage... sorry if I confused anybody... Maybe I have to buy 2 now...
  10. I see, thanks! The front below the canopy seems to be different indeed... repaint? GWH seems to have the same pixel distribution as my DN models masks ( at least in the profiles!)
  11. Lighting is different... both are the same grey pixel camped jet if you ask me... Both seem 9.13 models... What is your point exactly? Any date of these photos?
  12. Wow, great! @Julien, those would fit great into the walkaround section, no?
  13. There are not that many newer, better kits.... apart from the now reigning Revell offering! As mentioned above: Neomega resin cockpit for a IDS/ Gr variant, lots of now hard to find Paragon parts. ( nozzles, RAF pylons, slats, flaps,... Eduard did a PE set for the F3 Then there is DJ parking Tornado mega set... No dedicated wheelbase I think though. But: Many aftermarket parts can be adapted to the kit with some effort! I adapted lots of parts designed for the not so great Hobbyboss kit to the Airfix F3 once... Wheels are a no brained of course..
  14. All great, the Spanish maybe the sleekest looking IMHO!
  15. Nice project, and lots of info in here already!
  16. Those tails are something else!! New jamming pods! First time I note one....
  17. Looking great!! I like the open engine bay! I alo left one open with mine
  18. Too short? I somehiw miss the kink on the lower fuselage... might this one be for another fuselage? / model?
  19. Yes indeed! E.g. here: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/france-bids-its-classic-mirage-2000c-fighter-jet-adieu It is supposed to at least make a flight on Jul. 14th, Bastille day ! And keep in mind that the trainer B models, as well as D and -5 will continue to operate fortunately! Weapons wise it was rather obsolete and mostly a QRA asset, training jet, and bomb/ support truck on African operations.
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