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  1. Now the question why the oil was contaminated! Was it due to metal parts I assume from a failing component or due to some wrong maintenance procedure?
  2. looks simply like a replacement airbrake from a jet wwere the stars and bars were located further back. https://aerocorner.com/aircraft/douglas-a-3-skywarrior/ like this one here: airbrake obviously interchangeable, other parts of the airframe were obviously different so that the markings were moved!
  3. wow, that is an ambitous conversion! very brave!
  4. nice project! hope you have a fantastic start! this is a rather good and interesting boxing with lots of load out would could porbably think of adding a AML resin exhhaust nozzle that is available especially for this kit! really worth it! as long as you keep the canopy closed, no need for AM there ....
  5. great updates! your weaponry looks outstanding!
  6. exdraken

    Eduard Mirages

    I have it, and it is tiny... no, it does not depend. The Eduard and Hobbyboss kits can ONLY be build as the Mirage C model. Essentially this means a different forward fuselage. (check intakes to main canopy relations if unsure!) Eyelid exhaust nozzle and adjectant fueslage is also unique for B/ C models!
  7. hope to see your Blackhawk soon in a WIP or RFI thread!
  8. not sure why you call them a joke then! They definitely have some RBK 500 series and some FAB 250 M54 included in their sprues. If you are not prepared to cash out for the AM parts, then they are an alternative, no? As you say, you get what you pay for! from here: https://www.super-hobby.de/products/SU-17-22-M3-M4.html
  9. thanks for your interest! ambitious? yes..... definitely! hope to start her in earnest later today... but need a suitable rescribing tool first for all the curved lines. As there is no hack up of the fuselage planned, the Neomega Pit usually a drop in I hope that apart from the rescribing there are no real challeneges to be expected apart from the very soft plastic and the size of the Mirage IV! Wheels,.... yeah, looks like a German Panzer with 2 times 8 mainwheels now intentional yes,. but more like I bought the Skyraider Design mini update long ago, and when Reskit had their wheel-set coming out I simply bought it as well... (I also have a second Mirage IV kit somewhere from a Heller anniversary boxing.....) lets see what is better suited! trickyrich has moved on.... to assembling Tamiya Tomcats sorry... the Mirage IV was inflight refueling capapable and could do 8-9 hour missions.... if the Nuclear mission was one way though is another story... ASMP surely improved their chance to return closer to home? .... if you think the fist French Nuclear Tests were performed atmospherically in the Algerian dessert.....
  10. exdraken

    Eduard Mirages

    it definitely is Eduard own, the HobbyBoss version though being very much inspired by it.... both are good, but already rather old kits. Still detail wise the very best Mirage C model out there in 48! Shape wise the old Heller kit is said to be better.... but a very very hard kit to build ! do not go for an Academy kit, it is crude and underscale... both are good kits, the Eduard one maybe slightly ahead in finesse. Decals are way better in the Eduard boxings, as is the load out options,...... Eduard profi pack kits also come with PE, the Israeli Shahak kit also with a resin nozzle for the later CJ models! have fun, Werner
  11. N or the more capable D variant are 2- seaters and specialized on air to ground
  12. Their aircraft models are still good quality, and often the only real game in town. Wonder why no 48th F-35 for now for their very own home market....
  13. for obvious reason no chance to start another (a 3rd!) build in this GB... BUT Modelsvit is to realease a Mirage IV in 1/48 so better build the old Heller kit first if you really wanted to.... so here we go Heller Mirage IV the French super sonic atomic bomber and recce amazement love its lines and.... and .. and pity I never saw a real one ...... I have countless aftermarket items amassed here, some not combinable.... decals allow to make every? operationl IV but the special schemes, I did not decide yet on the scheme (natural metal, early high viz, late low viz but squadron markings...) and load out... recce? recce with the large CT-51s jammers? or a late Afghan or Iraqi on ein UN markings? or an early eternal sunshine delivery delta? or a late one with the ASMP missile? here some of the stuff I have, can't recommend the book more then enough! some interesting material: CT-52 recce pod, ancient CT-51 jammer pods, or the Skyraider "mini" update.... I have the upnorth scribing set...... but should I would I could I??? the queen awaiting its fate rather large by the way! salut, Werner
  14. great progress! those missiles, exhasuts, seats, and details totally make the difference!
  15. Hmmm .... also 30% more when the carrier training needs for the Super Hornet are included? Meaning total cost of having an operational carrier capable fighter? Fixed wing carrier aviation definitely is very expensive! ( although probably more capable ) There are lots of pros and cons, also see the British QE carrier class development ordeal..... The (Sea ) Harrier definitely was the cheapest and best fighter that could be operated from very short decks up until the arrival of the F-35B...
  16. No I do not think so. Conflicts do not end due to attrition but lack of resources/ manpower. Just because no high quality arms are available any longer on both sides does not mean the conflict ends...
  17. More here, also check their website and FB page
  18. Are you kidding me? Someone tried a new pilot interface? Any more on it?
  19. decals are on! the old ESCI kit decals did not disintegrate, and behaved rather ok! the ejection seat warning triangles need a white background, or you source others.... thanks for watching! Werner
  20. Turned out great! Saw them at Zeltweg/Austria several times, always a fantastic and a bit unexpected show!
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