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  1. exdraken

    SyAAF Meteor F.8 1/48

    some PE parts, sorry, not the best photo background for those lower wing parts mounted, unfortunately without removing the flap areas... so no PE falp interior this time!" next one for sure!- fingers crossed!
  2. exdraken

    SyAAF Meteor F.8 1/48

    SyAAF Gloster Meteor F.8 Airfix 1/48 IsraDecal this morning's decision to take part in this promising GB! That is one of the candidates, I think a good and not too common one! hope you like it! Do you think I need any other aftermarket? Wheels? Cockpit/ MB Mk.II seat? state of today....absolutely untouched cheers, Werner
  3. exdraken

    Su-34 Fullback (KH80141) 1:48

    Thanks for the review Mike! Shouldn't it be the same size as any Flanker.?..just more massive!
  4. exdraken

    Mirage F.1CR Desert Camouflage Colors for Kitty Hawk kit

    I would go after a photo of the plane you want to do.. lots of sand brown camo planes are actually CRs so take care what you look at! There ate also quite some different sand brown shades on F1s out there.. do not nessecarily trust the KH insttuction with colors, less so with armament!!!! I am not using Gunze.. so no advice here...
  5. very nice! there is a 144th A-400 Atlas kit from Revell..... the Herk would be dwarthed...... and of course the recently released VC-10 tanker models... many many options!
  6. exdraken

    SyAAF Meteor F.8 1/48

    so, lets update again... if you are fed up, please tell me PE nightmare - or great improvement? was fun to do, if worth the effort, no idea! cheers, Werner
  7. wow! but only 4 of them! 4 markings- 4 kits, I thought I understand your logic... until I saw the aftermarket sheet! looking forward to ALL of them!!!
  8. exdraken

    Export Sea Furys

    Look hery promising!!
  9. exdraken

    SyAAF Meteor F.8 1/48

    some work on the cockpit, and closing the fuselage!
  10. exdraken

    Kitty Hawk's 1/48th Scale Su-22M-3 & M-4

    you are absolutely right, the lower twoseater is Trumansky equipped!: also the nozzle is shorter... if the other two seater is the same, I do not know.... one of those ? http://www.airliners.net/photo/Iran-Revolutionary-Guard-Air-Force/Sukhoi-Su-22UM/2762346/L
  11. exdraken

    Kitty Hawk's 1/48th Scale Su-22M-3 & M-4

    These Iranian single seaters are M4 so definitely buildable with the Kh kit!! Sa.e goes for the above two seater, a um3k model as kh
  12. exdraken

    1/48 - Mil Mi-17 (Mi-8MT) Hip - by Annetra

    Does this mean toolings are being made?
  13. exdraken

    Full-Scale Development F-16B 75-0751

    Great insight into an area when my intrest in planes was still max paoer planes!! Thanks!
  14. exdraken

    J35F/J Draken - Hasegawa 1/48

    Will be a stunner !
  15. I am getting hungry..... Great progress!!
  16. exdraken

    SyAAF Meteor F.8 1/48

    no time to loose! cockpit PE for the IP only (in my case...) I will open up the port side cannon bay and I also guess the engine bay.... the Eduard PE fits fantastically - but does it need to? and some work on the landing gear bay PE: the plastic parts look busy, but the PE looks better imho!
  17. exdraken

    Shorts Skyvan

    looks very nice! need to get that PE.....
  18. exdraken

    Eduard 1/48 MiG-21PFM Fishbed-D

    Hard to best!
  19. exdraken

    F-35A Meng, 1:48

    very nice model! but I can't help, with the canopy open it looks overweight and un-estetically to me......
  20. exdraken

    1/48 AMX trainer. Kinetic Vs Hobby Boss?

    Yes, single and two-seater are basically the same!
  21. exdraken

    Kitty Hawk Su-34 1/48 - render - March

    got my kit today from lucky! I AM MIGHTY IMPRESSED! the above mentioned step is present on mine as well, but imo not a real challenge or problem
  22. exdraken

    1/48 AMX trainer. Kinetic Vs Hobby Boss?

    Kinetic! a very nice kit by the way! Hb has stange (too square?) looking intakes, and there was also something about the windscreen nose area I can't remember quite now....