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  1. Rock Hudson's Sock Drawer! That looks Fantastic!! Rod Taylor would approve too. -d-
  2. well, after priming the first thing i did was, i applied a wash of future, water and Tamiya flat black to the whole seat. In addition to creating false shadows, it delineates everything from everything else. Then i went in with brushes and painted the seat frame rear first (flat black), then the seat cushions (green drab) next the seat belts and finally i painted the buckles using a drybrushing technique with Testors chrome silver. I tried my best to do as neat a job as possible, but i still had to go back and do touchups here and there. Next i went over the whole
  3. Adrian, the thing you're talking about is some sort of post, which the navigator could attach his charts to. Believe it or not, that hole which looks like an ejector pin mark is actually prototypical and is supposed to be there. However, i've heard from some quarters that it's not on early Buccaneers and i'm sorely tempted to whack it off, since it looks kooky and everybody is gonna think its an ejector pin mark... Maybe someone here can weigh in with a more definitive answer?? -d-
  4. Wow, Einar- That Coronado is beautiful!! I haven't seen many of these built up yet. The AA kits have been hard to get here in the states. I've been trying to get one, but then Atlantis announced they were re-releasing the Revell 990, and then everyone who had Revell 990s in the stash started putting em up for sale on ebay..... and then Eastern Express announces an all-new 990 of their own. All of a sudden....it's raining Convairs! Who would have guessed?? -d-
  5. Simply fantastic; i saw it over on Hyperscale. How did you go about making the carrier deck? Is it made from scratch, or did you use something like the Nautilus Models wooden deck?? -d-
  6. Looks very nice! I picked up one of these about a month ago and i really liked what i saw on the sprues. My gut tells me the engineers at Tamiya looked over this thing and they took some inspiration from it for their F-4B. I've heard a lot of conflicting opinions on this kit. I already knew about the lack of detail on the intake ramps, but were there any other places on the build that drove you nuts?? Built the Fujimi kit eons ago, but they've been lost to the sands of time. -d-
  7. Looks beautiful, Tony. I heard the undercarriage is a bit tricky, but that the rest of the model goes together well. -d-
  8. Its a beautiful model of a plane i didn't even know existed, until the kit came out. I was familiar with the Pe-2, but not this one. The tightly-cowled radial engines with the big spinners and 4 blade props remind me of the Howard 500. Are there a lot of colour schemes for this plane? i'm curious.... -d-
  9. I did hear that Minicraft was working on one, and the tooling designer was the fellow at PLATZ. However, all news on this went dead and i haven't heard any updates for a long time. I suppose someone over at AirlinerCafe.com probably knows the inside story. -d-
  10. Okay. Who doesn't like painting ejection seats? ME. I don't like painting ejection seats. But, as Eric Brown would have said...there you have it. I've done about all i can do on the seats for now, until my next order from Hannant's shows up. When i come home i'll turn to fixing some things on the canopy i'm not happy about and get the decals on it. Until then- keep your knots up and your powder dry. -d-
  11. Welcome, Edgar. Lots of Corsair love here on this site. -d-
  12. One can hope that somebody like ARMA or Clear Prop could give us a decent F4U-4, -5, AU-1 and -7 in 72nd scale. We sorely need them, and Hasegawa is asleep at the switch. However, you gotta produce whats gonna sell. -d- I really like how you modulated and weathered the Gloss Sea Blue paint scheme. Not everybody can pull this off realistically. -d-
  13. I think its a beautiful job on a model that is best regarded as "Scimitar-Shaped", and it will serve as a good placeholder until Airfix or somebody gets their act together and renders it properly. Same goes for the Sea Vixen. -d-
  14. Looks great so far. I really like that 1970s- vintage SIOP paint scheme. Those colours weathered in various ways, and with the skin rippling and touch-up paint you can make a camouflage scheme look visually complex and interesting. The 1970s-vintage Koku Fan "Famous Airplanes of the World" volume on the B-52 sold me on it. I used to have all of the DB conversions for the Monogram kit back in the day, but i didn't have to tools and skills to effectively use them -d-
  15. I'm working on the ejection seats now, but i cried uncle and installed the intake covers. Some microdots of Micro Liquitape hold them in place... Each intake plug consisted of 7 parts. Getting the shape established for the plug part (which acts as a locator) was the toughest part. The grab handles are HO Gauge grab irons. After the seats comes a little bit of clean up work, then the IFR probe and pitot boom. Bye for now. -d-
  16. I'm now able to see the thumbnails, and from what i can see so far it looks great. I'm already starting to game out building one myself. -d-
  17. Egad. Not to be Devils advocate, but i think this is a case of something not worth saving. I too found casting imperfections in my cowlings. Curious to see how well the Falcon ClearVax parts work out. -d-
  18. Yeah, i know. i found out after the gear had been installed.
  19. A quick update from the Admiralty..... Nothing has gone wrong. I was just on an abbreviated 4 day down cycle and i only managed to get the intake covers done. They turned out to be more complicated than i was expecting. So far, 7 pieces each. I still need to put a metal data plate on each one, then a gloss coat to seal them down, a bit of a wash job.....and then i'll turn to the ejection seats. -d-
  20. I think its a beautiful Job, Angus. Count me among the many who thought they were looking at a Minicraft build. I've seen a couple of Revell Connies built up, and like you said aside from the panel lines they do look nice, though i agree with what Jennings Heiling said about the small cockpit window area looking sort of... well, squinty. Rest of the shapes on that thing i always thought were good. Shame we don't see more of the Revell Connies built up. In the hands of a skilled modeler they are beautiful. But, the Minicraft Connie can sure come in handy for the front en
  21. Nothing here yet. I just see a list of what looks to be hexadecimal-code-looking links. When i click on them i get a black screen. -d-
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