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  1. Individually for sure, drop me a line I'd be very interested in the Zero's
  2. Superb build this is the livery I'm going for, thanks for sharing
  3. May I asked where you got the glass from please?
  4. My disappointment is the chance that Meng has missed to turn out a kit as good as WNW for a more affordable price and in greater volumes. Which would have allowed others a chance to sample the quality WNW attained and it will stop what was and now is ridiculous profiteering from some sellers!
  5. I totally agree Duncan. I suspect they may have bought the proof tooling, design plans and rights, then rushed it into production. Looking at the sprues on the review, it's obvious to me they're not of the normal standard of WNW, Meng are clearly going for volume and lower unit price over quality. I'm disappointed, if I'm honest and I'm now glad I didn't get caught in rush to purchase. Being a Meng kit there'll be far more stock available, I'll wait to see what others make of the kit before making my decision as to whether to purchase.
  6. Sadly Ikea don't do the shelves as a spare part, why I've no idea they'd make a small fortune. Ikea are you listening!
  7. Has anyone managed to find a supplier of toughen/tempered glass to add extra shelves in the Detolf display cases? The prices I'm getting are ridiculous, it's far cheaper just to buy another whole cabinet and throw away everything but the shelves, I really don't want to do that or have the hassle. Acrylic is a waste of time, it bow's over time and it's not much cheaper than a whole new cabinet!
  8. Great pictures thanks for the link
  9. Carol dropping a boob ......................... oh my god and I missed it
  10. Sadly the BBC isn't what it used to be and all that work for it are civil servants, over successive years, government pressure has and still is being applied, in a multitude of ways, the biggest being that of budget control. The current Covid crisis has for me exposed just how much control the government has over the BBC, for weeks I watched minster after minster get what can only be described as 'an easy ride' every morning, they ended up avoiding the likes of ITV/ITN and Channel 4 and have been very selective with radio stations. Now I'm not a supporter of Piers Morgan but he has been aski
  11. They're just too many in denial, probably as they don't want to face reality, and/or are following blinkered political loyalties, at the very top end desperate to protect the world order and their power through profit, by sending the minions back to do their bidding. We had a very similar situation in early 1939, the deniers, who I believe were in the majority at the time, who mainly out of fear refused to see the situation but rather sort ever more ridiculous justifications for doing nothing, in the vain hope they'd be spared. What was it Churchill said "you can't reason with a tiger when
  12. Landlords/councils whomever, increase rent (profit), this increases, operating costs and increases sale prices, that drives buyers and sellers alike towards the internet, as a way to remain in business, trying to pay ever increasing overhead costs that make the product unviable. It's a process that is fast reaching saturation, the local model shop is just one of the casualties, many other retailers are and have been in trouble for years, recent Covid situation will push those over the edge, many shops I fear will simple not reopen over the coming months and those who were close to the edge, t
  13. I was referring to motorcycle and dive shows and others that are run at the likes of the NEC and Excel etc, not that they will for a while, due to the current situation. IPMS are in IMHO danger my of going the same way, the venue is making more than a good slice, £10, 15, 20 for non members this year, although there's TBC on IPMS website. To say nothing of whatever each trader/seller has to pay which will be the lions share by far. Add in overnight and travel costs and for a good few traders (as Jaime has eluded to in his statement) it pushes it beyond what it's worth for them.
  14. Jamie, You've hit the nail right on the head here. This goes for many shows of all descriptions these days, once the big boy promoters and venues get their hands on them. I was always a really big motorcycle and dive show fan, I've not been for some years to either now and I'm highly unlikely to go again, why................................ High, entrance and parking costs, extortionate food & drink prices and they ram as much as possible in the smallest place as possible. You often can't get close to an exhibit or stall 3 -4 deep! I've not been to Telford and
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