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  1. Yes I've got a couple of these unfortunately Martin's out of stock at present as they sell fast, he's always getting new stock. Just one of these replaced 2 of Lightcrafts older tube jobs and they where top of the range. These are slightly smaller, use far less power and produce a lot more light, they are totally adjustable as is the level of light. Not cheap but well worth it.
  2. I think you'll find they're both the same size.
  3. Yep it's that easy, they're very fragile. If you suffer a sticky or heavy needle action put some cleaner, it's needs to be hot so Mr Tool or cellulose etc in the colour cup, let it sit for a bit some back flushing and slowly work the trigger, until it's free.
  4. What often happens is the nozzle aperture widens during use, or if you push the needle in slightly too too much and lock up it up. Constant on off over time widens the aperture, the nozzle is very thin and soft material.
  5. Try here it's for the Evo and infinity but most parts are common, if you contact Martin (email) he'll be able to confirm, I'd be very surprised if it didn't fit.
  6. I'm the same as Dennis although not exclusively 1.32 builder, I just feel my current skill level can't do the the kit justice. I'll be closely following the build which looks like is off to a great start
  7. Alclad 2 This is their chrome over stripped plated surface i.e. just black plastic, my photo skills and mobile camera don't do it justice. I've tried all manner of metal finish paint, Alclad 2 is still the easiest and consistently good paint finish in my opinion. I've tried AK extreme, Mr Hobby, Tamiya, Ammo, all work all can be really good but they tend to vary depending on, surface, shape, size etc. Alcald 2 just works regardless, it's only drawback is it's odore, you need a mask minimum, better still a booth, i'f it's a quality one and you're doing smaller parts and short airbrushing times just a booth. With mine I can't smell it, forget to turn it on and boy do I smell it.
  8. Hi Hutch Take a look at these Aircom units some under or slightly over your budget. These are quality units not your cheaper Chinese rip offs, the 17 & 38 versions can be siamesed by buying the addon unit, both are the same size just extra extraction power. If you could stretch your budget, even by delaying purchase to save, I'd recommend one of these yes expensive in comparison to Aircom, but these are top quality units and it will be the only booth you'll ever need. Aircraft is top notch supplier run by martian, drop him a line if you've got any questions.
  9. If the nozzle seal fails, it will normally bubble in the cup, not stop air flow. It could be the seal has become deformed for whatever reason and it's now pushing the nozzle out of line with the needle, which will bend it sealing itself against the needle. It could also be the needle is bent sealing itself against the nozzle when locked into place. If you've got one change the nozzle/needle for another one or size 0.4, if it works the nozzle/ seal or needle are the issue. Check the nozzle aperture isn't bent, do this by inserting a straight needle into it and checking it's completely central, if it's not the nozzle is bent. I've had similar with my Evolution, a slightly bent needle, not at the tip but about 5/10mm back and I've had a bent nozzle, they're very thin and easily damaged, either will give you your problem. A needle can be straightened nozzles can be to a point, but often replacement is the only way. My money is on either a bent needle or nozzle and in that order, it could also be both,
  10. Luc Take a look at these and my posts in them, what you're experiencing is very common. Here and Here
  11. Absolutely stunning pictures, what camera/lens did you use?
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