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Kev The Modeller

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  1. Kev The Modeller

    Some help and advice please

    Hi Rob, Thanks for the reply, as I said I know next to nothing about this sort of thing, the lenses are all canon there's 4 of them and they don't look cheap to my untrained eye. The camera and lenses were part of a collection and aren't just a cast off's, they used to belong to a mate who was a very keen photographer, who's sadly to ill to use them anymore. Do you have any recommendations for an entry level cameras ?
  2. Kev The Modeller

    Some help and advice please

    I've been given a old EOS 300 SLR (film type not digital) it's comes with various lenses and attachments. I know next to nothing about photography or cameras, but I have been looking at buying one capable of taken decent holiday, show and model pictures for sometime rather than using my phone. Although the camera is in fully working order and very good if not as new condition, the fact it's film really makes a non stater for what I want to use it for. Are the lenses on older non digital cameras compatible with current digital SLR's if they're I could save myself a packet and it would be such a waste to bin them and the camera.
  3. Wow what a build and you're first AFV I just love these tribute builds, especially with a family link I'm sure your dad will be thrilled. An outstanding build fantastic attention to detail
  4. Kev The Modeller

    Rifle Brigade Officer Crimean War 1854 120mm

    Very nice, and after a 35 year gap
  5. Kev The Modeller

    Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk1

    Great build
  6. Kev The Modeller

    My First Card Model - A 1/78 scale Macchi M.5

    Well I never, I had no idea this sort of thing was possible, with paper
  7. Wow a stunner the attention to detail is amazing As others have said shame about the Photobucket logo's
  8. Kev The Modeller

    Fokker pair

    Amazing level of detail mate As a keen WW1/WNW beginner and member of the WW1 Aircraft Models I'll be following with great interest and learning from this build.
  9. Kev The Modeller

    Monogram 1/48 Boeing B-29 Superfortress

    Great aircraft and a very interesting build, looking forward to following this one
  10. Kev The Modeller

    Zvezda 1/35 T-72B with ERA

    Great build, I just love these early ERA tanks and Cold War Soviet armour
  11. Very nice, really like the battle damage
  12. Kev The Modeller

    Eduard I-16 Type 24

    Very nice
  13. Kev The Modeller

    Revell U-Boat Type XXI 1/144

    Lovely finish