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  1. I'm seem to remember reading or seeing, that to achieve good yellow colour the primer/undercoat needs to be white a bit like using black undercoat to achieve good metallic finishes.
  2. The KH250 was my first bike 78 B3 in lime green, I too moved on to the 750 just loved it. The green in the picture is well off the mark for a B3 here just look at the price it's almost 10 times what I paid for mine! Following with interest.
  3. Certain types and makes of paint do perform better through 0.4 nozzles. I find spraying certain colours of AK Extreme metal and other metal paint work better through 0.4 due to pigment size , the same for some ture water based acrylics and primers especially Stynylrez/UMP and micro fillers or Mr surfacer 100. I also find the 0.4 great for armour and larger scale aircraft coverage, that said I've got really good results doing fine work with an 0.4, just takes practice.
  4. With Tamiya acrylics you will be fine waiting, it's a very easy and forgiving paint to use as is Mr Hobby Aqueous. Ture water based acrylics like Ammo, AK or Vallejo aren't and will cause tip dry and can start drying in the colour cup depending on thinning ratio quite quickly. Tamiya the paint and most paint will be recoatable within seconds with normal levels of coverage/coat thickness, so you've not really got to worry about recoating too much. I often wait up to a good few minutes while painting multiple parts, without issues using Tamiya or Mr Hobby Aqueous thinned 50/50, just wipe t
  5. Superb build, a ship I visited as a teenager while I was a sea cadet
  6. IMHO they work very well, I've had one for a few years now. Like you I was new to airbrushing at the time, I found it a great help, as time has gone on, I use it less and less as you learn the muscle memory/skill to better control the paint flow. That said I still use it as a safeguard when airbrushing certain things, really good for preventing flooding or over wetting of top coats both colour and clear. Unfortunately I don't have an Ultra, my two H&S are Evolution and Infinity so can't confirm if a quick fix will fit, but I'd be surprised if it didn't.
  7. In theory no, but due to things compressor spec/quality, length of line, line/tank integrity (leaks) and the gauge. The air you think is coming out of the compressor as shown by the gauge, could well be very different from what is reaching and coming out of the nozzle not to mention any fluctuation. The Mac valve on the brush is much closer to the nozzle so you've got a far more accurate control over what's coming out.
  8. All very sad news like so many teenages (at the time) I was captivated by her in those early years, RIP Barbara
  9. Out of interest are Dave's Model Emporium and the Model Emporium one and the same? The latter appears to have shut down their website all you get is a cover page.
  10. Wow, fantastic build, the turret top mod is a master stroke., absolutely stunning work
  11. I does, but that doesn't mean your unit is faulty. It could be a filling issue or that somehow an amount of oil has gotten into the lines and exhaust valve area, not sure how but possible. When I drain my tank, last being last night I literally turn the whole unit on it's side as directed in the manual, which would mean the oil in the unit is sloshing about, I've still don't get anything like your discharge at exhaust. Contact Martin in the morning, send him the video and he take a judgement, I'm certain he'll either change it straight away (if he's got stock) and recover the f
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