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  1. Kev The Modeller

    Spray booth to avoid hair/carpet fibres?

    I've had this issue countless times it drove me almost to the point of giving up, even with a spray booth, I found it was materials and static casing the issue. If your chair is fabric it's probably man made, a roller type office chair and has plastic wheels, carpet is a hard wearing man made mix, your clothes probably the same, all this adds up to static charge and and a lot of floating hair like particles. Unless you've got a complete clean room you're not going to eliminate them, but you can drastically reduce them and almost eliminate them from the spraying area. Now a lot (I stress this point) depends on your particular mix of fabrics, room size etc so what works for one may not work for another, but if you apply the advice and experiment you should get a good result. Firstly dust isn't your issue so the light coating you get on any surface over time isn't worth worrying about, providing you don't disturb it just prior or during spraying. If you regularly hover and don't have too much clutter around your spraying area forget it. If you've got a man made mixed material carpet a very high percentage are these days, don't hover just before spraying. all you will do is crate a lot of static and throw hundreds of static charged hair like particles into the air. Do the following if you can afford to: - 1. Change your chair to a leather type with anti static wheels you may have to get these separately. 2. Get a anti static mat these come in all manner of sizes and it's cheaper than changing the carpet, a cheaper method is a sheet of marine ply with a covering non static material e.g. laminate flooring. It must be big enough to cover the whole area your chair will move over while you work. 3. Get an air purifier and switch it and your spray booth on half hour before you want to spray. These cost nothing or very little and will all help: - 1. Wear clothing that isn't going to give off particles I find the current mix fibre sweat shits are terrible, go for all cotton. Give yourself a good brush off before you enter the room. 2. Don't wear footwear that will crate static as you walk to and into the room. 3. Blow the model and the spraying area before you mix your paint. 4. Get a container big enough to cover what you're working on and use it to cover the model before and directly after spraying. 5. Get a pump pray bottle the type that give you a very fine mist. A few squirts into the air around your work area just before you start. It's all a bit trial an error but you'll get there.
  2. Kev The Modeller

    The loss of a Comrade

    Very, very sad news. I'm a relatively new member of the forum and back to the hobby after 30 odd year break, I returned about 3 years ago building armour, having since moved on to build a car and a bike. Left the hobby all those years ago building Tamiiya 1/12 F1 cars, looking at Paul's work inspired me to get back into building them and with a MFH kit. RIP Paul
  3. Kev The Modeller

    Tamiya IDF Tiran 5 dozer blade

    Fantastic build, the weathering is superb
  4. Kev The Modeller

    The Revamped London RAF Museum

    As with just about everything today whether it's government (or rather privatisation of just about every service) or otherwise it's about profit. Even though (as pointed out) most are free, they have become businesses in their own right due to privatisation, so they must make a profit. I also think you'll find that in most cases the top end management is paid rather handsomely, some of these are from the "revolving door" concept that was, others are cooperate management types who are put there by shareholders/investors. As we're seeing more and more space is being given over to cafe's, conference and venue renting/hire, I've been to weddings on the Belfast and in Tower Bridge I kid you not. While that was happening big areas of Belfast were shut off and the whole of the top walking galleries on Tower Bridge were closed, there wasn't a reduction in ticket price as far as I know either! Yes these are great places and create a certain exclusivity and to some degree "out doing the Jonese" as they cost a small fortune and yes it makes money, but sadly most of that isn't going back into the museum it's going into pockets. History and heritage has more than ever become just another commodity to be exploited, by all and any means!
  5. Oh my word. I had that Humbrol set, some of those glass bottle airfix paints and I've still got some Commando books. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Kev The Modeller

    1/32 TAMIYA F-16 block 60 UAE

    Superb build the weathering spot on, love the base
  7. Kev The Modeller

    Heller Ju-52/3m 1/72

    Very nice
  8. Kev The Modeller

    1/48 Revell F2B Bristol Fighter

    Cracking build
  9. Kev The Modeller

    1/32 Trumpeter A6-E INTRUDER

    Stunning what a build amazing level of detail
  10. Kev The Modeller

    1/72 Airfix Handley Page 0/400

    Very, very nice Like you I've always had a fascination of this aircraft and unlike Gotha's and AEG's this is the only version I know of, which is a pity.
  11. Kev The Modeller

    1:32 Tamiya Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc

    I'm looking forward to watching this build, I've just added this kit to my stash.
  12. Kev The Modeller

    Hobby Boss 1/48 Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat Operation Torch

    Very nice great weathering
  13. Kev The Modeller

    Airfix Messerschmitt BF109E 1/48 scale

    Superb job, the paint and weathering are top notch, I think I add one of these kits to my stash