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  1. Wow, simply stunning, this is really knocking on the door of ship building.
  2. Superb build, the weathering is fantastic
  3. Thanks Tony. I really no very little about his Burma and POW experiences other than what I've mentioned and a few other bits, he did say about 30 odd were captured only half survived the camp, work details, neglect and disease to be repatriated to India a few more died there. I've read more died later after returning to the UK and died early due to complications, he suffered what we now know as PTSD and drank heavily (for a while) for years before I was born. I knew him as a loving Grandad father my mother didn't she was born in 39, he spent very little time with her before he was sent to Burma via India she was 2 when he left and almost 6 when he returned she had no idea who he was. His PTSD made things very difficult for them both and she tells me she never had the loving father she wanted all very sad and I've no doubt very common story. I've got know idea where the camp was or what he was forced to work on, possibly the infamous railway at some point, I'm not even sure how long he was a POW for. I suppose I could find out but a part of me doesn't want to know the facts I'd get upset and probably quite angry!
  4. Very interesting, although as mentioned it is inaccurate, if this is supposed to include just locations bombs fell, well it is for my family. My Nan's house was in London and located very close to railway and not too far from a marshalling area, her road was bombed on several occasions she told me, these were strays no doubt, as we all know bombing wasn't accurate. First time she lost all her windows and most tiles off the roof, second time the house next door was was severely damaged and had to be demolished, her house suffered wall and roof damage and again lost all it's widows. Is there another part to this site, as this looks like it's just a map page, is there a main page?
  5. They sound very similar. My Grandad never collected his medals, he was to ill when he returned to the UK and missed all the celebrations, I got his medals for my Nan after he died, I've got them now. Your Grandads story of the bayoneted soldier was one he did mention towards the end of his life, his was men falling out of a work line, He also mentioned the Japs would execute men by sitting and securing them on growing bamboo, as you know its grows up 16in a day. He too hated the Japs, I didn't know how much until I bought my first motorbike a Kawasaki KH250 he was so up set, I felt really bad. I'm sorry, this has kinda hijacked the thread, but they were like all the others very brave men.
  6. Thanks mate, my Grandad was Royal Artillery and converted to pack guns and supported the Chindits. Who knows they could well have known each other they would certainly have shared they same ground at some point. He survived the war. He was a regular solider he joined in 1926, he would talk about he pre-Burma days openly, but rarely about Burma and only that he was there or in a camp no or very little detail. He suffered from malaria for the remainder of his life, he died in the early 80's aged 76.
  7. Very nice and nice to see late version These did very well in the pacific theatre and served from their introduction until the end of the war, my Grandfather also served in the Burma campaign. Unfortunately he was a guest of the Japanese for a while, sadly he's no long with us.
  8. Amazing build Ricardo, your attention to detail is Superb
  9. So glad this build has restarted, looking forward to your updates Steve
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