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  1. 15 points
    Hi all, I thought I would share photos of some of my older builds, all taken in natural light. This is done by using a Fuji camera and a base painted to look like concrete that measures approx. 3’x3’. I use the local airport as the back ground. In my opinion, there is nothing quite like the sun showing the work. When taking the photos, I try to envision the angles that I would be taking of real aircraft. scales are 72, 48, 35 and 32. Hope you enjoy the pics. NEW: got rid of photobucket.
  2. 15 points
    A Westland Lysander from Finnish Air Force, which I am a fan of. 1/48 Gavia kit, built several years ago with some photoetched parts, from Eduard if I am not mistaken. I thought that this plane was small, actually it is huge. It dwarfs a Spitfire if you put them close to each other... Probably the dihedral is too strong.
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    Well here's my first completed model of the year. The kit certainly doesn't fall together, and if you're tackling one straight after an Airfix one, you'll be in for a bit more work to get things to fit. That being said, you do get some brass and resin to play with, and the decal sheet is very well printed, even if the instructions are rather vague on their placement, and once again the classic "keep clean of intakes" stencils... Anyway, Alclad finish once again, though this time it's a bit cleaner than my previous Lightnings which morphed into dirty birds in their construction! The pilot figure was painted in suitable 60's attire, and I decided to leave the missiles off as they are not a strong point in any Sword Lightning. And here it is in my little collection.. Just got the F3 and T5 to do now
  4. 4 points
    The plan is to do one of these two babys. Found on Nils 'Vingtor' website http://vingtor.net/profiles_content.html The only teeny tiny snag is that I am unable to find any other views or photos of either....yet! Won't slow the build anyway tho.
  5. 3 points
    Hi, Lot of the time has been spent on some strange activities and due to some reasons I was forced to change the priorities in my hobby. Anyway - the time has come and I can start the paintwork. Last pics before painting. The only upgrade is the resin Rotol from Department of Correction which is originally designed to Tamiya's kit. So has better fitting then Hasegawa's one. And here are mentioned above some reasons of delay.
  6. 3 points
    And then there were two. Thats taken me ages to do and my eyes dont thank me for it. Still a couple of adjustments and fixes to do along with the dry brush, but thats enough for me for one day. Also sanded one of the inlets and got the best fit I could, got the other side to do, glue em both on and then its filler time for the plane itself I think. Woo.
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    Hopefully this will complement Anthony's impressive Westland Scout painting, though it comes a poor second place as I haven't yet even tried painting, far less mastered it! I was asked by a work colleague to draw a Westland Wasp, a subject which surprised me until he explained that he wanted me to reproduce the precise aircraft that his late father flew from HMS Penelope in the early-to-mid 1960's. He couldn't give me much more information but sent me a couple of photos of the machine in question from his father's logbook, which helped enormously with getting the markings and aircraft modification (or lack of...) state correct. To keep it fairly concise, I planned the final image to include HMS Penelope, the ship's badge/crest and the helicopter in order to place each element in context with the others. I found a reference photo of a Wasp which was in precisely the attitude that I'd planned, but as it was of a late-mod Wasp I then had to 'de-modify' the drawing to represent a very early Wasp from circa 1964. I had the same problem with HMS Penelope: the reference photo that matched my plan was of Penelope in her later guise with missile launchers having replaced the gun turret, plus other changes, so I had to alter my drawing to represent her earlier configuration. (Nothing especially new to modellers there; a fascinating research exercise followed by a conversion, but in 2 dimensions!) Changes to the helicopter from the reference picture include: - Removal of the cabin strengthening band - Deletion of the flotation gear - Alteration of the roof windows - Addition of an observer's seat - Deletion of the crewman - Addition of the spherical radar reflector - Change to the angle of the wheels - Alteration of the exhaust shape - Deletion of the I-Band transponder - Change of markings (obviously!!) - Alterations to aerials - Deletion of the wind deflector .....plus probably one or two others besides. Here's a pic of the 'Work in Progress': And here's the finished picture, taken using my phone camera so the usual apols for the less-than-perfect quality: Thanks for taking the time to look; as always, constructive criticism is very welcome! Jon
  8. 2 points
    It was more than I thought but less than some here. All in all a good year with some variety in scales and subjects... 2014 started with an Airfix 1/72 Spitfire Mk 22 Airfix 1/72 F-51 Mustang A Trumpeter 1/72 Sea Fury Hobby Boss 1/72 Pe-2 "Easy Kit" A Hobby Boss 1/48 FW190D-10 finished as a "Blueprint" Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1 Corsair. What a great kit! Wingnut Wings 1/32 Fokker DVII OAW "8609". A unit captured by the British and sent to Canada in 1919. Mark 1 Models 1/144 He-219. A marvelous kit. The mottle was hand painted, one at a time. AZ model 1/72 Devastator. Took a bit of work but a nice model. Eduard's fantastic 1-72 MiG-15bis. Eduard's issue of the Zvesda 1/48 La-5FN. Italeri 1/48 Hurricane IIc. This was a speed build done in well under a week, if I remember right. That's 12 finished in 2014. I also built these 2 on Boxing day. Metal Earth photo-etched stainless steel kits. Planned for early 2015 is an Italeri 1/32 CF-104G with all of the Eduard bits I can get. And then ??? Let's hope for one more than last year. Thanks for looking and Happy New Year to all Britmodellers!!
  9. 2 points
    Yep, only reliable source for Tamiya primer I know of.
  10. 2 points
    I sprayed the appropriate areas with the grey I mixed for the interior colours, then painted the details with Vallejo acrylics and hairy stick. I gave everything a wash of Payne's grey/sepia ink, then highlighted with lighter shades or drybrushed as seemed best. The instrument panel was painted Vallejo German grey, drybrushed, then the dials put in with indian ink. I've fitted location pins on the elevators: these are short bits of wire brush bristles, fixed with CA. Next step will be to fit the rear bulkhead and then close up the fuselage!
  11. 2 points
    Here are some stats for the groupbuild. There were 24 finished builds displayed. Versions Qty Percentage F.6 11 46% F.2A 5 21% F.3 2 8% T.4 2 8% T.5 2 8% F.1A 1 4% F.2 1 4% Units Qty Percentage 92 Sqn 5 21% 11 Sqn 5 21% 74 Sqn 3 13% 23 Sqn 3 13% 226 OCU 2 8% 5 Sqn 2 8% LTF 1 4% 19 Sqn 1 4% 56 Sqn 1 4% 111 Sqn 1 4% Scales Qty Percentage 1/72 19 79% 1/48 4 17% 1/144 1 4% And in a turn of events which will surprise absolutely no one... Kits Qty Percentage Airfix 19 79% Sword 4 17% Revell 1 4%
  12. 2 points
    And now the rock camo pattern Brush painted.
  13. 2 points
    What a great finish ( pun intended ) Very nice to see. Cheers, Mike
  14. 2 points
    Probably Photobucket have resized this but the distance from the tip of the nose to the line should be 43.5 mm. The nose mod is so simple. The canopy is harder as it will require polishing but as I said I will be doing a vacform canopy. I haven't looked at the interior yet but it might prove challenging. John
  15. 1 point
    XV Squadron's 100th anniversary website is now live and running. Have a look around and explore the history of this fine squadron. Merchandise also available on the sale for purchase. http://www.xvsquadron100.com/
  16. 1 point
    Hi John Never been any need in 1/48th to do a V to IX conversion. By 'warts and all' I assume you mean reference to the very early IX with modified upper cowling panels? Just modify a IX cowling. a C wing cannon access hatch could be fitted with any panel that fits it, the bulges are in the panel. So, yes, the VC certainly had the narrow bulge fitted. There are plenty of photos of this. The wide bulge was to allow for 2x20mm cannons, which was very rarely fitted due to weight, so the narrow inner bulge became standard on the C wing in time. I think you are being confused by the term 'Mk V to IX conversion' This was not some modification, but basic airframes laid down as mk V's, or having been assigned as Mk V's in the production contracts then had the appropriate IX parts added on the production line. So they were built in the factory as IX's, is my understanding. Remember, the IX is essentially a VC airframe modified to take the Merlin 60 series engine. The airframe designed to take the Merlin 60's was the Mk VIII, but the need for the IX squeezed it out, even though the VIII was thought to be the best mk to fly according to one of the test pilots. I'll refresh my memory on this later. Has your copy of The Spitfire Story arrived yet? EDIT - http://spitfiresite.com/2010/04/spitfire-mk-ix-xi-and-xvi-variants-much-varied.html But from a modelling point of view, you need to change a few panel lines and add bulges to IX, not try to convert a V by entending it, remember you would still need to change the underwing oil cooler. I assume you mean without a photo? Accurately, no. the alternating A/B pattern was dropped in 1941 IIRC, there is a thread on it here somewhere. It was supposed to be done o odd/even serials, but there are variations. Decal sheets are in the same area as profiles, which is 'don't trust without a photo'
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    Ah now. I barely had the mental capacity to speak, let alone converse with anybody, when I was a stude doing doing low level nav in a JP at 240kts with only a map and a stopwatch. Thankfully one had the joy of an inertial navigation system when doing it at 450kts in a Jag. Oh I dunno Neil; I may put my feet up and watch a certain four engine converion get built I belatedly realised that the JPs also needed their pitot tubes. Can't get boll*cked by one of Debs' QFIs unless you can see what speed your failing to fly at can you? Raw materials. I used 0.5mm rod for the tubes as I don't have any syringe needles or metal tubing small enough. It meant I had a bit of a tricky job drilling a little hole in the end if each tube JP3's pitot tube is wing mounted: And painted up in alclad aluminium and light grey: And fitted: Whilst the JP5's goes under the nose: And painted with alclad aluminium and fitted: Glad I remembered them. Back at work now tho' - and they took up all of today's modelling time.....
  18. 1 point
    Looks great so far Matt,love the colours looks spot on!
  19. 1 point
    It appears to be one of the Cr.32s used by UN SPACEY during the desperate opening stages of the Robotech invasion.
  20. 1 point
    Let's not forget other two "obscure" events that took place on the very same day;the German Counteroffensive in Alsace (Fall Nordwind) and the German Counteroffensive in Hungary (Fall Konrad)! This( http://spaghettibowl.freehomepage.com/custom3.html) could be considered an "obscure" event by many,but not by me,in fact my late father and his older brother joined the USAAF after the 8th September Armistice and served with the 12th AF as ground personnel,while another brother soldiered on with the Royal Canadian Dragoons! Cheers Manu
  21. 1 point
    That's certainly a big hydraulic valve block that needs replicating Nigel. I'm sure you will have no problems though. Loving the work on the engines, especially the exhaust area. Looks super realistic. Keep it up, looking foreward to more. Matt.
  22. 1 point
    Interesting scheme indeed. Have the kit myself and didn't realise it suffered from those multitude of injection marks and towers. And nice start by the way.
  23. 1 point
    One thing in Revell's favour if this thread is anything to go by they couldn't have wished for any better publicity. Marty...
  24. 1 point
    [/url I really like the combination of black, white and aluminium undersides... very classy. Just about to try to paint the rudder in red white and blue after an abortive attempt at using a decal.... This is going to be N2358, Z of No 73 Sqdrn, AASF, Rouvres, France in May/June 1940. Anyone know if this machine is likely to have a gunsight or just the funky crosshair device in the 'pit? Also, would this machine have carried a yellw gas warning patch on the wing, or was this a later BofB period device? Thanks for looking in. Matt
  25. 1 point
    Blimey there's a lot of facial hair breaking out on this thread. Bearded One: What you want to do is find someone who's built the Airfix Spitfire Vb as a Vb, because that kit comes with all the Vb parts plus a complete set of Spit I sprues including the early dH prop from the mark I.
  26. 1 point
    Fingers crossed for the interior masking - won't know until the masking comes off near the end off the build though! Right, primer is on: Just been re-drilling a few rivets where they'd rubbed off during sanding, and fixed the windscreen in place. I seem to have a ghost seam which keeps reappearing on top of the nose, and once I've dealt with that it'll be paint time. This is a real speed build for me... More when it happens, Dean
  27. 1 point
    Very nice pics,....very effective and great models too but what is that blue stuff at the top of your photos,.....we don`t have that where I come from on the Pennines of NW. England where we have varying degree`s of grey which make taking photos a real challenge! Cheers Tony
  28. 1 point
    Unbeliveable. Just unbeliveable. Or actually very beliveable. The only giveaway must be that most of them are left parked without wheelchocks . And parking the Backfire in front of the ANG-hangar could really have made a scene
  29. 1 point
    Very nicely done. And a lovely fleet you have as well, good luck on completing the rest.
  30. 1 point
    Wonderful work there George. While the kit looks to have great detail on each part there's certainly a lot of clean-up required to make it usable.
  31. 1 point
    Maybe sand down the cowlings gradually where they will meet the propeller so that there won't be a "step"? Easier than ripping out the engine like I did. Stick at it mate, it's worth it in the end. BB
  32. 1 point
    Great looking lightning!, and superb collection they look great nice work!
  33. 1 point
    Thanks Jon, that is definitely of interest. It's actually similar as to how I do most of my shading, but that's usually on much smaller areas & I haven't used the multiple orientations bit - I shall definitely be trying a sky that way, yours look very effective. I use paper 'stumps' or blenders (bought a cheap set from The Range & they were rubbish, then got a set of Derwent ones, apparently made from rice paper & they are excellent), but again I like that idea of toilet paper for bigger areas, I think it would probably be more effective - & easier! The use of a straightedge & eraser to define the edge also sounds good, I generally don't have a proper 'border', but again I like the more finished look of your Blackburn drawing than mine tend to be. So thanks again, plenty to think about when I can sit down & start doing some aircraft drawings again. I hadn't drawn anything for about 15 years, but the arrival of our first granddaughter in the summer got me inspired again, but so far it's only portraits of her I've had chance to do (& at least her mum likes them!) Best Keith
  34. 1 point
    Austria... Cheers, Dean
  35. 1 point
    Very nice statistical breakdown Enzo, but I would have expected nothing else. I hope that hasn't taken away too much of your build time. Cheers Buddy
  36. 1 point
    Just had a final look at the gallery before voting and what a stunning series of builds you guys have achieved congratulations wish I was a lightning fan and taken part!
  37. 1 point
    Thanks One-Two So I started decalling, and I decided to begin with the two decals I feared most: the "NAVY" on fuselage sides and the under-wing national insignia I don't like these Hasegawa decals, at all. They're thick and hard to make them conform to the model surface; the above pic shows the "roundel" after a couple of setting solution rounds. Here's another pic, after several more rounds: Couldn't go any further than this, the decal was starting to loose the color layer. Did I mention that I don't like these decals? Well, more tomorrow hopefully, today it was time for skiing Ciao
  38. 1 point
    Those are very good points, myself always welcome feed back, good or bad. Why else would you want to post pics up of your models. Tim.
  39. 1 point
    I hear you brother! Just had our traditional 12th night meal and 'wassailed' our apple tree. Nothing like a good mix of Christian and pagan traditions to round off Christmas after my first day back. The propect of going back to reality tomorrow emphatically does not appeal. Still, Airfix have new BoB spitfires and hurricanes in 48th scale coming up shortly...there are compensations, I suppose. Paul
  40. 1 point
    That,s a superb "Lizzie".Great paint and weathering.
  41. 1 point
    Nothing was implied, your criticism would be very welcomed by all the posters in WIP and RFI; but I was wondering whether you ever thought to praise when you thought people had achieved the appearance you think a model should have, but I have my answer. There are over 17,300 threads started in RFI; suggesting that there are many people (just on this one site alone) would like some feedback, and don't just build for their own enjoyment. I find it great to have the opportunity to give and receive feedback on the techniques used for painting and building. Mike has created a great, friendly place to exchange views, and the moderators do an excellent job of keeping things in order, all without adverts and other intrusions into the visitor experience. Giving feedback is fun and rewarding, and receiving it gives me incentives to keep posting build threads.
  42. 1 point
    On the war memorial at the edge of the village I grew up in is the name of a local lad who died flying Hurricanes with 80 Sqn during WWII so I'd be keen to do one as tribute to him. Some of his relatives still live in Alford and his family were friends with my grandmother.
  43. 1 point
    Ahhhhh, the good old "CrewGuard" helmet, guaranteed to have your ears in pure agony after 30 mins of wearing them....(and thats not even the noise!!)
  44. 1 point
  45. 1 point
    To bad cats are so big. Almost want to do one of each of those profiles
  46. 1 point
    Yep, you've spotted it, that pesky Blu tack.......
  47. 1 point
    I love it! Makes me want to go out and buy a similar model. Except with the cockpit closed and hung on my ceiling.
  48. 1 point
    Agree with above comment on prices. All seem to be rounded up ! e.g £7.99 kit at £8.00!!
  49. 1 point
    If you're talking 1/48, Tamiya's Spitfire I or V, their F4U and their P-51B get my vote.
  50. 1 point
    Main airframe parts glued together the fit is quite good with some dry fitting and carefull sanding at the joints. No filler needed just need to sand a little at the wing roots to remove excess glue.
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